Jonathan & Tammy Making Love

Happy Valentine's Day, Jammy style.

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Автор Lashan Y ( назад)
I so loved Jammy!.

Автор Veronica Haunung ( назад)

Автор Katy Perez ( назад)
i looooove how slow this is! So freaking sexy! Ummmm yes, please and thank you!

Автор tigerlilyroad ( назад)
Check out Tom Pelphrey in Tiger Lily Road.

Автор twithart1 ( назад)

Автор loopylou1974 ( назад)
He's like a cross between Taylor Kitsch and Keanu Reeves - LOVELY combination!!! HOT scenes!! x

Автор Lea Janine Ala ( назад)
i love this show..

Автор slayerangel11 ( назад)
THis has got to be one of the SEXIEST videos made for them!

Автор georgia6191 ( назад)
can someone tell me where i can watch scenes of jonathon and tAMMY without the music

Автор jodyb1122 ( назад)
BEAUTIFUL AND HOT, HOT, HOT!!! It's no wonder that they fell in love offscreen - you just can't fake passion like that. Talk about life imitating art!

Автор bcuzIsAiDsO49 ( назад)
they hav the greatest love scenes den any other cople. dey show the most amount of skin dat can b shown on daytime tv i swear

Автор Jessica Roberts ( назад)
Oh. None of the scenes are from that show. The episodes where they have sex for the first time and she finds out they're related happend in October 2004. These scenes I used occuredare after they fell in love.

Автор A Sal ( назад)
that theyre related
(ive never seen the show b4)

Автор Jessica Roberts ( назад)
Found out what? These are scenes from 3/9/06 and 12/18/06 mixed together.

Автор A Sal ( назад)
was this before or after she found out?

Автор LBF522 ( назад)
I so miss them.

Автор sbradshaw60 ( назад)
yes they were

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