Loom Knit: Granny Round

Who says you can't make granny squares if you're a knitter! Well, in this case, we're technically making Loom Knit Granny Rounds, but either way it's pretty neat. Just use this free tutorial from Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses and learn how to use this easy loom knitting project to create a Granny Round on a 36 peg loom. Once you're done, you can use these rounds as trendy coasters, or sew them together to create a funky afghan. To complete this project, you will need a round 36-peg loom.

For more tip and tutorials and the pattern click here:

Pattern for Loom Knit Granny Round and Granny Hexagon. Instructions to make a turtle photoprop!


Thanks and Happy Looming! -Kristen
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Автор kittylee atlas ( назад)
thank you i am disabled and if it wasnt for crochet and loom knitting i wouldnt be able to do many crafts i love the videos

Автор Jolene Goodwin ( назад)
Wow that was a great Detroit thank you for showing me how to do that on a loom thank you so much

Автор Zara Ramadi ( назад)
Can we make larger round with 36 pegs loom? Thx

Автор Nion Y ( назад)

Автор Tiana Wendling ( назад)
Love it!! Such a good idea.

Автор 7StepzUnderTheSun ( назад)
Thank you. شكراً لك

Автор Doubird28 ( назад)
Hi, is there any way to make the granny round but backwards as to start of with the drawstring casting?

Автор Donna Hall ( назад)
If I want to use a 24 peg round loom, would I do the same and mark every 6th peg?
I want to make smaller granny rounds. Thank you.

Автор nvaranavage ( назад)
You rock! I never could follow written directions, no matter how hard I tried, thanks for making the written directions make sense to a very visual loomer!

Автор nvaranavage ( назад)
Love this! And so easy, and seems like they knit up fast!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
That sounds fantastic! I'd love to see your work. Checkout the goodknitisses Facebook and Google pages and groups. We'd love to see what you make with these :-)

Автор Mariah Wilson ( назад)
Love these...think I'm going to use up some t shirts and do a recycled loomed t-shirt rug in granny rounds! We shall see how it turns out! Kristen your tutorials are the best! I learned how to loom thanks to you :).

Автор Charita Cutler ( назад)

Автор Peggy Farrell ( назад)
Your videos are really helpful and clear. Thank you so much.

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@"Kim McKay" hi there! Actually I made a video on that this year! YT won't let me link but here is the name of the video. Hope that helps! "Quick Granny Round on 24 peg loom"

Автор Kim McKay ( назад)
If I wanted to use a 24 peg loom, would you still divide into 6 portions, or into 4 poritons, to get 6 pegs in each?

Автор Jerry Fink ( назад)
thanks for the video. Have a good day!

Автор mark mckee ( назад)
Thank you so much for this tutorial I made one of these and it turned out amazing : )

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
yay!! Thank you for your sweet comments, too! Happy Looming - Kristen

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
Thank you so much! Blessings - Kristen

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
LOL, you are welcome! ;-) yay!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Janice Haley ( назад)
Very cool! Going to play tonight making these... Thanks for a great video!

Автор cheryl fell ( назад)
Glad I found you, love the video, i've been making hats, boring. Now I can make a blanket...

Автор vailismyname ( назад)
Done and done! Thank you!

Автор luv2crochetnknit ( назад)
Thank you for this tutorial, it was very thorough and I was able to follow your instructions so easily. This is a wonderful project. Love all your videos. Thank you & God Bless

Автор Amy Lyons ( назад)
If your referring to the Martha Stewart loom & weave set from wal-mart yes. It's a different size loom then the one she is using in the video but it will still work.

Автор SpecialKvw ( назад)
Just out of curiosity, I am having trouble decreasing.. but i had good success in the drawstring cast on method. So how could i use your patttern with a drawstring method?? I think your video is much easier but on christmas eve i almost lost a whole hat trying the decrease , the first video i watched that was yours. Im gonna try this but dont want to lose my hat, I need to start with the purling.

Автор Amy Lyons ( назад)
Do we have to make it the exact way you made it. Or is it ok as long as it's round like yours? -10,000 yarn giveaway question-

Автор Lura Lyn ( назад)
I always saw my Aunt making these when I was a child, but she made hers with knitting needles, so when I came across this I got really excited because I can make them for myself as well using my round loom! Thank you!!

Автор Jamie Wiseman ( назад)
Could you do this on the Martha Stewart loom?

Автор gmed2 ( назад)
Hey, Is there anyway that you could do a vid on how to connect all the Granny Rounds for a blanket? I would love that.

Автор Donna J Powell ( назад)
great tutorial, easy to follow, made 5 all ready

Автор TheMommyRach ( назад)
Thank you for this post, great instructions.

Автор Theressa Williams ( назад)
This is an amazingly creative video. Incredibly informative! I'm new to the Knitting loop and am just now learning you can actually purl with the product! Proof you learn something new everyday :D I hope to make a granny round blanket someday :D

Автор Kadinh13 ( назад)
Well it won't let me post a link but if you google "baby crochet turtle prop" you'll see what I meant.

Автор Kadinh13 ( назад)
Thanks! I'm using the smaller looms to make a turtle newborn baby outfit similar to the link below for my SIL who's expecting. I've been trying to learn to crochet so I could make it but this is SO much easier! I'll be finished with it within a day :D

Автор pastorluckyswife ( назад)
That looks sooooo easy. Thank you so much for sharing that, I've already got tons of ideas for what to do with them.... Love it!

Автор Shayleen DeBarros ( назад)
I have wanted a video like this for the longest ! Thank you

Автор Dale Wigington (629 лет назад)
I haved learned sooooo many different knitting projects from your videos,thanks sooooooooo much for sharing!!!!!!!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@kittylove012 it should be two sections of 6 so you decrease 3 rows. be sure to put the other rows on first. try alternating ew for purl rows in the beginning.

Автор kittylove012 ( назад)
This is really wonderful! I was wondering, how would you do this on a small loom? (the flower size loom to be exact.) Would it be 3 instead of six, or something else?

Thanks for the wonderful tutorials. :)

Автор Trying ( назад)
@GoodKnitKisses No worries. :) After finishing the granny circle, it fit on a smaller loom and it was easy to continue and loom knit the body of the bag. It turned out nice.

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@gtac37 Sorry for the delay, I didn't see this comment til now. You could make a tube and then. Sew on (with yarn & tapestry needle) the granny round for the base after the two parts are made. Also you could place the complete edges of the granny round onto a loom that it would fit and start the bag from the bottom up. I hope that helps!

Автор Trying ( назад)
You mention that this could be the base of a bag and that's what I want to accomplished but how do I add it back on the loom to finish the bag? Can that be done or do I have to hand crochet the body of the bag?

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@1carwin Thank you so much! Yes subscribing, watching & sharing my videos is great support for me. If you like, I do sell a few patterns in my ETSY shop. To help you for your granny circle blanket check out favecrafts website for their Meet & Make on Kristen Mangus. Just google it and you'll find a picture of how I connected some for a blanket. I just shifted the rows over and single crocheted it together. I'm sorry YT won't let me put a link here. Thanks for watching. Feel free to find me on F

Автор 1carwin ( назад)
Love this pattern....Just finished making seven rounds. Trying to decide how I want to put them together. I really appreciate your videos--clear, easy-to-follow instructions. How can we best support you?.

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@berrygirl201 I think it hides that longer ladders on the larger looms but you can use a thinner yarn on smaller looms. The other thing you can do is keep tugging on the yarn when drawstring cast off. You can manipulate it to evenly get the ladders smaller. Use this technique freely on smaller looms with different yarn I am finding out, yay! Thanks for the comment. -Kristen

Автор Faith Jaggernauth ( назад)
Do you have to use bulky yarn or you can you thinner yarn

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@logiclovr Sure! Just knit back and forth in a flat panel and change stitches and colors as you like. When you reach your length desired just cast off! :-)

Автор logiclovr ( назад)
Can you do a square, flat-panel-knit granny square on a round loom? Just curious and btw I love the granny round thing! I'm making bags for my sisters for Christmas and this will definitely help me get started. :)

Автор kerri balli ( назад)
@GoodKnitKisses Thank you again for all your videos...FYI I sent you a PM on FB about the Loom Knit Mesh Bag. :-)

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@1962tami Thanks! You can make all kinds of different squares and change colors, too. This was just made for a really quick knit project. Actually it was discovered when I was testing for decreasing on a hat! Happy discovery!

Автор Tami Walsh ( назад)
Is there any way to do a regular square-shaped granny square on a loom? I see so many cool granny squares that are made w/needles and would really love to learn how to duplicate that onto a loom if it's at all possible. Love this video, btw! I always get so excited when I see that you've uploaded another loom knitting tutorial :o))

Автор kerri balli ( назад)
@GoodKnitKisses I will definitely try it and see if it works on the yellow loom. I will let you know the out come...But I think we both know that it will work. Thank you Kristin for all you ideas and help. Have a great day!!!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@kerrbearofaustin I need to try it again. The first time it made more of a bowl and I moved on to the other size looms. I can't remember what I did but You could try to have 7 sections of 6 ( and the lest section just won't have the one that moves over from 6 to 5. It will just stay there on that last round.) Try that. Also you can substitute the second knit row stitch for a purl and it will lay down flatter in a garter pattern. it looked more hexagonal to me. Have fun & Happy Looming!

Автор kerri balli ( назад)
Is there anyway to do this on the yellow loom to make make bigger granny rounds?

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@leoyne That just melts my heart! I am super excited that you can make this, YOU are an inspiration! Many blessings to you!! Have fun and Happy Looming! -Kristen

Автор DaNorra Facey ( назад)
This is Awesome! I love looming. It's so much easier for me since I c/n use one hand! I used to crochet before the stroke but founf knifty knitter and love looming. So glad I can now view projects to make alot more beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!!!

Автор Nicole Williams ( назад)
that is so cool!! thanks for showing

Автор john khan (701 год назад)
@GoodKnitKisses Hello thank you so much for your message. I've just had an idea that perhaps the blanket would work if i knitted large granny rounds and smaller granny rounds and then stitch the smaller ones over the diamonds. I'm looking forward to your new videos. But to make the smaller granny rounds, do i use the same number of stitches? as shown for the larger granny round? thanks.

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@cod4disputers Yes you are right. If you sewed the edges together it would create a sort of a four pointed star. it would be more of an airy or decorative throw. You could even do it as an art wall hanging. I'm currently working on other projects to make more videos so i haven't made enough to put it all together yet. it's just an idea i had. :-)

Автор john khan ( назад)
@GoodKnitKisses Hi Thanks for the video, I really liked it and this seems something I could knit so I am very excited. However at the end when you say knit all the grany rounds together to form a blanket, Im thinking would there not be massive gaps? because its not squares... like the other examples on utube and google, so im not sure how it would come together. Can you please post a picture of the finished blanket of the granny rounds! Thank you : O)

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@spitchrock LOL you know what I was shocker, too?! I was testing to make decreased beanie hats and using less yarn. When i went to close it was a happy surprise! I'd love to see what you make on our Fabebook fan page!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@jvfeline Super! I'm glad, too. You can also make flat panels as well. You can even make one just a couple or rows wide and do the kitchener stitch to close it. That will make a headband!

Автор Tara no ( назад)
That was amazing! At the end, I was shocked it could be that easy. I have been loom knitting for a couple of months now. I have made only hats (about 30)but really wanted to make other things. Thank you for showing me how!! I can't wait to have some new coasters :)

Автор jvfeline ( назад)
Wow...It is a good thing that I can make other things besides hats with my round looms. Thank you for making the video.

Автор GoodKnitKisses (1477 лет назад)
@twilighttaggers thanks! How did it work out Hannah?!

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@rosie01ism if you'll expand the view of the description for this video you'll see a link. That leads you to a page for allfreeknitting on this pattern. There is a link inside it that leads you to my direct pattern. YouTube won't let me reply with a link so I can't just post it for you unfortunately. Have fun, keep the stitches loose and happy looming!!

Автор rose fragale ( назад)
great how do i get printed pattern ty

Автор rose fragale ( назад)
great how do i get printed pattern ty

Автор GoodKnitKisses ( назад)
@ilovstodance Thank you!!! :-) You are sweet! ...and yes i agree on the sliced bread! haha!

Автор D Bolt ( назад)
loom knitting is the greatest thing since of bread lol need to watch more of yr videos been so busy doing outside work taken a break watching u lol ohhh that is how u pearl good teacher

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