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Автор Shawn Loves Muffins ( назад)
when I was a kid, maybe 4-5 years old? 😂 I think this was very creepy😭😂

Автор Peter Parker ( назад)
I feel bad for this guy

Автор Indah Kartikasari ( назад)
This is so sad 😥

Автор ARTHUR KAZARIAN ( назад)
Good shit

Автор Dante Salazar ( назад)
All time favorite

Автор WowJimmy ( назад)
No way this is turning 20 this year!!!

Автор Pranay Kumar ( назад)

Автор Eddie Martinez ( назад)
i remember this

Автор leir pres ( назад)
haha. exercise of the mind and the body.. i also do the same.. though, im not that bold to play outdoor

Автор Deepsea ( назад)
I would have played chest with him!

Автор Lupa Dust ( назад)
this short is so sad :(

Автор GIRI PRAKASH ( назад)
Awesome Movie.. Fantastic.. Life is not serious, what ever u get back is about what u done in your past.. accept your truth.. I too played chess like this and I lost, my opponent was more smarter than I thought and also he encouraged about the game, that he never played this tough game like that.. haa.. ha.. Good Morning..

Автор jcfreak4ever1 ( назад)
Ya know, part of the image at the top of the vid is cropped off, probably to avoid copyright infringement, and the sound was cut off in a couple spots, for the same reason, I bet. <_<

Автор Tonmoy Bhowmik ( назад)

Автор Vytautas Poška ( назад)
that look at 3:53 made me lmao

Автор Pandavill Admin ( назад)
this is sad T^T

Автор Andrew Korhonen ( назад)
d ghh vgio

Автор Yashashri Kharote ( назад)
nice one

Автор JayDude003 ( назад)
Split is looking pretty good.

Автор Hammad Aziz ( назад)
BB Ki Vine

Автор downthestreetteam ( назад)
This is the most memorable Pixar short for me.

Автор Munirah O ( назад)
Hes such a sad old man Lol

Автор Nae Sarang ( назад)
Wow. This is old. 💓 I remember Bugs Life. 😊

Автор ipeyy siintan Betmen ( назад)
kasihan kakeknya maen sndiri . jd inget kakek drumah😰

Автор tiffany mayer ( назад)
can someone explain this to me? I kinda don't get it

Автор Alee Javaid ( назад)
Beautiful. Great idea thanks so much

Автор Art Freak ( назад)

Автор Ravi Knight ( назад)
Loved it. 👓⌚

Автор Insert Name here ( назад)
When I watched this at school, Nobody wanted to play chest with me, so I just did what the old man did, and called it"Old man style"

Автор Televised Water Polo ( назад)
The sad story about an old man struggling with split personality disorder as it continues to control his life even as his health deteriorates to the point that he is hardly able to keep up his own facade.

Автор Tc ( назад)
They should make this a full out movie, a guy plays a board game with said guy
in the middle of nowhere.

kinda interesting if you ask me.

Автор Jorge Sainz ( назад)
By far one of my favorite and funniest shorts ever😂😂😂☠😂😂😂😁😁☠

Автор Luna ( назад)
This is sad 😂😂😂

Автор Brianna Moy ( назад)
I felt bad for the man because nobody else would play with him.

Автор Alisson América serrano Bautista ( назад)

Автор Sneakers ( назад)
Not to be rude or anything but that old man I Lonely. xD

Автор Chillz St. Gamin ( назад)
2:04 Pixar Reference

Автор GadgeTech Guru ( назад)
It's like stealing own money

Автор je tu ( назад)
ha ha!

Автор Austin The Lava Mob ( назад)
When you fa xD (forever alone)

Автор The beast Slayor ( назад)
Geri is so stupid cause he plays by himself and keeps losing

Автор Fox and Sheep Minecraft ( назад)
This animination from toy story 2

Автор Joven Maravillas ( назад)
haha love u

Автор Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja! ( назад)
As a kid I never understood this. I knew he was only one person but I didn't understand if he somehow turned into a twin or magic or what? But now I just feel both happy and sad for the guy that he has no friends. Shows that even without someone to play against he can have a good laugh but also... After all those years he didn't make a friend to play chess with?

Автор Andrew Potts ( назад)
The guy is supposed to play by himself, so what's with 2:24?

Автор Amrin Eusha ( назад)
When I first saw this I felt so bad for him as he was standing and sitting over and over

Автор smgamermat77 -Uka Uka ( назад)
Really hate how they dulled the audio for copyright reasons.

Автор Stephen Darmawan ( назад)
is he who fixing woody in toy story

Автор Gamelord000 ( назад)
2:24 I love how this pushes the boundaries of the concept by showing arms coming from a different direction than the guy's body

Автор Starmation Productions ( назад)
Im not saying the animation is terrible but look how much of a long way pixars animation has come

Автор Wise Snake ( назад)
As a child, this short had me desiring a chess set with wooden pieces, even though I didn't have clue on how to play the game at the time. lol

Автор Brian Brecker ( назад)
needs more geriatrics 3/5

Автор Game_Hantah_Fan_4_ever Deadpool ( назад)
Old but smart

Автор Rex ( назад)
This was my favorite from ALL.

Автор Denae Rangel ( назад)
so cute! and sad...

Автор Denae Rangel ( назад)
20 yrs later... trumps president

Автор Aphmau Lover ( назад)
His face when he beat himself

Автор Alex Diezel ( назад)


Автор Lego Maniac ( назад)
Bernie Sanders, anyone?

Автор Jesse Nava ( назад)

Автор Elite Time ( назад)
I know that most of you will miss this comment, but everyone who sees this please like and I will see how many people see this comment,
Thanks so much,
Elite Time

Автор Elite Time ( назад)
Can I get some likes?

Автор 녹두로 TV ( назад)

Автор Amina Anees ( назад)

Автор barbara loperfido ( назад)

Автор ome1455 ( назад)
this short can really makes you cry if you know how it feels to be lonely

Автор BridgeOfSpies ( назад)
i remember watching this included in my old Toy Story 1 VCD... oh the memories. I loved it when he came back as an Easter Egg on Toy Story 2. The graphics are still very detailed and crisp for such a classic work.

Автор Aaron McGuire ( назад)
How were there 2?

Автор Maddox Cox ( назад)
It's the guy from Toy Story 2

Автор Emilio Reyes ( назад)
Did anybody else just realize that the Sound Design and the graphics for the shadows are...actually kinda brilliant?!

Автор zotharr ( назад)
I read the comments, and most ppl are saying this is sad, or the old guy is mentally sick, etc
Or they see themselves in it, as alone, but there is one more thing here, an important lesson, a method
Yes, he's alone, yes, he is playing vs himself, but is he sad?
We can learn from it, when you living through a period, which can be hard, sad, can cause depression, you can also make this fun, like this old guy did
He enjoys himself (literary), even though hes alone, and plays a "two player" game
Learn this, and you will never be alone in your life, you will have yourself with you always

Автор D Arsenault ( назад)
Happy m s

Автор Sara Marie ( назад)
'Congratulations, you played yourself.'

Автор Jessie Arcangel ( назад)
I seen this Pixar Short film on my Original VHS of A Bug's Life.

Автор Mishta Romaniello ( назад)
If Gollum played chess by himself.

Автор Mishta Romaniello ( назад)
When you're extremely irritated because the moves made are terrible.

Автор RuthleSS Chaos ( назад)

es el viejo que repara a woody en toy story????

Автор Rhino 'n Chips ( назад)
3:09 Hah! I never got that joke as a kid.

Автор Bryce Lickfield ( назад)
Love the clip. But keeping those click buttons up on the corners is criminal. I can not click them out as the video setting pop up when I move the mouse. Shame the poster couldn't allow the content to run freely.

Автор ellyana 1458 ( назад)
i remembered seeing when i was younger. and everytime after i've watched it, i would always feel sad for the old man

Автор Julieta Herrera ( назад)

Автор Aqua Lover ( назад)
Poor old alone man

Автор KaijuDirectorOO7 ( назад)
My personal favourite Pixar short...

Автор Jacob Jacob ( назад)
Gosh I've watched this Film before the BugsLife and that time i was 6 years i guess and
I was like watched BugsLife 12times so every single time i watched this Film 12times
And i still emjoying it

Автор Аля Афонина ( назад)
за что такой жестокий мультик

Автор trollzorable ( назад)
Congratulations you played yourself

Автор hyunwoo lee ( назад)
I first saw this when I was kid and today I find it again and see it quite funny huh?

Автор cheto1996 Amores ( назад)

Автор Andira Hernandez-Monzoy ( назад)

Автор JeiVey Ord ( назад)
I was watching this from Philippines, but now in Kuwait.

Автор Xx Jordyman114 L ( назад)
I hope Pixar makes a "Geri's Game" remastered version.

Автор Fraz Maniar ( назад)
I bet people were shocked to see him in toy story 2

Автор kirashiji ( назад)
hay mi infancia con estos cortometrajes :') q recuerdos

Автор Mosterhigh bonita ( назад)
très belle blagne

Автор gabriel prahl ( назад)
multli personality disorder?

Автор Reed Ballew ( назад)
he's old and ugly

Автор Naomi De Sosa ( назад)

Автор archfiend214 ( назад)
It's actually sad because this guy has disassociative personality disorder or dementia.

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