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Автор MrDarrenspeed (2 месяца)
says sr25 but hes using a m110 ?

Автор Kamyontani (5 месяцев)
Any regular ar or even ak can do that, they should've tried that at 800
yards or more. 

Автор Fighter_jet210 Gaming (4 месяца)
I love this beautiful firearm. Sad to see it go. :'(

NOT impressive at all. The mags for the SR25 cost OVER 100$. Plus its just
an AR10. Hell no...... Annnnnd that's why they're dropping the M110 and
going to the SCAR Heavy platform. 

Автор Kris Samuel (10 месяцев)

......looks like i'm going to sniper school

Автор Jass Harley (1 год)
amazing SR

Автор Dusty Napkin (2 года)
well this is actually a M110 but what ever.

Автор Fake Ghost (4 года)
@irakli241 WRONG!!!!!! Dude SR-25 Is Created by Knights the HK is created
by Heckler & Koch.HK is what bullshit say "An Improvement of the M4A1"It
has very bad accuracy.Don't say shit about things u don't know. Tnxs Google

Автор swatbros4eva (3 года)
@Rusty4ND Well I'm just saying... I would rather use it...

Автор aaronxyz123 (2 года)
i got a stiffy in five seconds....skeet skeet

Автор SoupaSeb (4 года)
@ovalnet Go on wikipedia and search for M110 Semi-automatic sniper system.
Go to the design section and it says that it's "similar to the SR-25/Mk 11
Mod 0" Although the differences are the stock and the rail system, you
can't call it an SR-25. It's like arguing that you can call an M4a1 and M16
cuz they're both based on an AR-15.

Автор supersmashbrosevil (4 года)
@freakyboy1335 i can see than you didnt read the comment i answered, i
never have played cod, and finally in my country the english isnt the
oficial lenguaje

Автор Courier 6 (3 года)
the M110 is The SR-25 R TARD

Автор AeyBeaCea (2 года)
It's made by the same company you dip. The SR-25 is merely a much cheaper
civilian sporting and recreation version of the M110.

Автор TheMango121 (3 года)
LOL hes showing hollow points on the ballistic gel. Military can't use
expanding tip bullets. Hogue regulation.

Автор ProTuner06 (4 года)
@RahRahRaharu Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Delta Force are also
using the HK416. In 2004, Delta Force replaced all of its M4s with the
HK416 after tests revealed that the piston operating system significantly
reduces malfunctions while increasing the life of parts.

Автор Tikka Koski (2 года)
The only difference is the stock and rail

Автор SurvivalistGaming (3 года)
explain to me why the barret m82 is stil used for anti-personal sniping,
and if by airshit you mean airsoft i don't play i use real l98's dumbass

Автор BaconTV123 (4 года)
@BushMasterScarecrow well they did some thing with the computer or
something that dont sound like a silencer maybe a supperser tho

Автор r4f4st4n1 (3 года)
@curtisreidbarnes123 As well as Long range engagements

Автор StarvingMorlock (3 года)
@kyle1058 hey steven spielberg at 1:34 you can see how he turns selector
from safe to fire pay attention or go watch justin bieber's videos and stop
fuckin' here.

Автор AlbinoMonGoosE (2 года)
Pretty DAMN sure they put those in during editing. Sorry to be a buzzkill.

Автор Curtis Barnes (4 года)
@akshooter762 Pretty much the match version of the ar10

Автор APEXPR3D4TOR (1 год)
why they fuck up sounds?

Автор SpartanMaster7 (4 года)
Id like to fire an m110, if i was a sniper id definatley choose this over
the m24

Автор rotorleopard (4 года)
@SuperTubbyTube Plus, USMC scout sniper fire schedules don't allow spamming
shots down range.

Автор Popo popopopo (4 года)
@Nater245689 first of all :everyone in germany is allowed to have a gun ...
u just have to proof very precisly that u really need it for protection
(and never did a crime) or u get into a shooting-club ... i think most
european ppl believe the wrong fact that u can buy a gun everywhere in US
as easy as icecream ... Personally i like guns but in my opinion its the
wiser choice to not let everyone have one, u can kill ppl with knifes and
cars but a gun is the easiest way for every idiot

Автор James Reid (4 года)
Best sniper rifle EVER.

Автор SpecOpsDoctor (1 год)
yes with the silencer the length increases but the M110 is still superior

Автор DavidMN (2 года)
I know. I should have also added 'Army spec'.

Автор Tikka Koski (3 года)
@cumnugget45 the SVD is 1.25 moa to 2 that means at 1000 yards it's a 20
inch grouping thats accurate enough to hit someone not 100 percent of the
time though less chance of an m40a3 or m24 or anything like that but it's
still quit accurate at the range

Автор dontmakemeMAD1990 (4 года)
@GuyGuy184 read the page about it on modern firearms

Автор Phan Tô Asura (1 год)
Suppressing Fire !

Автор RahRahRaharu (4 года)
@ProTuner06 Nice! The only thing I dislike on the 416 is the wierd butt
stock but that is an easy fix. Cool shit man.

Автор Michael Duong (2 года)
Actually, @JDM4me0224 is right. There are little differences between the
M110 and SR-25 MK11 Mod 0. Things like the M110 uses URX handguards, stocks
are different in the rifle, SLIGHTLY different (IIRC the MK11's suppressor
is an inch or two shorter) and triggers are different I believe. The
Marines were using MK11's but they are now phasing them out for M110's.

Автор alberto ortiz (4 года)
@kyle this guy knows wut he's doing he was once a navy seal

Автор Michael Newby (4 года)
Am i the only one here that jizzed their pants from hearing that beast fire
at 1:50

Автор imiritu (4 года)
@curtisreidbarnes123 just like a .50 caliber bmg is more lethal than a .22
lr. what are you brain dead? and im not defending mw, fuck that faggot
game. stupid bitchass 5yo gamers tryna talk like they know a thing about

Автор tylerflow (3 года)
@killswitch768 This weapon does use a .308 over the M4's .223 so you've got
a little more stopping power.

Автор Gary Damiano (3 года)
sick video man, flows real nice!

Автор John Tipton (2 года)
Tip; put hole's in the can to allow the gases to escape

Автор RahRahRaharu (4 года)
SR25= KAC nomenclature. Mk 11 Mod 0 is the US nAvy's nomenclature, still
same exact weapon. M110 is same basic rifle but actually built to less
exacting US Army Standards. I.E. the Flash Hider on the M110 cuts accuracy
down a 100 yards or so. But M110 has new features that Mk 11 Mod 0 does
not. Both good weapons for their intended use and intended users. I have
nevr touched M110 only Mk 11 Mod 0. And both have the SR25 stamp from the

Автор Jacob Lopes (3 года)
why do they compare it to a m24? or is the bolt action a marksman rifle too

Автор xl3litz (3 года)
@Gamesharked If you know anything about anti-material rounds, you would
know that they are for taking out explosive ordinances, and unarmored
vehicles, DEFINITELY NOT A FREAKING TANK. A M1-Abrams can withstand a
direct hit from a Hellfire missile(anti-tank missile) on the top hatch and
still come out fine and here you saying that a piece of metal can go
through tank armor while a freaking depleted uranium sabot round fired from
a tank cannot.

Автор Procrasterbationable (3 года)
Sure it's a nice gun an all but we could have and should have designed
something so much better by know. People need to stop settling with
mediocracy and go all out when designing weapons for militaries, stop using
primitive designs and innovate damnit.

Автор eagerbeaver53 (4 года)
is it even possible for a civi to get ahold of kac stuff cause i have never
been able to find any videos of anyone with any

Автор r4f4st4n1 (4 года)
@loulimina Yeah, try running arround with a 9kg weapon. I tried that in
Airsoft, luckily enough, it only had 8kg, although I couldn't sprint, had
to leave it at the door when i wanted to rush a house and use my mp5k,
there was no way i could take it on my back with the vest. Thank God the
sniper ain't mine, I love my SR25, has one of the longest barrels and that
means accuracy and power

Автор Omar Mesa-Salazar (2 года)
lol get a army ranger

Автор rotorleopard (4 года)
@pietzeekoe They definitely did. Unless he's shooting subsonic ammo.

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