VW beetle towing a camper

Here's a video that was emailed to me. Hard not to laugh about it. I don't think I'd try it though!

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Автор The Senior List ( назад)
Truly an innovative idea for the time!

Автор Richard Kuklinski ( назад)
I'm saying a vehicle that does not have the hitch secured permanently to
the frame has no business towing anything. Especially a piece of shit like
that with inferior brakes too.

Автор Richard Kuklinski ( назад)
Didn't take off because vw's are huge pieces of shit, and the way the hitch
is not permanently secured to the frame is incredibly dangerous.

Автор Tom truth ( назад)
Sunk due to "supersize me" American mentality.

Автор woodrat2296 ( назад)
Crap, I'm old enough to actually remember those things. Didn't take off
because VW came out with the pop top Vanagon.

Автор francisco villa ( назад)

Автор Volkswear ( назад)
We found one recently. The only one known to exist to date. Video is
here: VW Bug Fifth Wheel Trailer Found. 1 of a kind Volkswagen item

Автор jesus7es7dios7 ( назад)
absolutely cool... there's nothing a bug can't do. they're probably rare

Автор NeilLB7 ( назад)
And we all see how far this idea made it....

Автор Robert Sigsworth ( назад)
18-20 mpg? Yeah right! Betcha the stool box is not full. You're probably
talking 10-12 mpg when its fuullll.

Автор Cassidy Johnson ( назад)
Where do I buy one for my 2008 beetle?

Автор Imran Khan ( назад)
1500 cc towing a camper awesome

Автор sam durant ( назад)
I doubt the beetle had enough under the hood or rather in the trunk to tow
a full trailer

Автор patracy ( назад)
Guess all those gooseneck trailers don't have that problem?

Автор fritzduval ( назад)

Автор XC2long4u ( назад)
Take my money!!

Автор kradkins ( назад)
We pull a 25 foot Kodiak with a 4.6 liter 6 cylinder trailblazer.

Автор eric miles ( назад)
I fucking want one I've already got a beetle to pull it

Автор TheGreatAntonius ( назад)
How did this not make it out? Oh wait, you would burn less gas this
way...it all makes sense now. lol

Автор Jack Matthews ( назад)
This is actually the coolest trailer setup ever

Автор AUQUA123 ( назад)

Автор FastestIntegra ( назад)
Go 36hp Go

Автор Dnuccio95ZJ ( назад)
this is actually really fucking cool

Автор Best of country music ( назад)
When I turn 18 I'm getting a beetle and doing this absolutely awesome
invetion 360 turn awesome love every bit

Автор M Bro ( назад)
Coolest design I've ever seen.

Автор Sheri Lyn ( назад)

Автор brandon Rodriguez ( назад)
dose any one know were i could find one of these ????

Автор Matthewloa ( назад)
I wonder how difficult it'd be to find one of these

Автор Woody Ridenour ( назад)
I'd like to see one driving up the highway *pushing* its trailer...

Автор Tracy Gibson ( назад)
It means the truck can hold 1500 pounds in the bed of the truck easily.
That is 3/4 of a ton.

Автор patracy (1473 года назад)
3/4 ton truck is what he meant. Payload rating of the truck.

Автор I Herd Nerfs ( назад)
A 3/4 of a ton diesel truck would be a very very tiny car. I mean, the
Toyota IQ is a 100 kilos more weighty than that at 860 measly kilos. Are
you sure you didn't mean 3 - 4 (read: three to four) ton truck?

Автор guy poisson ( назад)
... wow... weird looking, but very ingenious... grandfather of fifth wheel
in pick-up truck bed...

Автор Penis Vegetable Burrito ( назад)
That is the true definition of a pussy wagon, boys.

Автор Ashlysbabyboi ( назад)
anyone agree with me on saying this... makes me want a bug.

Автор maximadragon88 ( назад)
I dont own a video camera currently, however, I do have pictures, but as
far as a video, maybe some day after I get finished with my business in
Louisiana and head back home....

Автор maximadragon88 ( назад)
I pull a 26 foot fleetwood wilderness with my 1996 nissan maxima 5 speed

Автор Brandy Jones ( назад)
this was a really good idea, they shouldve continued this!

Автор Mike Z ( назад)
Most people now would have you believe you need a 3/4 ton diesel truck to
haul a trailer! I'm going to go home and hook my wife's new Chrysler 200 up
to the 32' fifth wheel, wish me luck!

Автор Mark Edwards ( назад)
The best thing ever!

Автор 005showme ( назад)
How much fun would that be?!?!?!?!

Автор John Grunzweig ( назад)
that is so awesome and 18mpg

Автор aerhearts ( назад)
So what ever happened with them? Why don't we see them now? Looks like a
great design!

Автор lifelongpilot ( назад)
360 degree turning, absolutely amazing

Автор Sherry M ( назад)
Brilliant! Today's RV manufacturers ought to design something like this.
Image it ... Their target audience would include everyone with a car! I
would buy a trailer like this and tow it with my civic coupe. Too cool!

Автор dutchboy25al ( назад)
Awesome. Just attach to your driprails on your sedan.

Автор rednec199 ( назад)
thats pimp

Автор CAESARbonds ( назад)
This is brilliant. And I like the 70s styling :) 20 mpg for those times.
thats good.

Автор omar re ( назад)
excelente idea very good

Автор James Brannon ( назад)
if I was to see that on the road I would die laughing ;)

Автор Paul Bors Jr ( назад)
Whoa, pure genius

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