Farting In The Library


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Автор Moon Xena ( назад)
Last guy did NOT look amused LOL

Автор catherine birch ( назад)
The bloke at 0.58 was funny, with the expression on his face! He looked
down at the chair as if looking for skidmarks!

Автор Moon Orchid ( назад)
I was dying when he sat on the arm of the chair and farted 😂

Автор acrovader ( назад)
Ed Bassmaster and Jack Vale are gay lovers.

Автор Abdullah GAMER ( назад)

Автор Jesse Holiday ( назад)
2:12 --- boop baap...........bip baap.........braaAAp!

Автор PowerPuffGirl Fan1234 ( назад)
OMG so funny.

Автор Magdalena Milczarek ( назад)
hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaha so fun

Автор melvina wilson ( назад)
I'm watching this taking an amazingly huge dump!! Great timing!!😨

Автор TheSpoofProject ( назад)
Lol the virgin at 2:20

Автор Angela Quiring ( назад)
the one at 1:50 is the best

Автор mark speary ( назад)
man that smells like shit.

Автор Chris Obregon ( назад)
00:39 walrdo shirt

Автор Tony Cannida ( назад)
chemical warfare!!!

Автор Erica Landen ( назад)

Автор Usagi Chiba ( назад)
the sound of the fart is so funny I almost cry

Автор Lena Dreams ( назад)
hahahahha im cryingg hahahah xD

Автор RationalGov58 ( назад)

Автор CSouthwell 2000 ( назад)
1:49 XD

Автор Jamie Bryant ( назад)
Jack is such a creeper he rips one and stands around looking at you lol, so

Автор ‫بشرى حميد‬‎ ( назад)

Автор cjgeel1 ( назад)
Lol Jack you looked like a young lad back then

Автор Stefanie Kopnina ( назад)

Автор ROGER WILLIAMS ( назад)
He has marvelous manners! He poots like a gentleman.

Автор Dino Gamer ( назад)

Автор Ric Brown ( назад)
I was expecting the guy @2:20 to psh at any time.

Автор Carter ( назад)
I'm puttin this on the news

Автор himOO iss ( назад)

Автор bryan1282 ( назад)
Library's....what a waste of taxpayer money, everyone has a kindle and a
computer at home

Автор Wwe Legacy ( назад)

Автор Before Death ( назад)
Stupid and genius :)

Автор streenghtto ( назад)
the two ed and bale are over the top

Автор Fitness Gamer ( назад)

Автор Mr. MSB (68 лет назад)
hahaha. I also farted due to excess laugh. hahaha

Автор [Insert Name Here] ( назад)
these people have no sense of humor... then again thats probably why they
hang out at the library!

Автор Pichai Phaethaya ( назад)
May i ask what kind of fart toy do u use??

Автор Nicole Little ( назад)
The guy @1:00 lol he looks so pissed off, I would probably be laughing.

Автор Teghvir kaur ( назад)
i was laughing so hard!

Автор modspell ( назад)
Ed you should back it up with some "Smells Like @$$" from Amazon!

Автор Maxi Lpio ( назад)
you can't fart while walking , i've tried it and it didn't work i had to
stop lol

Автор Shree Ram ( назад)
1:49 Best One :D :D

Автор Joemar Sacampong ( назад)
hahahahahahahaha 10000000x

Автор John Huggins ( назад)
Had to laugh at the guy sitting next to him,at the computer,face like
thunder,very serious,when I would have been cracking,up!

Автор fro0tyl0opy87 ( назад)
Crap! Jack Vale looks young on this!

Автор fro0tyl0opy87 ( назад)
At 0:27 you can hear what sounds like 'Was that you' even before Ed uses
the pooter, then at 0:33 you can hear exactly the same 'was that you'

Автор The Suit Is NOT Black! ( назад)
@ 1:00 worst posture I've ever seen. That's guy's gonna have some serious
back problems.

Автор Little Munchkin ( назад)

Автор Ben Allen ( назад)
Anyone know the piece of music at the beginning of the video and throughout
in the background!?

Автор nika alimbarashvili ( назад)
made Fuck

Автор Peyton Nichols ( назад)
Have you noticed that one hand is always here order the table

Автор Incognito ( назад)
just look at it

Автор Lynn Oldfield ( назад)
LMFAO! 😆 😆 😆 Where can I get a pooter from?

Автор uselessjoe ( назад)
how about a woman farting in the library?

Автор Anita Sharma ( назад)

Автор winner Lebron James ( назад)
Jack vale got old since that time.

Автор Philip Peterson ( назад)
They squeeze a black rubber thing to make the farts mate.

Автор Philip Peterson ( назад)
Nothing like a good fart!

Автор Noah Leonard ( назад)
How are they making the farts?

Автор Paul B ( назад)
So funny, absolutely brilliant!

Автор Minh Hằng Nguyễn ( назад)
So funny !

Автор Donte In Real Life (1165 лет назад)
dude with the green shirt looked at the ceiling lol

Автор Ashidiq Hisham ( назад)

Автор Alex James ( назад)
lmao this entire video

Автор Westin VINES ( назад)
More elevator farts!

Автор ThusIsBrad ( назад)
1:00 He's SO MAD!

Автор rox 123 ( назад)

Автор GARY BINGHAM (1286 лет назад)
may the farts be with you

Автор GARY BINGHAM (1318 лет назад)
who farted

Автор jonas Jales ( назад)

Автор Pippi Mippi ( назад)

Автор choatech ( назад)
The pooter sucks. Use your normal method.

Автор moka ( назад)
Mdr,dans une bibliotheque ou logiquement ,on ne doit pas faire de bruit

Автор nicole emery ( назад)
Thanks for the laugh hahaha my stomach hurts and I have tears in my eyes
now lmfao

Автор Natalie Ramos ( назад)
Omg WHO will do that?

Автор Crazygamer ye6 ( назад)

Автор Gregory Baker ( назад)
the second one the two asian girls on the end were my friends!!!!!

Автор Nana Wilson ( назад)
The best 1:49

Автор KeimaaaEimma ( назад)
Most people have headphones on nowadays

Автор Timothy King ( назад)
1:50 I almost reinjured my hernia laughing my ass off so hard. Thanks a

Автор Thomas Ben ( назад)
Last guy reminds me of " would you look at that" or "psssh"

Автор Ryan Spann ( назад)

Автор Nell Neuenkirk ( назад)
I died laughing!!!😂😂😂

Автор azfirewiseify ( назад)
Week character people, the gag is funny..yes!
But no one, "NO ONE" has the courage to say something? "ANYTHING"? That
wouldn't have happened just 20 yrs ago. People, public in general, used to
stand up to this kind of reckless disrespect. I'm no tough guy but I would
have said something...."GUARANTEED"!

Автор pembo3000 (1909 лет назад)

Автор Hamid Behnam ( назад)
If I was in that library I would laugh my head off to hell

Автор PC M ( назад)
Not nearly as funny as when the old man is walking around ripping them.

Автор aiwkiw88 ( назад)

Автор aiwkiw88 ( назад)

Автор Blue Wolfgirl ( назад)

Автор Anand JC ( назад)
its 2015 and its still funny!

Автор terceldude ( назад)
Farting in the library is funny as hell! :)

Автор Thảo Trần ( назад)

Автор Carla Elias ( назад)

Автор kaykaynboots12 Animaljam ( назад)
i most die XD

Автор Jo Do ( назад)
Song at the start?

Автор iuliana costea ( назад)

Автор Tyrese Knox ( назад)
Lol the last guy was like *smh*

Автор Xxxthem2ghtyx3oxp5o m0the2f3c36r (665 лет назад)
Make farts

Автор Xxxthem2ghtyx3oxp5o m0the2f3c36r (727 лет назад)
I fart a lot like a lot lol

Автор dacosta0656 ( назад)
how are they not laughin

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