Top 40 Lost or Banned Episodes of Kid Shows

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Download the script: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6k1jws7pk7rtmnb/lostbanned%20tv%20episodes.odt?dl=0

As of 2/28/15:

2) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x176gj6_my-e-e00138-electric-soldier-porygon-unaired-outside-japan-pikaprod_fun
4) http://www.daveyandgoliath.org/lostepisode.html
5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu7Pxtp2KLM
6) Audio Only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPP4zUDuo4c
7) http://www.videobash.com/video_show/banned-tiny-toons-one-beer-725747
9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF-tdol5Ink
10) LOST
11) LOST
12) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8EN9l_j2k0
13) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljSyZcZsAXM
14) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhaWNbDOX9Y
15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d0y3cRfYfs
16) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2rh0yi_postcards-from-buster-sugartime-hinesburg-vermont-banned-episode_tv
17) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x51ver_merrie-melodies-coal-black-and-de-s_shortfilms
18) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBBTRoZKgDI
19) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly0nrComx-o
20) LOST
21) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeRg1-TbZ48
22) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ioy4wiaTy0
23) http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/Rocko-s-Modern-Life/Season-01-Episode-002-Leap-Frogs-Bedfellows?id=14775
24) http://tune.pk/video/1112751/banned-cow-amp-chicken-buffalo-gals
25) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26zsrp_powerpuff-girls-5x07-see-me-feel-me-gnomey_shortfilms
26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6eQqh_B7Nk
27) LOST
28) LOST
29) LOST
30) LOST
31) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSXePAX6BEs
32) LOST
33) LOST
34) LOST
35) LOST
36) https://vimeo.com/8116831
37) http://www.trilulilu.ro/video-animatie/time-squad-211-b-orphan-substitute
38) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voN12Lm-IfU
39) LOST
40) http://www.watchonlinecartoons.net/batman/watch-batman-episode-50-season-2-the-mask-of-matches-malone

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Автор Nicholas C ( назад)
you didn't show jimmy neutron

Автор superstar rocket party ( назад)
is any one watching this video in a silent room alone (its creepy😯)

Автор derpafur ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that Adventures episode is on Netflix right now, with improved audio

Автор DMV ( назад)
12:33 I actually remember seeing that episode on air of Cow and Chicken

Автор Iandaboss102 ( назад)
Leap Frogs is on the complete series DVD that I have.

Автор landen skeen ( назад)
where's Squidwards suicide

Автор Josue Granados ( назад)
want Nombr is the amazing world of Gumball

Автор LeafyIsHere ( назад)
i have actully seen the miney and pluto one recently i think it was 2013 it aired again

Автор popo237 ( назад)
19:03 Oh no. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Автор Jaceblue04 ( назад)
Also, that creepy background music makes me feel both nervous and intrigued. Imagine what you would feel like if you were watching The Twilight Zone and The X-Files at the same time; that's the kind of feeling the background music gives me.

Автор Jaceblue04 ( назад)
Damn you Al Qaeda, killing innocent people and getting our cartoons banned >:(

Автор Amanda Cardoza ( назад)
We can blame it on Jorge for giving us nightmares.

Автор Floppingfish LOL ( назад)
he never gave up good job Jorge

Автор Filip Gavril ( назад)
i saw the powerpuff finale wen i was a child

Автор Ambur Meowssacur ( назад)
You can tell this took a lot of time.. subbed, great work dude!

Автор TehPerfectoArmy ( назад)
Lol my dad told me about the Pingu episodes because he worked for HIT and helped make Pingu.

Автор Channel Undefined ( назад)
I've seen LeapFrogs live on The Splat. I guess with The Splat being on TeenNick after 10PM and all, it's ok to air it

Автор Jose Salas ( назад)
Why was the episode of Batman the brave and the bold banned?

Автор IcyRoserade ( назад)
peppermint park has been found. I have all 5 volumes on vhs and have
been uploading the full volumes on youtube! Enjoy everyone!

Автор metademetra ( назад)
"Oh no! We can't teach children that gay people aren't awful demons! We need to raise kids to be as judgmental and cruel as possible!"

Also, "Hm, how about we make a Kirby episode about a character trying to peep at a another one naked! Kids love stories about peeping toms!"

Автор Conchis Arredondo ( назад)
Why was the episode of Batman the brave and the bold banned?

Автор RiskyRigby ( назад)
These videos give me the chills

Автор Nostalgia Works ( назад)
This pilot's version of Mandy has something that the Mandy in the show does not: the ability to smile without the fabric of time and space getting destroyed.

Автор sakurablitz ( назад)
this video is great but the music is so creepy, im trying to fall asleep but omg now im psyched out 😰

Автор Amanda Guerra ( назад)
Why the music omg

Автор Amanda Cardoza ( назад)
Rude removal can be found on Wikipedia. Just search it up.

Автор Adair. ( назад)
Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 can easily foreshadow any of the current Nickelodeon series and even some of the oldies.

Автор Dorothy Zbornak ( назад)
June from kablam was not a girl there a episode where June and Henry come to life despite the kilt

Автор Jeaninerocks Videos ( назад)
The Pilot Of Gravity Falls Was Aired On Disney XD.

Автор Pyro RainMan ( назад)
And gives him the Finn sword

Автор Pyro RainMan ( назад)
You sound just like that huge guy that teaches finn about himself on adventure time

Автор BMO ( назад)
Were still missing the Powerpuff girls Z pitch Pilot

Автор Christian Ambrose ( назад)
My first blameitonjorge video

Автор omar contreras ( назад)
where's jimmy neutron

Автор Amelia Is Chill ( назад)

Автор TheNextNX ( назад)
I have always love this! Can you do a Part 2?

Автор Velluke And Ranger Jinx ( назад)
The Mr Potato Head Show Episode is Found

Автор Jasper ( назад)
I remember watching that buzz lightyear show. I just remember that little blue alien that looks like stiich

Автор Alenka Krcma ( назад)
I am pretty sure that rude removal did air where i am from.

Автор Ruby Lord ( назад)
why blame jorge? ;)

Автор Pac Attack ( назад)
6:41 "Mess O' Blues has never been shown in public"

I find that hard to believe. Who creates a short only not to show it to anyone?

Автор Gamer Hub ( назад)

Автор Lolinator 2000 ( назад)
All Episodes of The Mr. Potato Head Show have been founded

Автор Coopdoge12321 3 ( назад)
Omg guys at 31:58 episode 111 and 112 it is called the new world order👁

Автор Art3ll Music ( назад)
this is my favorite blameitonjorge video.

Автор Scary Slasher ( назад)
The dexters labartorys one was found look it up I watched it

Автор Smash 456 ( назад)
Good thing gravity falls pilot was released by the creators.

Автор TimoDoggT RBLX-Movies And More ( назад)
after 9/11 really

Автор Evan's World ( назад)
those PBS affiliate swear a bunch of horseshit because lesbians are okay I should know I have a second cousin who's a lesbian

Автор Sergio González Torres ( назад)
Oh god, I did saw that episode where pingu gets slapped!

Автор jason the gamer ( назад)
yea thanks jorge you are a boss

Автор jason the gamer ( назад)
mass transit trouble that is cool removed 2 times

Автор Dat boi ( назад)
Is it just me or I have watched the pingu episodes that was shown here.

Автор goofyedward ( назад)
Thank God for 1.5 speed

Автор WaffleCo ( назад)
The power puff girls dailymotion video is gone

Автор Hoovesandpaws 99 ( назад)

Автор ThisPersonDoesStuff ( назад)
Why such a creepy background

Автор Casey Casella ( назад)
what name this song

Автор MuffPuff ( назад)
were is the jimmy neutron one?

Автор SnakySoft Studios ( назад)
Does anyone remember back in the early 2000s when there was these weird shorts of Squidward from Spongebob talking about zodiac symbols?

Автор Johnymcpro SSA ( назад)
Why Does Kirby Have To Be Band!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Автор Xiron Vulture ( назад)
Nimmy Jewtron, the pizza is aggressive.

Автор Maiuka Rena ( назад)
So you can't mention that your show is ending in the last episode huh?

*Cough ICarly Cough*

Автор Price The prince ( назад)

Автор VampireRuki ( назад)
The kids that were disturbed by these are fucking sissies. they need to grow up and have thicker skins.

Автор Meme Team ( назад)

Автор Good333 ( назад)
I remember seeing toon news
I was p young and i only watched like a minute of it?
It wasn't that interesting

Автор Love for Drumming ( назад)
you should do another Lost Episodes video.

Автор Super Sonic Gamer 705 ( назад)
its so hard to take pingu for real now a days cuz memez

Автор CPWorld TTF ( назад)
Whoever just found toontown in this video and wanting to play it, the original game was shut down in 2013. They were others though, like toontown rewritten, fellowship, project altis, etc (Idk others lol)

Автор Connor Gamer ( назад)
Mandy's face tho

Автор Tj Nickles ( назад)
I just want to say what about the Dexter's laboratory episode called 911 why wasn't that one mention the episode starts with a broadcast of the Town is Town gets flooded buildings are destroyed in a fire as well I just want someone to tell me why this episode wasn't band

Автор Joey H ( назад)
I can see why they cancelled Werid ohhs (the show looked like it would give kids nightmares for months)😖😖😖😖😖

Автор through yourlover ( назад)
OMG!!! That's it!! That's the show I remember so well from my childhood and thinking it was so weird but I always watched it. "Weinerville" I used to think that show was so off and sometimes I hated it. Like I would just hate it then some days I liked it.

Автор through yourlover ( назад)
I feel Rocko was totally the way it was because the animators and writers even though their contract was making childrens show they really wanted to make a cartoon that would entertian theirsleve disregarding the kids fully. Lol. That's pretty funny if you think about how much shows like that got away with. Ren & Stimpy too. Miss those shows as kids and always thinking wtf?? am I watching.

Автор Even more Diamonds ( назад)
nope I think it creepy

Автор DgReek TM ( назад)
This is putting me to sleep

Автор Phyodeux ( назад)
I saw the Lance Armstrong episode of Arthur on TV when it came out, since I was so young I never really thought much of it until I found out about the whole doping incident

Автор HoldShiftt2Run ( назад)
lol, those cigars don't look like cigars.

Автор Halima Abdullah ( назад)
Creepiest Shows Ever That Will Make Kids Scared, And Uncomfturble how ever ya say it
Courge The Cowardly Dog 1#
Fanboy And Chum Chum   2#
For Creepy Scenes Pt 2.

Автор Olivia Bell ( назад)
The Gravity Falls pilot is available now on The Mystery of Gravity Falls website. The reason it may not be it YouTube is from copywritten music.

Автор ffonnie fan ( назад)
if you stay up till midnight you can watch the real Billy and Mandy

Автор Farencius459 ( назад)
I love stuff like this

Автор Shawn Garlow ( назад)
whet is the problem wit being gay or lezbean

Автор TAG Thecomicbookbroad ( назад)
>Matches Maloney

Автор Dre ths FREQ ( назад)
This video scares me. Maybe it's the background music

Автор _Slothers _ ( назад)
If you added happy music I wouldn't be creeped out

Автор Jack Mitchell ( назад)
Who else is camping out in the comments

Автор Harlene Gomez ( назад)
I think I have seen postcards from buster before

Автор Santos Hernandez ( назад)
ive seen the banned rockos modern life epasode befor.

Автор Bervens Dejean ( назад)
you talk way way way...................................... to much and make the video shorter it took me 3 day to finish it people have things to do

Автор Bogi Blagi ( назад)
When you live in a far worthless tiny country, and you saw almost all the banned episodes on TV many times... It's quite entertaining... Good to live in a place so fell behind the others...

Автор Frank Bell ( назад)
It was Huntress wiggling her finger, not Black Canary.

Автор Hanna Robbins ( назад)
there is a English version of the Kirby right back at ya Shell Shock

Автор Dr. Alto Clef ( назад)
#29 isn't lost anymore...or I guess it never was. After a worldwide scavenger hunt called the 'Cipher Hunt;' the pilot was released.

The where and how to see the pilot are essentially common knowledge among fans at this point.

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