Hotel Caribe Club Princess & Hotel Tropical Princess - Introducción

Situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, in an area where the beauty of the countryside and the delightful crystalline water, combined with fine and delicate sand, leave visitors with a strong feeling of pleasure and an exceptional sensation of relaxation and peace. Feelings which reveal never-ending possibilities as we stay in one of the marvellous Royal Suites, or allow ourselves to be seduced by the charming Honeymoon Suites, all of which include every convenience.

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Автор Deborah Kennedy ( назад)
worst resort ever!!!!

Автор Feuchte666 ( назад)
whats the name of this song? artist?

Автор hector felipe lagos forero ( назад)
El mejor hotel en el q eh estado volvere princess 👌👌👌

Автор simonsoccer22 ( назад)

Автор alextiti78340 ( назад)
C'est trop bien !! Beaux hôtel mais assez bruillant !!!! plage magnifique ..

Автор Honey ( назад)
awww good times got back 2 months miss it so much xxx

Автор DinoloboKeks ( назад)
i was there and it´s so beutiful there

Автор wheely04 ( назад)
we was been last year vor our hollydays in your hotel Tropical and it was
phantastic, thank you for all, we come back !!!!!!!

Автор Samberu (873 года назад)
Mueve Mueve

Автор Samberu (1253 года назад)
Trop bien cet hotel!

Автор PeachToadstool03 ( назад)
I stayed at Caribe Club last June. Great hotel and there's always something
fun to do. I still have that song stuck in my head!!! Lol

Автор jeanne250 ( назад)
slt tou lclub vu ete geniau mai toi monia jaimerai bien te parler apre mai
je c po comenalor si tu recoi ce message repnd moi sur une de mai video
sinn jai deja envoyer un message sur l'adress de lhotel donc dessu ya mon
adress donc stp repon moi jai plein dejchoz a te dire bsx et bsx tte
lequipe je pense a vous tous !!!!! jeanne la fille k tu a retrouver en
republik dominicaine et ki ta parler bsx encore un foi

Автор lilliepopmiss ( назад)
i love this hotel and the animation!! i will come back next year!!!!! :)

Автор Alisa Chiasso ( назад)
AAAAAAA!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Автор lxxorpf ( назад)
ees lo mejoooor quiero vover coralyne nos vemos aia de nuevo ????XD

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