Jack Didn't Have To Die

Arguers: People who have seen 'Titanic'
Argument: Jack didn't have to die (because he could have floated on that debris with Rose).
Counter-Argument: Jack didn't have to die (if Rose hadn't jumped out of that lifeboat).
Arguers' Fault: Not giving Jack and Rose even less credit.

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Автор Deydeepya Lakshmi ( назад)
actually your judgements arent right as because Rose jumped back into titanic because she didnt know that Jack would have to die that way...in the end .... so u cant blame her for Jack s death

Автор Romper Lorey ( назад)
You do know that Rose and Jack are fictional characters right?

Автор Chippy Trunk ( назад)
I love jack and Rose 😇

Автор David Hesh ( назад)
rose was a bitch

Автор AllyGator2474 ( назад)
I've watched this movie so much in the last month but I will never watch it the same again

Автор Ellie Is Da Bomb ( назад)
I totally thought that this video would be a load of crap, boy I was wro-o-o-ong

Автор Samuel Couture ( назад)

Автор Everburner ( назад)
or I jack let rose die he wouldn't of gone through any of it

Автор GreysonGaming ( назад)
JACK ISNT REAL there was a j dawson but the j stands for joesheph

Автор kill gamer ( назад)

Автор Wyatt Spivey ( назад)
this is true

Автор T. R. ( назад)
When rose get off the boat there was an extra slot left , one more life could have been saved

Автор PatrickOnTheCamera _ ( назад)

R: Retarded
O: Out Of This World Retarded
S: Stupid
E: Exactly Jack Is A theif After All Those Fun 12 days with him stuck up fore him before they even met and then jack gets aroused and rose thinks "Uh I kept him from getting arrested before we met so dont have to save him now BOICH" type of Retard

Автор Thibaud ( назад)
this is just a fucking movie

Автор Michal M ( назад)
big amateurs lol

Автор Alexis Aponte ( назад)

Автор Rosie Posie ( назад)
so they jump of the high end the could have gone to the bottom end and got first pick of whatever they was going to stay on therefore they could of got a bigger and stronger piece of wood and both survived

Автор Rosie Posie ( назад)
I'm named after this film but there was room on the door and if rose didn't practise the axe

Автор cecilia lucy ( назад)
the thing is is that rose might've never thought they would re unite and didn't wanna risk it, so she jumped back on the ship

Автор gamertv gamer ( назад)
Dear Rose you keep trying to end your life stop saying 'Jack!' It's annoying me you said that you wouldn't let go and you let go you killed your own love dude!

Автор Juv-y Del ( назад)
this vid was so funny that i have to watch it again

Автор Yim Namati ( назад)

Автор NMJboss 123 ( назад)
if I were jack I would slap her for jumping off the boat, I would say...
*Slap "are you crazy woman you just jumped back onto a sinking ship do you want to die huh huh do you" 😂

Автор SamsGameingChannel Vincent ( назад)

Автор Jenny Castillo ( назад)
Your so right why didn't that happen

Автор Adam Hauskins ( назад)
if had been on that lifeboat how would she have gotten way from here asshole fiancée?

Автор Titanic Lover19 ( назад)
The pun intended beluuuu!!😂😂

Автор josh smith ( назад)
rose u bitch

Автор Linling Yu ( назад)
I hate rose now

Автор mspchic321 ( назад)
the way he spelt effect disturbed me btw it was at 4:16

Автор Minecraft 190 ( назад)
The weird thing is Jack reminds me of Jack Maynard.

Автор Shaelee Peterson ( назад)
Did you now that Jack didn't die?

Автор LPS Gaming ( назад)
👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻<--- oldddd granny Rose XDD

Автор LPS Gaming ( назад)
Old granny Rose XD

Автор Kay Ma ( назад)
rational my friend was love why risk losing even a second he may die so lets be with him together we live or die

Автор Zara Zarbees ( назад)
For gods sake if she stayed on the lifeboat then jack would of stayed on the door -_-

Автор Sazzad Hossain ( назад)
gahahaha r u mad....

Автор Sarah Gullacher ( назад)
"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!" lol 7:55

Автор Munky Bidness ( назад)
That was gold.

Автор Riley Belcher ( назад)
I love jack and rose you guys made the best movie alive I wish jack lived so both of you guys could go home and live love you guys

Автор Bear Power x3 ( назад)
What a coincidence, i just watched Titanic about an hour ago

Автор Joanne ( назад)
Considering only 13% of the third class men survived the catastrophe, I'd say "he didn't have to die" just because Rose was around is a bit far fetched and putting it a bit too simple.

Автор Kasey O'Connell ( назад)
maybe he didnt die

Автор Kasey O'Connell ( назад)
omg jack looks like rick astley

Автор Lisa Frith ( назад)
Does no one realist that the jack and rose storie wasn't real and was made up for the folm there was never really any rose or jack it's just a love storie made up for the film

Автор Črÿ Båbÿ Härlėÿ ( назад)
Rose is a fucking rich selfish first class chick...

Автор Girl Wolf ( назад)
oh ... wow you ruined TITANIC 😐😑😐

Автор The Kawaii Potatoes ( назад)
He could of just got another piece of furniture

Автор ArfenOne ( назад)
who df is jack and y is this is my reccomended

Автор Sofia Walters ( назад)
They could have also taken turns using the door

Автор archies arrow ( назад)
everyone is saying he would have died anyways bc he was a 3rd class BUT he never said they shouldn't have met he just said it would be different if Jack minded his own business but if Rose stayed on the life boat Jack would only have to worry about his life because Rose would be safe. would Jack have died even if Rose went on the life boat? maybe. but he could have survived if rose stayed on the life boat and Jack was be the one on the door and he would have ((probably)) been saved.

Автор Sam Clayton ( назад)
Another scene that doesn't make sense in this movie is how they're running around in deep water inside the ship without freezing to death, but then Jack's in the water for two seconds outside of the ship and he dies. Shouldn't the water inside of the ship have been the same temperature?

Автор jaguar4u2012 ( назад)
theres a big bunch of retards here!
all the arguments here are weak and whinny! clearly made by Millenial ugly fat fucks!

Автор PasillasKids ( назад)
so true

Автор Tuppelius ( назад)
My fav movie is Titanic

Автор Astrid DragonForest ( назад)

Автор SonOfPosiden ( назад)
who thinks that the titanic should be here today R.I.P TITANIc

Автор Robert Yeng ( назад)
yea he did. just enjoy the movie

Автор Nicki Boone ( назад)
afw createer jack is fake rose is real bio

Автор Abey Hadrick ( назад)
There is so much room on the door rose is a bit selfish

Автор Molly Howe ( назад)
I love the part *should I stay or should I go*, ha

Автор ThenBowlingNoob 21 ( назад)
Watching Titanic Kale just gave rose the diamond necklace happy ❤day!:)

Автор Someperson Online ( назад)
I thought it was April 15th 1912 it hit the burg around 11 ish on the 14th and sunk at 1am on the 15th

Автор Hamza Khan ( назад)
rose killed jack that fucking heartless bitch

Автор TobyTheTramNo7 Productions ( назад)

Rose: Dammit!


Автор TertialBoss ( назад)

Автор Rrock Cj ( назад)
I didn`t drop a single tear while watching those moments.. I mean James Horner`s music, God bless his soul, is what made the Titanic the movie we love. When you don`t hear it you don`t feel it as much.

Автор Crombie K8 ( назад)
1 jack did have to die and ther acting

Автор Huskyhumangamer [Stuff and more stuff!] ( назад)
And that's why I always carry a inflatable boat on a boat

Автор Samantha Smethurst ( назад)
'here we find the king of the world hancuffed to a pipe..' xD

Автор 92602tle ( назад)
Jack still would have died because when Rose jumped back on the ship they found the door, but if she stayed Jack wouldn't have find the door.

Автор Nicki Boone ( назад)
this was on the movie jack isnt real they made him up

Автор Rocco Southern ( назад)
I saw the film

Автор Malinh K ( назад)
no, because Jack and Rose was forced to go to the a certain part of the ship, and it's less likely Jack wouldn't have found the door

Автор TheUnofficialAustralianMilitrayChanel ( назад)
I mean Rose was actually being selfish. She had the piece of wood. Jack was sitting in the water. Isn't that wrong? Like if you agree.

Автор Grace Clark ( назад)
But he did steel the jacket

Автор Shannon Leach ( назад)
but she found her true love and she didnt want to leave him and she isnt strong without him she needed him and they loved eachother and jack did it cos he loved her if he didnt love her he wouldnt give up his life for her

Автор Terrell Simms ( назад)
if jack was on the door it would weigh them both down.

Автор Savage Queen ( назад)
but they loved each other, so it would be hard to leave them not knowing if their gonna make it

Автор JAV Girls ( назад)
Omg the way he was talking at the beginning was so funny. The way he asks when he said "Romeo dies" I laughed so hard
It is like he didn't care 😂😂😂

Автор Anika 160 ( назад)
The ending though 😂😂

Автор Anika 160 ( назад)

Автор kelly grose ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Selter ( назад)
this movie made us believe in love at first sight. and james cameron djd a really really great job. he deserved that oscar. no one ist more creativ than him. instead of critisizing him, you guys should admire him.

Автор Stephanie Selter ( назад)
dude its just a movie.what rose did was really brave. she did somethkng that few of us would not do.( jump back on the boat ). Plus some people said rose should think first before she does something. Well the boat was sinking she doesnt have time to think. she just thought of jack.

Автор Aislynn Quiggle ( назад)

Автор maga man ( назад)
This is genius analysis...makes the whole movie look stupid...

Автор mia s ( назад)
But then there's the theory of determinism which let's us know that animals do things based off of causes and ultimately we have no free will. So if Rose wasn't just a fictitious character in a movie and all of this actually happened in real life.. Everyone would have done the same exact thing end of that story.

Автор Rocket Pants ( назад)
10:00 minutes ...

Автор Tomobiwan06 AVFC ( назад)
come on - they could counteract each other's wait on each end of that blooming door!

Автор Selim The Amazing ( назад)
Jack and Rose are not real it's just the movie

Автор Selim The Amazing ( назад)
You said190012 but it's 1912

Автор Queen Rose Wakeel ( назад)
Screw you rose. Just cuz of you I am cursing my own name

Автор Crazy Mickey 666 ( назад)
Fucking Rose

Автор Ely Morales ( назад)
This was sooooo funny😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Ahsoka Gaming ( назад)
well that ruined the Titanic for me tho I'll probably never see it anyway

Автор Vanessa Ulloa ( назад)

Автор BruhitsDuitznani ( назад)
things happen for reasons he died for a reason she lived for a reason , they meet for a reason, there's a reason for every thing in my opinion it was not her fault why he died he had a choice and his choice was to stay with her till the end no matter what. ...

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