World's largest snow blower HD

Over 2000 hp installed power capacity. Watch an ordinary snow blower compared to the world's biggest self-propelling snow blower. Made in Norway.

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Автор Maloy7800 ( назад)
Putting the driver on top of the madly rotating steel structure is not as
safe as the manufacturer thinks. Also, there's a lot of vibrations in the
cabin. I see absolutely no reason why the cab couldn't be behind the blower

Автор paul jensen ( назад)
How do you down vote something so cool? Oh ya, I forgot that liberal
snowflakes think a Big-Ass Cool Machine invented by brilliant engineers
emits more carbon emissions than lets say the Mount St Helens Eruption!
Nice logic....stupid libtards!

Автор 825Daryl ( назад)
that s bad ass

Автор Acquisitions ( назад)
Sorry for the message, goanor, our company recently came across your video,
‘World's largest snow blower HD!’. We would love to discuss a potential
opportunity. Is there an easier way of getting in touch?


Автор chris barton ( назад)
I wouldn't want to get white washed by that thing

Автор ThePointsFiner ( назад)
I'll take two muthafucka!

Автор Bill Blinky ( назад)
I'm searching for the vehicle they used in the Norwegian movie 'In order of
disappearance'. That thing was fantastic and quick too.
2000hp, 4,000 tons an hour and comfy inside.

Автор Tyler Kobs ( назад)
That is large but MTU makes a 20V-4000 engine that can produce 4000 HP, and
the 2000 means that each cylinder displaces 2000 ml or 2 litters.

Автор Evil Goater ( назад)
I don't know about worlds largest. It's big, but worlds largest is pushing

Автор hectors Lawncare ( назад)

Автор Cin Anon ( назад)
Not even close to the largest. Check out this one:
Originally built in 1937 as a steam driven engine, it was converted in 1957
to use modern fuel. Plows a 12 foot deep snowfall, and the flaps open up to
cut an extra foot wider on each side. Cleared the mountain tracks from
Immigrant Gap to Truckee in one day.

Автор Max Amar-Olkus ( назад)

Автор Tony St Louis ( назад)
Not the biggest sorry to say Oshkosh makes a 25 ton an hour machine i work
on them all the time. this one is big just not the biggest

Автор Bob Pombrio ( назад)
Besides I thought the largest were on the trains.

Автор Christine DeD ( назад)
We could most certainly use this in Buffalo NY! We are buried under feet of

Автор Michael Swartz ( назад)

Автор Martin WinWeb ( назад)
In terms of self driven snow blowers to the best of my knowledge the Swiss
made ROLBA R10.000 still is the largest snow blower with 3000 hp and 10.000
tons/hour capacity.

Автор canadian01978 ( назад)
where is it located?

Автор ATSoldier ( назад)
Yeah! That's the same thing I use to clean up my appartement!

Автор Joshua Ilac ( назад)
first of this isnt even the biggest snow blower out there and second of all
this is like a miniature blower compared to the one that the up owns

Автор GeorgeVeld ( назад)
Sorry guys this most defenatly not the worlds largest snow blowers just
google snow blowers on trains

Автор Matthias Hutecek ( назад)
this is not the largest blower, search for Schneeräumung am Großglockner
and youll see a pretty cool Snowblower called rotationplow

Автор bloodymary12 ( назад)
we need one of these for my city

Автор bill fish ( назад)
Supper gubbis thanks for telling the truth

Автор bill fish ( назад)
lol 2 motors not just 1

Автор Denver Morgan ( назад)
If its made in Norway most likely the costliest snow blower in the world

Автор bourbakis ( назад)
How fun to drive one!

Автор Ellas D'Kaye ( назад)
Is a copy of Gravely "square-Shoot"- made in USA

Автор IXDevelopment ( назад)
Øveraasen, of course :)

Автор Ravias201 ( назад)
Of course we need a snow mover in Norway! But not this year! :D No snow...

Автор Harley Nut ( назад)
Awesome 8-)

Автор Isaac Allen ( назад)
Considering getting one of these for my driveway... Do you think it will
have enough power?

Автор wi11y1960 ( назад)
Dear Santa.........

Автор Krandon Borth ( назад)
Asians are so bad at driving I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an

Автор Mike Gaskin ( назад)
The TV 2000 is more properly termed the world's largest rubber-tired

Автор DTD110865 ( назад)
I never said you were wrong. I showed the link to prove that you were

Автор Riding With Wranglerdave ( назад)
it doesn't matter if it rail or road the title of the video is World's
largest snow blower and that's just plain false

Автор DTD110865 ( назад)
True: watch?v=Mwgjx-MP5m0 But that UP snowblower is strictly rail-operated.

Автор SwollenRhino ( назад)
theres hundreds of these all over the Country, Ski resorts, Airports,
factories, construction company's . This is not the only 1

Автор Adam @ A&B Coffee ( назад)
You are correct! I can't belive they think this is the largest snowblower
in the world!

Автор ricky bowers ( назад)
Pray to God That the floor Doesn't break Or you won't be Here Anymore

Автор Riding With Wranglerdave ( назад)
wrong the 1966 Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow. The #900081 is truly an
awesome beast. It's the heaviest of it's kind and it's powered by a massive
GM/EMD 16 Cylinder Turbo Diesel that cranks out 3000 horsepower. All the
power from it's massive engine goes to power the 12 foot diameter rotary
blades. and is the largest snow blower in the world

Автор Jan ( назад)
nice for a snowwar =D

Автор 94meriks ( назад)
What happend to the 60km/h?

Автор Остров Сахалин ( назад)

Автор catfish4975 ( назад)
I wish my dick had that much power! Yeeeaah!!!

Автор Amir Meer ( назад)

Автор EJubett ( назад)
Thwack...look its raining skidoo parts...and a helmet!

Автор fred san ( назад)
1360 Hp (blower) + 650HP (engine chassis) 37.000 Kgs yeah crazy man really
is.... snow miss me so.

Автор JH129M ( назад)

Автор dovreboy1992 ( назад)
/watch?v=o4uePFH01dQ new snow blower from overaasen (bigger) :) like this
so people can see

Автор Nicholas Lopez ( назад)
Hey guys if you've seen bigger guess again cause the intake height is large
enough to to in your average SUV and still have space and btw that snow was
only average for that area and It is deep enough to trap a tank inside

Автор supremeon1 ( назад)

Автор Matteo Chateau ( назад)
Che mezzo!!!

Автор alco424 ( назад)
Unless it was on the railway, I have a hard time believing that. 

Автор thisisreallystupid0 ( назад)
FAR from the world's largest snow blower, maybe the most powerful, but not
largest. I saw a larger one yesterday! 

Автор DontLeaveMeLucile ( назад)
definitely not worlds biggest snow blower, but cool vid.

Автор David W ( назад)
2000 installed would seem to be less than the 3000 dedicated just to the
snowblower on the BNSF snowblowers.

Автор IRaceFormula ( назад)
So much for my 431cc Husqvarna that I paid $2400 for at Lowe's! Haha!

Автор Jared Heyde ( назад)
wow those machines are awsome 

Автор Sour F4ce ( назад)
all of this is because charlie sneezed.

Автор doug cook ( назад)
taking quotes from the little woman are we ? sorry mate had to write it
after reading your post just a joke cheers :)

Автор jay collard ( назад)
I've seen bigger....much bigger.. 

Автор teuska1965 ( назад)
Going any faster?

Автор j rich ( назад)
thats charlie sheens dealer delivering this weekends coke!!

Автор superxpowercenter ( назад)
maybe not the biggest, but still amazing!

Автор slam2610 ( назад)
Damn that's some serious horses. Requires fuel for 15 cars to clear some
snow with that!

Автор falouchelo ( назад)
scuse mais officiellement selon kes vrai source montreal, a la plus grosse
snow blower en amerik pour monter les bac de neige ds les park a neige ,
appelle tva pi radio canada , c eux ki lont dis a tv ,gros criss de cave

Автор weldboy67 ( назад)
You got that right! These people never paid a visit to the Durango &
Silverton after a snow storm! This thing isn't shit compared to a rotary
plow on rails! 

Автор SuperGubbis ( назад)
Show me a bigger 2 stage snowblower =) I have searched the web for "world's
largest snow blower" but Øveraasen TV2000 comes up on every page I check.
if there is larger than the øveraasen tv2000. (non about the railroad
Rotary snowplows) there had been interisangt to see =)

Автор REDMAN ( назад)
There is bigger ones

Автор karlee youngblut ( назад)
And love your name 

Автор karlee youngblut ( назад)
Ya your right trainlover479

Автор Spartan117JMC ( назад)
its a Runway Blower :D

Автор John Jensen ( назад)
Cool video ... but not what I consider huge. The local DOT has a dual stage
that dwarfs this, and we don't even live in an area that gets that much

Автор SuperGubbis ( назад)
cool movie by the way =) I saw it at gardemoen ..... fascinating. those
working in 50-60km/h

Автор SuperGubbis ( назад)
Americans dislikes that other countries actually make bigger and better
things than them =) =) so I'm sitting laughing and reading stupid comments.

Автор Per Eriksson ( назад)
It's the cooling package fan. 

Автор Adam Rycroft ( назад)
1:13 how convenient to have steps leading up to the impeller...

Автор skiddy8619 ( назад)
LOL my video may not be as good quality as this, but it throws snow farther
than what this does, sorry goanor;)

Автор Muffeeee :D ( назад)
Isn't this on the airport actually?

Автор wakaphwap ( назад)
mom im done the drive way

Автор Sharkie Ishungry ( назад)
Heh heh heh....... think bigger. Think rotary blower on a Diesel
locomotive. Made in America. Of course.

Автор wav5000kb ( назад)
i think 650hp would be enough for the blower,i sugest putting the more
powerfull engine to the chasis,i mean,37t is a bit too much for 650hp

Автор falouchelo ( назад)
what i see actually is not 20m bro

Автор Kristoffer Monsen ( назад)
This throws 10-12 tonnes of snow 35-45 meters in the air per hour. 20 meter
throwing distance this can do at half engine speed.

Автор DavayMyaso ( назад)
will this work with cocaine?

Автор DeereRunnerFarms ( назад)
good way ta kill zombies i suppose 

Автор james thomas ( назад)
NOT the worlds biggest snowblower, STOP LYING

Автор dovreboy1992 ( назад)
The company that made this machines, also have the biggest snow blower on
the rail roads ;) 

Автор falouchelo (568 лет назад)
its way not the world largest one lol, montreal city in canada got the
biggest one of north america and can throw the snow over 20m in the air, so
your toy still a toy lol

Автор Apophis392 ( назад)

Автор moradi erkule ( назад)

Автор yamaharidr450 ( назад)
and 2 mins later driveway cleared. 

Автор Cullen Maher ( назад)
@PhillyToTahoe ok look, they are railroad inspection cars snd propel
themselves. look just because I said something u didnt like doesnt mean u
should be an asshole

Автор Cullen Maher ( назад)
ok look "sir", to make things clear, i am not a fag/jackass, second of all,
i have 2 full size Railroad cars and operate them on a local 12 mile
railroad, just to let you know. And lastly, the size of the parts that move
on THAT plow are TINY if you compared it to a Southern Pacific rotary plow,
the railroad plow will be bigger. 

Автор wi11y1960 ( назад)
This would make clearing my 1000 foot drive a snap!

Автор Scully ( назад)
according to the dick map, they also have small penises, so it makes sense!

Автор giggleherz ( назад)
"my snow plower is stronger than your snow plower". " Oh yea, well my snow
plower can beat up your plower any day". Oh ya, well my...

Автор Dirk Broer ( назад)
Sweden and Norway get snow every year for the last couple of centuries.
Even before Columbus went to America. 

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