Global Warming Is A Hoax

Arguer: Senator James Inhofe
Argument: Global warming is not happening (because it snowed).
Counter-Argument: Weather ≠ Climate + Data.
Arguer's Fault: Ignorance of the subject.

Dr. Powell's Analysis: https://youtu.be/FiihbpjtxYs

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Автор Vain ( назад)
Climate change isn't the same as global warming.

Автор Saben Butts ( назад)
Sorry man, trump in office now and according to him it's not real :/

Автор Lumber dog ( назад)
climate change taken off white house website tankyou trump!

Автор Grammer Police ( назад)
LOL People cry about global warming while the sahara desert just got
another snowfall that is twice so far, Most of Italy is coverd in snow as
well as greece, Guys global warming is a hoax it's time to prepare for the
grand solar minimum it's time to move south

Автор i asimov ( назад)
The title of this video is deceptive click bait.

Автор i asimov ( назад)
Only 13,000 articles to support global warming? There were a lot more
documents than that during the dark ages to support that the earth was flat
and the sun orbited the earth. Consensus does not science make. Global
warming? Perhaps. Manmade global warming? The mass of the totality of
humankind is insufficient to affect the mighty engines of nature. Try
getting a scientific opinion from someone who doesn't stand to profit from
adding to the myth.

Автор Snic ( назад)
See the problem is, people fall for that kind of arguments. Visceral
things, that you can actually see and touch or feel. Statistics? What is
that, who cares?

Автор willhwiltjr ( назад)
if 99.99% is the highest consensus in the scientific community we need to
find that one rat bastard who doesnt agree that gravity is the acting force
which keeps us tethered to this godforsaken rock and enlighten him

Автор fawcems ( назад)
Global warming is not a hoax and anyone who can read should know that. (you
trumpanzees are exempt) We have been warming for over ten thousand years
now. Gone are the glaciers that covered the northern half of the world, and
are still receding, thankfully.
We enjoy today a much warmer climate than the early natives of this
continent, altho we have lost some shoreline in the bargain. Archeology
shows that sea levels have risen some thirty feet in the last ten K years,
so what we are seeing is nothing new. The part about it all being man made
is bullshit though. It has happened a lot over the past millions of years,
so again, nothing new here except that all happened before man arrived on
the scene. Mankind may be accelerating it somewhat though, except even that
is unclear because man is also polluting the air, which causes sunlight to
be blocked which hampers warming.
On the days after the 9/11 attack, all aviation was grounded. No jets
flying anywhere, no contrails either. An increase in global air temperature
of several degrees was also noted during that time, proving that air travel
does block sunlight. There are lots of other statistics to argue however
you want but saying that man-made climate change is a proven fact, accepted
by 97% of all scientists, is just ridiculous and laughable. 97% of
government funded scientists may agree, but the rest of us are calling
bullshit on that puppy...

Автор Andrew Sarchus ( назад)
You dopey fuckwit. When it's cold it's weather and when it's warm it's
omg-we're-all-going-to-die climate change. But do try to keep up. Now when
it snows the climate charlatans like Kevin Trenberth claim that even that
is evidence of global warming. With you people the only decision to make is
- are you basically honest but just very dim or are you actually twisted
political scamsters? Giving you the benefit of the doubt here and you
probably are just a well meaning dopey fuckwit.

Автор Michael LePere ( назад)
Yeah, you're right. A scientific consensus definitely should determine the
validity of a theory. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go back in time
when gravity wasn't constant and the Earth was flat and everything revolved
around us and 99.99% of scientists agree.

Автор stan klein ( назад)
This is what we elect!?

Our country is so dumbed down that clowns (and greedy) now can parade as
intellects with answers to questions about which they have no
understanding. And the ignorant electorate (a REAL crisis for America)
accept these pontifications.

Our democratic process is fuked!

Автор godonlyknows13 ( назад)
"Global warming isnt real because I was cold today! Also, great news: world
hunger is over because I just ate." - Stephen Colbert

Автор markalan1two ( назад)
doesn't the graph at 6:59 show that the temperate has been steadily
decreasing for 3000 ears with a spike at the year 2000?

Автор LetterD ( назад)
SCIENCE is part of the liberal agenda! DONT TRUST!

Автор Swinde ( назад)
Another fallacy is even the idea that "snow" says ANYTHING about it being
"cold". Snow can occur anytime the surface temperature is about 40
degrees and can cover the ground if the temperature is 33 or less. This is
not all that cold. To me COLD is like below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Even
this in a local area says nothing about the average temperature of the

Автор Spikezx7 ( назад)
I think there is a flaw in your counter argument. You brought up Dr.
Powell's research into peer reviewed articles about climate change and
showed how 99.99% of the articles say that climate change is real. Were you
using his research and his conclusion as evidence that climate change is
real? If so, isn't that a logical fallacy... specifically argumentum ad
populum? Just because there is a consensus on a particular argument doesn't
mean their position on that argument is true. Scientific truth is not
democratic. It doesn't matter that 99.99% of people agree on a particular
thing. That part of your video wouldn't hold up in an argument.

Автор Celeste Sylvia ( назад)
just in defense of Mr Imhoff, his position is not anything as described in
this ignorant video.

Автор CrocBrow ( назад)
I just wanna address the validity of the assertion that a significant cause
for climate change is anthropogenic: That statistic on global warming
concesus is misleading. Of the research that expressed a position on global
warming, 98℅ say that it's the case. However the majority of the research
expressed no position.

Автор Steve Read ( назад)
Idiots like this will be the death of us all

Sceptic Steve. (btw America, this is the correct spelling of what you spell
as skeptic. Just so you know what I mean).

Автор nzrene ( назад)
Your title is right. Earth mitigates itself, not only that an earthquake
can spew out more co2 in hours than man can make in a life time. And the
maths is wrong for the model that is used for global warming. So yeah
global warming is a hoax. Earth goes through hot/cold cycles of around 12
years I believe. At the moment its colder in New Zealand on average. That's
our whole country too.

Автор S Carithers ( назад)
I have an arguement against global warming, or as I call it, 'GLOW BULL
WARMING'. I live in Florida, close to the ocean. Where I live, in the
panhandle, near a city, Pensacola. Pensacola has a beach, on a barrier
island. On that island is a very old fort. That fort was first built by the
Spanish in 1540. It became known as it is today, Fort Pickens, when it was
later take over by the US Army in 1842, then became Confederate in 1861 and
back to the Union in 1865. According to the earliest records, there are
dimensions of the grounds of the fort, which part of the fort included a
stone wall that went right up to the edge of the water. Guess what, the
water is STILL at the same point it was more than 100 years ago. The whole
island, Santa Rosa Island, is never more than 4 to 5 feet above sea level.
If there was even 0.5 inches of water increase, you would notice. But guess
what, NOTHING. It is the same. OH, and BTW, the underlying geology of the
area is considered to be some of the most stable on earth. None of the
crazy sink holes like you find in south or central Florida. The bedrock
under the area is hard limestone which is part of the same rock formation
that much further north, makes up the Applacian range. It is over laid with
mostly sand and some clay. The island where Fort Pickens is, it is all
sand. Last I heard, sea level is the same no matter where on earth it is. I
have not seen ANY rise in the ocean and NONE of the 'Chicken Little'
calamities that are so screeched about in the fake media. I challenge ANY
of you to come to my area and SHOW ME on the Island where Fort Pickens
where the water is rising. NOT THERE. Simple NUFF.

Автор Themarine2013 ( назад)
I don't conform to either arguments on both sides of the Isle for the fact
both are wrong and right. But also for the fact both try to pass bills for
more tax money.

Автор jow blow ( назад)
fake news

Автор Mike D ( назад)
This video is as stupid as bringing a snowball into the senate. It
completely ignores the other side of the argument with a laughable anecdote
that undermines the rest of the presentation.

Автор Scott Ewing ( назад)
The same people pushing global warming, are the same people who have is
nuclear weapons. It's all lies.

They are taxing and outlawing rain water collection. They are outlawing
gardens, even find reasons to destroy natural habitats.

This is all Crap. It's only bad if they say so. Half the people making
comments are paid shills, who don't care either way. The other half are
confused, unsure, know it's a joke hoax excuse to tax people - While
bankrupting big oil, and finally brainwashed sheeple.
Brainwashed sheeple who sit on the couch watching TV, believing everything
it pours into their head.

The brain and human consciousness are a powerful tool. When not in control
of this, it becomes a weapon against you, by those who seek to do harm, and
work in secret to commit acts of evil.

These people outlaw gardens, but GLOBAL WARMING! Unlikely.
They are force feeding us Veganism, but gardens are illegal. Think about
that 😃

Автор hatsjer ( назад)
A former colleague of mine at work, doesn't believe in global warming. He
believes everything is just a hoax from the rich guys, so we buy and
consume more stuff.
His argument? We are still recovering from the ice age.

Автор DPowered Smith ( назад)
This is hilarious because it shows that people who don't understand how
something works can have such strong and open opinions about it. To deny
something you don't understand is stupid, how can you say something is a
lie, hoax, etc if you don't understand the reasons people think that way.
That is why the whole bringing a snowball to disprove globe warming is
flawed because its not as simple as walking outside and it being cold
therefore its all lies

Автор Holden Thibideau ( назад)
You clearly aren't educated enough to talk about the topic of "Climate
Change" (global warming) because first of all, all you did was gather
information all over the internet and taking the first thing that Google
spit out to you and putting it in the video. And you probably did a quick
Google search on vocabulary you can use during the video to make you seem
scientific, which your not. The graph you showed that usually goes by the
hockey stick graph and you most likely based all you thinking off of is
"false" and just a graph that was manipulated to seem as if the climate
spiked tremendously because of the CO2 increase in the atmosphere. But many
times over this graph has been disproven, it's not even a viable argument
anymore to use it when debating on the topic of climate change. It's so
easy to find a video or website that disproves of the graph, all you really
need to do is google "Global warming hockey stick" and you should
immediately find a source that disproves the graph. Please don't make
anymore of these videos talking about Climate Change or how you like to say
Global Warming, without doing more research on the topic. But if you are
thinking about making another video please provide valid evidence, even
though there is no such thing as "Man made Global Warming."

Автор Chill_Bill ( назад)
I just ate a cheeseburger where is world hunger?

Автор Yash Patel ( назад)
I do agree to that the human race has some part in climate change. I would
not use the argument of consensus because consensus does not mean it is
true. For a majority of history, there was a consensus that the earth was
flat and that we should not wash our hands. There are plenty of other good
argument for man-made climate change.

Автор 2upacalypsenow ( назад)
average global temp has been alot higher and alot lower than it is today.
so whats the big deal exactly? it's called life..things change. should we
also grovel and cry that the dinosaurs are extinct too? 50 years from now
gas is gonna be like 20 bucks a liter and we'll have a whole new set of
problems to worry about anyway and if that became the case then who's gonna
give a fuck about global warming anymore? so why not work on fixing the
things that we can fix instead of crying about the things that we can't
fix? population is too high to go back now and its like -15 outside here
where i live so i say we all go grab and can of aerosol and speed this
process up a bit! whos with me?!?!?!??????

Автор kyle chandler ( назад)
oh wow I came to this video ready to disagree.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
All the ice at the polar ice caps melted by 2013 just like they predicted.
Also polar bears are extinct because of it. Thanks "climate deniers"! Why
is it called climate change now? Remember when it was only called global
warming? Maybe because none of the models were correct and the satellite
data shows no significant warming for the past 20 years, and the amount of
ice has doubled and we have recorded polar bears in record numbers never
seen before. Global warming didn't fit the narrative so now it's climate
change so every weather event can be blamed on it. Where have you liberals
been? We learned that the climate is always changing in the first grade
30years ago.

Автор Philip Hunter ( назад)
Plant life on earth suffers below 500 parts per million of Carbo dioxide in
atmosphere. Life will become extinct at 150 or below. 1,000 to 4,000 ppm is
optimum. It wont get to 4,000ppm because vegetation effeciently and quickly
processes Co2. read more :

Автор Lyubo Kostadinov ( назад)
Hey man, what's the name of that song playing throughout the video?

Автор ET234 Gtt5456 ( назад)
Inoff's point is that if you live by the photo op, u die by the photo op.
yes his snowball means nothing, but random hurricane or receding glacier
also means nothing. world global temperature have been flat for 20 years-
these butt kissing idiot twerps will say anything to keep their professor
happy.The AGW scare is a 100% fraud hoax - it's all bs - there is no
warming and if there was only natural could cause not man made Co2. HOAX

Автор Daniel Johnson ( назад)

Автор E 115 ( назад)
Global warming is a myth it is about the gas being trapped HAHA you have
to be a fool to believe that. Earth is 71% water the rest is land that
would mean there is over 70% of air unpolluted by man since not all land
air is polluted by man. Wait there is more everybody knows about the
ice age and it going away meaning earth has before without these gases
done the same thing but got cold instead of it heating up now.

Автор SaltNPepperish ( назад)
Way back in the early seventies, scientistst all swore and calculated in
front page headlines and school textbooks, that we'd run out of oil by 1996
at the latest, and that acid rain would decimate all forests, and all the
pollution would lead to an Ice Age.
So guess how much I care for opinions of "scientists" who don't even know
how the chlorophyll cycle works and denounce CO2 as if it's some kind of
poison, and woe be our children if we don't stop it with enjoying modern
conveniences such as cars and electricity.
Every soft drink, every glass of beer, every bottle of champagne has up to
five times its volume in CO2. Note they're not banning them.

Автор sd31263 ( назад)
Fuck that hillbilly Inhofe. He's in the pocket of the oil industry.

Автор Russ Ted Nale ( назад)
Thank God Trump won! End this stupid global warming/climate change scare.

Автор anon 39256 ( назад)
The giant white circle forgot to add all the thousands of papers written
back in the 1980's warning everyone about global cooling and how we had to
take action and give the climate scientists money for more research before
the sky starts falling. The problem is people don't think, they only parrot
what they've heard that sounds good. If you go looking for the hockystick
graph in the real data, it'll vanish the harder you look, because over the
last 30 thousand years the temperature has fluctuated 30 degrees in either
direction, sometimes very suddenly at times. It could be the carbon cycle
from plankton that's doing it, and we're one rogue meteorite or super
volcano away from a global cooling disaster. The sheer volume of solar
energy the earth picks up every day makes the amount of heat and smog
emissions added by humans smaller than measurement error. One supervolcano
puts more soot and co2 into the environment than the history of mankind,
and those happen all the time.

Автор Ken Marriott ( назад)
Ok, weather is different from climate. If we can't forecast weather very
well, then how are we going to forecast climate? In 2000, we were told that
in as little as 10 years, snow was going to be a rare event. How's that
prediction working out? Watch Al Gore's movie, it showed ice age cycles of
global temperature, not very constant. Catastrophic global warming is a
political consensus not a scientific consensus. Check Canadian journalist,
Donna Laframboise's book. We will all agree man has some negligible effect
with a 99.999 percent certainty as stated by Dr. Powell. So what!

Автор MNM mcg ( назад)
My mother says that in her day and age everyone was flipping out because
they thought the next ice age was upon them, and that it heralded the
world's destruction. What's that all about?

Автор Branone ( назад)
It's so distrubing to see someone who holds a pretty high-up position,
present such a juvenile argument. Just goes to show how stupid you can be
in the grand scheme of things but still manage to attain a high-status

Автор Big Nizzle ( назад)
After the East Anglia University scandal, how could anyone believe in
man-made climate change?

Автор Michael Slawson ( назад)
your video presents so many things as acceptable fact

Автор SPACEGATE ( назад)
SPACEGATE has the answer, please check it out thanks.

Автор Faticate ( назад)
snowing in February 25 is out of season

Автор paul Smith ( назад)
These same climate scientist computer models have proved to be very
inaccurate in the past. When the actual data does not match your theory
your theory is evidently wrong. well usually, but not when it comes to man
made global warming scientist who forge ahead with their discredited theory
regardless of the evidence. In my humble opinion the scientific debate has
been corrupted by endless public funding hurled in the direction of any
scientist who is compiling evidence to support man made global warming
theory and the outright hysteria surrounding this issue.

Автор Sergeant Pete ( назад)
and... because it is warm in one city in one county in one state and a high
temperature record that has stood since 1928 was broken, does NOT prove man
made global warming. Climate changes, get over it. We are less than fleas
on the "dog" Earth. We can't change it, we can't stop it. Destroying our
economy to try is not just stupid, it's evil.

Автор Julia Mathews ( назад)
You are SUCH an idiot

Автор Diabetic Alien ( назад)
Animals are living where they weren't before. We aren't seeing that many
glaciers. We are having more unnatural storms and natural disasters.
Animals are going extinct. We are getting more cancer and illnesses.
Animals are dying on the spot. Tell me, how does this end well?

Автор Atheist Knight ( назад)
Trump and friends need to see this

Автор deer w ( назад)
unanimity =/= proof

Автор Jeff Gilbert ( назад)
I'm so glad Climate Change / Global Warming is over!!!

Автор Payton Jones ( назад)
here how we fix it drop a giant ice cube in the ocean

Автор First Name Last Name ( назад)
And that is the problem I have with "climate change". We have no solutions,
we have no data to support our level of impact, so we have a bunch of
politicians screaming that something should be done with no REAL outlook.
It brings the conversation to a screeching halt. The climate is changing,
as it always has. Humans MAY have been a contributing factor, we don't know
how or if we can fix it. WHAT THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT

Автор ImprovisedChaos ( назад)
I could imagine a crazy global-warming-denier watching this video, then
deciding that the government caused global warming.

Автор Roger didit ( назад)
This is all a hoax. When asked do scientists agree that man is a CAUSE of
global warming. They answer NO. When asked does man CONTRIBUTE to global
warming, almost ALL AGREE. The "97%" is a hoax. Look for it on YouTube. Get
the facts.

Автор Roger didit ( назад)
The people aren't fooled any longer. We're not willing to destroy our
economy for the inevitable change which has happened MANY TIMES in the

Автор Iamdonald duck ( назад)
that j,powell isn't even a climate scientist, he studys rocks

Автор Iamdonald duck ( назад)
in 1880 thermometers weren't very good..

Автор Neil Robert ( назад)
global warming Is rael x but it is not called by your car maybe my ab
rocket are moving the Earth access

Автор Shirtin ( назад)
Hmmm and decades ago it was worring about the next ice age....

Автор Timothy Mostad ( назад)
Do not vote for numbskulls like that. Wake up America. Only vote for
educated people for now on.

Автор WinterWolf94 ( назад)
Where can I see the evidence for this though? you know I just want to make
sure 99% of climate lovers are telling me the truth.

Автор Cuenta española ( назад)
If you pin me than I am stupid and you subscribe.

Автор justin Fitzsimmons ( назад)
the reason global warming has jumped so high is the population has grown
around the world and that leads to more fossil fuels being burned and the
more it is burned the greater the strain on the planets ability to provide
for humanity so yes it is our fault and for the fool on the right who denie
the truth of it will be the undoing of our planet.

Автор Sarah Rooney ( назад)
Am i misreading that chart?? Doesnt it say right there that the recent
increase in climate is still below where its been by like alot

Автор Wormell Glover ( назад)
OK if it's a hoax what the worst that could happen? Oh it may clean up the

Автор furqaan100ify ( назад)
there is no global warming we are in global cooling

Автор Benji ( назад)
The government is the driving force behind people's excessive use of cars
and consumer goods. It was Eisenhower who forced people to build the "free"
roads, highway system in 1956. Ford, Firestone, and Warren G. Harding were
good buddies, and went camping together around the time of WWI. The US
Military is the largest polluter on the planet.


Why do people assume the answer lies in State violence and wealth
redistribution when that is what *caused* the majority of CO2 in the first
place? Why don't people support eliminating the 'free' (subsidized) roads?
Think of all the cars and urban sprawl we have because of these "free"
roads. Why don't we quit subsidizing excessive consumption caused by the
Federal Reserve money printing? Why do we support bailouts of corporations
like the "Big 3" auto companies in Detroit? Why do we support
environmentally destructive wars in the Middle East over oil? Think of all
the environmental destruction (waste of water because of grass, etc..)
associated with real estate and the housing industry--why does the
government inflate the housing market? What about agricultural subsidies
that encourage the wasteful production of cash crops like corn and soybean?
Why do we have this Corporatocracy where people in the Government magically
create a legal fiction (a piece of paper called a "Corporation") to help
Rich Assholes exploit natural resources?

Yes, the people using the legal (State sanctioned) fictions called
"corporation" are to blame, but WHO'S ALLOWING FOR THESE CORPORATIONS TO
EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE? The US Government is the BIGGEST polluter, but
people on the left never wants to acknowledge that. If people really cared
about (anthropogenic) global warming, they would take a serious look at
these questions and the real source of the problem, and stop using
religious guilt to convict the 99% of Original Sin. Stop teaching poor
people and children that they're *sinful* for their flatulence, and that
it's their fault the world is going to hell.


So, anthropogenic global warming is actually a HUGE supporting argument for
Libertarians/AnCaps against Statism. Just think about it--it's actually
people in the government who create the most pollution and CO2. If AGW is
true, then we could use it as a powerful argument against the religion of

*Here's a list of how the Gov either creates incentives for pollution/CO2,
or produces it outright:*
*- Forcing tax payers to build roads everywhere with no user fees:* This
resulted in the car-centric culture we have today. If it weren't for the US
Gov forcing tax payers to build highways and roads everywhere, that are
basically "free" to use, we wouldn't need to rely on cars and fossil fuels
like we do today.
*- The Federal Reserve money printing:* Think of all the excessive
consumerism/consumption we have due to the Fed's "cheap" money. If we had a
Gold Standard, or at least higher interest rates, then there wouldn't be so
much debt and consumerism.
*- Agriculture/Ethanol Subsidies:* This also ties in to the free roads, but
this is a huge reason we consume a lot of corn and soybean, in lieu of
locally grown, healthy produce. Think of all the semi-trucks hauling all
this processed/unhealthy food around the country due to agri. subsidies and
the free roads.
*- The "Big 3" Detroit auto bailouts:* Need I say more?
*- "Freedom" wars fought abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan:* Tons of resources
are wasted by the US military..this doesn't even take in account all the
untold destruction and resources needed to rebuild.
*- The 2008 Housing Bubble, and the Gov's current efforts to re-inflate the
bubble:* After the crash of 2008 there were thousands of vacant homes just
rotting away--built for nothing. Think of all the wasted resources and
fossil fuels that went into building those homes, and for the surrounding
*- Chinese Yuan currency manipulation:* Because of the Chinese gov pegging
the Yuan to the Dollar we have, again, tons of excessive consumption and

Автор Ruti4 Soloveichik ( назад)
you're twisting his words, that's not what he said, he said that according
to the science professors that it would be the warmest winters ever, there
have been winters in the past that there wasn't snow, therefore that snow
proved that it was infact, not the warmest winter in the world

Автор Lisa Adler ( назад)
omg 1 degree I had no idea the issue was so serious

Автор Greg Garrison ( назад)
There are a lot of us who accept that global warming is real and human
caused. However, we haven't seen any evidence that massive power/cash grabs
by the government will help at all. And, there are far fewer scientists who
accept the model with the "tipping point", than those who accept the
premise of global warming overall. So this whole debate should be a lot
more nuanced than whether or not global warming exists and is man made.
Even accepting that, there are many legitimate questions left unanswered.

Автор Lola Lopez ( назад)
we the human being, have the energy to solve it, all we have to do is use
it, every planet has his own shield, we are the shield to heart, from now
on I'll used my time on mi, rich people need to do the same if they love
this planet, as you can see money is nothing compare to 💙

Автор Christofff ( назад)
Global Warming is a hoax people. Like do you actually believe stupid Obama?
Like actually Trump is gonna kick out all those stupid Mexicans who rape
our people. Like actually, can't wait for that wall to be built!

Автор Re: Thinker ( назад)
Whoever smelt it, dealt it. End of story.

Автор chrisose ( назад)
Regardless of whether our not you believe mankind has contributed to the
change in climate it is still a good idea to reduce or stop pumping toxins
into the air we breath.

Автор DaPurpleGorilla Hunter ( назад)
There are so many holes in your arguments it is hard to watch.

Автор Yatukih001 ( назад)
And no bullshit from the left or from liberals (left wing, right wing,
center) telling us that global warming is ´still happening´. Skepticism of
global warming is the current scientific consensus´attitude towards global
warming non sense.

Автор Phillip J. Fry ( назад)
Fucking old man doesn't even know the simple definitions and differences of
and between climate and weather. This is the reason why he even made the
argument in the first place.

Автор Monsieur Jack ( назад)
Climate deniers should be sent to work camps.

Автор James Berlo ( назад)
The same experts were saying in the 70's that we would be having permanent
Winter in the Northeast. most of these no doubt are from the 'Liberal'
insular environs of Academia. I dont think any rational person doesnt
believe their can be a detrimental effect , but that their contention that
it is primarily caused by Humans and it a permanent or dyer situation is
nonsense. If it were true how would compliance with drastic changes be made
when the worst violators will not stop. What would we do ? Go to War to
stop them?
Global Warming is like a Religion to these freaks.

Автор Danielle Le'mond ( назад)
Look at the ice cores of Antartica ( look it up ) and it proves the earth's
warming and cooling comes in cycles. These cycles are so far apart we
humans haven't been around long enough to experience both.

One fact that really stands out is that an ice age always follows periods
of warmer worldwide temperatures. Our planet has always had it's checks and
balances. Co2 emissions do not contribute enough in our air to raise
temperatures 2 degrees worldwide.

Our vast oceans ABSORB Co2 gasses. Our vast forests and rain forests gives
us oxygen. This is what makes our planet alive as you or me.

Slash cutting and burning off our rain forests is what's contributing to
the current warming trend. Our breathable atmosphere breaks down as
Nitrogen - 78%
Oxygen - 21%
Argon - 0.93%
Zenon - 0.000009%
Neon - 0.0018%
Hydrogen - 0.00005%
Helium - 0.0005%
Krypton - 0.0001%
Carbon Dioxide - 0.038%

In a more simple term--think of these numbers as a 100 yard football field.
The first 99 yards is taken by Nitrogen and Oxygen. The trace amounts of
other gasses take up the last yard--and carbon dioxide takes a mere THREE
TENTH'S of one inch of that whole 100 yards.

Автор Heartagram ( назад)
I can see this channel blowing up in 2017

Автор CSI Gunner ( назад)
First off, in my recommended section on this video, a video that I just
made showed up.
Second, Global warming will not continue like they are saying it will.
There have been really hot periods (some hotter than the one we are in now)
and really cold periods (Ice ages) eventually we are gonna push nature
until we trigger whatever triggers ice ages. That is all I have to say.

Автор Grime 5740 ( назад)
And the sun's energy output has nothing to do with global
temperatures...........BAAA HAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mr. Right ( назад)
I hope he hit some dumbass liberal with that snowball.

Автор Tom Marshall ( назад)
Cow farts matter!

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