Sookie and Eric - "You are mine..!" {"True Blood" season 4, episode 1+2}}

This is scene from episode 1 and episode 2 of "True blood" :]] Eric is so gorgeous isn't he? ^^ Please vote ,comment and subscribe :}}

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Автор Maxine Mason (21 день)
I like the books, I like the plot line development. I haven't had a chance
to see the show. After watching a few clips, I think I would like that as

Автор riley monteath (2 месяца)
Eric's lucky

Автор Kim Brammer (5 месяцев)
Anything with Eric northman in it is fricking hot.

Автор Jessica Fluker (5 месяцев)

Автор Eric Northman (5 месяцев)

Автор Melissa Jackson (10 месяцев)
Eric's first line in this scene. . Hottest ever! 

Автор teishaawilliams (8 месяцев)
Bill & Sookie for ever

Автор siaysi (6 месяцев)
OMG how could she prefer Alcide or Bill over Eric fucking Northman! I
mean.. isn't it obvious?

Автор 21ventura (1 год)
Those is my favorite line from Eric, so I wish he would tell me that.

Автор SparkleFairy162 (7 месяцев)
God he is perfection

Автор Midori Anabelle (1 год)
Alex will be the perfect Christian Grey. <3 you always Alexander SEXGOD.

Автор vanessa (2 года)
soooooo hot! i want my own eric!

Автор Schems08 (2 года)
I didnt like it. I love it! :)

Автор CaitlinSk (11 месяцев)
I would!! For Eric!!!

Автор esmeraldina90 (10 месяцев)
hahhaah Sookie: WHAT THE HELL! excuse me!? Eric:mmmmmmm ahahahah XD

Автор bellavator94 (2 года)
god i love this show so much. the books were terrible; so redundant,
religious, unimaginative, strange (not in a good way), and elementary. i
love alan ball's work and his choice in actors ;) alex in particular.

Автор Brittney Lamoreau (2 года)
Eric, you. are. MINE!! :D he is sooo fucking yummy!

Автор geoStigmA Mark (1 год)
i like sookie and eric

Автор Tamara Johnson (6 месяцев)
Mmmmm. :)

Автор JennyStolle (1 год)
what an awesome Land Lord.

Автор Brittney Lamoreau (2 года)
@nicbakhotmail haha same!:)

Автор Leiby Lopez (6 месяцев)
I´m the 666

Автор Itzel H. (9 месяцев)
i love eric and sookie together!

Автор Mariah Mitchell (2 года)
OK, if Eric showed up in my bedroom and is all "you are mine." I would be
like "Gladly!!"

Автор Stare a hole through you (2 года)
lolz im waiting for Eric to come by with fowers,chocolates, and a
teddy-bear that says "Be Mine" haha

Автор SomerhalderLady (1 год)
yep :D ^^^

Автор sara50230 (1 год)
true!!! Bill lying and cheating all the time

Автор nicbakhotmail (2 года)
@belzgurl43 I love that quote:)

Автор MyMusiclover28 (11 месяцев)
Sookie: "What do you want from me?" Eric: "Everything" GRRRRR....

Автор poppyseed1987 (2 года)
SomerhalderLady thank you so much for posting this! and btw, Damon and
Eric? You have excellent taste!

Автор trixiedoor (1 год)
Credo che intendesse che chi ha messo il "dislike" al video dev'essere
Bill.. è una battuta. E sinceramente questo Bill LEALE e che non usa
l'inganno io non lo vedo proprio... in 5 stagioni ha ingannato e/o tradito
praticamente tutti... non è che hai visto solo la prima stagione?

Автор Caroline Cury (2 года)
I really admire all the charm and irony of him... it amazes me the cynicism
that he have

Автор Julie M (1 год)
Éric -3

Автор Hawa Chian (2 года)
"do you think my leg will just magicaly open for you..."

Автор Empressoftheflames (1 год)
oh god Eric is so sexy!! I love TV him and book him equally!! That's so
rare because I like book Damon better.

Автор SparkleFairy162 (10 месяцев)
How can she stand there without jumping on him?

Автор CBunny11191989 (2 года)
he don't need magic to get my legs open, they opened b4 he even said
anything!!!! ERIC=SEXY!!!

Автор oreoxxmiho (2 года)
The kind of growl he gives of approval when he sees her naked....mmm just
ridiculously hot.

Автор Ro- ann Nolte (8 месяцев)
Please help:-) where can I download the full episodes?? I LOVE IT!! Thanx

Автор hannah cooper (5 месяцев)
Everything.....you can't........ Wait a. Minute YES YOU CAN

Автор April Montis (2 года)
I would accept Eric's offer as well. He is awesome.

Автор agathasmw9 (2 года)
these scenes cnt be gud for my health

Автор theredphoenix96 (1 год)
oh, i see.. thanks! i just thought that somehow he look so familiar.. :D

Автор Galadh01 (2 года)
ok, Eric is the only character who can have me staring stupidly at the
screen for the whole time he´s on it (replays included) and I react only to
kiss the screen after his commens, to go on watching him stupidly again :D

Автор Jen 53669 (2 года)
You can see his pecs through his shirt :D

Автор Arctica Snow (2 года)
@LaraCroftDiary you mean when she was in that circle of witches? Yeah but
her hands were still involved in that. She was holding hands with someone.
And the one when she brought Erics memory back she still used her hands.
She's always used her hands to shoot light, so no.

Автор deltanuxkcrp (2 года)
One dislike? Bill Compton.

Автор QueenCatherineofArago n (2 года)
Love the door line at the end

Автор Gorillazgurl98 (2 года)
@dbritton41 I think he groans "huskily" (is that a word)

Автор jonesyboy1239 (2 года)

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