100mph bass boat in 2 seconds

Had the chance to ride in a bass boat that could go a 130mph wide open. I'm at Dream Strike Lake in Mississippi and it was a blast.

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Автор Nick Edwards ( назад)
perfect speed to troll crankbaits over shallow humps....

Автор MrBassMasterMike ( назад)
ONLY a true Fool would run that boat like that without life jackets and
safety switch !!!!

Автор MultiJeffb ( назад)
These guys are assholes.

Автор Wayne Bolton ( назад)
pffft i can row faster than that.

Автор Pits McGoo ( назад)
Must be your first bassboat.

Автор Overwatch118 ( назад)
Why the fucked up music, I want to hear the motor

Автор Bobby J. ( назад)
ONLY a true tool would run that boat like that without life jackets and
safety switch !!!!

Автор C moore ( назад)
Hate to keep dignifying you by posting, but i just noticed that you have no
gps. You have no idea how fast you are going. Speedometers aren't even
close. thereis a 29 mph difference in mine at redline.

Автор auto cycle marine services ( назад)
i got one to race you with 5000.00 1/4 mile hole shot 

Автор j german ( назад)
This is what 70 looks like

Автор Vin Blackburn ( назад)
I might be stupid but if it's not a bass boat then what is it

Автор Jason Fraser ( назад)
Horrible camera skills

Автор C moore ( назад)
The world record top speed for a production bass boat is 115.271. It's an
allison. And you think you can beat that? You might be stupid enough to
believe that but nobody else will.

Автор C moore ( назад)
My butt. You have just set the world's record for blown fuel flat bottom
drag boats then.

Автор Degradeddrummer666 ( назад)
Nice boat. Looks crazy fast! haha. Good tunes to listen to for once in a

Автор mkelsho ( назад)
i wanted to watch your video but all i could hear was head banging music...
remove it, it is horrible

Автор Chris ( назад)
Plan dumb

Автор David Heitman ( назад)
stop. ha. 

Автор Jaden Wallace ( назад)
I think I can paddle faster than that 

Автор Mike Bartoli ( назад)
Change title to "Not a bass boat going fast with lame drum music playing to
annoy you"! 

Автор Scott Strong ( назад)
no vest?? dumbass

Автор MultiBaldEagle ( назад)
Elevated casting decks front and rear, livewell, rod locker....looks like a
bass boat to me. It looks like one of those limited edition center console
jobs that Allison Craft put out back in the early/mid 80s, designed for a
short shaft racing motor. But yeah....it IS a bass boat any way you slice

Автор Lawn Chair Aviator ( назад)
Where is the 100mph boat? I was expecting to see one come into frame at any
moment, but instead we are just riding in a 65 mph boat? 

Автор HondaMXFan22 ( назад)
that's a fuckin bad ass drum solo man! 

Автор Shaun Gruner ( назад)
its a 260 or 280 ROS (Racing Off Shore) short shaft (15 inch)...No way it
went as fast as he says but i have no doubt the boat will break 100
mph...im guessing youre right though couple of quick bursts to 60 ish 

Автор Joshua Berrier ( назад)
last time i checked, allison is a bass boat.. also, it looks like a promax,
which is a badass motor. 

Автор flip wilson ( назад)
you dont even know what kind of boat you got...so you probably dont even
know how fast your going...btw (awesome life jackets)

Автор Owen Dennis ( назад)
How much gas does that use each time?

Автор WelLRoundeDSquarE ( назад)
P.S. If you don't believe me, go watch my two videos of my 17-1/2 inch RC
round nose hydro, going 52.8 MPH (over 1000 scale mph) . one is from the
cockpit, and other from the shore, it should be real clear what I'm talking
about then :/)

Автор WelLRoundeDSquarE ( назад)
um, kill the music, film from the shore so there is some sensation of his
speed, and acceleration!!!! DUH lol Sorry m8, ya can't tell shit from your
filming position

Автор kscottbrown1 ( назад)
I'm dizzy from the camera laying on it's side! 

Автор ozymaandias ( назад)
This guy has 200,000 views showing a boat with an unspecified outboard,
judging by its size a 150 to 200 hp one, accelerating to probably 60mph

Автор Ron Rook Sr. ( назад)
And no life jackets...... Not so smart.....

Автор hammer jammer ( назад)
The music, and the video suck. Sorry.

Автор constitutionfst ( назад)
Tiny pond to be going that fast.

Автор RKWWW ( назад)
I'll bet the real bass boaters hate you. 

Автор waterkeeper03 ( назад)
I'm with matt e. Allison XB set record at like 115mph. it can be outfitted
for a bass boat, but this one clearly isn't. this is like calling a triton
the fastest jon boat. Allisons are super quick, there's no reason to
imbelish or BS anyone about it. what prop gets you out of the hole to a top
speed (faster than Allison has ever run one) in 3 seconds? 

Автор matt E ( назад)
from what it looks like its a Allison but its not a bass boat for 1, second
I have a 21ft triton top speed 78.6mph "speed recorded on my gps", boat
speedos are not accurate at all usuallt ten mph of more at high speeds, I
took him 4 seconds just to get up on the pad, 100 in 2 seconds my ass and I
run my boat wide open all the time I know what 70+ looks to me never got
above 65 at best, I call BS

Автор drmicrophone33 ( назад)
Bottom line on this video: turn off the stupid fucking music so we can hear
the engine. Good night.

Автор Jordan Hooper ( назад)
Thats not a bass boat... Where's the rod lockers, swivel seats and trolling
motor? This is a speed boat. You can't comfortably fish out of this thing.
Yeah it may be fast, but that's all it's good for.

Автор WolfPackNJC ( назад)
in the end... unnecessary.

Автор blackjuice007 ( назад)
was that the emergency break release button,,,or maybe the flux capacitor
,,im hmmmming again...

Автор blackjuice007 ( назад)
what was that button you pressed at 2:40 ,,hmmmmm...1 nitrogen and 2 oxygen

Автор Buba Loui ( назад)
the allison record is 116. 130 my focking ass. some punk ass kid full of

Автор boatscribe ( назад)
If there was more people like him there would be fewer people like him. Top
speed was perhaps 70 mph

Автор Rick Cargo ( назад)
That's a pretty big '40' acre lake? 

Автор rabidsquirrelOG ( назад)
Dear Mississippi, It's good to see you on the Intarwebs. While you are
online, please make the most of your time here and learn about modern
safety precautions such as kill switch tethers, full face helmets, and life
preservers. I wish you and anyone near you good luck in the future -
they'll likely need it. 

Автор Tom Berger ( назад)
no trolling motor , no rod lockers , no tackle storage lockers no front
leaning post , where's the bass boat ????????????????????????????? 

Автор John Haley ( назад)
No lifevest??? No trolling motor??? Then it is a speedboat...not a
bassboat. But really gets me is the lack of safety precautions.

Автор rafael fanaris ( назад)
i like the music 

Автор magmamanfire ( назад)

Автор weldinggod1 ( назад)
Sure it's not called DREAM "SPEED" LAKE?? 130= B.S

Автор FamilyMann ( назад)
We're at in Mississippi I am in the shit hole of a state mississippi ,

Автор monsterzx9 ( назад)
I say wear a vest or not your life, no kill cord is everyone's problem,
unless that is he is running a spring return hot foot pedal, also a 40 acre
lake may be a private body of water, that being said you sir need to mind
your own business, and let the boys do what we do.

Автор TCF2148 ( назад)
Humph... All those exotic racing boats I've been drooling over and all I
need is a stinkin' Bass Pro fishing boat!

Автор seadooxp951 ( назад)
why this stupid music??? 

Автор MrCullyS ( назад)
it took you guys like 4 secs or more!!Ha 

Автор MrTrickBike ( назад)
i say 60 yep 60

Автор Blackarps ( назад)
shitty music and no proof of going 130

Автор Randy Robertson ( назад)
to the dumbass who said thats not a bass boat learn ya noats first before u
comment its a xb 2002 allison bass boat 

Автор jhnb12876 ( назад)
Why you feel you have to LIE here????

Автор kaleb mccarty ( назад)

Автор EastTNFishing ( назад)
Maybe not the best title for the video. but that boat is Hauling it quick!
You people who think he is only doing 40mph. You all must not know what
speed is. I run in a Bullet at 85 and you can tell he is getting it down
the lake. Just listen to the engine at first. He has to slow down everytime
so he doesn't run out of the lake! 

Автор Michael ( назад)
Yep Allison Xb2002 yes it is a Bass Boat.100 In 2 sec No, but hes running
pretty darn quick I think hes hittin Nos from Hole Shot, LongLive the

Автор clamboni9 ( назад)
That is absolutely a bass boat. It's an Allison XB. Not sure about 130, but
there's ones that unloaded and unrigged, that will run 110........with a
175 even. The front/rear seating is to keep all of the wind resistance

Автор reechaaard ( назад)
0 - 60 maybe

Автор mrkjs2 ( назад)
im still waiting to see 100 ??? I seen about 30-40 mph. these guys are
morons ! 

Автор Earley Cuyler ( назад)
I knew this was a scam, this is boolsheat.. You ain't really goin' above
'40 -- idiot redneck dorks!

Автор Freestyle Davis ( назад)
Wheres the bass boat? 

Автор DrZiggyzoo1 ( назад)
That's not even a bass boat. 

Автор MOEMUSICPLACE ( назад)
Sick beat,,,shudda. ...Cover the mic a little against the wind..........I
have a band called speedboat....ha ha......We made a Rock Video centered
around Bass Boats , Bass Guitars, Bass Fish.....hope you like it......Check
it out. its called Bass Boat.......... It's on my youtube

Автор MrCullyS ( назад)
what is the name of the song played? 

Автор gixxercarter ( назад)
Turn the damn music off. Can't hear the boat

Автор southga100 ( назад)
Man, I know u are not usind the mercontrol lever for trim..... A true
daredeveil if its not on the wheel. Monster balls

Автор MrCullyS ( назад)
awsome video 

Автор AJ Anthony ( назад)
Fucking awsome!

Автор Mirageman0373 ( назад)
U guys must be drinking way to much. Dream on!!!!!

Автор Greg Terzian ( назад)
120 mph? No way.

Автор shirtlessman ( назад)
The boat is an Allison, probably a a comp hull. @ roberdave-- someone needs
to bring that 130 mph bassboat to the Jasper River Run, 2011 river run had
a 2012 Mirage hit 125 mph with a 3.3 Simon Stroker motor on it. Everyone
would really like to see that 130 mph bassboat.

Автор Alex Hice ( назад)
19 foot basscat with a 200 merc runs 70 with one person 

Автор John Webb ( назад)

Автор Justin Havard ( назад)
@Ripnik67 because rodney didnt do it on a setup course an have too spend
all the money on it the boat has went well over 116

Автор Don't Thinkso ( назад)
@pdqasapdamnit Yup, they are not exactly known for their speed. I've
actually spent a lot of time in an older Champion (90-91 I believe) with a
200 merc that would run about 75 on gps in pretty ideal conditions. It was
set up pretty well.

Автор Don't Thinkso ( назад)
@pdqasapdamnit You said it, production boat. However, you could set up and
Allison to run well over that. Think they set a vhaul record of 128+ like
20 years ago.

Автор Jesse Wilhelmson ( назад)
We have an XB2003 with a 2.5 Offshore, and that thing flys. I have always
thought an XB2002 would be fun to drive...and hard. What does it have, a
2.5 Offshore like mine? 

Автор michael winkler ( назад)
no life vest no kill switch = dumbass you will learn someday then again
maybe it will be to late 

Автор cptstubing ( назад)
@roberdave the fact that you were scared means you are not 100% stupid..
maybe 90% but there is still hope for you.

Автор James Greer ( назад)
get rid of the music. just sounds like noise pollution and drowns out the
sound of the engine. thanks

Автор Justin Havard ( назад)
rodney lives not 10 miles from me an yes for all u shit talkers an youtube
bullshitters he ran 126 mph in his xb02 with the motor he built himself an
im sure if u wanna talk ya shit an put some money up rodney will b proud to
prove it

Автор GeoThundra (630 лет назад)
Anything over 70 is still sick... it'll take you about 20-30 secs to get
there in a good enough hull/engine combo

Автор dave011679 ( назад)
The fastest outboard drag boats in the world can't hit 100 in 2 seconds.
Looks closer to 65-70 but still impressive accelleration. Also the only way
that boat is gonna hit 130 is if you drive it over Niagra falls.

Автор iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa ( назад)
Yeah def not 2 seconds .. type in joe rumore coosa ... he has a stroker
allison that doesnt do 100 in 2 seconds 

Автор Matt Fisher (597 лет назад)
To drive an Allison Bass Boat you have to be 2 parts badass driver, 1 part
batshit crazy! My uncle used to race them, and I watched him get walked out
of one, and it wasn't his first time around the block, very nice rig in the

Автор Kryptek Enzo ( назад)
wtf is the boat on royds

Автор rangerbull ( назад)
wear is the idiots life vest?

Автор rangerbull ( назад)
wear is the idoits life vest?

Автор corban scholz ( назад)
what kinda jig were you running?

Автор T Rock ( назад)
I've got an xb-2002, and it's an easy 90 in a couple seconds with my
red/yellow Merc 2.4, only a couple racing goodies like heads, fuel pump and
a QS48 with a 28pitch is all it took to be scraping 140 flat out, love that
black "carpet" up front.

Автор Greg B. ( назад)
I'm with widowmaker , just plain STUPID not to wear life jackets and use
kill switch too...Really setting an examample for young folks.

Автор 280SS ( назад)
@greensidenavy18 That speed record (116) is an average of 2 runs in the
kilo. So, the real top speed attained was much higher.

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