Hinder - Without You

Music video by Hinder performing Without You. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1,909,349. (C) 2008 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Автор Shadow of the Night. (16 дней)
This is my life! Just the other way around! My girlfriend after 2 and a
half years broke up with me and is going out with someone else a month
later... I gave everything up for her! I'm stick with nothing now...

Автор Yash Jay (16 дней)
one song that never dies

Автор Michael Myers (1 месяц)
Really great, thx Hinder

Автор Renaye K.O. (2 месяца)
Is that the dude from the twilight movies??

Автор Alessandra Dragone (55 минут)
Hinder - Without You: http://youtu.be/-NNg4r4qYPw

Автор Bliss Dzubella (27 дней)
Hinder - Without You: http://youtu.be/-NNg4r4qYPw

Автор Bonna Singleton (3 дня)
I've always loved Hinder but I HATE that Austin isn't lead singer anymore

Автор Alynnah Williams (16 часов)
God i fucking love this song.❤💚💜💙💛

Автор Lynne Small (14 часов)
Hinder - Without You: http://youtu.be/-NNg4r4qYPw

Автор Anahuarque Quintanilla (1 месяц)
I just love this song! Never fades! The more I listen to it, come across
listening to it, I just love it more!

Автор Emily Jones (19 дней)
I just want to be alone tonight.. I just need to take a little breather..

Автор sebastian gutierrez (2 дня)
i was listening to this when this guy i known for 5 years, told me we
should just be friends because he was pissed off

Автор MrM4X0N3 (1 месяц)
I have 26 years , and I'm not very good looking guy , and I only dated like
2 girls , and trust me it took me everything to get them to see how good
guy I'm. Other girls never gave me a chance to get close to them. If you
have a good looking girlfriend that loves you , don't be an idiot and leave
her. There are so many of us living without love , and you should consider
yourself lucky.

Автор Mad Fabe (11 дней)
Without You

Автор lachlan mawn (2 месяца)
my girlfreind told me about this song

Автор Sara M.OBSESSED Avenged sevenfold fan (28 дней)
I forgot about these guys, not metal but, I like it......,Hinder

Автор Evan Damion (15 дней)
There will certainly be no peaceful revolution, this band likely to make it
Great it is!
Look at the youtube URL to view

Автор Soe Aung (2 часа)
Hinder - Without You: http://youtu.be/-NNg4r4qYPw

Автор CULLEN WILLOCK (1 месяц)
Omg this happened to me with my dream girl i beating the crap out of a dude
who tryed to seal her from me to this day i am banned from my local
football game. All guys when u really love a girl do what u need to do to
keep her i found out the hard way. Love my girl to death im not gonna let a
dude take her from me. Ill go to jail if it means keeping her safe and
keeping her for myself. Don't fight for no reason tell her u love her
everyday and let her be her self but dont let her talk to ever cute guy.

Автор Olivia Gray (1 месяц)
Hinder's older music is the best.

Автор Sean Kolb (27 дней)
I dedicate this song to my late great mother. May you rest in peace mom, I
love you.

Автор GM Lindsay (3 месяца)
This is my song

Автор Cobalt Stargazer (16 дней)
Is the girl Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights?

Автор jordeyish (2 месяца)
hahaha))) the people is so stupid! to be crazy about some stupid things.

Автор Sivinee Yangsila (3 месяца)
ง่วง นะ .. แต่อยากฟังและ อยากให้ทุกคนฟังด้วยกัน

Автор sebastian gutierrez (7 дней)
......without you i seeing myself so differently....

Автор Jorge Gonzalez (22 дня)
Nunca pensé que diría que estaría buen sin ti.

Автор Ray Alphonso (1 месяц)
At the beginning I did not believe that I'd find it interesting, and take a
look at myself now I'm posting this on my own!
It is freaking incredible!
Find the youtube video URL provided

Автор Kaitlyn Hanasky (2 месяца)
I have a boyfriend who I love to death but there's a guy who flirts with me
I told him we were friends he said that's fine we texted for a few nights
now he's straight up ignoring me I honestly don't care it's not hurting me
I have the love of my life in my hands...I don't need as many friends when
I have the perfect one who I love and care for right in front of me 

Автор Miriam Panaro (1 месяц)
To go...free for own business!!!

Автор Brian Guinther (1 месяц)
After a really bad breakup I can finally listen to this song w truth. You
did make me happy Emily, I can't even describe it w words or feelings or
actions. It was like finding your second half that's been missing all your
life. But now, I see that even w all of that, I am much better off without
you. Loneliness is better.

Автор Aby Eqal (24 дня)
lagu aman ni woi ! kahkahkah kantoi awi rafael

Автор Kelsey Brletrick (1 месяц)
So dedicating this song to my ex. I've fought to get you back for a good
year, but obviously your feelings changed. Relationships don't work if only
one is trying.. :/

Автор Chris Krein (3 месяца)
Remember kids, you're in school. Learn. Live. Love can wait. And if you
absolutely know that you got everything under control, then stick with it.

Автор Jennifer Hung (6 дней)
Kellan Lutz

Автор xxpsychomantic92 (20 дней)
I <3 street MOTORS! GSXR<3

Автор Timothy Erin (1 месяц)
Thank jesus artists such as these even now exists!
Usually it's really difficult to find a ideal word, maybe fantastic?
Visit the youtube URL, you certainly will think it’s great!!

Автор Ladushka79 (1 месяц)
О боги, какое тупое видео.

Автор Sean Kolb (16 дней)
Thanks Shadow of the Night.

Автор Quasimodooo (3 месяца)
That girl is soo pretty

Автор Jacob Sobolev (1 месяц)
is it only me or this song reminds The Darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling

Автор BOBBY B (2 месяца)
ive followed these guys for along time and they are getting better

Автор joshua thebeau (15 дней)

Автор Lemuel Cang (2 месяца)
is this the same field as the one in light on by david cook official video?

Автор Jorge Gonzalez (22 дня)
Sin ti vivo cada día un poco mas y veo las cosas diferentes.

Автор banana aya playa (1 месяц)
This has to be the most refreshing video I have seen in ages!!!

Автор Sassy Valkyrie (3 месяца)
Hinder - Without You: http://youtu.be/-NNg4r4qYPw

Автор chad johnson (1 месяц)
Living without you is the best thing i could ever done

Автор Anna Tyler (16 дней)
this is how my life is except 

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