VW beetle towing a camper

Here's a video that was emailed to me. Hard not to laugh about it. I don't think I'd try it though!

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Автор Murray Freedsmith ( назад)
"Some degree of aerodynamic styling" - vw guy 1974

Автор Grzegorz WRP ( назад)
The brilliant in its simplicity :)

Автор The Senior List ( назад)
Truly an innovative idea for the time!

Автор Richard Kuklinski ( назад)
I'm saying a vehicle that does not have the hitch secured permanently to
the frame has no business towing anything. Especially a piece of shit like
that with inferior brakes too.

Автор Richard Kuklinski ( назад)
Didn't take off because vw's are huge pieces of shit, and the way the hitch
is not permanently secured to the frame is incredibly dangerous.

Автор Tom truth ( назад)
Sunk due to "supersize me" American mentality.

Автор woodrat2296 ( назад)
Crap, I'm old enough to actually remember those things. Didn't take off
because VW came out with the pop top Vanagon.

Автор francisco villa ( назад)

Автор Kaden M ( назад)
I'd hate to be behind this going up a steep long incline. Beetles are slow
enough without the added weight. lol

Автор allenrbrb ( назад)
Sad that so many people in this country have lost the "can-do," pioneer
spirit that made this country great! This is an incredible design for an
amazing car that could have been improved and made even more powerful. And,
it is SO easy to use. This is the only trailer I have ever seen where the
driver can hook it up without a spotter and it never has to be back up
because it works both ways!

Автор surgechecker18 ( назад)
Does anyone know what brand and year this trailer is? Did the trailer ever
go into production?

Автор Winter Star (311 год назад)
In a HEARTbeat! That is so cool! [[IF it has a beefy enough motor and
tranny in the vehicle....]]
WHERE does one get something like that---the tow hitch that fits on top of
the car, and the trailer that is light enough for a small car to
handle---those trailers could only weigh a minuscule few hundred pounds, or
the small car trannies would burn out really fast....especially if one used
it over hills/mountains---can you imagine one of those rigs climbing over
the Rockies along I-70?!?
Certainly not our 4-banger Kia---our little one barely carried itself and 2
passengers over that route in 2nd gear struggling at about 30 mph.

Автор Volkswear ( назад)
We found one recently. The only one known to exist to date. Video is
here: VW Bug Fifth Wheel Trailer Found. 1 of a kind Volkswagen item

Автор JUNKY ( назад)
best fifth wheel ever

Автор Eric Anderson ( назад)
I can't imagine why that didn't catch on.....

Автор jesus7es7dios7 ( назад)
absolutely cool... there's nothing a bug can't do. they're probably rare

Автор Jacob Marquis ( назад)
imagine trying to drive that with the trailer... beetles are slow enough on
their own!

Автор Timothy Smith ( назад)
There is nothing a vw can't do....

Автор l337pwnage ( назад)
That's way to complicated for a modern person to operate, just read the
comments if you doubt me.

Автор releasedrehab ( назад)
i dont think thats safe lol

Автор Daniel Frank ( назад)
you can only do so many 360 degree turns before you rip the wiring out of
the car and/or trailer.

Автор NeilLB7 ( назад)
And we all see how far this idea made it....

Автор Robert Sigsworth ( назад)
18-20 mpg? Yeah right! Betcha the stool box is not full. You're probably
talking 10-12 mpg when its fuullll.

Автор Cassidy Johnson ( назад)
Where do I buy one for my 2008 beetle? 

Автор Imran Khan ( назад)
1500 cc towing a camper awesome

Автор sam durant ( назад)
I doubt the beetle had enough under the hood or rather in the trunk to tow
a full trailer

Автор patracy ( назад)
Guess all those gooseneck trailers don't have that problem?

Автор fritzduval ( назад)

Автор XC2long4u ( назад)
Take my money!! 

Автор kradkins ( назад)
We pull a 25 foot Kodiak with a 4.6 liter 6 cylinder trailblazer.

Автор eric miles (jasonhuson2000) ( назад)
I fucking want one I've already got a beetle to pull it

Автор TheGreatAntonius ( назад)
How did this not make it out? Oh wait, you would burn less gas this
way...it all makes sense now. lol

Автор Jack Matthews ( назад)
This is actually the coolest trailer setup ever

Автор AUQUA123 ( назад)

Автор FastestIntegra ( назад)
Go 36hp Go

Автор Dnuccio95ZJ ( назад)
this is actually really fucking cool

Автор Best of country music ( назад)
When I turn 18 I'm getting a beetle and doing this absolutely awesome
invetion 360 turn awesome love every bit

Автор M Bro ( назад)
Coolest design I've ever seen. 

Автор Sheri Lyn ( назад)

Автор brandon Rodriguez ( назад)
dose any one know were i could find one of these ????

Автор Matthewloa ( назад)
I wonder how difficult it'd be to find one of these

Автор Woody Ridenour ( назад)
I'd like to see one driving up the highway *pushing* its trailer...

Автор Tracy Gibson ( назад)
It means the truck can hold 1500 pounds in the bed of the truck easily.
That is 3/4 of a ton. 

Автор patracy (1475 лет назад)
3/4 ton truck is what he meant. Payload rating of the truck.

Автор I Herd Nerfs ( назад)
A 3/4 of a ton diesel truck would be a very very tiny car. I mean, the
Toyota IQ is a 100 kilos more weighty than that at 860 measly kilos. Are
you sure you didn't mean 3 - 4 (read: three to four) ton truck? 

Автор guy poisson ( назад)
... wow... weird looking, but very ingenious... grandfather of fifth wheel
in pick-up truck bed... 

Автор Penis Vegetable Burrito ( назад)
That is the true definition of a pussy wagon, boys.

Автор maximadragon88 ( назад)
I dont own a video camera currently, however, I do have pictures, but as
far as a video, maybe some day after I get finished with my business in
Louisiana and head back home....

Автор maximadragon88 ( назад)
I pull a 26 foot fleetwood wilderness with my 1996 nissan maxima 5 speed

Автор Brandy Jones ( назад)
this was a really good idea, they shouldve continued this!

Автор Mike Zelesnik ( назад)
Most people now would have you believe you need a 3/4 ton diesel truck to
haul a trailer! I'm going to go home and hook my wife's new Chrysler 200 up
to the 32' fifth wheel, wish me luck!

Автор Mark Edwards ( назад)
The best thing ever!

Автор 005showme ( назад)
How much fun would that be?!?!?!?!

Автор John Grunzweig ( назад)
that is so awesome and 18mpg 

Автор lifelongpilot ( назад)
360 degree turning, absolutely amazing 

Автор Sherry M ( назад)
Brilliant! Today's RV manufacturers ought to design something like this.
Image it ... Their target audience would include everyone with a car! I
would buy a trailer like this and tow it with my civic coupe. Too cool! 

Автор dutchboy25al ( назад)
Awesome. Just attach to your driprails on your sedan. 

Автор CAESARbonds ( назад)
This is brilliant. And I like the 70s styling :) 20 mpg for those times.
thats good.

Автор omar re ( назад)
excelente idea very good

Автор James Brannon ( назад)
if I was to see that on the road I would die laughing ;)

Автор Paul Bors Jr ( назад)
Whoa, pure genius

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