Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128gb Gold Platinum Limited Edition Unboxing!!!

Hey guys, today I am showing you the limited edition new samsung galaxy s6 edge 128 gb in gold platinum. There are only 500 of these phones in the world! This one is #65/500. I hope you enjoy!

⟶ Adam Brice ⟵
‣MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/NerfBoyProductions
‣GAMING CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDarkKetchup
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‣TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Nerf4Adam
‣MY SITE: http://www.nerfboyproductions.com

775 Strand Blvd.
Kingston, Ontario

I love you all!

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Автор Νίκος Μελετίου ( назад)

Автор Justin Haskins ( назад)
at first it looked like a s7 edge

Автор Abel De La Cruz ( назад)
he is Romans fan

Автор Pozz chhay Single ( назад)

Автор GalaxyGirlGaming ( назад)
it looks exactly like the regular gold one i dont understand

Автор Aura Star ( назад)
no way

Автор Faizan Lalani ( назад)
smile more

Автор CalmGameshow ( назад)
i wouldve bought the iphone lol

Автор CalmGameshow ( назад)
i have the saphite black wich turns blue and black

Автор Blue Gold ( назад)
tus I ro

Автор I am the dreamer ( назад)
I want more for watching liked videos offline including.....

Автор I am the dreamer ( назад)
Samsung needs to change its interface to a new level

Автор EstAxxy ( назад)
you have smile more braslet

Автор Great Videos ( назад)
this is s7 edge not s6 edge motherfucker we are not fool!!!

Автор SELECT LOL DE ( назад)

Автор Abdul Sami ( назад)
What is its price???

Автор KJ PLAYZ ( назад)
This guy is such a faggot

Автор youngAjay Salvatore ( назад)
killer phone just missing touch id

Автор GJIKOO Fly Boy ( назад)
WOW the case is very beatiful !!
I need thesee😍😍

Автор Bikramjeet Singh ( назад)
How much price u pay for thid deal??😲😲

Автор AndroidGuyPro ( назад)

Автор Christian Palacios ( назад)
I need a iPhone ?

Автор sankar sai m ( назад)
can u plsss donate

Автор Công Minh Nguyễn ( назад)
How can you get this one? :D

Автор Corior Pat ( назад)
what's special about this?

Автор thepandaking- tpk ( назад)
I got the same phone but didint come in that box I got all of that tho but I bought it after I got the phone

Автор camaria Bro ( назад)
I have the same phone and color with that many gb

Автор koko loko ( назад)
My dad ma samsung galaxy s6

Автор Petar Kiparizovski ( назад)
do you mean silver titanium

Автор Pewdie pie ( назад)
login and get 1000s of followers in fb

Автор Teodora Klopić ( назад)
I've got this phone too 😍

Автор MUSABEH ALALI ( назад)
Why is it a limited edition I got s6 edge gold and the clear gold case for a lot cheaper

Автор hsjz Hamzabilal ( назад)

Автор Nyiema Atkinson ( назад)
how much was it I'm thinking of getting one myself

Автор Chavo themotto ( назад)
how much was it

Автор sriharinarayana R ( назад)
Mine iPad Pro is 268 GB

Автор mohammed hisham ( назад)
From where you got small more

Автор Ken Chaichana ( назад)
Does this phone support 4K UHD videos on YouJizz ? Just a side note, young libertines are my favorite kind of videos.

Автор 지원유 ( назад)

Автор Ashraf xuseen ( назад)
can i get like this one?

Автор Indian explorer ( назад)
seal was broken

Автор Hein S ( назад)

Автор Tl Tl ( назад)
I didn't like the edge screen got ride of mine for the lg v20

Автор The Modern Country Boy ( назад)
Verizon for life

Автор Mian Mohsin ( назад)
hahaha u wear Smile more braclate ... romaan Atwood Brand

Автор Pa Kra ( назад)
there is fake phone

Автор Potato Fries ( назад)
Watching this on my S7 Edge...

Автор BlackGuy YT ( назад)
It's copy

Автор Muizz Khalid ( назад)
Smile more band...fuck you roman

Автор Âhméd Târék ( назад)
How can I get this fucken phone in egypt ???

Автор Ömer Can KUŞCU ( назад)
Türk yok mu? Who is Turkish

Автор Dillah Achmad ( назад)
you sound extremely happy

Автор Visvesh Narayan ( назад)
It's more than a 1000 but only 500 in this packaging

Автор Parmin Demien ( назад)
it's a clone it's fake

Автор Goblin/king 123 ( назад)
its fake its not android marshmallow

Автор raman ojha ( назад)
i really dont know whats such a big deal its the same as the normal galaxy s6 edge you just basically get the accesories with it and pieces of metal :/

Автор uTubeNoITube ( назад)
I thought he was gonna cum when he first started handling the phone...

Maybe he jizzed in his pants.

Автор Talha Ali ( назад)
hello can you give me Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128gb Gold Platinum Limited Edition Unboxing

Автор Daniele Cafiero ( назад)
I love this phone i have this phone this morning buying 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор arjun jangid ( назад)
wht is the price

Автор Henri Lame ( назад)
Love that smile more bracelet :)

Автор Avirale Singh ( назад)
woooow <3

Автор Manish Ghimire ( назад)
HeY ! Man C'mon SlowDown !! You're gonna break it up!!

Автор Margret Mancilla ( назад)
would this phone work with boost mobile?

Автор kentkatchem ( назад)
You don't really believe it's one in 500 right??????

Автор Hershey Contreras ( назад)
My name is andy

Автор daniel hedley ( назад)
love the wrist band

Автор Algernon a-seymour ( назад)
im gonna do shit with his imei no.

Автор Teddi786 OG ( назад)
if it's from harrods no way it's a fake and if it's not from them someone's in a lot of trouble with harrods lol

Автор Rashid alam ( назад)
my dad also have s6 edge

Автор Umair M32 ( назад)
Why would u take all that wrapping of a brand new limited edition phone jus for a video it's gonna get fingerprints on it

Автор Belle Estacio ( назад)
how much?

Автор Robin Bisram ( назад)
how much was this?

Автор Akhil Ch ( назад)
its not a new one

Автор Batman 5195 ( назад)
Smile more bracelet? U like roman at wood??

Автор coccodariok004 # ( назад)
trust me better to stop smoke weed

Автор med4u1 ( назад)
Dude you got a fake one! The real one has an actual sticker on the screen with a red tab at the corner. I have one.

Автор Caroline Tavares ( назад)

Автор . Requix ( назад)
Rogers Gross Bell all the way

Автор Shain Sellah ( назад)
ha he has a smile more wristband

Автор Top Ten World ( назад)
it's really bad being poor
my phone is young

Автор asd asd ( назад)
u rich af or u sponsored af??????

Автор Gamesallday50 / ( назад)
and as you flip to the left or right of the screen as you can see you can't really see thats its like in the edge men

Автор Gamesallday50 / ( назад)
as you can see from the earphones its in plastic its not in a case

Автор Gamesallday50 / ( назад)
men you bought a fake one

Автор richard abbas lamdin ( назад)
It's fake

Автор ROMMEL DIAZ MUÑOZ ( назад)
Boom comen español bitches :v v:

Автор Maham Javed ( назад)
does this phone have a s pen with it

Автор XCRAFT Game ( назад)
roberta miranda

Автор Fabian Koch ( назад)

Автор Farooq Ahmad ( назад)
Good one

Автор Melo ( назад)
i like that wristband

Автор Jakob Schanz ( назад)
Adam you are a spoiled kid

Автор fruity*pie ( назад)
funny thing. I bought galaxy s6 (non edge) platinum gold with 32gb what is enough on my opinion and i got samsung vr for free. All together i paid 480€. Funny that this guy paid 4000, thats big fucking difference, i could get 7 of s6 with vr for that price...

Автор Mohamed Elsheikh ( назад)
umm... I have like 5 of these and my mom got like 14 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор iGriz ( назад)
you lucky frickin ducky

Автор Aritra atin ( назад)
apple looks shit beside samsung

Автор CRAZY SJ ( назад)

Автор dopes songs ( назад)
@ don kampot because vr movies and such use alot of space. i actually think thats nothing. 1 tb would do it

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