Hinder - Without You

Music video by Hinder performing Without You. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1,909,349. (C) 2008 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Автор Zuzymra Azotal ( назад)
One friend told me about this band about a months ago... and wew!!! this is
the band... HINDER.

Автор Kyle Wampol ( назад)
This goes to my ex I'm so much better without you

Автор Mike Ching ( назад)
Hinder has them meanings yeah

Автор John Fei ( назад)
His hands though... /:

Автор Michael Flanigan ( назад)
I really wanna know ok in 13 and why is it that old songs like this I can
relate to in my life but most of of the new singer's sound like a car reak

Автор Travis Washer ( назад)
makes you sit and think. i love it!!!

Автор Whitney Nelson ( назад)
This song is really good it sucks braking up

Автор Robin Leblanc ( назад)
Saw Hinder twice, they are awesome both times!!

Автор Dexter Dejumo ( назад)
it was amazing love song

Автор Addy Shaswot ( назад)
2016 it is and still deep as shit!!

Автор Chief Wiggens ( назад)
This reminds me so much of Friday Night Lights

Автор Jeremey Kimes ( назад)
where my home and wife and kid so since America said no I want all lose
nukes and legal bombs and bunker buster that can harm the USA

Автор Nicole David ( назад)
This is to my Eric

Автор Michelle Faircloth ( назад)

Автор Wasiwulla ( назад)

Автор Ben ( назад)
No school would let a girl show that much cleavage.

Автор Cooshna Yeshen ( назад)
that passion in austin to sing this song! he is pouring all his heart in
this music video! and now he is gone!

Автор Bridgett Taylor ( назад)
This is so true

Автор andrew ledbetter ( назад)
Friday night lights meets twilight lol

Автор D. Bun ( назад)
I hate that the lead left the band. They're not "Hinder" without him.

Автор Jon Knox ( назад)
And I the only one or is hinder the perfect artist for heartbreak.

Автор Usman Durrani ( назад)
Listening this song after six long years..
damn son!

Автор zombiesinzerahemla ( назад)
Wow... this really helped. I was about to just go numb from a fight that
just happened. Gonna go cry in the shower and pick myself up again.

Автор Bianca Jeanette ( назад)
I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
Cause lately all we do is fight
And every time it cuts me deeper

Cause something’s changed
You’ve been acting so strange
And its taking its toll on me
Its safe to say that I’m ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought I'd say
I’m fine
Without you

Called you up cause’ it’s been long enough
And you said that you were so much better
We have done a lot of growing up
We were never meant to be together

Cause something changed, you were acting so strange
And it’s taken its toll on me
It’s safe to say that I’m ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought I'd say
I’m fine
Without you

Cause something changed, you were acting so strange
And it’s taken it's toll on me
It’s safe to say that I’m ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought I'd say
I’m fine,
Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you
I just wanna be alone tonight,
I just wanna take a little breather.

Автор KhenXassonOfficial ( назад)
She's damn cute...

Автор wickednda2k ( назад)
This song hits me kind of hard. I ended a 15 year relationship because she
was abusive and out of control... and cheating.

Автор Anders Lindell ( назад)
Seems like teens are not fitted to listen to this kind of music.

Автор Numinon ( назад)
me before listening to this song: I´m happy and I know it :D
me after listening to this song: I´m so goddamn sad T_T

You guys just ruined my day XD

Автор YEISI SANZ ( назад)
my fovorite band!!!

Автор YEISI SANZ ( назад)
my fovorite band!!!!🎼🎼🎼

Автор Rudhy Toby ( назад)
amé. esa cancion saludos desde México

Автор Rudhy Toby ( назад)
i love the son

Автор Sabaku No Gaara ( назад)
2:08 isn't this the best performance ever .. i'm speechless

Автор Symr MA ( назад)
A proof that you don't need a gf/bf to be happy. :)

Автор Jacob Stephens ( назад)
I think he's gay

Автор thebluefredy ( назад)
I swear this guys voice is fucking hot.

Автор Caden Jones ( назад)
Moral of the story: If you break up with your boyfriend, you'll most likely
graduate high school...and be in a Hinder music video.

Автор jake villena ( назад)
i think hinder is a slow rock but i love there songs they are one of the
best on me

Автор Joseph Miller (steanax) ( назад)
@marshall Johnson u can eat the big fat dick after it comes out ur daddy's
ass. and the band does fucking suck u fucking faggot ass cock SUCKER...

Автор Ivory Mcknight ( назад)
love hinder favorite band

Автор The Dark One ( назад)
you know this is before 2010 if they still had D- in highschool

Автор Gina Tanner ( назад)
Vickie : vampire diaries
Emmett: Twilight
that's kinda funny

Автор Brittney 2015 ( назад)
I love him

Автор nicoonk ( назад)
guess she doesn't get the D anymore you know since she got a D-

Автор Daniel Lodi ( назад)
esse é o típico enlatado norte americano. Banda feita comercial

Автор woody d ( назад)
It took me a while but , I relize this is true.

Автор Gaby Lima ( назад)
essa música descreve minha vida ❤🎶

Автор Gaby Lima ( назад)
essa música descreve minha vida ❤🎶

Автор ไวท์ 0891594844 ( назад)
i love hinder 😍😍

Автор James Heilman ( назад)
d- on an assignment? I was lucky enough to pass the class with that
grade... if she had an f it would make more sense

Автор Brooke Melendy ( назад)
I'm glad I left someone who was so toxic to me. I loved her but it wasn't
ment to be. She had other plans that I didn't want in life. And she was
depressed and had a eating disorder I was trying to overcome those and she
was pulling me down hard. I'm with someone now who wants the best and wants
me to be healthy. We have the same plan for the future and we get along
amazing. we never fight. I hope everyone can find that one person and let
go of the past♡♡ 

Автор Alissa Busson ( назад)
I really wish Hinder had more appreciation and love than what they get!
They're amazing <3

Автор Trisha Oakes ( назад)
nice lip sinking NOTT!!! but the song is good lol

Автор Ashleigh Gardner ( назад)
why the fuck if gorilla looking vampire boy from dumblight in this

Автор Erik Eriksson ( назад)
Lol stifler

Автор purna gurung ( назад)

Автор Brandon Kidder ( назад)
I'm so better with out my ex Lisa bitch

Автор Joseph Miller (steanax) ( назад)
this chick is a fucking pig. and this song sucks dick hopefully this band
doesn't come back...

Автор Rebecca Rutkiwski ( назад)
I have a really have a bad day today

Автор Carolyn Adams Cox ( назад)
love this song feeling lonely

Автор Patti Caponegro ( назад)
Dear "G" ..without you....I try to grow stronger...but sometimes its
hard...think about you all of the time.

Автор Timothy Gower ( назад)
background as friday night lights, and Aimee Teegarden! love it!

Автор Vincent Abaidoo ( назад)
wherever u ar I wanna tell u without u I see maself diff.Georgina Ntow

Автор cheesetits94 ( назад)
Beware of Star Wars spoilers on videos

Автор Renee Satolli ( назад)
i love hinder creed nickel back and Daugherty they made some really good

Автор jeni mckinney5 ( назад)
I love the way he looks when he sings lmao

Автор Rebecca Rutkiwski ( назад)
some guys are so gay

Автор tubefan6719 ( назад)
cool song even though i thought it was a remix of "without you" by motley

Автор Christine Johnston ( назад)
When things get in the way take a breath and live each day to know love is
still reaching you how it's true sometimes we need be alone. but better to
be love then without anyone love is pure and true

Автор Rebecca Rutkiwski ( назад)
I'm so Happy because today is Friday 😃

Автор rabbani shukri ( назад)
damn, she's hot as fuck

Автор Aaron Crace ( назад)
the girl in the video is hot

Автор remy m (rémi) ( назад)
still cant understand why this song hasn't reached 100m views

Автор AmyJoy Clark ( назад)
story of my life

Автор thay Gomes ( назад)

Автор pmorris35 ( назад)
The lead is gay i suppose

Автор ryan walk ( назад)
blue iphone

Автор Shaunda Ariss ( назад)
10 year old me thought it would suck if this was true, 16 year old me knows
it sucks..

Автор Brian Goelz ( назад)
I have to admit I am hating this song right now. Truth is I will never be
fine Without You Tereasa. I have been trying to let go but my damn heart
won't let me. We had more good times then we ever had bad. how can we get
that back an more

Автор Juliette Castillo ( назад)
ugh! i hate-love this song...

Автор Roisa Rima ( назад)
yang mau ke batam asyikkk

Автор Roisa Rima ( назад)
mana janjimu

Автор Adhye Diva ( назад)
i like song and vidio clip .GBU

Автор Xenia Dukic ( назад)
My Darkest Days brought me here...

Автор Hazel Iris ( назад)
without you

Автор anny nomas (1054 года назад)
ha, that blond kid went from being a dick in a Hinder video to being

Автор John Williams ( назад)
isn't she the actress of Friday night lights? lol

Автор abbas annooz ( назад)
So pro performance

Автор mava fowler ( назад)

Автор Boden Dominique ( назад)
Boden Dominique vor 1 Sekunde
i dont like posts like...like it if you hear it in... but i love hinder and
i feel sad if i know they dont give anymore (sorry for my bad english)

SO i said like it if you look it in 2015 (sorry) :)

Автор Hala aoulad hammouch ( назад)
who's listening on november 2015 love them so much ^^

Автор lourdes pacherres saavedra ( назад)
Alguien podría decirme que películas es. ¿por favor?

Автор John Patrick Pascua ( назад)
it took me a long time to get rid of my feelings to her but know i am
better, eventhough we broke up apart we're still friends and we see each
other, i know on the right time and right place love will find us again but
now i will focus on my life now and i will i say im fine without her

Автор Tami Shotto, Padgett ( назад)
I love these groups, there music is so meaningful

Автор Awwesom Cody (thaAWEsoM1) ( назад)
fuck you carrie you fucked up bitch.

Автор cancer sucks ( назад)
Is she Aimee Teagarden? She looks like the girl from Starcrossed.

Автор DeandraAlexisN ( назад)
This song has a great meaning. Totally feeling so much better without my
ex. If you're in a bad relationship, there's so much more to offer once
you're out of it, there's so much to live for. 

Автор Anjar Qurtubi (299 лет назад)
0:43 . The vocalist face 😂😂😂

Автор Thai David (1866 лет назад)
one of the best bands ever

Автор ironman271000 ( назад)
Julie Taylor!

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