Jack Didn't Have To Die

Arguers: People who have seen 'Titanic'
Argument: Jack didn't have to die (because he could have floated on that debris with Rose).
Counter-Argument: Jack didn't have to die (if Rose hadn't jumped out of that lifeboat).
Arguers' Fault: Not giving Jack and Rose even less credit.

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Автор Gunner11 ( назад)
So even if Jack had survived and did meet up with Rose in the Carpathia,
what about the slight problem that Cal would've found/ been looking for

Автор LionelTrainMaster ( назад)

Автор CheeseBall Productions ( назад)
Why did they lay down they could of sat on it or rose could of got on top
of jack

Автор Rose Daisey ( назад)
Jack didn't have to die but the thing is this movie is a real story that
actually happened so if that's what went down the night the Titanic sank
then that's what the movie has to show now it would be totally different if
this wasn't a true story of your even still reading this long ass comment

Автор Lucas ( назад)
1526 people died on the titanic i think

Автор Emma Morey ( назад)
exactly i am yelling at rose to stop being annoying and let him liiivvvee

Автор Yaren ( назад)
3:55 :D: :D:DD:D:D:D:DD

Автор Monark Roy ( назад)
I find it so hilarious that this is or was such an enormous thing that he
felt it necessary to talk about it. Or that he felt it would reach to
enough of an audience on this channel to warrant it.

Автор Violet Gaylan ( назад)
Now you made me hate Rose.

Автор annesuniverse ( назад)
I got way too overexcited over the use of a Gaelic Storm song

Автор GhOsTLY CuRReNT ( назад)
Ok they say everything is illuminati shit like that. What about Titanic?

Автор Noémi Rubínová ( назад)
who are those three men at 5:43 and what are they saying?

Автор strangetamer crushnpss ( назад)
actually i hate to say it cux rose is a douche, but had he never met her or
pursued her or vice versa, he almost certainly would have died in the
intial collision or within the first ten min. what u got wrong was all
single 3rd class males were in the front lower decks at the impact sight
were u would most likely have been had he not continued with her. all 3rd
class men had a 1 in 10 chance of surviving and that's counting the married
3rd class men in the back of the ship. accounts of history say that no more
than a few men from the front made it to the back. so basically he almost
certainly would have died in the intial collision and first ten min. and
had he been one of the few lucky men to make to the back 3rd class from the
front. he would have encountered locked doors and a massive crowd of people
blocking them as the ship is basically already going down. so he sadly had
a better chance meeting her. lame

Автор silly panda ( назад)
jack said " you can't think any thing if your in that cold water." pls
watch it again

Автор Patty mejia ( назад)
Yah what the heck is wrong with her but I wonder how can they record it

Автор isaiah k ( назад)
was everything in the movie the same as on the real titanic

Автор Quaiton Mcfarland ( назад)
3:42 lmfao Dead 😂😂😂😂😂🔫

Автор Ellie-Mae Kirton ( назад)
jack: "how did you find out i didn't do it?"
Rose: "i didn't. i just realised i already knew"
Background: "Shes a goddamn liar "

Автор Denise Kellett-Fonokalafi ( назад)
Jack and Rose never became boyfriend and girlfriend they were just friends
if you have met the girl who was on the titanic 2003 and plus they were 12
not like 23

Автор Coconut ScienceGirl92 ( назад)
But that's kind of the point of the movie now isn't it? Life isn't always
what you wanted it to be, eh rose? Wanted you happy ending, eh?! Wrrrrong
bitch! You don't get one!

Автор #Gazerbeam Galaxy ( назад)
For some reason I find the ending bit hilarious😂

Автор The Legend27 ( назад)
if this video was one more second long it would make alot more monay

Автор iiGalaxy Wolf ( назад)
that wasn't a door :/

Автор Prasika Bhattarai ( назад)
lmao. This video makes me rethink the whole plot

Автор MyCandyReview ( назад)
so, your telling us.. that the whole point of the movie was that Rose and
the Captain are dumbasses?

Автор Jim Jo ( назад)
Leonardo can not act

Автор Kaiser Franz Josef ( назад)
It's a movie... Jack has to Die! It's very sad I know but it's not romantic
if Jack didn't Die.

Автор Safa Nadia ( назад)
i cant even focus anymore :""""D the narrator and sound effects oh man

Автор Prakash Acharya ( назад)
The titanic director earned million of money by making mistake and you guys
will earn certain thousands. 😁😁

Автор Kaijah Minor ( назад)
The last words Rose said to Jack was I'll never let go yet she lets him go.

Автор Lilyyy xoxo ( назад)
rose could have moved her fat arse over thank you very much because there
was enough room for both of them... and also rose said I will never let go
and get what... she let go!!!!!!

Автор Savannah Halliwell ( назад)
yes you are right about jack didn't have to die but when rose dies at the
end she joins Jack in the final scene. So my counter argument is that did
have to die to make the ending heart wrenching moment when she dies. so i
have to disagree with your predicament. Like my counter argument.

Автор Tilly Dessent ( назад)
OK now I'm annoyed, only just watched this today 😂

Автор DavesWorld ( назад)
According to this movie Jack and Rose sank the Titanic. They distracted the
guys in the crows nest and that caused them to see the iceberg too late to
warn anyone.

Автор dolphintattoogirl ( назад)
It was a very emotional, scary and difficult situation. People don't think
straight or rationally in life and death scenarios.

Автор Glitter Woofer LPS ( назад)
Rose is not a moron! If it was you, you wouldn't want to leave your true
love on a sinking boat! Even if he did survive, Rose cant tell the future.
If he did not survive and Rose was not there, she would regret going. So
basically if Jack died falling off the ship, she would want to fall off as

Автор Glitter Woofer LPS ( назад)
"Jack didn't have to go after Rose" But then there would be NO POINT of the
movie! I am sad, that In the move Jack died but be realistic. They needed
to have added SOME drama! Even if it was that Jack had to die!

Автор D. Selfridge ( назад)
The reason that Jack had to die was because we're still having this debate
today = higher profits.

Автор Mayssa Jackson ( назад)
Dumb rose Arggghh

Автор kawaiigirlsLovepugs gurl ( назад)
At 6:30 😂

Автор Colleen ( назад)
im questioning my life decisions right now jUST BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO IT

Автор Gamer Boy ( назад)
Jack did not die he got frozen in time

Автор pewdiepie fan ( назад)
xd last part am the king of the world

Автор Taylor The Warlock ( назад)
Supposing Rose stayed in the boat and Jack found the door alone, meaning
they both survived, would they have been able to find each other and
reconnect afterwards, considering the time period and lack of communication
technology and their drastic social class difference?

Автор itz Prew ( назад)
The movie was about the devastating event so that's why he died because it
shows the sadness. Yes he could of survived but nobody would've cried when
watching the movie

Автор Lily Kiernan ( назад)
LMAO the end😂👏🏻

Автор Ella V ( назад)
Wow, this sounds very believable and logical.

Автор iiJaven ( назад)
exactly 10 minutes, yeeees ad revenue.

Автор somemysteriousguy ( назад)
6:17 is that dr.martin stein from legends of tomorrow?

Автор C8 Gale ( назад)
Have you all forgotten that Rose's fiancé was going to kill Jack
reguardless? Hence the "I always win, Jack" and the fact that he clearly
pointed out there wasn't another boat coming for him? Shit, i'm still sad
that he died but the only thing Rose did wrong was not share the damn door
with him.

Автор Molly James ( назад)
I really wish Titanic had a happy ending and Rose just stayed on that
bloody boat 😔💔

Автор THE CHARLIEZARD ( назад)
exactly 10:00 minutes long

Автор Xxdavx4 Xx ( назад)
is it just me or Jake looks like Justin Bieber ?

Автор Stephanie Selter ( назад)
if jack was on the boat alone, roses fiance could kill him. ( because he is
jelous of jack)

Автор Haudi Rasoul ( назад)
I've bet if you told the old lady that she was responsible for jacks death
and told the reasoning she probably would've jumped off the ship and killed
her self

Автор miss toots ( назад)
She's supposed to be like 16-17 in the movie. Teenagers are impulsive
morons with no life experience. They make multiple stupid decisions daily.

Автор Joel Barry ( назад)

Автор keely taylor madness amann ( назад)
i love jack he did not have to die

Автор Will Palmer ( назад)
eff off

Автор Revelation Grimlockhart ( назад)
So you watched whole movie, already knew what is going to happend and then
you are talking shit about their decisions like their knew what is going to

Автор Luna Knight ( назад)
Harambe didn't have to die too

Автор the three man Rock Stars jak and celan and mathyou ( назад)

Автор Sarah Mosley ( назад)
hey snyone need a link to slither.io ```> slither.io

Автор The DoomBringer ( назад)
"Should I stay or should I gooo!!" Nice one

Автор random ecince ( назад)

Автор Chaz.h ( назад)
Rose should have fucking died

Автор Olivia Caracciolo ( назад)
cool but stupied rose

Автор Nick Sav ( назад)
Wow why didn't you take the easy way and say he would not have died if the
ship didn't sink

Автор Nick Sav ( назад)
The argument was just an excuse to shit on the movie the short answer is
yes both of them could Float on the door because doing it in reality would
let you (myth busters)

Автор Erika Luleå ( назад)
If you love someone you want to be with them , and if you look at the
chance of surviving if you were a 3 class male passenger were almost 0 %.
And as a female 1 Class passenger your chance to survive was almost 100 %.
So the way Titanic ended is most realistic to what would have happened on
the real Titanic. Thats the tragic of Titanic. Your chance of survival
depended on gender and which class you belonged to. And the fact that there
was not enough lifeboats and the lifeboats was not filled with as much
passengers that was space for.

Автор Survival Sanaya ( назад)
he would be good apt cinema sins

Автор tifanicalx ( назад)

Автор Winter Star ( назад)
Ppl say and do some *really* weird stuff, when under duress....and viewers
say and do some more weird stuff decades after the fact of [in this case, a
movie glamorizing history....]
No one mentioned that maybe Rose "fell in love" with Jack, because he saved
her from suicide. Or that the characters demonstrated some pretty accurate
behaviors then....and still now. Or that both main characters were pretty
"wet behind the ears" [all pun intended] about common sense.

Автор CastleFlameGal ( назад)
But if Rose hadn't have jumped off the lifeboat how do we know that Jack
would have found that exact same door? The ocean is massive. It could have
been in a totally different place by the time Jack gets in the water if
Rose stayed on the lifeboat instead of prolonging the time they are on the

Автор Ahtziri Rodriguez ( назад)
Dam chill it was a movie...

Автор BabyDinoBLOX ( назад)
the titanic sunk because jack and rose had sex before getting married.😂

Автор Pamela Pellot ( назад)
Should I stay or should I go now if I stay there will be trouble but should
I stay or should I go
Stranger things 😍

Автор Jamescaykem Nguyen ( назад)
You earned a sub

Автор Aimee Gordon ( назад)
This video is exactly 10 minutes long it's stressing me but I'm also kind
of impressed.

Автор AmineGamin ( назад)
Yes but she was what lead jack to a certain point, if she stayed on the
boat jack wouldn't of found the debris and thus the butterfly effect. The
smallest things lead to bigger places, like quitting a job and then late
finding out they went of a business trip and found a trillion kg of gold,
obviously not true but it was a example.

Автор SMAK ( назад)
I wish they both would've survived. 😫

Автор Bullet ( назад)
The film is a tragedy, picking it apart like this is missing the point.

Автор jack 65 ( назад)
# jack survives

Автор poisonivymathers ( назад)
I laughed so hard at i trust u part she did trust him even when he got
framed for stealing the diamond i would also overthink/analyse if he didnt
when rose gave the box to put in the save..but she wasnt worried about the
diamond really ..she wouldnt care less deep down she knew that why she was
distracted cuz she was analyzing while everyone was pushing her to go on a
boat ... and she whent back because things were happening and she need
alert her mother and she went back with jack .. that was let everyone know
she made her decision and even if she didnt jump back cal would of killed
jack ..he even said he had a deal with jack to get on a boat ..yeah right🔫
i win one way or the other he said come on we all know what that was and
that door part jack had to swim the other side and rose stayed on the other
and jumo at the same time to balance weight settle on the door.final 😂😂😂
logic was there but in chaos you act like this

Автор Anne de Marie ( назад)
that door was big enough but they needed to go on each side on the door one
side was jacks one side was rose her side then on both sides would be

Автор lisa hurley ( назад)
do you think this is some sort of joke this is a true story i slapped the
dislike button

Автор lisa hurley ( назад)
jack does not come back the water is to cold

Автор Kerem Tezcan ( назад)
3:40 "you jump I jump right!"
"Damn it"

Автор jordandrews1990 ( назад)
It's not a door!

Автор SeriouslyMe4Ever ( назад)
This has been on my mind all the time since I watched Titanic, why did Rose
have to do this? I like Rose enough, but she's just a dead weight to Jack
in his attempts of survival

Автор Ruby Warren ( назад)
she did trust jack but she didn't say anything when he was being arrested
for steeling the because she knew that she will get arrested too

Автор Candy Trash ( назад)
I've never liked the movie and my friends didn't understand why. I showed
them this video.. Thank you!

Автор Leah Walker Fanfic ( назад)
if you look at the picture of rose with a birds eye view of her on the
door, you can see that if she had moved up, down got on top of Jack, they
could have both fitted on, and if people say about the weight, true it
didn't seem to fit both, but if they were on opposite sides when they both
attempted to climb on, the weight would have been slightly more balanced
and there was a bigger chance of them both being able to get on.

Автор Shubham ( назад)
If the debris of whole ship was floating. .......

why did he not look for other door instead of just being in that cold water
for whole time ..........

I mean he was in that cold water for almost half an hour ....... He could
have easily found other door in this time ... also so many people were dead
after some time ...... He could have just used their support.

Автор Julie K ( назад)
Yea, I was telling my mom about this (before I watched this video) and she
was like "It's a movie, get over it" and I was like "ok".
Great video though!

Автор Pride and joy ( назад)
Whether he found flotsam or not he would have perished through hyperthermia
within minutes.

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