Total Hip Replacement - Anterior Approach - Part 1

Hip Replacement Surgery (Hip Arthroplasty) for Hip Arthritis has developed over the last 300 years from rudimentary surgery, to modern total hip replacement. In this operation, Dr Al Muderis takes you through the steps involved in this very effective operation using an anterior approach.

Part 1: Acetabular

To view more Hip Replacement videos - http://bit.ly/1kinY7b

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Автор Raymond Fristrom ( назад)
the prostheises costs 350.00 to manufacture and by the time it is in the
patient the price is up to 25,000, this country sucks

Автор TheSorg1337 ( назад)
and why is this operation not done in blood arrest??

Автор TheSorg1337 ( назад)
what is the ligamentum flavum (6:30) do you mean the ligamentum capitis

Автор Maury Altomare ( назад)
Both my hips total replacement. No problems after 2yrs. Mine were done at
age 51.I wanted to enjoy life! 20+years expect. First hip was metal on
metal. No contaminants in blood. Second hip ceramic. I am very active now
and loving the replacements I live in Canada. Hope this helps

Автор yambo59 ( назад)
Hi - ive had a bad hip all my life due to childhood accident, what can you
tell me about how your surgery went and how its holding up?? Im told
repeatedly to wait for soon to come longer lasting cup material since im
heavy, but have heard so many horror stories about bad jobs etc --- im with
a Dr. Romanelli in the orthopeadic center of Illiniois----- 

Автор raiden litke ( назад)
1st I was watching skyrim and now I'm watching this

Автор Blacky Chan ( назад)
Ummm you sure thats not gonna hurt him up even more.... 

Автор Blacky Chan ( назад)
Why am I in this part of youtube again.....

Автор cherrypies3 ( назад)
ummmm I hope you have to right qualifications 0.0

Автор usakicksass ( назад)
$5000 in Oklahoma and $200,000 in California. Prolly not too many good docs
in OK.

Автор Machindra Sonwane ( назад)
can you sit on floor

Автор Machindra Sonwane ( назад)
after hip replecement can you sit on the floor

Автор chris j ( назад)
My uncle is gonna let me try this on him, he doesn't have insurance but we
gonna have him dancing in no time!

Автор Just_Chris ( назад)
Ur finger... looks like ur fingering a deformed virginia

Автор Laura Ya ( назад)
You had to say that.

Автор Jeff La Marco ( назад)
OK, The first thing I just learned is never watch videos BEFORE you have
the surgery! I think I might be changing my mind... :(

Автор Maury Altomare ( назад)
I'v had both my hips replaced, yeeehaaa! Life has begun once again!

Автор jahad222 ( назад)
me too! I won't forget the "torture block"!! ever......how come my scar is
at least 18 inches long? this one is only about 6 inches!

Автор Jordan Woods ( назад)

Автор Jordan Woods ( назад)
lmao! xD

Автор Jack Brindle ( назад)
This is easy to fap to.

Автор HoneyBee Resting ( назад)
HA HA HA HA HA MR JCM!!! I had this and have to have a 2nd!!!! I woke up
straapped to a torture block between my legs!!!!!

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