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Directed By: Nathan Smith

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Просмотров: 3302578
Длительность: 4:15
Комментарии: 4766

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Автор Tony J ( назад)
VA stand all the way up!

Автор kristine peraza ( назад)

Автор Natalie Tapia ( назад)
i choose you like a Pokémon lmao 😂

Автор Mr.Mesoloney ( назад)
*looks up John Legend and watches all of me and goes to next vid* pop to hip hop? hm... okay then :D

Автор Cartoon High ( назад)
"I choose you like a Pokémon"
^Why DRAM is one of my favorites.

Автор Kip D ( назад)
Very feel good music

Автор Aava Rose ( назад)
Love his smile

Автор Ahmar Holloway ( назад)
Dang that girl puppet got some melons 🤔

Автор Aden Walker ( назад)
his smile😭no homo

Автор Kamaro Dusean ( назад)
you dont know what youre talking about

Автор irish bever ( назад)
big baby dram is it ok if i do a video with your music on it

Автор Rodney Allan ( назад)
I can get jiggy to this shit

Автор Ta'teyanna Watkins ( назад)
he was high when he made this song

Автор babby gurll ( назад)
Hiss Fvckkingg Smilee😍😍😍 Now Thats Cute😋💕

Автор IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED! ( назад)
His smile is Cute☺️✨

Автор StarBurst Gaming ( назад)

Автор Forrest Clooney ( назад)
Dram is one ugly mf

Автор Mario Hidalgo ( назад)
Hola soy de España me gustó la música soy músico visitarme

Автор LorsheSyd ( назад)
his smile is contagious

Автор Samantha Vanvelt ( назад)
Nigga walking in da store already lookin like a pedophile looking for lil girls

Автор Ayvah Levy ( назад)
"I chose u like a Pokemon 😂😂😂😂"

Автор Ayvah Levy ( назад)
They were watching broccoli 😝

Автор Franco De Santis ( назад)
this song gives me goosebumps

Автор Mr. Lovell ( назад)
Great Song Mann

Автор Kyson collier ( назад)
I think the puppet is kind of ugly

Автор karey baby ( назад)
This man is made of pure sunshine and happiness and it sure is contagious. We need more people like him. 💖

Автор Despicable Moff ( назад)
Andy milonakis

Автор Nico Valdez ( назад)

Автор lilpoptarts ( назад)
He said I choose you like a pokemooon. lololol

Автор -4 ( назад)
DRAM'S smile gives any man hope, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Автор Aasiyah A ( назад)
Coast modern's cover of this on Spotify is fucking littt

Автор Daisy Wenk ( назад)
Sponsored By The Muppets And Vodka

Автор Vaiyneita Chestnut ( назад)
Lol.... This is cute!!!!!!😘

Автор Erykah Washington ( назад)
0:22 😂😂

Автор gamer dude ( назад)
have to love the puppet

Автор Lil Boat ( назад)
he used a "PUPPET" SYMBOL SAYING HE IS A PUPPET IN THE INDUSTRY that simple...peace #lilboat

Автор KinG FitZ ( назад)
This song is legendary!

Автор barthelemy lovely ( назад)
oh lolllll

Автор Nykhia Benson ( назад)

Автор SeaBiscuit ( назад)
drams smile fuckin scares me

Автор A Burrito ( назад)
what the fuck dude

Автор zahira moore ( назад)
fuck all yall bitches 😈😈

Автор jrealtall30 ( назад)
This nigga sound like a better Ice JJ Fish

Автор JaNivea Rogers ( назад)
pick you
up at 8 my jam

Автор The Mexican Animator ( назад)
He doesn't even say anything that particularly funny, but I am always smiling and laughing while looking these videos

Автор KrimskramsCookies ( назад)
sooo anoying

Автор Kylee Trusty ( назад)
his smile is one of the best i've ever seen. i can't be the only one to think this...

Автор O Pai ( назад)
busta rhymes

Автор Newton Kids ( назад)
his voice

Автор Michael Kwarteng ( назад)
People have to understand this guy is talented, he is going to go a long way

Автор Elizabeth Hannah ( назад)
creepiest video of all time

Автор Miguel Rodriguez ( назад)
he's right I am cute

Автор Murderface78 ( назад)
Ol Dirty Bastard would have absolutely murdered this. R.I.P. Dirty!!!

Автор Keyun McGowan ( назад)

Автор sheila sparkle ( назад)
this is stupid

Автор Takia Wilson ( назад)
This vid made me laugh 😂😂

Автор Abbas shah ( назад)
this sounds so weird and childish

Автор Father Cosmic ( назад)
damn i don't know how but this man always makes me smile

Автор JoeyGShadow . ( назад)
this is so "cute"

Автор Evo The Artist ( назад)
Cousin Skeeter done Glo'd Up

Автор Miguel Rodriguez ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Datboitre ( назад)
that puppet is not dram if it is not smiling

Автор Kymiah Bass ( назад)
why is the pupet cuter than him no affence

Автор a girl ( назад)
aw this video was so cute :,)

Автор Ariyannah Artis ( назад)
Am I the only person who thinks that DRAM should be permanetly replaced by this puppet!😂

Автор Emarid Jackson ( назад)
this is myfavorite song of all time

Автор emma hartmen ( назад)
without lil yachty he sucks

Автор Only Record winner ( назад)
Am I on that weird side of YouTube again?

Автор elizabeth campbell ( назад)

Автор MrSsb2000 ( назад)
DRAM the typa dude to apologise in a rap diss

Автор Bangtan Babies ( назад)
Big Baby Dram is the cutest thing his videos are the best they never fail to make me smile ♡

Автор Aura Skies ( назад)
1:51 omg had me dead 😂😂

Автор Mark Cherry ( назад)
is he high in all his vids

Автор gokupocalypse ( назад)
say what you will but this beat is something else, admit it

Автор Lydia Blanchard ( назад)
The lost muppet😂

Автор Plínio, O Copo Do Vlad ( назад)
I love the stranger things background music

Автор Carlos Lopez ( назад)
those girls are so sexy 😘😙😍

Автор Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it. ( назад)
Pause at 3:19 when u finally understand the joke but it's really bad

Автор GameSet Gaming ( назад)
My favorite part is when the girl eats the puppet's fries he is just like, Bitch wtf lolololololololololololoo

Автор PeDroZa Jnr ( назад)
😂😂😂even lil DRAM know you fckd up with broccoli 1:17

Автор PeDroZa Jnr ( назад)
who else was smilling during the entire vid??😂😂

Автор PeDroZa Jnr ( назад)
Damn DRAM! this song so fuckin cute, it's crazy

Автор amilkar ariza ( назад)
alguien que hable español

Автор Joey Ball ( назад)
It sounds like he has a stuffy nose in this lol

Автор Adam Julien ( назад)
every girl has been cute

Автор Jens9807 ( назад)
That doll has a better life than me

Автор Lindsaiy.L #KM ( назад)

Автор Oxymorphone ( назад)
this nigga look like 2 chainz retarded cousin

Автор Violet Gaylan ( назад)
You cant watch/listen to any of his songs without smiling.

Автор misfit 2348 ( назад)
he just want pussy so

Автор Stally Balthazar ( назад)
I think I'm cute 😍 lol

Автор SonnShine ( назад)
The puppet doesn't even have legs and he has more balls than big baby D.R.A.M

Автор Melanie mart ( назад)

Автор Gmail User ( назад)
His smile makes me smile every time I watch his videos lmao

Автор O'Neal Ramar ( назад)
why is this shit not every were ?i love it

Автор miss Catty ( назад)
to funny was this meant to be a joke😂??

Автор Jayden Frazier ( назад)
Damn he brought Pokémon in it

Автор FemaleLife Bihh ( назад)
The puppet gets more girls than him💀

Автор Jordan Brown ( назад)
I chose my cheese burger like a Pokémon it was selection one 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

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