D.R.A.M.'s new album Big Baby D.R.A.M. is available now!

Directed By: Nathan Smith

Buy/Stream Big Baby D.R.A.M.: https://atlanti.cr/bigbabydram

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Длительность: 4:15
Комментарии: 1120

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Автор fuck the year you watching in .nigga ( назад)

Автор Cheese Head ( назад)

Автор AyeThaKiddGotSwagg ( назад)
Bob Marley of rap

Автор Alvin Jean ( назад)

Автор brainpie ( назад)
kanye west's champion video?

Автор Dj Lil Izzy Vevo ( назад)
This beat doesnt really match the song. It sounds too aggresive to be a love song. From 2:58-3:10 sounds more appropriate. Not hating just giving constructive critisism. Keep up the good work DRAM

Автор Acee.j ( назад)
anybody else think this dude looks like Busta rhymes nerdy son

Автор adwityo bhagaskara ( назад)

Автор Evan Gaytan ( назад)
Dram is the realist story of nothing to something

Автор Spider Man ( назад)
I Love the song'

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Not a huge fan of the song but this dude just makes me happy anyways

Автор Shyonthetrack 22 ( назад)
dope song

Автор MMPOKER18ps3 Drunkenelkxbox360 ( назад)
i would like to see little yachtys muppet😂😂

Автор MMPOKER18ps3 Drunkenelkxbox360 ( назад)
i like how drams always happy 👌

Автор rslaser91 ( назад)
Reminds me of Crank Yankers haha brb

Автор Jason Fukedyabish ( назад)
awwww this song is so cute

Автор Nas Escobar ( назад)
Best music video in a long time!!!

Автор Alica Range ( назад)

Автор Stay Smoove ( назад)
if anything is goofier than Dram its a Dram puppet

Автор Andyjoynin ( назад)
key and peele

Автор SnYpe Hunter ( назад)
This song will get stuck in your head

Автор Drea ( назад)
:'v I wish someone thought I was cute

Автор DRAY LEWIS ( назад)
#BigBabyD.R.A.M. that girl in the beginning with the red pants and white shirt is really cute tho what's her name god damn!!! got me replaying shii fuxks what y'all talking bout😂😂😂💯👏smh

Автор Officialzz ( назад)
This is lowkey scary

Автор flauntjdb ( назад)
damn this is niceeee

Автор Aboogey the boss ( назад)
complete trash this is trash

Автор Brian Sün ( назад)
I like this song, better then those trashy rap that call girls hoes and shit like that.

Автор b_m_b ( назад)
Post Malone looks like a black Big Baby D.R.A.M

Автор MrFrizzky ( назад)
As soon as this started it reminded me of Quavo - No Hook ft Lil Yachty

Автор The Potato Mage ( назад)
"I choose you like a Pokemon".😂😂😂

Автор Owlonimous ( назад)
he thinks I'm cute :)

Автор arlyn brazell ( назад)
Is this a cousin skeeter reference? 😲

Автор Kimberly Armstrong ( назад)
i this was so cute

Автор matrix 7 ( назад)
this guy looks like a dog smh y is he so bad😭😭

Автор ToshiMinaj3011 ( назад)
This my favorite song on the album ...love the video!!!!

Автор BuRn Napalm ( назад)
well shit. you know your life is shitty when *a puppet* gets in more women's pants than you do.

Автор I am Light ( назад)
A music video !!!

Автор Dj Cool Cat ( назад)
The puppet gets all the ladies but Drama gets only 1

Автор Trévion Moreno ( назад)
This song is sooo goofy.
but i like the beat.

Автор Natalie Pari ( назад)
Man this dude is a genius

Автор Mexican Savage ( назад)
this song is cuteee❤

Автор Emil Henry ( назад)
1:51 Lmao at that face 😂

Автор Damion Smith ( назад)
I can't stop laugh

Автор Rayan Elina ( назад)

Автор Smooooth ( назад)
Jim Henson crankin to this up in heaven

Автор Qwerty ( назад)
This song is terrible

Автор Alexander Wham ( назад)
2:50 where ur hand nigga

Автор Ned Groome ( назад)
why is his smile so contagious

Автор James Dortch ( назад)

Автор Trenyce O . ( назад)
here b4 1m

Автор krispi ( назад)
Isn't that the same girl from 21 savage,so video?

Автор Certeza Insegura ( назад)
antes do 1M

Автор Ken Ftw ( назад)
30 second unskippable  ad? dislike, song could have been over by now

Автор new marshall ( назад)
thumbnail looking like they created a new Sesame street character

Автор Kryptune King ( назад)
This things needs to get 1m likes

Автор TheBless12u ( назад)
What did I just listen to? Dead tune

Автор Musty Waters ( назад)

Автор hakuzu88 ( назад)
Dram always make original music ^^

Автор MR B ( назад)
drams NPR tiny desk set is good af too thats how i first heard this

Автор MR B ( назад)
dram is so good

Автор lawd79 ( назад)
I think this song and video is cute.

Автор Jayden Liggins ( назад)
The puppet ruled the whole music video #Dram

Автор Giada Farenga ( назад)
I love it.

Автор Raziel Slaughter ( назад)
Was that Ayisha?!

Автор Mpfumo Wallace ( назад)
ODB reincarnation!!

Автор loft music ( назад)
good vibes all around 💖 here before 1 Million.

600k ✅

Автор Frito LayBoy365 ( назад)
love this song

Автор Austin Burrows ( назад)
'I choose you you like a Pokémon'

Автор Prānk Rēpublic ( назад)
wow, this puppet gets more girls than I do..

Автор Squad_245-xXx ( назад)
At one point it look like migos

Автор Ethan Michiels ( назад)
here before a million

Автор Ben Drown ( назад)

Автор Monty James ( назад)
he looks like a happier version of 2 chains

Автор Jimi Vahlfors ( назад)
Seems like a lad

Автор Goddammit Ashley ( назад)
I underestimated how adorable this nigga is. Like his smile makes me smile.

Автор Tyler Bolden ( назад)
Is that Ayisha Diaz😍❤️❤️

Автор Tyler Francis ( назад)
ayeshia diaz so bad

Автор Xxicypopxx AJ ( назад)
Awww That Was Sooo Cute!!! I'm Smiling Ear To Ear :)

Автор Shaniya Pettway ( назад)
Mi new favorite catchy song

Автор Oluwadare Bankole ( назад)
Before 1 mil squad where ya at?

Автор emotionless brat ( назад)
he has one of the brightest smiles and that voice👌👏👏👏👏

Автор JT lanusga ( назад)
I thought i was watching a parody of Ed Sheeran's - Sing

Автор Rhyce Boisson ( назад)
D.R.A.M smile looks like Nelly's own

Автор Naísa Eliana ( назад)
I find this guy so adorable

Автор IIPandaII ( назад)
Before a million.

Автор Bruno alchaar ( назад)
cadê os BR

Автор Leo-Carter Graves ( назад)
Poes Cheesy..But it's dope!

Автор IceBankk ( назад)
fucking dope music vid

Автор Zie Ariffin ( назад)
Dissss soo cuteeee

Автор TheLifeOf ( назад)
dram and the puppet got the same size mouth👄 lmao

Автор Dylan Gordon ( назад)
Jordan Peele makes music?

Автор Jackson L ( назад)
On some Cousin Skeeter shit lol this is dope.

Автор Quentarus Smith ( назад)
I need him and chance the rapper to colab who's wants it

Автор Manny Quinn ( назад)
Drake bout to drop "Gorgeous" in a month

Автор Cord Miller ( назад)
must be high AF, swore D.R.A.M look like a puppet

Автор Huggles Heart ( назад)
1:55 had me in tears this video was CUTEE bro lol

Автор Jay HM ( назад)

Автор Yourebasicbye ( назад)
I think D.R.A.M is cute

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