Hinder - Without You

Music video by Hinder performing Without You. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 1,909,349. (C) 2008 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Without You - Hinder Cover - With Lyrics



Автор John Paulo Delacruz Soriano ( назад)
2017! Thumbs up

Автор Entahkau Kau ( назад)
c qayyum kirim salam yg baju biru

Автор Jimmy Martinez ( назад)
Neil young

Автор Becky X ( назад)
his voice is amazing 💗

Автор Tony B ( назад)
Who else is still listening in 2017

Автор Alu. 1214 ( назад)

Автор Kat Stroud ( назад)
encore and standing ovation for anyone who has survived this kind of pain. for those who have found happiness, whom have better days and brighter days and have learned to love again. for those who are giving your everything to someone whose goal is to strive for happiness with you.

Автор Dartessa Sarahani ( назад)
2017, and still listening to this. 👍

Автор Jerry Parker ( назад)
he made me and kids very unhappy. living it up with the love of my life got gave me another gift💋💋💋💋💕💕💓

Автор Terence Leslie vecino ( назад)
Excelente canción!. Demuestra lo que le gusta a las mujeres, reformar gamines, aunque se dan cuenta tarde jajaja.

Автор Prateek Jain ( назад)
Does anyone else think "let it go" from frozen sounds a lot like this?

Автор Rodrigo Oliveira Da Silva ( назад)
alguem sabe me dizer se esse clipe tem ..ele em filme..alguem pode me dizer

Автор Erik Stone ( назад)
19-year-old actress Aimee Teegarden was in this Hinder 2008 music video, when she was just 19 years old.

Автор phuc trinh ( назад)
He sounds like Nickelback ?!

Автор jill lewis ( назад)
I dedicate this to the one I am leaving now

Автор Justin Chasteen ( назад)
This song gets to me every single time

Автор T.K up in Canada ( назад)
Julie Taylor from friday night lights?

Автор Augusto Dias ( назад)
Não se faz musica de qualidade assim no brasil hoje em dia!

Автор MEL N ( назад)
The girl looks like Kate Upton

Автор mila black ( назад)
w-w-wwwwwait, is this Kellan Lutz? 😍😍

Автор Lauren Zlotorzynski ( назад)
i dint think i would be happy saying this now but its true we weren't good together and I'm glad your gone.

Автор Mike Kral ( назад)
the dudes arms when he sings.

Автор YariGlows215 ( назад)

Автор Leena A ( назад)
What's really amazing about this song, that it tells you that you're actually getting better when you focus on your social life and future instead of making love and things that will never help you in school or whatever.. but break your heart instead

Автор Zachary Messer ( назад)
if you replace "with out you" with "with out Jews" and "watch you walk away" with "watch you burn away" this can be a holocaust song

Автор Ithri Roma ( назад)
who's watching this on 2017 😍😍

Автор Asaru Ritzia ( назад)
Hinder <3

Автор eriey potters ( назад)
its been 2years now,without u i sing my song so diffrenly.....damn it hurt so much..😭

Автор Kim Gibbons ( назад)
hey you

Автор Jennifer Sherman ( назад)
Oh love the words to this! If you've went through a bad breakup, you'll like this!

Автор Jennifer Sherman ( назад)
They do n awesome concert!

Автор Austin Estes ( назад)
is this the new singer?

Автор Emmy Brewer ( назад)
in December of 2016 i found out my babydaddy was cheating on me for a month in a half we already had a 15 months old and i was due anyday with our second. i was with him for almost 4 years. its been almost a month and he still hasnt asked about our sons. but im slowly moving on this song is very helpful. i love it so much but it brings the good times we had but that's ok im slowly getting better.

Автор Stephany Hdz ( назад)
I was 29 when this was out

Автор Alex Brown ( назад)
I was with my ex for 4 years

Автор Sarah Keyes ( назад)
This song has helped me with a bad break up too he was a narccist & this song reminds me how far I have become withouthim & how proud of myself for just letting him go & let the other woman have her.

Автор Victoria Rugley ( назад)
Without you I live it up a little more everyday!!!! Still listening January 2017

Автор Daniel Birgen ( назад)
this song hits home I was with my girl for ten years .a great friend turned me on to this song .life does get better every day .but when I get down I listen to this song .

Автор Tanner Sandell ( назад)
Everyone is on here commenting about their breakups and I'm just here eating a salty cracker with my blowup doll.

Автор Tommy Cogar ( назад)
Holy shit is that stiffler

Автор sherry stamand ( назад)
after 20 years of abuse i am living my life so differently wrote a book and letting it go forever , time to be happy no more hurt and no more hate time to live love this song great job

Автор Rose A.h. ( назад)

Автор Tammy Torres ( назад)
I miss you so much sweetie I wish we could work.this out AW Lways my heart is yours you know what we said always

Автор Christina Shaulis ( назад)
amazing song. this isn't just for dating. it goes for marriage too. if your in a relationship no matter what it is and your not happy.. fix it... it's your life. need to make yourself happy too

Автор bh gautam ( назад)
may be i was too crazy to love you
every time i listen to this song its makes me feel better
i wish i will never see you again anshu

Автор Tori Taylor ( назад)
What's the movie called?

Автор Alisha Ratcliffe ( назад)
we were never meant to be together. cause something changed you were acting so strange. and its taking its toll on me!

Автор Chasity Brock ( назад)
ppl r so fake

Автор Lizzie McKeegan ( назад)
I love how nobody is commenting that the main girl is Julie from Friday Night Lights lol

Автор Keith Pinner ( назад)
the lead guitarist for hinder he is really good he's a hell of a good guitars.

Автор Richard Long ( назад)
id fuck her

Автор Brandon Inc ( назад)
The hurt might feel like it is never going to go away at the time but someday it WILL go away and someone knew will come into your life and you will forget all about em ;)

Автор Μαρία ΖηταΜαρ μ. ( назад)

Автор Nilesh Patil ( назад)
2016 anyone?

Автор Samantha Rego ( назад)
IJust released from 7 years samantha your still the only 1 luv u rpg

Автор Maddie Campbell ( назад)
i was wit this guy for 7 years i been thru so much now i left him in 2013 i can happily say i am enjoying life now more freedom but scars left on my body is a reminder ... plus now im into females lmao ! #GayPride

Автор SageRoSe888 h ( назад)
hey Vickie from Vamp Diaries LOL

Автор Chris Drake ( назад)
what's the movie called? does anyone know? or is it not a movie

Автор R.S. Nganing ( назад)
reminds me of some1 everytyn i listen 2 diz song.....f@#k man!!!....

Автор Davis Wright ( назад)
I love this song!!!!! Makes me think back to an ex of mine😣should've left him

Автор Eileen Cornell ( назад)
my sing to my ex Tom crowley

Автор Brenda Boedeker ( назад)

Автор goutam handique ( назад)
lovely one

Автор Edmund Dijean ( назад)
been in love for jus 2 yrs,, hate her for breaking my hearts yet still misses her.

Автор Future Music ( назад)
love this song

Автор Roger Mason ( назад)
Don't really get it, all their songs kind of sound the same to me but if this song speaks to you it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks does it?

Автор Theo Grieve ( назад)
to all the people at north Broward and Paul rein facility god is good all the time and prayers go up to you and love spreads through haters like fruit salad dressing.https://m.facebook.com/groups/139437579416420?view=permalink&id=1629375297089300

Автор Theo Grieve ( назад)
I wrote this poem. Baby your breathe is like angel whispering in my ears and your touch is like a soft pillow, when you have to sleep on a hard floor and your love is bluer than the deepest seas in the ocean and heart weighs more than any kind of gold or jewelry to me..Written by Theo Grieve 3 https://m.facebook.com/groups/139437579416420?view=permalink&id=1629375297089300

Автор Leeann Novelli ( назад)
i just fucking wanna be alone tonight!!

Автор Evey _30 ( назад)
all i see is these couples..I see these girls flirting with the guy I belong with..it makes me ache..I know he's the one..but he doesn't feel the same way..i think..

Автор Мария Захарова ( назад)
hope, someday i can say this
but, right now, i miss him

Автор Breeze Bodom ( назад)
that boobs tho!

Автор Christopher Ayala ( назад)
This is my second favorite song  by Hinder, next to Better Than Me. Love both of them.

Автор Gina Stone ( назад)
my husband left me 7 months ago when I lost my sight. he keeps promising to come back. very toxic marriage. this songs makes it easier everyday

Автор Baidurya Bose ( назад)
It's one of their dulcet melodies !

Автор Malsawm Tluanga ( назад)
I will always love this song

Автор Михаил Серёгин ( назад)
годный музон! респект!

Автор Jay Richardson ( назад)
kellen lutz

Автор Vinícius Vallejo ( назад)
Esse vocalista é o Paulo Ricardo todinho kkkkk, até a voz nss

Автор potato face ( назад)
idk why but this song makes me happy, it's been a year since the horrible break up.. i was too blind to see he was an abusive little shit (physically and mentally) i honestly don't know why i put up with it idkm all i can say is i'm happy and doing much much better

Автор Imqulse RBLX ( назад)
This song is so underrated and much to my liking, this song fits my previous relationship which I had for more than 2 years.
She totally changed me but we both broke up without telling anything to each other, but we both loved each other than people used to love when it comes to online relationship.
If there's a "one last time", I would want to say at least good bye to her.

░░▀░░░▀░░░░░▀░░░▀░░░help this dog take over youtube by copying and pasting it all over youtube

Автор Jucelia Soares ( назад)
cadê? os BR que ama essa música!

Автор Michael Steward ( назад)
love this band

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