SR-25 SASS Future Weapons

Knights Armament SR-25 MK11 Mod0 Semi-Automatic Sniper System SASS. Future Weapons Episode from Season 3

Thanks for all the comments everyone. The reason I have this titled is because this rifle was actually one of the first production rifles made. I know a few people that were there the day of the shooting and it's an inside joke.
A SR-25 is a M110 and a M110 is a SR-25.
The Navy, I believe, was the first to get them and they bestowed the M110 name change for the contract and packaging. You will be able to get a number of different SR-25 packages in the near future.
Great place to work and live.

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Автор Extreme PooPs ( назад)
in coming in warface hehehehehe

Автор Zachary Norris ( назад)
that can be done with a fucking 10/22

Автор pulpnonfiction ( назад)
So it's an easy shooting AR 10? Nice.

Автор lamar truth ( назад)
this is the rifle the Reaper uses.

Автор Joe Dirt ( назад)
God damn Hollywood suppressor noises FUCK ASSSSS

Автор Chase Pennoh ( назад)
This show was part of my childhood, best show on the military channel along
with top tens

Автор Mark ( назад)
200 yards. lol. i miss this show. whats with the james bond silencer sound

Автор MrDarrenspeed ( назад)
says sr25 but hes using a m110 ?

NOT impressive at all. The mags for the SR25 cost OVER 100$. Plus its just
an AR10. Hell no...... Annnnnd that's why they're dropping the M110 and
going to the SCAR Heavy platform. 

......looks like i'm going to sniper school

Автор Kris Samuel (730 лет назад)

Автор SpecOpsDoctor ( назад)
yes with the silencer the length increases but the M110 is still superior

Автор Bounder88 ( назад)
The Mk14 EBR-RI has a standard weight 22.0" barrel, whereas the M110 has a
20" barrel. I'd still like to see an unbiased, fair comparison, just out of
curiosity. I have used an M110 myself, but the closest thing I've tried to
an Mk14 is the M1. I can't find any videos comparing the two. All I get is
video game crap.

Автор SpecOpsDoctor ( назад)
the m110 has less recoil and a longer barrel with silencer...

Автор RocketSurgeon ( назад)
I really wish they didn't dub in cheesy fake silencer sounds.

Автор TheTrizec ( назад)
5 targets in 5 seconds, you can do better than that.

Автор Bounder88 ( назад)
It would be cool to compare this with an mk14 EBR...

Автор APEX ( назад)
why they fuck up sounds? 

Автор Phan Tô Asura ( назад)
Suppressing Fire !

Автор aaronxyz123 ( назад)
i got a stiffy in five seconds....skeet skeet

Автор John Tipton ( назад)
Tip; put hole's in the can to allow the gases to escape

Автор zuralias10 ( назад)
It might the navies designation, I can't remember now... 

Автор zuralias10 ( назад)
M110 is the army's designation for the SR-25. 

Автор Kevin G ( назад)
They arre both the same rifle, but th Navy calls it the MK-11 and the Army
calls it the M110. 

Автор Bytheemperor ( назад)
that's not impressitive... i would actually preffer an PSG-90 por something

Автор Mohanned Alamin ( назад)
it is, hes reviewing the military style sniper rifle. the only difference
is that the sr25 which is the civilian version, doesn't have silencer that
makes the barrel 

Автор islas357 ( назад)
i thought the m110 was just the military designation of the SR-25

Автор AlbinoMonGoosE ( назад)
Pretty DAMN sure they put those in during editing. Sorry to be a buzzkill. 

Автор DavidMN ( назад)
I know. I should have also added 'Army spec'.

Автор Michael Duong ( назад)
Suppressor and trigger group is different also I think

Автор Michael Duong ( назад)
Actually, @JDM4me0224 is right. There are little differences between the
M110 and SR-25 MK11 Mod 0. Things like the M110 uses URX handguards, stocks
are different in the rifle, SLIGHTLY different (IIRC the MK11's suppressor
is an inch or two shorter) and triggers are different I believe. The
Marines were using MK11's but they are now phasing them out for M110's.

Автор DavidMN ( назад)
Moron, the M110 is just the Army designation for the SR-25 SASS.

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
The only difference is the stock and rail 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
the 7.62x51mm nato was never designed for that range of that time the
military just like to have high amount of power and accuracy. 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
well the ar-10 has modified m14 mag which is cheaper than the sr-25 mags
which are not the easiest to come by compared to ar-10 second armalite
sells more parts than knight and the ar-10 has higher percentage of m-16
parts which is handy really there both quality you wont be disappointed
with either one but you wll be disappointed buying an sr-25 when it comes
to finding parts and replacements for it. I know it's been 9 months but
hell I don't know if you bought it yet 

Автор SpecOpsDoctor ( назад)
you got to love DMRs. 

Автор leftyhandzus ( назад)
There is never a reason to pair a short range ACOG with a round designed to
fire over 1000 meters. Go back to COD.

Автор AeyBeaCea ( назад)
Knights Armament SR-25 SASS: Civilian sport and recreation variant Knights
Armament M110 SASS: Military spec marksmen rifle Both are nearly Identical.
The M110 is the legitimate military spec rifle while the SR-25 is intended
for the civilian market. 

Автор AeyBeaCea ( назад)
It's made by the same company you dip. The SR-25 is merely a much cheaper
civilian sporting and recreation version of the M110. 

Автор Omar Mesa-Salazar ( назад)
lol get a army ranger

Автор Halo5399 ( назад)
Weak, I know... 

Автор Cornel J ( назад)
go with the Knight's Armament, watch MoreFPSRussia's video about it and you
will not hesitate any longer!

Автор Omar Mesa-Salazar ( назад)
220 yards....weak...

Автор Josh Tooley ( назад)
those sounds are fake, that whisper you're hearing is dubbed over. no
silencer actually sounds like that suppressed. most you just here the
primer ignite the powder, and then the echo of the super-sonic round.
normally half a second to a whole second after fired. or just the action of
the weapon if you're using sub-sonic rounds.

Автор spyderc85 ( назад)
SR-25 i believe is the designation used for the civilian versions

Автор Fluwmlock ( назад)
hello 240p, we meet again 

Автор Olli 〈3 ( назад)
those sounds !!! 

Автор Michael Xu ( назад)
Actually, although they are extremely similar the SR-25 and M110 are
different guns. They're both based on the AR-10 rifle so they look very
alike. However, the SR-25 was designed by Eugene Stoner in the 90's and the
M110 was designed by Knight's Armament more recently. Even though they are
very similar, they are different guns.

Автор Devon Spencer ( назад)
the M110 is The SR-25 R TARD 

Автор Mike Hunt ( назад)
the idiot who made this said it was an sr-25 it's actually an m110

Автор Mike Hunt ( назад)
@bloodtherover ur the dumbshit the mk 12 fires the 5.56x.45 round and it's
a DMR/RECCE rifle the mk 12 and mk 11 are completely unrelated other than
the fact that they are AR platforms

Автор SurvivalistGaming ( назад)
explain to me why the barret m82 is stil used for anti-personal sniping,
and if by airshit you mean airsoft i don't play i use real l98's dumbass 

Автор SurvivalistGaming ( назад)
apart from large calibre rifle e.g. barret 50cal and it variants, all semi
automatic weapons will generally marksman rifles, sniper rifles are mainly
bolt action because they are generally more acurate and have longer ranges.

Автор Jacob Lopes ( назад)
why do they compare it to a m24? or is the bolt action a marksman rifle too

Автор Procrasterbationable ( назад)
Sure it's a nice gun an all but we could have and should have designed
something so much better by know. People need to stop settling with
mediocracy and go all out when designing weapons for militaries, stop using
primitive designs and innovate damnit.

Автор frankxxx69 ( назад)
its ok to shoot 7.62x51 in a rifle chambered for a .308 (not vice verca),
but you cant shoot reloaded 7.62x51 as when its shot the cartridge expands
slightly so a reloaded round will damage the barrel or mis-fire

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
@Rusty4ND oh ok and i just thought you said the m24 uses the 7.62x54r
aswell since you said the SVD and m24 uses a bigger round than .308 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
@cumnugget45 the SVD is 1.25 moa to 2 that means at 1000 yards it's a 20
inch grouping thats accurate enough to hit someone not 100 percent of the
time though less chance of an m40a3 or m24 or anything like that but it's
still quit accurate at the range 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
@Rusty4ND m24 uses the 7.62x51mm nato the SVD uses the 7.62x54r the
7.62x51mm nato is slightly just slightly longer in headspace than a .308
that's why its not good to shoot a .308 in a chambered 7.62x51mm nato not
only will it damage the gun because the 7.62x51mm nato can't handle the PSI
of a .308 it's also smaller in the chamber 

Автор gjw701 ( назад)
Made the 1st barrel for this weapon on a MAZAK Very proud to have known
Gene Stoner and Reed Knight

Автор SubZeroAirsoft ( назад)
@Rusty4ND Well I'm just saying... I would rather use it...

Автор SubZeroAirsoft ( назад)
I would much rather use this instead of the Dragonouv or the M24. A 7.62 or
.308 is a deadly roundXD

Автор TheMango121 (1133 года назад)
LOL hes showing hollow points on the ballistic gel. Military can't use
expanding tip bullets. Hogue regulation.

Автор Gary Damiano (GDOMS) ( назад)
sick video man, flows real nice!

Автор Cvdf3 ( назад)
there are differences between the sr25 and the m110

Автор zodiusracemosis (827 лет назад)
LOLOL comparing a fucking piece of shit Dragunov to a fucking SR25???? You
obviously dont know SHIT about guns

Автор No. ( назад)
@Sun6Tzu Tut Tut.. Communist Fail

Автор Andrew Byrne ( назад)
Isn't this the M110, not the SR-25?

Автор Jacob Lopes ( назад)
what kinda sniper is gonna shoot a target at 220 yards... a normal m4 can
hit that

Автор Gamesharked ( назад)
@xl3litz /watch?v=Bu_Ptdh02vI Maybe not heavy armor like an M1 Abrams, but
you never specified what type of tank(s). Granted, I think that the link I
provided is a little deceiving as they didn't use a thick sheet of metal,
but it still had enough power to go through "two" of those steel sheets.
I'd be tempted to see what it does with about 2 or 3 of those metal sheets
attached together.

Автор xl3litz ( назад)
@Gamesharked If you know anything about anti-material rounds, you would
know that they are for taking out explosive ordinances, and unarmored
vehicles, DEFINITELY NOT A FREAKING TANK. A M1-Abrams can withstand a
direct hit from a Hellfire missile(anti-tank missile) on the top hatch and
still come out fine and here you saying that a piece of metal can go
through tank armor while a freaking depleted uranium sabot round fired from
a tank cannot.

Автор XxXPenrdXxX ( назад)
@CaptainFluffy6644 I pretty sure every in squad there is atleast 2 people
carrying an AT weapon

Автор Gamesharked ( назад)
@CaptainFluffy6644 Chuck Norris, yeah, be very afraid of. As for tanks,
there "are" anti-material sniper rounds. In other words, bullets that can
pierce armor plating. I'd be scared of snipers, yo. :P

Автор Harrison Negrone ( назад)
@CaptainFluffy6644 oh you can see a tank and the life expectancy of one is
10 seconds on the battlefield. I'd rather a tank that a sniper thats 1km
away and practically invisible.

Автор Failcard ( назад)
@assaultriflesforever The T-80 has about 1320mm worth of RHAe. Just in case
you were wondering. 

Автор Failcard ( назад)
@assaultriflesforever There was this test in Britain during the Chieftain
tank trialls, they used a 205mm HE round on top of the tank. They tank's
outer hull was damaged, however, the crew was merely disorientated. Name a
mortar that can penetrate a MBT. It's hard for HE rounds to damage modern
armours because they weren't designed to penetrate them. Besides, Soviet
tanks have active defense systems such as Shtora that can disrupt range
finders. IDF tanks have Iron Fist, google it. 

Автор Failcard (1213 года назад)
@assaultriflesforever Most Mortars and artillery rounds are either HE,
which is nearly useless against MBT, you'd need an enormous shell just to
disorientate the crewmen. Or HESH rounds, which most MBTs have spall
liners, or laminate/ceramic armors. No mortar that I know of, could take
out a MBT with a HESH/HE Frag round. A well placed .50 BMG round to the
engine would be useless, because in western tanks they're placed in the
front of the tank, the thickest part of the armor. 

Автор Failcard (1467 лет назад)
@assaultriflesforever I don't want to be mister know it all. However, it
isn't called TOE it's called TOW. There are several types of this missile,
tandem war heads, HEAT, HE frag, etc. It's a powerful missile, 152mm does a
helluva lot of damage. That being said, I believe the average penetration
is 900mm of RHAe, The M1A1 Abrams in the 80s could handle 1300-1350 mm RHAe
of penetration against such warheads. In the frontal armor of course. 

Автор Failcard (1900 лет назад)
@CaptainFluffy6644 A decent Anti-tank weapon. Such as the RPG-29 ;) hahaha 

Автор Rebelhope11 ( назад)
@shmoriy maybe it was bcuz they were testing ROF

Автор Ben ( назад)
It was only 250 yards. Test it with real ranges (they have but show it on
the video not shorter range) This test didnt do shit with testing accuracy.

Автор sdhubbard ( назад)
They had this weapon on Deadliest Warrior last week as the US Army Ranger's
sniper weapon. One of their target dummies took a round to the head, and it
got split wide open, and another dummy got torn in half after a bullet when
through a chain link fence, hit a piece of it, tumbled and hit the dummy. I
was like "Holy crap!" O_o

Автор Failcard ( назад)
Does anyone know the effective and maximum range for this baby?

Автор BAbukkakkis ( назад)
whats the difference between this sass and an upgraded ar10

Автор W̶̷̲̅L̶̷̲̅O̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ ( назад)
lol ballistic gel really proves an overpenetration

Автор Andrew Cuevas ( назад)
@CaptainFluffy6644 No, becuase you know where its at and you can have a
heavy weapons operator demo it. You dont know where a sniper is.

Автор r4f4st4n1 ( назад)
@curtisreidbarnes123 As well as Long range engagements

Автор John CF ( назад)
@curtisreidbarnes123 and long-range capability

Автор Keith Wong (1527 лет назад)
@eagerbeaver53 You can get an SR-25 lower and with connections, M110 parts
(without the lower, of course). KAC is probably only for people who want to
go Gucci with their guns. KAC is pretty tied up with the 7.62 platform
because of the military contracts. Civvies have a hard time just like SCAR
16 and 17 owners.

Автор StarvingMorlock ( назад)
@kyle1058 hey steven spielberg at 1:34 you can see how he turns selector
from safe to fire pay attention or go watch justin bieber's videos and stop
fuckin' here.

Автор Rusty “Badger” Shakelferd ( назад)
Wow I am going to save up and get this rifle, I always thought that it was
neat that the M1A Socom shot 308's in semi auto but I also found out it was
not that accurate. I want to practice marksmanship skills with a punishing
caliber and can't afford a Barrett with the cost of .50 BMG so I think this
rifle is pretty sharp. 

Автор harrison smith ( назад)
the m110 is just a scoped SR-25.

Автор alberto ortiz ( назад)
@kyle this guy knows wut he's doing he was once a navy seal

Автор kyle1058 ( назад)
1:39, he's back on safety, then fires a round off safe? lol, horrible
editing. Fail!

Автор Nick 'Dutchie' ( назад)

Автор Ovalnet ( назад)
@DeltaWinters88 Freeze the video at 1:09 and you can clearly see this
weapon is stamped SR-25. Military nomenclatures have always become the
"buzz word" used for weapons over the years. Stoner Rifle or M16? AR15 or
M4? Thompson is one of the few companies that comes to mind that actually
retained its production name during WWII. 

Автор Wayne Griczen ( назад)
@supersmashbrosevil your an idiot. in real life u dont quickscope like in
CoD. plus its have u ever DONE real sniping not did

Автор Michael Hild (1683 года назад)
@ovalnet so ok this is an M110 though your saying SR25. i dont suppose you
wanna go ahead and call the hk416 an m4 do you?? 

Автор Tannz0rz ( назад)
What a beautiful weapon. I sure as hell would not like to be face-to-face
with one of its rounds.

Автор Liger1 ( назад)
@curtisreidbarnes123 fucking hate mw2 fagboys :| ... 

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