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Walkera V200D03 - Perfect size for Outdoor flying!
Early this year, Walkera launched the successful 4F200 series, it is a 200 class flybarless 3-Blade helicopter, with the realistic body installed, it was a joy to fly it. This time they use the same frame and put a 2-Blade Flybarless Rotor Head on it and created the V200D03. It is now a agile collective pitch helicopter, ready to fly light 3D. There are a few things we like, that's the power brushless motor, it works with 11.1V battery, it gives very high RPM on the rotor, when it comes to high RPM, the heli feels very firm and stable, combining the shaft driven tail rotor, the heli performs extremely well just like a ordinary 450 class heli. The power system is the first thing we notice, then it comes to our attention about the Full Metal Rotor Head, Carbon Blades, the 2.4Ghz 3D Gyro (with Auto Stabilizing) and the servo controlled tail pitch.... all are the goodies for a 450 class heli. Flying the V200D03 gives you a "Safe" feeling, and the size for the V200D03 is just perfect, not too big, not too small for flying in the backyard or in any park, beginners usually want to start with something small, this is just perfect! V200D03 flies super stable, we would say it somehow fly like a big 450 heli, which is amazing! If you want something more challenging, simply flip the Dual Rate switch on the transmitter, the servo will goes quicker, so you have a faster and more agile heli.


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Автор Walimin Prapto Raharjo ( назад)
gimana cara oder lewat online Walkera V200D03 3D Flight

Автор keary kamal ( назад)
how much my son want free helicopter walkera V200DO3

Автор Ecoi Villesis ( назад)
this is better than master cp? right?

Автор Abdul Wafi ( назад)
how much.....

Автор Shamaiel Intkhab (329 лет назад)
very good vedio

Автор John Crux ( назад)
What kind of distance and height can it get?

Автор Segen ( назад)
V200 or Master CP which should I get?

Автор nudle90 ( назад)
Long nails xD

Автор Flights Worldwide 〈 Videos ( назад)
great video!!

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
We are sorry to tell you that the answer is no......

Автор Ikey Benzaken ( назад)
Wow a piro flip would be really tricky on mode 1

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
Umm... we'll suggest you Genius CP V2 instead. As it's easy to fly,
durable, flexibly and it can do 3D movements very well.

Автор Kingsley Foo ( назад)
Thanks, I just purchased a V120D02S. I just love it over my Mini CP & Super
CP. Think the V200D03 will be on my next purchase list instead of the
Master CP.

Автор Ralphy M ( назад)
size, this is a 200 sized hell....the one you mentioned is a 120 sized hell

Автор Kingsley Foo ( назад)
what about Master CP compare with this heli?

Автор Kingsley Foo ( назад)
compare it with the V120D02, what's the difference between the 2 other then
the price? which is better?

Автор HeliPal ( назад)

Автор ipadize ( назад)
alan szabo should review this helicopter :D

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
In terms of price and quality, yes, it's.

Автор xXGamingInstinctXx ( назад)
So walkera is a very good R/C helicopter brand?

Автор salines70 ( назад)

Автор erniiaylien ( назад)
mode 1 is so confusing ... :D but nice vid 

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
Thanks for your kind support :D

Автор TheJackson4ever ( назад)
helipal....they are really pals.........nice video and nice flying

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
Thanks for your kind support :D

Автор Keith van Dijk ( назад)
Awesome video

Автор muhammad yousuf ( назад)
Its very good & i like the colour schme also !

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
@FraSantacroce12 You're welcome. We'll try my best.

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
@FraSantacroce12 Sorry to hear about that however, factory only carry
HM-V200D03-Z-11 Main gear and HM-V200D03-Z-24 Servo (7.6g-6) for this model

Автор HeliPal ( назад)
@Scottsr450 Oh yes we can communicate thru emails. And we just noted you
left us a comment here :]

Автор scott m ( назад)
I just ordered one today I hope that the throttle is on the left and not on
the right. I emailed them to let them know. Hope I hear back from them to
let me know.

Автор 1205juergen ( назад)
Great Flight Show

Автор 30yrLAFD ( назад)
He says 7.4V ( 2S) a couple of times, this is 11.1V (3S) system.

Автор Sjoerd Venema ( назад)
Will there be more BNF heli's? I already have the Genius with Devo 7.
Curious if this heli will be available as BNF for the Devo 7. Same goes for
the V120 series heli..

Автор MrYotuner ( назад)
Love this video, thank you for producing and sharing! Also I am happy to
see someone flying Mode1 (too) ... 

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