taekwondo poomsae

taekwondo poomsae

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Автор hazzaroot ( назад)
@0404582 mate its caled Jidokwan TKD, you have to learn and do each patterb
to pass your belt, there a great thinh today and teaches you to really
concentrate on what your doing.

Автор osniel20015 ( назад)
it took me 2 weeks to learn this moves

Автор Kevin Mc ( назад)
ummmmm what is the pattern called??? ive never seen any of these im my live
of learning tae kwon-do, and look at the stances there wrong, looks clumsy
and is any of these actually from General Choi Hong Hi, i could pick up the
Tae Kwon-do encyclopedia and not find any of these movements in it. Oh wait
is this WTF? if it is then it really sucks soz but its not true Tae Kwon-Do

Автор iK4rD0 ( назад)
man u rock 5 stars u rock !! NICE MUSIC

Автор Sandro Ferreira ( назад)
vc precisa baixar o realplayer, e é só fazer o download.

Автор lokisson ( назад)
the first song is staring at the sun from the offspring

Автор aallemoa ( назад)
como eu faço para gravar este vídeo na minha máquina?

Автор Miros9TKD9 ( назад)
What is first song?

Автор Marija P. ( назад)
could u say the name of the soundtrack? it's very important! thx ;)

Автор d33jay222 ( назад)
well i managed to pass it and get black belt when i didn't do it

Автор d33jay222 ( назад)
yeah ur a genius!, im a black belt, don't belive me? look at my yt dp. and
i forgot the red forms so this really helped! thanks

Автор lokisson ( назад)
yeah it is to bring back the memory before gradings :-) And the music is to
get more in the mood to do it :-)

Автор stupidlilaznkid17 ( назад)
One thing that he didnt do on TaeGuek 7 is when you knee then you need to
put your knuckles on your belt

Автор Rob K ( назад)
wow, this is pretty impressive. I, myself, do Tae Kwon Do, and I find it
amazing what precission and accuracy this man has in his poomse. I only
know the Pal Gwe forms, but I will know the Taegeuk forms soon.

Автор huryochagi ( назад)
Everyone who's criticizing him must compare him to instruction videos by
grandmasters. You might not believe it but the poomse's shown in this video
are very very very well done. His body movement and accuracy is
outstanding, trust me. Some ppl prefer VERY long ab-koobi's but it's not
necessary. If it's an ab-koobi, it is. The man in this video performs
poomse at a very high level.

Автор hg12ud1 ( назад)

Автор lvcsslacker ( назад)
I think it's because it's so old... I've heard the W.T.F. updated the
poomsae to make them more modern.

Автор Ignacio Toledo Zuñiga ( назад)
wtf? el es cinturon negro? no le hecho una chucha porque es cinturon negro,
pero se nota que algunos tkd son una clara y sencilla MIERDA ATA 4 LIFE 8)

Автор J04NN3T ( назад)
he's so stiff :S is this the way it's supposed to be doing WTF?

Автор Jalukas09 ( назад)
What's wrong with the stances?

Автор oism ( назад)
Brings nice memories back =D thx for uploading it

Автор pauliho01 ( назад)
muito doido =D

Автор d33jay222 ( назад)
isn't the next one korio?

Автор DrunkRat123 ( назад)
i know them all

Автор Joaquin Arguelles ( назад)
Excellent video <-- thank you!! I enjoy seeing different interpretations of
the poomsaes.

Автор tankedi ( назад)
It's palm fist and punch, if u mean the last two steps.

Автор Xin Marshall ( назад)
In the first poomsae alone, his hands were overexaggerated when preparing
the blocks, and he leans forward while doing front snap kicks. Otherwise,
as far as I can tell, he's perfect. I'll use this video to review before
gradings and after learning new poomsae. Thank you.

Автор iYniveK ( назад)
Now that I've watched this video, it refreshed my mind. Nevermind my last
comment, I know all of them.

Автор iYniveK ( назад)
I learned all the Taegeuks but I forgot them all except number 7. This is
so sad.

Автор soldieras ( назад)

Автор stephrenee9 ( назад)
i dont think we learn the taegeuks. i agree, u should do the palgwes

Автор kidhadoken ( назад)
you should also learn the palgwe.

Автор Sharlyn Yeo ( назад)
ok i've lernt taegeus 1 2 3 and 7 now (:

Автор Sharlyn Yeo ( назад)
urgh.. i forgot all my taegeuks and i gotta learn from here!!

Автор OET ( назад)
Great technique but what's with the completely inappropriate head banging
fast paced music?

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