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Автор Tyler Kobs (1 месяц)
That is large but MTU makes a 20V-4000 engine that can produce 4000 HP, and
the 2000 means that each cylinder displaces 2000 ml or 2 litters.

Автор Martin WinWeb (6 месяцев)
In terms of self driven snow blowers to the best of my knowledge the Swiss
made ROLBA R10.000 still is the largest snow blower with 3000 hp and 10.000
tons/hour capacity.

Автор Max Amar-Olkus (3 месяца)

Автор hectors Lawncare (2 месяца)

Автор Christine DeD (6 месяцев)
We could most certainly use this in Buffalo NY! We are buried under feet of

Автор Evil Goater (1 месяц)
I don't know about worlds largest. It's big, but worlds largest is pushing

Автор Matthias Hutecek (1 год)
this is not the largest blower, search for Schneeräumung am Großglockner
and youll see a pretty cool Snowblower called rotationplow

Автор ATSoldier (8 месяцев)
Yeah! That's the same thing I use to clean up my appartement!

Автор Cin Anon (2 месяца)
Not even close to the largest. Check out this one:
Originally built in 1937 as a steam driven engine, it was converted in 1957
to use modern fuel. Plows a 12 foot deep snowfall, and the flaps open up to
cut an extra foot wider on each side. Cleared the mountain tracks from
Immigrant Gap to Truckee in one day.

Автор canadian01978 (6 месяцев)
where is it located?

Автор Tony St Louis (3 месяца)
Not the biggest sorry to say Oshkosh makes a 25 ton an hour machine i work
on them all the time. this one is big just not the biggest

Автор Pita Pombrio (5 месяцев)
Besides I thought the largest were on the trains.

Автор Michael Swartz (6 месяцев)

Автор princess anna (3 месяца)
its cool

Автор Jørgen Thørnquist (1 год)
Zombie apocaplypse vehicle of choice!

Автор MrBeav62 (3 месяца)
Canada should buy a fleet of these and blow the snow into the ocean so we
wouldnt have to deal with the shit

Автор Hans Looman (1 год)
Now there's a snowblower! :)

Автор bourbakis (1 год)
How fun to drive one!

Автор Denver Morgan (1 год)
If its made in Norway most likely the costliest snow blower in the world

Автор Joshua Ilac (11 месяцев)
first of this isnt even the biggest snow blower out there and second of all
this is like a miniature blower compared to the one that the up owns

Автор Ravias20 (1 год)
Of course we need a snow mover in Norway! But not this year! :D No snow...

Автор GeorgeVeld (1 год)
Sorry guys this most defenatly not the worlds largest snow blowers just
google snow blowers on trains

Автор Isaac Allen (1 год)
Considering getting one of these for my driveway... Do you think it will
have enough power?

Автор bloodymary12 (1 год)
we need one of these for my city

Автор bill fish (1 год)
Supper gubbis thanks for telling the truth

Автор Krandon Borth (1 год)
Asians are so bad at driving I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an

Автор bill fish (1 год)
lol 2 motors not just 1

Автор wi11y1960 (1 год)
Dear Santa.........

Автор IXDevelopment (1 год)
Øveraasen, of course :)

Автор Ellas D'Kaye (1 год)
Is a copy of Gravely "square-Shoot"- made in USA

Автор Grillikauppa.com (1 год)
Tässä on TV 2000, maailman suurin lumilinko. Siinä on 2000 hevosvoimaa ja
sillä saa siivottua yli 10 000 tonnia lunta tunnissa! Tällä saa vähän
suuremmatkin pihat siivottua.

Tutustu Grillikaupan lumilinkotarjouksiin:

Автор Harley Nut (1 год)
Awesome 8-)

Автор SuperGubbis (2 года)
Americans dislikes that other countries actually make bigger and better
things than them =) =) so I'm sitting laughing and reading stupid comments.

Автор gekkomaster1 (3 года)
there is a good reason Oslo airport has only been closed twice since 1998
because of snow. :P

Автор John Jensen (2 года)
Cool video ... but not what I consider huge. The local DOT has a dual stage
that dwarfs this, and we don't even live in an area that gets that much

Автор RodChandlerII (3 года)
no a cow will not clog the chute it will go right through as happens with
any road kill buried in the snow as they clean the road.

Автор RodChandlerII (3 года)
It was not made in Norway it was Made in Paul Idaho by Kodiak North West
who is now located in Burly Idaho and i am the trucker who hauled both of
them to Dundalk terminal in Maryland to ship them to Norway on a boat.
These machines were built so big that they had to cut 3" off the top
doorway of the shop to get them out when we loaded them. If I am correct in
my memory they weigh around 68000 pounds each. there were 2 total made and
they move 4500 tons per hour of snow each.

Автор INFI LLC (3 года)
O hey car... nom nom nom

Автор Shankar Kushwaha (3 года)
king kong with us

Автор SirFrag32 (3 года)
Cocaine's a hell of a drug

Автор 94meriks (1 год)
What happend to the 60km/h?

Автор Dirk Broer (3 года)
Sweden and Norway get snow every year for the last couple of centuries.
Even before Columbus went to America.

Автор ipadize (3 года)

Автор MrSilenceMaster (1 год)
nice for a snowwar =D

Автор Assassinations101 (3 года)
........meanwhile in Canada...

Автор RV Liveing With Wranglerdave (1 год)
wrong the 1966 Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow. The #900081 is truly an
awesome beast. It's the heaviest of it's kind and it's powered by a massive
GM/EMD 16 Cylinder Turbo Diesel that cranks out 3000 horsepower. All the
power from it's massive engine goes to power the 12 foot diameter rotary
blades. and is the largest snow blower in the world

Автор PK Finans (3 года)
Please show me this bigger train snowblower.

Автор James Loy (3 года)
@skinsofarmor when ever someone says "I've done that" on you tube, its
generally considered to be lies

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