Military Drones Wash Up on Alabama Beaches

http://ur1.ca/7285z from local6: Several unmanned military drones with U.S. Air Force markings washed ashore in Alabama and forced the closure of a portion of at least one beach... An official said the drone was a target that was apparently shot down in the Gulf of Mexico as part of a weapons system evaluation program http://mediamonarchy.com

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Автор English Jona ( назад)
i cant wait till they start killing there own

Автор Mark Montgomery ( назад)
Target drone.

Автор SgtRic58 (1250 лет назад)
+Bronco Surveillance Yes, you are right, these are not the surveilance
drones used in theatre, but actually these were where the term DRONE comes
from. Unmanned target drones have been used in the military for more than
70 years, most often not controlled at all, sometimes towed, sometimes just
pointed and you hope for the best. today the term drone is frequently
misused and should only refer to autonomous vehicles only: not FPV R/C

Автор David K ( назад)
"it's a spy drone" lol, not sure, but it looks like a target drone.....

Автор Stephen Anderson ( назад)
I'd take it home and ride it to work

Автор john bickle ( назад)
LOL obviously a "SPY" drone... Target drone, who would paint a spy drone
orange genius.

Автор Tim Ledgerwood ( назад)
In my day in the Army we called it a B.A.T. Ballistic Air Target.

Автор Alan Foos ( назад)
As the fella below said, it is not a drone per se, read this:

Автор glenn hillier ( назад)
BGM167A Target Drone

Автор D Tuner ( назад)
Weapon, not drone. Either way it is illegal for military/police to use
drones in U.S. airspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The government owns all major media. If you believe a word that comes out
of CNN or any of those major outlets, you are completely ignorant. I bet
you believe 911 was actually terrorists too and nobody made billions and
publicly funded a war because of that too. lol. Since you are watching
youtube I would assume most of you are more informed than regular sheeple.
Thank god for youtube. The only place to find unedited truth straight from
the hands of the people.

Автор theedrstrangelove ( назад)

Автор michael dickman ( назад)
this is not just an ordinary drone that does surveillance and the such
thisi s what they have been using to minipulate the earths climate with,
its part of the new weather creation experiments and initialization
operations, they have been using special fuels laced with aluminium and
other elements of opacity to block out sun light and drop temperatures
world wide. it can be used to stabilize or.un stabilize storms.

Автор SittingMoose Shaman ( назад)
[...] the crap
- politically snarled shills
vomit into hilarious statements. [...]
Worse than the 'TEOTWIN' bunch.
However, not half as asinine as
those hoity-toity, ass-holy 'offended' snobs.
4-Q and 2!

Автор vxr8clubby ( назад)
talk about droning on about that drone!!

Автор Gabriel S. ( назад)
It's a target drone meant to be shot down...I wonder who pays for that?

Автор Melvin Alejandro ( назад)
Not a drone at all.I used to fire a this type of targets in The US
Army,There are called Bats,Rocket propelled to fire at them whit infra red
missiles such as The Chaparral,Stinger and The Hawk missile systems

Автор Bronco Surveillance ( назад)
This is not Drone. Its a target plane or a cruise missile looking thing and
is run by a pilot. Not Autonomous in any way. The News Media makes me want
to Vomit with this manufactured Drama crap. The real story here is the
AirForce lost its target plane.

Автор Daniel Torres ( назад)
It's NOT a spy drone. It's a target drone used to help train fighter pilots
from the nearby Air Force bases.
They are part of the Gulf Range Drone Control System (GRDCS) and are only
flown within a controlled range over the Gulf of Mexico. The strong winds
and current that day must've carried that one away fast.
They usually get picked up by boats when they crash into the gulf but very
rarely so close to shore.

Автор Z Lantz ( назад)
Looks like a "Target Drone".

Автор brianwesley28 ( назад)
This did cause quite a bit of excitement for spring breakers. The original
drunken ideas as to how they could utilize it to enhance their spring break
fun were eventually suspended when some sober spring breakers persuaded
them that, while they were forced to concede that it may be legendary fun,
it probably wouldn't be a great overall idea. 

Автор MrKnifeFanatic ( назад)
Target drone, probably from Eglin or Tyndall. 

Автор Oliver Jones (1243 года назад)
Oops sorry our drone crashed on you kids because after we lose control
there's no one inside to safely steer it to the
ground..................................................and these fucken
thing are gonna be flyin all over the skies starting this
year...............................someone needs to shut down congress. We
don't need any more new laws or new bills nor do we want or need laws and
bills altered to suet political agendas.
Sorry for the rant 

Автор Jason Rathke ( назад)
Those dudes are still like remember that one time when we found that

Автор sphinxrising58 ( назад)
Once anything has used up t's projected lifespan, the military either sells
it, gives it away, or uses it for target practice, & they are called
"drones", in that someone is guiding them by remote control, which has been
going on since WW-II (drones are not new technology people), as it was in a
drone bomber that JFK's older brother Jack was killed.

Pilots take off, arm the package, then bail out while the explosive laden
aircraft is controlled to the target by a nearby aircraft, but something
went wrong, as the plane blew when Jack armed the package.

Автор sphinxrising58 ( назад)
It's just a typical target drone, but I would like to have one, lol.

Автор [7thCav]iEatCheapGlue ( назад)
Its a tomahawk
cruise missile target

Автор BlackKnight 0814 ( назад)
That's exactly what it is. It's an old rocket they converted to a drone for
practice. Hence the USAF on the side. They shoot them down. And no dumbass
you won't sell it on eBay it is still DoD property

Автор Kevin Bohn ( назад)
BQM-32 Target Drone 

Автор Frank katz ( назад)
Sorry...they won't come get it cause anyone who knows about drones military
or otherwise can see that the wings even if broken of...take a look the
fuselage.....that looks like a model someone placed in the water for a
publicity prank...
that thing would not fly...Please anyone with half a brain can see that
from the picture.

Автор haruhidude ( назад)
Its a drone that is used for target practice. So most likely the military
was doing some training in the gulf and this washed ashore. 

Автор Kaledius ( назад)
this looks like old technology, 60s 

Автор flack youe ( назад)
this doesn't look like a drone. with that compact engine space and those
stubby wings its jet or rocket powered and hauls ass. it's a weapon test or
a missile target. either way, I want the usaaf to keep their toys flying in
their test areas not the beach....

Автор Peter Rafeiner ( назад)
'unmanned drone' ?

So there are 'manned' drones ?

Автор Kopihucky ( назад)
a spy drone? I swear reporters have a beacon in their van to home in on the
dumbest fucking people within 100 feet.

Автор mitchamus ( назад)
that would make a sweet RC plane...

Автор neophytex2001 ( назад)
I was gonna say, thats def not a spy drone, looks more like cruise missile.
and its rocket propelled no engine. Target drone makes sense I never seen
one before. Does not look to have much if any manuevering capability
though. Basically its a big rocket. 

Автор vivitar45 ( назад)
how much did he get for it on eby lol

Автор Jose Hernandez ( назад)

Автор onealmr ( назад)
Everyone needs to buy a ton of water, canned goods, a hunting rifle, K-bar,
because the world is coming to an end because they found a target drone.

Автор shotfirer1972 ( назад)
It's a remote training drone, navy uses them for target practice
Thats why it's bright orange

Автор brockbest ( назад)
Not a Drone, Fucking idiot its a target.

Автор Tomasina Covell ( назад)
Hey, isn't it the "Sugar White" sands that they use for semiconductor

Автор Tomasina Covell ( назад)
Oh, Nick must be high! I'd just get my brother over there and have him put
it on a trailer to cart it back to home!

Автор cinewill p (1381 год назад)
Pretty good looking craft - like a Super X-1 (chuck yeager)
Is that chaff/flare dispenser on the tail facing up. still very cool.
overpriced -naturally.

Автор Memorible werd ( назад)
the guy that found them should have told nobody then took it home never to
be seen again

Автор John Nicodemus ( назад)
"How it got into the area", simple the air force was doing targeting
exorcises, it went into the water and the gulf currents carried to where it
was, Dummy. What happens next, they will be along to retrieve it, again
simple. Go ahead and sell it on e-bay, I hope you enjoy your stay at Club
Fed, dip stick. Oh and it's a target drone moron, not a spy drone. The
military blows up hundreds of them.

Автор dtiydr ( назад)
Does these contain anything of value? Like a jet engine, specialized
electronics or something like that?

Автор Will Hammer ( назад)
"Dur dur dur, its a spy drone dur dur" Idiot. 

Автор Will Hammer ( назад)
"Dur dur dur, its a spy drone dur dur" Idiot. 

Автор eb52megafortress ( назад)
It's BRIGHT ORANGE! Automatically that should tell you TARGET DRONE. Yes
it has a pitot tube, you can't fly without knowing how fast you're going!
Little fin antenna on the bottom, probably doppler radar for radar
altimeter SO YOU DON"T FLY INTO THE GROUND, air intakes on the top so the
rocket engine can breathe…come on people, lose the conspiracy theories.
You don't really need that tinfoil hat! It's the ultimate R/C airplane.

Автор BillWa ( назад)
It's a target drone, this happens all the time. Back in the 60's the people
were warned to stay away from SNARK infested waters.

Автор MrBailey218 ( назад)
Eventually the air force will come and pick it up because these drones are
made to be reusable. Still a cool find though.

Автор Enon Ereh ( назад)
"It is a type of a spy drone" LMAO! I think I would have gotten a truck,
loaded the damned thing up, and tried to turn it into a remote control
hobby aircraft. That would have been pretty BADASS!

Автор dieselscience ( назад)
"It is a type of *spy* drone..." another fat yankee makes an idiot of
himself. This a BQM 167. They are used as aerial targets for fighter pilots
to practice shooting down...and that's exactly what happened.

Автор Bill Branning ( назад)
They should send it to FPSRussia. He could figure out something interesting
to do with it.

Автор Mark T ( назад)
It's not a spy drone you twit, it's a target drone. Nothing to get your
panties in a bunch.

Автор naordie ( назад)
An orange "spy" drone, very secretive. It's orange so you can see it, dumb
people. It;s a target drone. We have been using them for 50 years,
nothing new here.

Автор feardivinity ( назад)
lol you people are fucking retards, it's a target drone. As in, something
the air force uses for target practice. It's not a spy drone. And good luck
selling that on e-bay, dumbass.

Автор silverbird58 ( назад)
nice belly rocket for a honda civic

Автор Santo Cocio ( назад)
lets hear some ufo conspiracy shiet...!!!!???

Автор Robert Coulson ( назад)
ITS a fucking drug smuggling aircraft retards - spys - idiots


Автор Bbendfender ( назад)
This is an Air Force target drone. The USAF uses these to train fighter

Автор Mustyrat ( назад)
Has there been a follow up story?

Автор Cheezsoup ( назад)
Several ? Only one that I can see.

Автор Dong Destroyer ( назад)
It is very important for us to HOLD A TIGHT FRONT LINE. The average person
has been holding out for the right time to cut loose and scream. Now is the
time for the average person to do so. (Those doing anonymous..."wet work"
may want to stay hidden til it's time to take out the ultimate trash.)

Don't fear. There are enough of us that they can't get us all. And if we
keep the tightest line possible, they can't hardly get ANY of us.

Speak up and say all those things you were afraid to. It's the only way to
keep them from letting the hammer fall at all. SAY you will shoot down
drones (even if lacking the weapons). SAY that cops deserve to be shot
dead. SAY that this will not continue because you're roar and slash and
tear them to shreds.

The other option is to wait til they drop the drones and whatever else on
us and then try to survive doing serious damage control.

Step up. Don't tell me you need to not do that cause "you've got kids", or
you'll hear "do it now or there will be nothing left for them anyway, they
are already slaves in case you hadn't noticed".

Seriously, fuck you if you use you kiiiiddsss as some kind of excuse NOT to
act. They are your reason to STAND UP AND SCREAM.


Автор matt soukup ( назад)

Автор william eaves ( назад)
Iran will claim they shot it down. Lol

Автор fuzonacid ( назад)
Can they push it back into deep water where it can join it's Pod?

Автор Sprocket Turner ( назад)
the beach club ah

Автор bishopob ( назад)
Quickly and easily identified as a unmanned aerial target drone, meaning it
is used for TARGET PRACTICE by other aircrafts air to air or ground to air
practice This one looks like a BQM model from the Ryan Aeronautical
Company. I could blab on and on about the history of unmanned aircraft for
various uses since 1938 but you can read about it if you look. Try these
searches. Ryan Firebee, Tadiran Mastiff, Project red wagon. Even type [Air
target drone] into youtube and you can see these things get shot down.

Автор Lance Winslow ( назад)
Simple #targetdrone how funny.

Автор TheWingManEffect ( назад)
its a firebee drone. most likely used for weapons testing.

Автор Zviki ( назад)
Yeah,drugs smuggling drone...

Автор Thomas Lalor ( назад)
Could have been used in a drug interdiction role as well as environmental
observation. Doesn't look large enough to carry weapons. just cameras and
electronic equipT

Автор Chris Smeets (Crizyz) ( назад)
Spy drone HAHAHAHA yeah, just paint the spy drones oranje, that will help
them not being noticed. XD

Автор 331SVTCobra ( назад)
That's not a spy drone.
I would have grabbed it and sold it on ebay. :)

Автор Joel Nathanael Smith ( назад)
Wow, never seen that drone model before, and back in 2008? Just goes to
show by the time we see it, it's usually already outdated.

Автор Jared Reabow (Jazza) ( назад)
vulture reporters

Автор Jared Reabow (Jazza) ( назад)
i would totally take that home!

Автор Topvideos1001 ( назад)
1:15 Sell it on Ebay, hmmm I tried to sell the Hubble Telescope, buyer to
collect, but they dumped, it and I got a warning.

Автор 98snakeeater ( назад)
Are target drones legal to posses?

If the Air Force didn't claim it, would that one guy be able to sell it on
EBay like he wanted to? (I know I would lol)

Автор henke henkers ( назад)

Автор CaptainRon1913 ( назад)
OMG "Drones washing up on the beaches" ... Truth is a single common target
drone built in the 60's, washed up on one beach..... Big fucking deal

Автор Faqabuncha Thisnoise ( назад)
Yeah...thanks....I read that in the description but forgot by the time I
read your post two seconds later...again, thanks.

Автор Jeffrey Schulmeister ( назад)
That looks like target drone for practice. it's not for spying.

Автор ryewhiskeyblues ( назад)
Nope. BQM-167

Автор pete2778 ( назад)
For all of their uses, I don't think that flying drones are the best way
for the government to spy through your windows. A camera on a stick would
have the following advantages over a drone: 1) A camera on a stick is
silent. 2) A camera on a stick can have a big enough battery to last weeks
as weight isn't an issue. Drones aren't used to look through windows.
Anway, if you're really worried about the government looking through your
windows, close the curtains. I think you're paranoid.

Автор cagedtigersteve ( назад)
Why is the government spying on red state Alabama? Obama's plan.

Автор mtlnascarfan . ( назад)
Why do they keep calling them "unmanned drones"? That's why they're CALLED
"drones"...because they're unmanned. If they weren't unmanned, they
wouldn't be drones.

Автор Veltoss ( назад)
"spy drone", I like it.

Автор Steven C ( назад)
thats funny

Автор Ebbonified ( назад)
Target drone. They get shot down almost as often as they're up. This one
lucked out and was discovered by idiots.

Автор Wade French ( назад)
People are dumb. This isn't a spy drone. It is a target drone. What do you
thing happens to them if the gunners miss? What a non-story.

Автор Rob Fraser ( назад)
Wo-oh black betty bambelam, wo-oh black betty bambelam from old Alabam'. I
need a bambulance! Deer is bitin' my ass!

Автор Brandon Matthew ( назад)
alabama gonna be spying on mississippi now.

Автор dhsbear ( назад)
What a fucking `tard --- it's NOT a "spy drone" you moron. Geesh, college
kids these days....

Автор Bob Thenob ( назад)
01:08 Yes defiantly a spy drone because as everyone knows the best way to
make something secret and un-noticeable is to paint it bright fucking orange

Автор Keys879 ( назад)
Somewhere there is a group of sailors laughing at the news after their
training sortie failed to confirm a drone kill :V

Автор wesley mccurtain ( назад)
its just a "clay pigeon " with a motor. a target drone for the Navy. but
now days, people are scared of everything so news is easy to make
sensational over nothing.

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