Weber Clarinet Concertino: Grant Anderson

Concord Orchestra, Concord, Massachusetts. Soloist has been principal clarinet of the orchestra since 1971. Day job: Physicist specializing in transportation-noise acoustics and applied statistics. Recorded May, 1996.

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Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Robert: By the way, Rolf Smedvig's sister Siri Smedvig is our concertmaster
here in the Concord Orchestra.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Robert: Thank you immensely for your compliments, here and for my
performance of the Arnold. I'm still playing with the Concord Orchestra and
with several chamber groups

Автор Robert pc libre ( назад)
virtuosité légèreté pureté du son tout y est, grand bravo, un régal

Автор scandal8095 ( назад)
Thank you very much I will definitely try that. 

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
You might try a softer reed. Please be aware, however, that your intonation
might suffer a little, because your embouchure will have more effect on
intonation with softer reeds. Mouthpiece and V-12 reed type? I don't know
their effects on tonguing. I use Vandoren White Master reeds on my Vandoren
5RV Lyre mouthpiece. Good luck and good playing in your solo contest. If
you're still having tonguing difficulties, just play it slower.

Автор scandal8095 ( назад)
Hi Mr. Anderson, I am a high school student who might perform this piece
for a solo contest this year. I am having difficulty with tonguing on parts
of it, is there some techniques that you know that could help? Also I am
playing on a Buffet R-13 clarinet with a Richard Hawkins mouthpiece, do you
know what type of reeds that will be good for it, I'm playing on Vandoren
V-12 size 3 1/2 right now?

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
First, thank you very much for your great compliments. For practicing:
Listen to many recordings, to decide how you want it to sound. Start
moderately slowly. Work phrase-by-phrase, always with dynamics. If you have
trouble with a measure inside a phrase, then practice that measure over and
over---slowly, then faster. Then practice the phrase again. Practice
intonation with audible tones, not with tuner's needles. In all, good luck
in working towards your D-exam, archerilse. Have fun with it. 

Автор Ilse van den Boom ( назад)
Wow, this one is just PERFECT. Exactly like I hope to play it. It sounds in
every register open. The speed is exactly right. Not to quick, but
certainly not in Overdrive as some of the recordings do. I myself are
learning this peace as a step up to my D-exam (NL). But I'm not that far
with my practice that I can all make this in speed and with the dynamic
variances there must be played. How did you start practicing this piece?
Measure for measure and then dynamics and then speed? It's perfect

Автор Ilse van den Boom ( назад)
Wow, this one was just PERFECT. I've listened to several recordings, but
this one is the best. It is played how I love it. With an open sound, not
to quick (overdrive), but still in a fast

Автор Billy Jeon ( назад)
@gspenceranderson You're welcome. A player as good as you deserves
compliments! And okay thanks. I'm considering on buying those reeds now,
but how is the consistency on the reeds? Are there many good reeds per box
or only a few?

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@bjeons Thanks for the compliment. And yes, it is okay to use the White
Master reeds on regular mouthpieces. That's what I do. The White Masters
are a little shorter and a little narrower than regular reeds. But they
still cover the entire width of the standard mouthpiece opening and even
allow a little left/right shifting when needed. ... Good luck with your
auditions. Grant

Автор Billy Jeon ( назад)
WOW! You're just amazing! I have to play this piece for Area and Region
Band auditions and you played it so well! I was looking back at previous
comments/responses and I noticed that you use Vandoren White Master reeds.
I looked them up online and it said that they're designed specially for
German-style clarinet mouthpieces. Is it okay to use the White Master reeds
on regular (I mean the kinds used in the rest of Europe and America)

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Hi Olde Englande: Thank you for your compliment. I use a double-lip
technique. You can find a brief discussion about that in these comments,
way back about 1-2 years ago. Thanks again, Grant 

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Congratulations, Garrett, for being accepted to so many colleges, and for
your scholarships. I hope you have a great time at Austin State. Both
teaching and performing are superb callings. Grant

Автор trouble292 ( назад)
@gspenceranderson for my personality, they have a great music program, and
I got a lot of scholarship there. I'm going to study music education and
get a bachelors degree there, then transfer to the University of Houston
for a masters. I might go back to school to get a masters in performance
after that, but I'll decide that later. :) Again, thank you for your
comments, and thank you for posting this excellent recording. -Garrett

Автор trouble292 ( назад)
@gspenceranderson Thank you for your compliments. :) unfortunately, I will
not be able to go back and record the slow portion. The concert was very
long already, and my band director had to cut it out for the performance.
:( I may be able to talk my college band director into letting me perform
it there. As far as college auditions go, I was accepted to almost
everywhere I applied (except Baylor). I decided to go to Stephen F. Austin
State University because it was a good fit...

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@trouble292 Hi Garrett, Thank you for your video response. I enjoyed your
performance on it (your playing and your band's playing, as well). At your
age, I could not have played as well, nor have even begun to memorize the
Concertino. Congratulations. Will you eventually perform and record the
Concertino's slow portion? I hope so. I'm curious how you did on your
college auditions (your comment from 6 months ago). I hope well. Continued
good playing, Grant 

Автор trouble292 ( назад)
I hope you don't mind me adding a video response. This is me playing this
piece with my school band. I though that since I listened to your video to
learn the piece, you might want to hear the product of it with me playing.
:) If I offended you in any way by posting the response, please remove it.
:) Again, thanks for posting this incredible video. :) Garrett

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@goateater123 Sorry, but I'm not really sure. I cannot imagine why not,
however. Good luck, Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@CarpeDiem121892 Thank you for your great compliment. "Hope" is the first
ingredient to success. Have fun at the festival. Grant 

Автор Jacquelyn Acaster (354 года назад)
I'm in love... it's so passionate!! I can only HOPE I can bring this piece
to life even half as much as this for festival!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@upasnarayan I play a Buffet R13 clarinet, with a Vandoren 5 RV Lyre
mouthpiece, the thin-black Vandoren ligature (screws on the back), and
Vandoren #3 or #3 1/2 "White Master" reeds. These reeds are thinner than
standard, so their "tip" wood grows closer to the cane bark and hence
"lasts" longer. Buy them on the web. Even if you cannot purchase a new
clarinet right away, I'd highly recommend this mouthpiece, ligature and
reed setup. Have a great time at your competition, Grant 

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@upasnarayan Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad you have found my
performance to be an example for your practice. Good playing and the best
of luck in your competition next year. Grant

Автор Upas Narayan ( назад)
I forgot to ask, Mr. Anderson, but what clarinet/mouthpiece are you playing
on? I am right now only playing on an intermediate Buffet E11 but I want to
upgrade to a more professional clarinet for my competition. Thanks.

Автор Upas Narayan ( назад)
Wow! That was amazing! I have been playing clarinet for the past 4 years I
will play this piece for a high school regional competition next year. When
I was just searching for a good recording on youtube, I found this one.
This will be a perfect example for practicing for my competition. Thank you
so much!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@trouble292 Thank you for taking the "trouble" to send me such warm
compliments. I wish you the very best of luck and good playing at your
college auditions. Grant

Автор trouble292 ( назад)
that was fantastic. I'm playing this for my college auditions. :) I've
listened to a bunch of recordings. I like yours the best. It sounds exactly
like I want it to sound when I play it. thank you so much!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@monmon079 Thank you for your compliment. And good luck with your Uni
assessment. Yes, I added the cadenza, but didn't make it up on the spot. It
was written down by the clarinetist who played the first performance.
Again, good luck. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
@StealthTalons You're welcome. And thank you so much for your great
compliments. The best of luck in your audition. I'm happy that my recording
has helped. Grant

Автор StealthTalons ( назад)
wow. You played that very beautifully. I have now played clarinet for 5
years and I have yet to hear any one play that well. That performance was
pretty darn perfect. If only you live in my neighborhood lol. I have an
audition with this piece in a few month, this recording really helped me
feel the how the piece should go. Thank You!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
That's absolutely wonderful. Have fun and good luck in your career. Grant

Автор Oscar Soria ( назад)
@gspenceranderson I made it in the Marine Corps Band! :D

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Good luck in your audition. That's a terrific band. And performing by
memory is much more fun, isn't it? Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you. I tried to fit a big smile into the music but couldn't till the
very end. Grant Anderson

Автор Oscar Soria ( назад)
im performing this piece with my schools Chamber orchestra by memory on
June 3rd and im excited...whats more exciting is that im using this piece
for my solo audition for the marine band

Автор Likeafoxow ( назад)
BRAVOOOO!!!! i loved your expression after you played that last F!

Автор flipalka ( назад)
The tempos are generally slower than I've heard, and I've heard this played
by quite a lot of players. Loses something - kinda boring. I give him a B+.
My personal favorite is (was) Anthony M. Gigliotti (principal clarinetist
of the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1949-1996 .

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments. Have fun when you play this piece---and
lots of other great music. If you have a pianist friend, try playing the
vocal line of Mozart's songs (Lieder). And listen to Barbara Bonney's CD of
them. Aim to "sing" on the clarinet, like she does with her voice.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliment. I tried to be lyric as if this were an opera
aria. And I aimed for "late classical" rather than "romantic." Grant

Автор Emmy Sun ( назад)
I actually prefer this performance over the other ones I've seen. To me,
the dynamics were adequately expressed and most importantly lyricism was
maintained. It's gentle to the ear. A lot of the younger musicians
exaggerate dynamics(not that it's wrong) and sometimes they lose their tone
just a little bit. However, it's just my opinion, I could always be wrong.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Hi Emily, Charles Neidich knows much, much more than I do about all this.
Thanks for relaying me his tonguing advice. And good luck. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Nothing special. Try to stay calm and confident. Relax. Give yourself a
pep-talk before the audition. Tell yourself that the outcome is not
super-important. Have fun with it.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Hi TRZYxD. Faster tonguing is a multi-month project. If you use anything
harder than a #3 reed, I'd suggest switching to softer reeds. If the tip of
your tongue touches the back of your bottom teeth (and therefore you are
actually tonguing with the middle of your tongue), you should not. The tip
of your tongue should touch "near" the tip of the reed, instead. And try to
move your tongue as little as possible. All this is pretty hard to change,
of course. Good luck in your audition. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Daudert. I do agree that my dynamics
on the tape are too tame. At least part of that was the microphone
placement---80 feet away from me at the back of the hall. And so I had to
"push" most everything, thereby compromising dynamic range a bit. As a
result, up front was mf-to-ff, but only p-to-mf at the microphone. The
difficulty was retaining lyricism while pushing so much. A closer
microphone would have helped, right? Thanks again, Grant

Автор daudert ( назад)
Your tone and your technique are commendable, but I found the piece a bit
too vanilla for me. This is from the romantic era! For me, it definitely
needs much more dynamic contrast and exaggeration of the characters. You
always seemed too soft for the dynamics written and the only part you
really took liberties in these areas was during your improvisation bit at
the end. Good performance, it simply could have been a lot better in my

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments, Jacob. I do try to relax my fingers when I
play, rather than "snapping" them up/down as is often taught. I'm aiming
towards a "legato piano sound," as if the sustain pedal is down slightly.
When I want it, "snap" comes from tonguing and interrupted air flow. Thanks
again for your compliments.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments. And have a fun/successful audition in three
weeks. Grant

Автор TheRoxster ( назад)
Truly a great rendition of this piece and the best I've heard thus far.
This is my inspiration for my college of music audition in three weeks.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments, Mr.M. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you, Daniel, for your multi-compliment. Aspire away, and have fun.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор petterk1945 ( назад)
great sound!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thanks for your "amazing." And good luck on your solo contest. Get the
sound that you want inside your head, first, and then pick up the clarinet.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your enthusiastic compliment. And thank your teacher for me,
too. By the way, a positive aspect of the double-lip embochure is that it
discourages "biting" with your jaw muscles (bloody lips and pain, as you
know). Instead of jaw muscles, a double-lip embochure uses "lip" muscles
all around the mouthpiece (top, sides and bottom). In all, my advice is to
play the clarinet the way your lessons teacher wants you to. Good luck on
your solo contest.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your great compliment. To play with a double-lip embochure,
I'd suggest you take a few lessons from someone who knows how to teach it.
This embochure is not easy. And unless you practice a lot, you might have
to support the bell of the clarinet with your knees (seated, of course).
Certainly it is not an embochure for marching band, for example. The best
of luck if you try double lip. Many professional clarinetists (of the
French tradition) use it.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
You are certainly welcome.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for your compliments. And keep up your own practice. Your
film-composition knowledge could have helped me synchronize, with less
agony, my own DAT audio tape and my friend's VHS video tape. Cheers.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор David clarinet ( назад)

Автор Isidro Garcia ( назад)
i love your tone!! it is one of the most beautiful tones i have ever heard!
thanks for putting this up!

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
I think my tone depends mostly on my double-lip embouchure, plus relatively
soft reeds (#3 Vandoren regular). This combo helps me project to the back
of the hall, where the stereo microphone is located.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Your enthusiasm and compliments blew me away. Thank you. Have fun playing
the Concertino for your exam. And good luck. I'll pass your bravo along to
our orchestra and our conductor, Dick Pittman. Thanks again.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Keep practicing. And listen a lot to great singers singing Schubert songs
and great pianists playing sonatas--the type of music that allows
unconstrained rubato. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Weber wrote his Concertino for Heinrich Baermann. In turn, Baermann wrote
the cadenza I played, which I found in The Clarinet magazine. Thanks for
your compliment.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for you compliment, Royeh. Grant

Автор royeh ( назад)
Well done. I love this music. Your version is the one I like the best of
all the ones I've heard on youtube. Nice tempo & balance with the

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you very much for your great compliment. I'm happy you enjoyed my
performance. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thank you for very much for your compliments. I'm not playing
professionally because (1) I don't believe my intonation and technique are
good enough, (2) when I graduated from high school and chose a profession,
my clarinet skills were far less than now (I've improved a lot as I've
lived, listened and practiced these fifty years since then), and (3) I
chose science as my profession, since that is not possible as a hobby. And
so I've had great fun in both science and music. Thanks again.

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
In retrospect, yes, about tempo. Thanks for pointing that out and for your
compliment. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
I'm floored by your compliments, Ken. Thank you very much. Grant

Автор gspenceranderson ( назад)
Thanks, Saxoclar. Grant

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