X3AP Kyoto Battleship vs. Three Xenon Qs in Xenon Sector 598

I started my X-Universe adventures with Reunion, then played X3TC and loved both. I had huge corporate empire and fleets in both games. Now I decided to try X3AP. My flying skills are a bit rusty and I have no joystick at the moment, but it's still great fun.

I have built my corporate empire without firing a single shot. After I made a lot of credits, I acquired and equipped my capital fleet and now I am ready to fight the Xenon.

After I got ambushed by the Xenon at the north jumpgate of Grand Exchange sector I decided to take a little revenge. This is the first adventure of my flag ship Kyoto.

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Автор Denis ( назад)
Having played a lot of X3 I was surprised seeing the marksman rank pop up
when you killed the first ship. You must have done a pure trading\pacifist
game, I usually do a lot of fighting missions early since they bring in
good credits + capturing ships.

Автор Pitt the Elder ( назад)
What kinds of missiles are you using?

Автор Snowyfox ( назад)
lol that final Xenon M explosion

Автор Kodlak Home (1635 лет назад)
reaaly nice deathbringer! here you fought 3 Q`s, i fought effectively 2
Titans, 1 Kolos and escort. What you need is crates hidden in space,
containing ship enhancements.
Plus, as the enemy AI is targeting your for-end of the ship, you can easily
maneuver their shots out (even heavy torpedos) after upgrading ships

Автор Terren ( назад)
How do you activate that cinematic mode?

Автор Terren ( назад)
How do you activate that cinematic mode?

Автор d82l ( назад)
PSPs. Terran equivalent to PPCs. Fires slower, but does much more damage
per shot. Overall the PPCs are better though.

Автор John Kurtz ( назад)
Bud, well done with the ending shot lol. Cool vid! 

Автор DGneoseeker1 ( назад)
Huh. The Kyoto doesn't seem to be firing its guns much... But holy crap
they seem to be doing a lot of damage. What are those?

Автор TheKiroshi ( назад)
*When suddenly he notices... * I don't believe Terran ships are
boardable/capturable? might be wrong but i remember something about them
being stupid. 

Автор SuperThunderTits ( назад)
Where can you buy the new dreadnoughts such as this Kyoto? I am using a
custom start mod that allows me to set the parameters I wish to use any
time I start a new game and this ship wasn't even listed as a ship I could
use (not that I would want to, I want to earn this bad boy). You can
imagine my surprise when I ran into this behemoth for the first time in
Heretics End as it was preparing for an assault into Argon territory.

Автор Makrokosmos ( назад)
and press shift-c to check your turret settings. you want them on either
attack my target or on attack all enemies....

Автор Jason Bruce ( назад)
I love the look of this ship, my character is the bane of the Terran Fleet,
so I guess I will get out my Cobra for some boarding actions.

Автор Imufur ( назад)
when I start as a merchant i get to a part to shoot some crates but I dont
think my ship has any weapon :/ 

Автор FireOfEire ( назад)
You need to open the communications menu while targeting your own ship I
think and somewhere there you can choose what you want your turrets to do.
I usually just set them to attack everything or I set them to attack
capital ships if I'm planning on running into them.

Автор GermanTechHD ( назад)
Gigantic, but a bit slow, especially the turrets...think my OTAS Boreas
would beat it if I could stay out of the Kyotos´ turretfire..which could be
easy because the Boreas is really small for an M2^^ But still...impressive

Автор Berd Conerd ( назад)
Open your command console and look for "Turret controle" Tipp: your front
and side turrets should be "Shoot my target" Your back and bottom should be
Missle deffense (not pure missle deffense) Your Top cansle should be
"Deffend Ship"

Автор ultracool_nuke ( назад)
wow did you buy that ship without cheating?

Автор Lanagomos ( назад)
i don´t like the kyoto :/ ^^ the tyr is better(my opinion...^^).

Автор T D Quasar (1160 лет назад)
It's a capital ship, it has turrets. Press F1 repeatedly to be able to use
its turrets. It works differently than the smaller ships.

Автор killrathy ( назад)
I tried using this ship but i cannot get it to shoot at anything. Anyidea
what I may be doing wrong?

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