MLRS Artillery

2003 Iraq history of 2-18 FA.

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We went to the field and came across some complications, but accomplished our mission and all sections are certified and qualified.
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Автор Jesus Pruna (8 месяцев)
1/27 FA Babenhausen Kaserne, Germany , Iraq

Автор RckinRoll1 (1 год)
13M 1993-2008..A Btry 6/37 FA Korea '94-'95.....B 2/18FA Ft Sill
'95-'98....B/HHS Btry 1/27 FA Babenhausen Kaserne, Germany '98-'01...A Btry
1/21 FA Ft Hood '01-'08...deployed Albania/Kosovo 1999 with 1/27, and Iraq
2004-2005 with A 1/21.

Автор reliablethreat23 (6 лет)

Автор 1bad04srt4 (5 лет)
mlrs make it rain !!!!!

Автор agamblain (5 лет)
when we deployed there was a video tape made that was sent back home for
our families while we deployed.. im wondering if anyone has this video
anymore. id really like a copy of it, it shows me getting pinned in iraq,
along with alot of other fond memories... contact me here if u have a
copy.. thanx

Автор Richlin (5 лет)
Good job 2/18. I was the 212th BDE Commanders driver and assigned from B
Btry 6/32 FA

Автор hoppy8199 (4 года)
Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing your experience in Iraq. I lost a good
friend over there about that time. He was killed in the M270 launcher by
friendly fire. His name was Sgt. Donald oaks. He's gone but will never be
forgotten. I was a 13M stationed on Fort Hood, B Battery 1st Battalion 21st
Field Artillery. Thanks to all that served!! Hooah!!

Автор precado999 (7 лет)
this is my unit and I was in it in 2003 PFC CAS

Автор smoky90210 (8 лет)
Im in the 320th Artillery Regiment ! U.S Army. HOOAH!

Автор ninjafatballz (4 года)
@hoppy8199 maybe they were because the firing system is identical...and
A/C? lol when I was there in 2002 we had the old launchers and were phasing
in the new A1's we were the first unit to get them..and even they didnt
have A/C.. I cant speak for nowadays though... I remember AIT in Sill too..
they were alot of fight between us and the Marines at chow... cocky
bastards got there ass handed to them quite a few times. but they were
marine gun bunny's they used to let us smoke at Ait..sometimes..

Автор grandpa2001 (6 лет)
Recon Sgt, 2nd pltn, B Btry, 6/27 FA during Desert Shield/Desert Storm,
Section Chief, 1/77 on 6 month deployment to Kuwait when the Towers Fell.
Thanks for the memories.

Автор dingle433 (5 лет)
hey im part of 176 (abu klea) battery Brittish Army and we fired 197 gmlrs
rockets at the taliban for brittish, danish and american forces on op
herrick 8! great fun!! good job lads

Автор djpaulalexander (7 лет)
Was in 212BDE HHB 2/5FA from dec'98 - '01 Nice video.

Автор mattrix77 (5 лет)
2/18 Alpha Battery!!!! Gators Lead the Way!!! Cpt Anderson and First SGT
Basa....GodDamn Guy!!!

Автор caccaretto (5 лет)
i nice tribute to the braves

Автор IceManHG (7 лет)
Great movie, I was with HHS 1/94 FA for OIF I 2003-2004

Автор Mike Arite (7 лет)
Served in 2/18 from 1996-2000 "MISSION READY" Always. Excellent video.

Автор Bruno Casillas (8 лет)
kappasig5 Awesome Video. I was with B-BTRY 2/18 FA when we went to OIF I in
2003. I enjoyed the video lots.

Автор bgthang (7 лет)
oh wow did not know 6-27 was deactivated. I was in ft.sill, OK from 93-97
in ALPHA 5-17FA and ALPHA 1-14th FA MLRS ROCKS!!!!! Would not have traded
it for anything in the world sitting there waiting on a TTF and push that
fire button, Will never forget it. Thanks for the video BROTHER!

Автор ballisticafatallica (7 лет)
CHARLIE ROCK!! Served 1995-1997, 8-Inch>MLRS, WSMR, Fort Chaffe. Always
Mission Ready!! Hooah Alpha!!!!!

Автор tlink1219 (3 года)
A btry 6-32 then HHB 212th BDE CSM driver

Автор ninjafatballz (4 года)
@hoppy8199 what type of friendly fire shoots an MLRS its extremely

Автор crazy1xiv (7 лет)
Whats the Sound of Artillery?! Trans Corp bastard child adopted by The King
Battle, en route to Iraq assigned to 2/5 FA SVC-BTRY Ramadi Iraq and ended
my tour and military career over the skies of Fallujah. Lost some of the
most excelent soldiers on that bird but besides that It was an honor
fighting along my Red Leg Brothers...Rock Hard WHOA! Nice Video.

Автор ninjafatballz (4 года)
@hoppy8199 A fighter pilot took the launcher out? i was also at Ft. Hood
but I was in 2-20 on the 4th ID side.. also the marines dont have the MLRS,
they only have the HIMARS...

Автор Nervouscoma (4 года)
@sotomizer I was there from 2001 - 2003 When were you there?

Автор manofdonut (8 лет)
Hooah 2/18. My unit from aug 04 - jul 05

Автор 35mandys (3 года)
@jwilkeson1 c 1/27 93 to 97 huah

Автор agamblain (6 лет)
i was deployed with this unit for oif... hhs 2-18fa bn ... spc gamblain...
2-18 from 2001- 2003. proud to say i served with a great group of guys! god

Автор pegasusredleg2009 (3 года)
@SHA2307 Good music job. I remember the "effort" that went into putting
this together. Hours with LTC McCauley changing the slides and music. The
original had Toby Keith, Springsteen and Creed. I was the S3

Автор jwilkeson1 (4 года)
i was in C 1/27 - you guys see when the kaha blew up at dogwood? Pretty
fkin cool.

Автор hoppy8199 (4 года)
@ninjafatballz Cool. I was over on the 1st Cav side. building 27003. You
4ID guys have the launchers with A/C right? As far as I know yes a aircraft
of some kind bombed the launcher. He was killed on April 12, 2003. When I
was at Sill for AIT our motorpool was right beside the marines, we had to
share a bus with them when being transported.( Which didnt go over so well)
When I was jonesing for a cigarette because they were aloud to smoke in AIT
I saw them training on M.L.R.S. that was Nov 2000.

Автор RckinRoll (2 года)
HOOAH! B Battery 2/18 '95-'98!! SPLL Driver and Ammo Dawg!!

Автор Sunkist3393 (8 лет)
HOOAH Steal Rain! A 2/18 was my unit from Jan 95 to Jul 97. Wish I had been
with you guys. Once a Red Leg, always a Red Leg.

Автор flatblackstrat (6 лет)
i was with 1-14 I hated when we had to do those damn sandbags at vistory

Автор hoppy8199 (4 года)
@ninjafatballz what kind of stupid question is that? friendly fire happens
all the time. Its not extremely recognizable, not everyone knows of its
existence. The army and marines are the only branches that possess M.L.R.S.
so the fighter pilot with a itchy trigger finger in the first month of the
war obviously didn't recognize it. [RIP D. Oakes and SFC Battles you are
deeply missed and your stories will continue to be told.

Автор Bryan Floyd (5 лет)
WHAT....?? Houser died..?? When was this?? I was his roomate in the

Автор Carl Schwander (7 лет)
I am in this video. This is my pepes i deployed with. Rock on MLRS.
Scwhander OUT>

Автор Mike Arite (6 лет)
I was with Bravo from 1996-1997 till I moved up to HHS. Got a name?

Автор RumpleForeSkin72 (6 лет)
1/33 was my training battalion at sill! lol then it was off to 6/37

Автор Compu Turk (7 лет)
Hey Mate, Nice vid!! looking for guys! play with on cam Join me there!
FLING-CHAT dot COM U72641838

Автор john b (7 лет)
I was 1/14th Blackhorse 97-98 and 2inf 6/37 bushmaster 98-99 proud of ya
red legs!!

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