Sookie and Eric - "You are mine..!" {"True Blood" season 4, episode 1+2}}

This is scene from episode 1 and episode 2 of "True blood" :]] Eric is so gorgeous isn't he? ^^ Please vote ,comment and subscribe :}}

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Автор Nika Darojković ( назад)
He aint that hot geez

Автор Curesha Griffin ( назад)
Omg Eric is so sexy

Автор Samantha Gaspard ( назад)
anyone know if there's going to be another series coming out because I love
True Blood

Автор Antwain Rogers ( назад)
he's so hot I love him and I a girl

Автор Hadleigh Smith ( назад)
He is so cute!!

Автор Sara Page ( назад)
She is the biggest idiot I've ever seen on any show, my God! He's perfect,
and not only physically. Bill was a joke!

Автор Denisa Babita ( назад)
What does it mean when a vampire makes someone "his"? Like she can't be
together with other men?

Автор Clarrissa Darby ( назад)
want him so much

Автор yasmine bear ( назад)
I find sookie so annoying !

Автор Rosie bananabudgie ( назад)
Go watch the Originals XD

Автор Madison Rousseau ( назад)
the subtitles....i can't XD

Автор Jokoya ( назад)
when he says ur better than that and that's saucy omg

Автор Jokoya ( назад)
he can buy me lmao

Автор Mimi 123 ( назад)
I will be happy to belong Eric. I do not understand why Sookie refused him.

Автор lies Supendi ( назад)
Lama loadingnya sebel

Автор Elisa Grimes ( назад)

Автор Elisa Grimes ( назад)

Автор Wolf Lover ( назад)
Is it like my legs are just going to fly open for you. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 Eric
is so hot!

Автор Aduckapadaisy ( назад)
I would have just jumped on the bed spread eagle and let him bang me. She
stupid lmfao

Автор Claire Mitzuki ( назад)
That woman is bloody crazy and plumb stubborn to refuse Eric! Who in their
their right mind would turn him down if he wanted them?! Not me!

Автор Pauline Auma ( назад)
I wuld not exchange bill 4 Erik

Автор Elise Fincher ( назад)
drool....man eric is some major eye candy. I honestly don't know how sookie
could refuse him. I'd be like ginger and obsess over him.

Автор Diamond Hayward ( назад)
ill be yours lol but Eric northman is.bae

Автор Darcy Lyons ( назад)
I will happily be yours Eric.

Автор nemobaby1000 ( назад)
I was about to spend $179 on all the seasons but after watching lil clips
there nothing like the books they changed so much it's just bad, I'll stick
with the books 👌💯

Автор αναℓση ( назад)
I love how he has like to crane his neck to look down at her lmao

Автор Kathryn Orozco ( назад)
I want a new ending Eric ends up with Sookie and Jason and Jessica end up
together who agrees with me

Автор Mizz Wright ( назад)

Автор novascot60 ( назад)
Liking the Viking grunt!

Автор 0hmystars ( назад)
He walks like a fricken supermodel lol 

Автор Katie Rose Wells ( назад)
*"I'll see to that it gets repaired."* God I love him...

Автор srk ELF ( назад)
what season??

Автор brn2wld ( назад)
People we need a sequel with Eric and Pam. Maybe one or two more big screen

Автор Mike Diligent ( назад)
hmm nipples lol

Автор gretchenishere ( назад)
how can she refuse him? I know I couldnt....

Автор Lucas Chiang ( назад)
I'm envy

Автор alice ( назад)

Автор Ellen Laurie ( назад)
Eric is so tall and hot omg, I'm so team Eric he is adorable and mysterious
and wow

Автор Zombizzz007 ( назад)
Eric shows up in my bedroom and says "you're mine" I'd be like "yes, yes,
of course, here you go take it all!" XD

Автор Taylor Hardy ( назад)
Is it bad I'm team Eric?

Автор Stommieblu ( назад)
That sound he makes after she turns around is the hottest thing ever!

Автор Maxine Mason ( назад)
I like the books, I like the plot line development. I haven't had a chance
to see the show. After watching a few clips, I think I would like that as

Автор mrshorsegirl ( назад)
God how I love Eric 

Автор riley monteath ( назад)
Eric's lucky

Автор lilly johnson ( назад)

Автор Eric Northman ( назад)

Автор Jessica Fluker ( назад)

Автор hannah cooper ( назад)
Everything.....you can't........ Wait a. Minute YES YOU CAN

Автор Gus Bomo ( назад)
Mr. Skarsgard is so damn fine. 

Автор UnMondeSansFin ( назад)
OMG how could she prefer Alcide or Bill over Eric fucking Northman! I
mean.. isn't it obvious?

Автор Leiby Lopez ( назад)
I´m the 666

Автор Tamara Johnson ( назад)
Mmmmm. :)

Автор Juliette lovessinging ( назад)
sookie's accent XD 

Автор Sabine Zweemer ( назад)

Автор SparkleFairy162 ( назад)
God he is perfection

Автор 98kalexius ( назад)

Автор Ro- ann Nolte ( назад)
Please help:-) where can I download the full episodes?? I LOVE IT!! Thanx

Автор thehopelessromanticxo ( назад)
Gawd...he's gorgeous. Eric and Sookie need to get back together! 

Автор teishaawilliams ( назад)
Bill & Sookie for ever

Автор jeri huggins ( назад)
Eric is hot but kreepy 

Автор Itzel H. ( назад)
i love eric and sookie together! 

Автор Taylor Flood ( назад)
check out my video on eric and sookie<3 

Автор Lucrezia Undomiel. ( назад)
hahhaah Sookie: WHAT THE HELL! excuse me!? Eric:mmmmmmm ahahahah XD

Автор SparkleFairy162 ( назад)
How can she stand there without jumping on him?

Автор Capri211 ( назад)
HaHa ...what do you want from me? Everything.... LMAO :)

Автор CaitlinAeRee ( назад)
I would!! For Eric!!! 

Автор GG96xoxo ( назад)
What do you think will happen, do you think my legs will magically open for
you. - well actually, yes?

Автор MyMusiclover28 ( назад)
Sookie: "What do you want from me?" Eric: "Everything" GRRRRR....

Автор mC22oK87 ( назад)
I would die if alex play christian grey. He is so perfect!

Автор Nitatua Ngalo ( назад)
Are you serious?!

Автор Felicia Sanchez ( назад)
its actually skarsgård... 

Автор Renee Joy ( назад)
Lmao, "I'll see to it that gets repaired." Gotta love him.

Автор Stefano Minafra ( назад)
finalmente una che la pensa uguale a me..eric è un fottuto
intrigante,ignobile,bastardo del cazzo,Bill è + umano,e leale,soprattutto
sa riconoscere i propri errori.Sookie la sta ottenendo con l'inganno,Bill
l'ha avuta spontaneamente. è Bill quello con le palle..non dimenticatelo,ma
a voi basta che uno sia bello,e ha tutto.Stronzate!

Автор Stommieblu ( назад)
That man makes the best sounds ever!!! Legs open magically just from the
sounds coming out of his mouth! Great video!

Автор j1land6 ( назад)
AAAHHH I must not watch this yet :O I still have to see season 3 :( But was
sooo tempting and I watched it:)

Автор geoStigmA Mark (850 лет назад)
i like sookie and eric 

Автор 21ventura ( назад)
Those is my favorite line from Eric, so I wish he would tell me that.

Автор bombkitten ( назад)
Well that was saucy. xD

Автор naminegirl21 ( назад)
Omg that growl when his fangs pop out!!! I just died....

Автор Daniel C ( назад)
Ah god! That growl of approval! It always makes me giggle like a little
school girl.

Автор alyssa cabral ( назад)
4 dislikes = bill compton, sam, alcide... and mike spencer

Автор Ashley Neduvelil ( назад)
He's damn hot! 

Автор Jemma-elizabeth Lee ( назад)
4 Dislikes? Dafuq?!

Автор PenWriter21 ( назад)
Yeah I would be his haha

Автор JennyStolle ( назад)
what an awesome Land Lord.

Автор Creaphonics ( назад)
oh, i see.. thanks! i just thought that somehow he look so familiar.. :D

Автор SomerhalderLady ( назад)
yep :D ^^^

Автор Creaphonics ( назад)
skarsgard,,is he the guy from lady gaga's MV paparazzi? 

Автор Midori Anabelle ( назад)
Alex will be the perfect Christian Grey. <3 you always Alexander SEXGOD.

Автор Angela Maria ( назад)
Is he? Has he been cheating on her? When? How?? Did they break up? Cause
Eric talks about that ''the first time Bill declared you his, how did it
make you feel?'', so it seems like Sookie and Bill have broken up. At least
in this episode.. Explain please? ^^

Автор Julie T ( назад)
Éric -3

Автор Empressoftheflames ( назад)
oh god Eric is so sexy!! I love TV him and book him equally!! That's so
rare because I like book Damon better.

Автор 8azile8 ( назад)
After he said "Sookie, you. are. mine." I would have been like "OK!!!!"

Автор Brooke Forey-Wells ( назад)
If I had the chance, I would SO be Eric's !!!!!

Автор Lexi Hampton ( назад)
Sookie need 2 wit Eric and stay!!!!! Fuck BILL!!!!!!

Автор Оля Лучків ( назад)
stupid cunt

Автор dragonsofliberty ( назад)
someone needs to school Eric on the transitive properties of ownership

Автор danalynne63 ( назад)
I wanna be his... Oh hell i think we all want to be his. I mean just look
at him.

Автор Cally Endra ( назад)
This man is fucking sexy whatever he does, whenever and wherever it is. ♥
This is a bit cruel... XD

Автор deltanuxkcrp ( назад)
One dislike? Bill Compton.

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