Street Children in Kiev, Ukraine - CrossRoads - Part 1

This video explores the lives of streetkids in Kiev and describes the work of the Crossroads Foundation project that works with them. Find out more about these children and the CrossRoads Foundation on their website: http://www.crossrdsfoundation.org/

I also recommend their blog, called "Scenes from the Sidewalk" - http://ukrainestreetchildren.blogspot.com/

Presented by http://streetkidnews.blogsome.com/

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Автор Mike Lee ( назад)

Автор Imat Roll ( назад)
It truly breaks my heart. I wish someone rich would hire me to go help and
supply me with all that was needed to do so. I would cook for them and
educate tham as best as possible. They would be loved, fed and sheltered.
If the rich would help.

Автор erepsekahs ( назад)
Ah I see that yes indeed there is (surprise, surprise) a website that has
been taken down. I wonder why that might be????? What do you think?

Автор erepsekahs ( назад)
My initial comment upon the screen comments is "Who says so, you, the
makers of this clip?" And where can I send large quantities of liquid
cash for the makers to 'help' the children? We are not that stupid, but
maybe enough are to make you rich.

Автор eyesfortheblindlove ( назад)
God bless ya :)

Автор Beast6228 ( назад)
This is sad, people who have much potential are ruined by the hand of
greed, forcing these people into lives of hell. 

Автор missy thatsame ( назад)
This country is so sucky..You've got tons of problems and the're all
different.Your all problem people.Watch your step too.The US is'nt coming
to rescue you.Your on your own..How about you stop the political uprising
and become a country that cares about your poor? 

Автор Tina Hall ( назад)
The Ukrainians pronounce it Keev. Americans pronounce it wrong.

Автор Alex ( назад)
Yea Soviet Union fell now everybody is free .how gives a fuck about the

Автор UkraineAlex1 ( назад)
Ok, don't make exaggerations. Some people are starving in our country, but
don't eat each other..o_O Maybe during the holodomor, but that was more
than 80years ago.

Автор Nico Kroes ( назад)
I have not been to Ukraine, But I am sure things have changed since the 90s.

Автор marioman21000 ( назад)
@levenerad I know right all they do is think of themselves and my cuz still
lives in Kiev and he is poor and know one but people like this try to help

Автор Levnerad ( назад)
You dumb faggot. Do you realize the economic condition Ukrainians are in
now? Most people struggle just to find food. During the famine decades ago,
people became cannibals and started eating each other because of
starvation. Maybe you should learn something about my country before making
idiotic comments.

Автор Atif Hafeez ( назад)
Feeling sorry for these kids

Автор Bleakunending ( назад)
He's been there. Have you? So easy to pick on Americans, isn't it...

Автор aandrusiak ( назад)
cute kids

Автор moewishaw (384 года назад)
listen you stupid fucker, do not judge me as if you know me. I do care
about children and have actually worked with disadvantaged children. have
you? you judge me asif you know me? shut up next time.

Автор patriotcz1 ( назад)
oh i can see that u r big idiot,u r interested how he said name of city
kiev but u dont care about this children at all, u r pure head

Автор theoneandonlyolya ( назад)

Автор alearg89 ( назад)
Norway? Soon to be Norwistan XD Enjoy your soon to be muslim country XD

Автор AliBeeization (1722 года назад)
Why the fuck does he call it Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev!??

Автор moewishaw ( назад)
keeev? what the fuck you dumb american fuck.

Автор BlakAttk ( назад)
a lot of their parents died.

Автор Teppo Särkkä ( назад)
For all to have dignified living without wars, inequality and all kinds of
global, local and personal problems we need a global system that supports
All Life Equally. The Equality-based system will require All humans to
effectively lose Self-Interest and live according to what is Best For All
Equally. There are courses with which a person can support oneself and
others in the change. I recommend all to find and study the websites of
'Equal Money System', 'Desteni I Process' and 'Desteni'.

Автор estefaniapulgarin ( назад)
are their any other foundations that help these children

Автор 1000razyja ( назад)
this is ukraine

Автор Celizamite ( назад)

Автор Tarah Meyerowitz (57 лет назад)
sad man

Автор Lee Kennet ( назад)
@PrincessYeimiNohemi It may be illegal for children to live on the street
in the U.S. But that does not stop it from happening. In my home area there
are over 800 documented homeless teens. I volunteer at a shelter for
homeless teens and know this to be a fact. They are out there. In the U.S.
also. We are a nonprofit agency and have only 13 beds for more than 800
homeless teens. You may not know they are homeless because they blend in
well with other teens. But they are in the U.S. too!

Автор Isochest ( назад)
@Incogneto100 The same is true in the UK & Europe. Sod the distraction of
celebrity. Community is where it counts. We can then start to dethrone our
Sociopathic Narcissistic "Rulers" and look after ourselves.

Автор Christopher Lynch ( назад)
@michalkovach Thats not the point.The point is when will people start
caring about them. Does not matter what country what matters is they are
sleeping in some damp,cold and dangerous dwellings while we sleep warm in
our beds.

Автор Fernando Santos ( назад)
@amandavanwhore123 Usually (in Brazil) its the glue used for repairing
shoes !!!

Автор lamees122 ( назад)
why they drink alcohol or glue?;/ how do they get them lol? they have money

Автор mats persso ( назад)
@michalkovach Well yeah i´ve seen so many street children in Oslo Stockholm
and copenhagen!Not!

Автор metastasi87 ( назад)
@michalkovach you are right, but only the ones from Russia can get the best
quality glue. i envy them, seriously

Автор xxxJezebelxxx ( назад)
everywhere kids are robbed of their childhood : (

Автор akivancg ( назад)
@swansongusa You talk as if you own the county. Being born at a slightly
wealthier country wont make you strong or mighty OR give you a right to
look down up on people. For someone with this amount of poor judgment I
have to say you are either extremely ignorant or you are bitter because you
are really pathetic!

Автор dmytro4ua ( назад)
this is not true this exist but ver few in others coutries also exist it`s

Автор patriotcz1 ( назад)
this is shit, i m interested in help, now i v got no money but hope in few
years i can help to this young people, because is not so long time, i was
adist too, but now i m clear, good luck for now, greeting from czech

Автор marmil03 ( назад)
thats sad

Автор marmil03 ( назад)
thats sad

Автор flupetto ( назад)
@swansongusa You may ilive in us. Still . . porr of spirit . . . get ou of
that cage . . moron

Автор 1falconeye2 ( назад)
@Parapon3ra It's all in perspective. I have one son, and he's a blessing.
Every year I cherish. ..childless and higher intelligence...hmm??? I can
see your point when women just become baby machines and are
irresponsible....some people should use birthcontrol. If the family
declines, and that includes family values, then society will eventually fall

Автор U378U ( назад)
reporting is smiling. ass allways. american style.

Автор MegaZakeya ( назад)
@TurnYourBassUp how it's just a paper and those kids are so cute they can't
live like this

Автор petya0980 ( назад)
This is total bs

Автор petya0980 ( назад)
WTF I live in Ukraine and it's nothing like that

Автор Tom Davidson ( назад)
very heartbreaking.

Автор Sasha Kravets ( назад)
To all! @watcherwatcher2 is a payed man who works against Ukraine to build
hate and contempt for that nation.

Автор Sasha Kravets ( назад)
@michalkovach Exactly! Here is USA there are drunkards who live their
children to their fate too.

Автор doodoobrown1987 ( назад)
@maria4wh here they are forced to be in an orphanage, children don't know
whats best for them...

Автор doodoobrown1987 ( назад)
@michalkovach there are very very few in the U.S. and they are there
because they dont want to be in government housing, not because we just
leave them there to rot

Автор PolVtorovo ( назад)
Yea , and funniest think , they want to live like that...

Автор PolVtorovo ( назад)
What shocked you? You sit in home and drink caffee\tea when you wrote that?
and they fight for everythink ... they can even kill for food , they dont
have fear for death , for them its only question of time.

Автор Parapon3ra ( назад)
@jawsfan24 Compared to fools like you, I guess I am a god, yes. Btw, I'm
childfree. Having children is not a blessing; it's a curse, especially for
women. Childfreeness is a sign of higher intelligence.

Автор Parapon3ra ( назад)
@oldvine4u Some poor are poor due to circumstances, others are natural born
losers. It doesn't matter; if you can't afford kids, you shouldn't have
them, and if you're too ignorant, selfish & irresponsible to make that
decision yourself, the state should do it for you. You provide no
solutions, just politically correct dogmatism. 'Let the poor breed feely'.
Oh, how noble! Will you support their starving, abused kids? No? Then STFU,
you sanctimonious moron!

Автор Parapon3ra ( назад)
@GuamKomudo You're a fool, your delusions will only perpetuate misery.

Автор jawsfan24 ( назад)
And who do U think you R ,God to tell who can have kids who can not ! ? I
hope someone sterrilize you ,you SB !!

Автор TurnYourBassUp ( назад)
5:50 kinda shocked me

Автор Me, Animesh ( назад)
Why sterilise the poor why not you, who think on these lines. The poor are
victims of circumstances and political mess. So plz think again before
making such comments.

Автор Parapon3ra ( назад)
@GuamKomudo If you sterilize people they can still fall in love and have
sex. The only thing that changes is that they can no longer have kids --
kids that would grow up with abuse and poverty, and often end up on the
street and turn to crime and prostitution. Kids that would sooner or later
pass on their misery to the next generation. Religion is dangerous BS that
slows down progress, spreads insanity and ignorance, and has killed &
oppressed millions of people. Oh and I'm not a liberal.

Автор Parapon3ra ( назад)
Sterilize the poor FFS!! It's the only effective and humane solution.
Crime, poverty, (sexual) abuse, communism, religion, and many other social
ills are primarily caused by the wrong people having too many children. And
no, you don't have some 'sacred right' to breed, no more than you have the
right to shit in your neighbor's yard, or steal his money.

Автор YBPhotoeditor06 ( назад)
The stories are quite dramatic. If I're younger and healthier, I'd go as a
volunteer myself. I love them. I don't want them to suffer like that. I'm
worried about their future. I'd pray to all people of good will to offer
them more effective assistance for their brighter future, that will reflect
to us as well. Good deeds endure forever. What we give them today, we'll
get it back tomorrow. We help them is equal to we help ourselves. I pray
for them to Heaven above, that It'll not forget them.

Автор Anastasiia Shokodko ( назад)
VU typue amerikosu!! Kakoj naxer isus! zi ditu vam golovu vidirvutj pru
pershij mogluvosti!

Автор Frank Skorastein ( назад)
Every summer for the last about 6 years or so, christian people from Faroe
Islands have been in Ukraine, to give the homeless children a summer of fun
and hope. :) And they teach them about Jesus christ, how he died for our
sins. :) It isn´t easy to give everyone a roof over their heads, but they
can give them hope and try to help them, to find a place to stay. It´s so
sad to see, what they are going thrue. :(

Автор bananabebop ( назад)
My grandmother lives in Kiev. she says its really harsh there.

Автор Infinite Sky ( назад)
My Great Grandmother came from Kiev, Ukraine! Only then it was still part
of Russia and she left because of Anti-Semitism. Her name was Rose Cohen

Автор hgleitao ( назад)
"I..want to learn.. to flyyyyyyyyyy.. without..wings" LOL. It just ruins
something that's supposed to be serious..

Автор hgleitao ( назад)
THIS NARRATOR IS AN ASSHOLE. They should've kept to the non-narrator style,
as in Children Underground, so as to properly show what the kids actually
feel, not what this guy with the most irritating voice and slow pace i've
ever heard thinks about it. Seriously, he takes a minute to deliver a

Автор Yantryman ( назад)
Sorry to disturb, but since 6 years it is Kyiv. This is due to
pronunciation of the city name in Ukrainian language. People who live not
in one of ex-soviet republics will not understand this, cos it is not
understandable :). Example-I was born as Andrej, but when Ukraine became
"independent" country I became Andrii without any one asking me, they just
changed my name in passport ;).

Автор Cheese0005 ( назад)
In Ukrainian Kyiv (or Kiev) is Київ. In English I think it used to be Kiev
but is now Kyiv. I speak Ukrainian and I think Kyiv sounds more like Київ,
but not perfect. Anyways, have a good one :)

Автор sashina2004 ( назад)
how come you says ignorant when it says Kiev? Kyiv it is in their ukrainian
language and for english translation that is spelled as Kiev.

Автор woodrailking ( назад)
He has 76 videos of street children from all over the world.

Автор michalkovach ( назад)
Everywhere in the world are street children not only in Ukraine. They are
in Russia of course but in orher countries too. Whats about Germany,
France, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Canada, England and thats not all.
They are everywhere, in every country and etc.

Автор bennett1985 ( назад)

Автор soundscare ( назад)
Nichka means "hide out"

Автор majorgeeek ( назад)
the signs all over Kyiv read Kyiv - this is the correct and offcial English
translation as adopted by Ukrainian Govt and constitution and embassies of
world countries - those that say kiev are either ignorant or commie or both

Автор lallen1160 ( назад)
You are wrong!! I was in Ternopil last summer and it DEFINITELY is still
like that!! Through an interpreter I spoke with a young girl staying at the
missions base that had been on the street most of her life. If you have
resources to help....HELP!!

Автор soundscare ( назад)
a gde zhe provitelstvo? suki pomogite detiam.

Автор lookintothesky123 ( назад)
excuse me i take all of that back sorry

Автор lookintothesky123 ( назад)
My mum used to live in ukraine and my granparnets auntie alot of my family
live there ( me and my mum live in scotland now ) but i rlly dont think
some of this is true

Автор Artur Kiulian ( назад)
а ви такого у своїй країні не маєте? ні?

Автор sarasakura87 (897 лет назад)
omg... poor kids... ;______;

Автор Henrik ( назад)
so sad, i would like to have those kids in my house like a bros ans sis
бідні люди...Я хочу, щоб брати і сестри

Автор CamiloSanchez1979 ( назад)
I heard that too..is it actually true? wow..

Автор Михаил ( назад)
жорстоко, я 17 років живу в Україні, але мені не приходилось бачити тих

Автор an0andRub0 ( назад)
I live in Ukraine...its hard wen u see these kids on the road....thank some
1 is helping them!

Автор LetiziaRocca ( назад)
You should see the movie Children of the leningradsky station. broke my

Автор melc5 ( назад)
I couldn't agree more with each sentence. But where're you living now?

Автор Infinite Sky (1457 лет назад)
poor kids

Автор ravengod52 ( назад)
super funny shit!!! kids from hostel

Автор oskarsbmx ( назад)
no thats all is true..if u talk about kids who live on the street!

Автор mrmrsright ( назад)
IN UKRAINE... The fact is this is 100% true, what is sad, is very few
Ukraine people do anything to help their own street children, so
American's, and some Europeans must pick up the slack, thank God someone
is! While the RICH "Banditio's" burn money at their parties for fun (yes
actualy money), their own future generation is dying all around them. God
help Ukraine, they don't seem to care, except for themselves!

Автор Scrat335 ( назад)
Raising children was not the job of the state in the USSR, parents had
responsibilities like anywhere else. The USSR had orphanages ect where
parentless children were raised, like anywhere else and children were not
allowed to live on the streets if it could be prevented.

Автор Scrat335 ( назад)
Oh yes, the capitalist free and democratic paradise called Ukraine. My wife
told me this was all but unheard of in the USSR.

Автор Elvira Angels ( назад)
Lyudi!Eto je vashi deti toje! Pomogite im!Kuda smotrit pravitelstvo?Neujeli
tak slojno priyutit etih detej,kotorie tak nujdayutsya v zabote,teple i
podderjke??Prostoj chelovecheskoj podderjke! Neujeli tak trudno organizovat
sponsorizicheskuyu pomosh?Predostavit im jil'e,uchebu???Gospodi,kuda je mir

Автор Elvira Angels ( назад)
i dont speak in english,i want to ask WHY many rich peuples go to Ukraine
like turistes and they not organise something to HELP this children??? Why
Anybody Help them???

Автор quickzilver333 ( назад)
Man this is really sad. My brother in-law is from Ukraine. He told me about
the situation there but I thought he was just exagerating. He is the only
son and furtunate to have parents that are sucessful. I wanna go visit
there someday and make some donation.

Автор webbly ( назад)
what are those holes in the ground called

Автор CasiolaCrimeOfficial ( назад)
i luv ukraine,poor children )=

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