What Makes A Good Survival Knife UPDATE

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How to choose a Survival Knife. How much should one cost? How big should it be? Should it be made of stainless or carbon? Should it have serrations?

Don't worry, I'll walk you through it in this video. We'll help you boil it down to the basics.

For me (my opinion only) I prefer a full tang, fixed blade 6" or longer. Yes a good survival knife probably will cost you over $100 (Canadian). I also prefer a hard plastic lock-in style sheath. Leather is usually flimsy and will rust carbon blades in humid environments. And yes, I do prefer carbon blades. However, I just bought a Cold Steel SRK made of aus-8 and it seems promising. I did have a SOG SEAL Pup made of aus-6 and wasn't impressed. I actually sold it to a friend. The SRK is the replacement, which which can actually chop. The securex sheath is superb. The knife actually locks in, and is secure enough to hang upside down on your molle gear or back pack. The SRK is superior to the model of the SEAL Pup I had, and is now on my b.o.b. (bug out bag).

The best survival knife in the world is the one you have in your hand when you need it.

Another great video on how to choose the best survival knife for you was made by the owner of http://www.survivalistboards.com/.

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Автор Eurotrash4367 ( назад)
The Chinese People's Worker Party thanks you for your support.

Автор Amra survival ( назад)
Good video thanks for sharing always learning

Автор Captain Sunday ( назад)
Great review as always. You really know how to do them right.

Автор paulie 4x ( назад)
I do have a few knives that if I only ended up with one knife these knives
I could trust my life on them my Busse Combat Knives, my Anneversary
Straight Handle Battle Mistress LE my Sarge 7 and my INFI Ratmandu, and my
Son of Badger, my Swamp Rat Rodent 4, Ratmandu, my Rodent 6 which I had
thinned down and the top gaurd taken off and now it look's like a beefy
Ratmandu, my Rodent 7, my Rodent 9, and my Rodent Rucki yup my Rucki it has
a choil so I don't need to grab a smaller knife to finish the job and I
baton with it too, my Becker BK'15, 5, 7, 9, my O.K.C. GEN2 SP-47, 49, 51,
53, Fallkniven Njord and my A-1, my Cold Steel Master Hunter in San Mai 3
my S.R.K. both in CarbonV and San Mai 3 but it's nowhere as tough as my
vintage S.R.K. no way, my Recon Tanto in CarbonV, San Mai 3, and AUS 8, my
(2) Recon Scout's both in CarbonV one I use the other one is vigin, and my
1980 San Mai 3 Trailmaster it looks a little different than the new ones,
and a couple of Custom's especially my Taylor Made in a Cryo 3V 6" blade,
even the large knives because you can use a big knife as a smaller knife
but you can't use a smaller knife as a big knife, all are full tang and
time proven even my Cold Steel Knives hold up great, I have other but they
are vintage and I don't want to make a dissertation out of this post, but
Thanx for a informative video, and Thank You for letting me share.

Автор jeremy speight ( назад)
most outings i go with bk16, and fiskars x7, i can mow down a forest in a
weekend. but my favorite one knife, survival grab and go....kershaw camp
10, fantastic all round tool and for as low as $50. sheath is also top
notch, and easy to mod and add like i did, fire steel, compass, flash
light, tonnes of para cord, fishing kit, wire saw, and a few other things i
can't remember atm. but great buy. 

Автор Richard Kraneis ( назад)
An excellent video, one of the best I've seen on understanding survival

It also taught me the importance of video editing or doing short comments
and pasting them together. My videos are all one take using Snagit. But
your video gave me ideas on improving my videos.

Again, thanks for a fine educational video.

Автор ArDronee ( назад)
Glock 81
I love it
Durable, cheap, large, backsaw
Sure it rusts but for the price you cant get i better one

Автор austin nathan ( назад)
I got a sr Columbia on special for $50 original price $60 it was extremely
sharp from the box but dunno if I wanna put it in my survival kit/bug out
bag please advise

Автор D Hale ( назад)
Good vid! Some solid points to think about. Pun not intended :)

Автор Palpac ( назад)
Making my own at the moment after watching a lot of reviews on what people
look for, kind of a slightly longer and slightly pointier BK2 shape, but
with a decent size finger choil so you can choke up on the blade as well
as a drop at the front of the handle to stop your hand sliding forward,
shape should still be good for skinning and pointy enough to stick a pig if
needed as well as heft enough to baton, being a 6mm full tang.

Автор Palpac ( назад)
Bk2 is under 6 inch and is a chopping monster.

Автор RBG0979 ( назад)
A survival knife is one for cutting, gutting, and slicing. If you want to
chop, dig etc. get an e-tool and camp axe.

Автор Michael Lawson ( назад)
My favorite survival knife is the Ka Bar Marine Corps fighting knife. It is
high quality, and reasonable priced. Developed in WW2, it is still issued.
It's hard to improve on perfection.

Автор maui free diver ( назад)
kydex freezes in cold weather so you can't pull out your knife, you have
few good points in your presentation but you are expressing your opinion
under the free speech clause which we all embrace, your expertise is in
question though, a survival knife is any knife you have on you in a
survival situation, thus spake mors kochanski, the mora a $15 knife is a
favorite among bushcraft enthusiast, best survival knife hands down is BK-9
by ehtan becker, in my opinion again under the free speech clause. i am an
avid bushcrafter and almost full time camper, owned hundreds of knives in
my days, and use knives every day in my work as a carpenter, i found out
that the BK-9 is the most impressive all purpose knife that i can bet my
life on, thanks.

Автор James Bowie ( назад)
this is good info!!!!! I think its all choise & feel in most cases the
bigger also makes jobs a lot faster, you don't have to spend a lot of cash
to get a knife that works, then you also have to look at am I going to use
this lots!!!! or once in a lifetime!!! but then how mutch is your life or
your loved ones worth!! I like the video/// like he says ask lots of
questions! happy trails to you

Автор hurtus86 ( назад)
Leather holds water and isnt very durable when it gets wet or is very cold
, if your knife isnt stainless itl rust alot faster in leather then kydex
and leather weighs more , it pays to stick with kydex for anything ul be
using in bad or cold weather plus its easier to attach kydex to a backpack
or vest since most kydex sheaths have lashing holes for this purpose. 

Автор hurtus86 ( назад)
Theres alot of good survival knifes for under $100 but it seems like most
of the big name knifes run higher even if they arent any better , for the
most part $200 should get you a quality knife , sharpener , and fire
starter , well at least thats my 2 cents.

Автор ShawBen ( назад)
Avoid leather sheaths = "hi! I'm an idiot!"

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Agreed. Thanks for weighing in.

Автор BunnyKiller500 ( назад)
Great video! For my big knife I would go for a Scandinavian leuku knife,
and as for the small blade I would get myself one of the Ka-Bar Becker
series or a finish puukko knife. 

Автор Brandon Bellamy ( назад)
The TORCHKNIFE...New multi-tool combines a refillable butane torch with a
utility knife. Perfect for many tradesman and do it yourselfers
GRAPHICS.... torchknifecom Like us on face book , Torchknife llc. Currently
the TORCHKNIFE is looking for manufacturing and licensing opportunities.

Автор tons834848 ( назад)
A short/insightfull review - Thanks. Since 1989 a Puma Waidbesteck have
done the job for me on 4 different continents. Though most of the time I
carry only the small Jagdnicker, and leave the Waidblatt at home. There are
always compromises to be made when it comes to survival - most important
tool in such a situation is the inside of your head: Keep cool. Greetings
from Denmark and thanks again. 

Автор SimplyAsunder ( назад)
Very informative.

Автор killgora1 ( назад)
Yeah I know. I got two swords, but they wouldn't last five seconds in
anything practical. It's gotta be good steel, or it will just be a show

Автор SENGVIN ( назад)
I bet if you get hollow knife let's say from V Neeley it will be as good as
Full tank but of course if u are talking about chines replicas like to be
knives even the full tang will fail you. Good things are not cheap !

Автор SENGVIN ( назад)
? What

Автор SENGVIN ( назад)
It won't be easy to drill through good quality steel with proper heat
treatment with hardens let's say RH59-60. One can get hurt doing that, just

Автор TKDLION ( назад)
A big knife cannot so some tasks as cleanly as a small knife can, but there
are some things that a small knife simply cannot do. If I could only take
one I would take a large knife. But I think that it is silly to limit
yourself to just one. I carry a big knife and a small knife.

Автор bloodydishtowel ( назад)
Yes, if I was enrolled in the military I'd definitely take a Glock as my
one field knife too

Автор killgora1 ( назад)
Sounds good. Their good knives after all, though a full tang would probably
be a bit better in a sense of bush craft, but it is a field knife so it has
its back woods uses for sure. Thanks for the info.

Автор James Hart ( назад)
No, just reaply the oil as needed. As a leather worker thats just common

Автор bloodydishtowel ( назад)
Also had to look it up and the fact that it contains fish oil is just a

Автор bloodydishtowel ( назад)
You're not worried that it'll dry out the leather or cause damage? I mean
don't get me wrong I use wd40 for my carbon choppers 

Автор James Hart ( назад)
A big knife cannot do every thing a small knife can, with the exception of
chopping and battoning wood. Can you clean a fish with a large knife, maybe
but it wont be easy, can you skin and clean a rabbit, with out making a
mess? As a hunter my favorite "hunting" knife has a three inch blade and I
can do so much with it. Not just cleaning game, but spreading peanut
butter. Yes, we all like big knives but give it some thought, and you will
see what I mean.

Автор James Hart ( назад)
Many will disagree with me, but I use WD40, on the inside of all my leather
sheaths. After all the WD stands for Water Displacement, and its primarly
made of fish oil. Hope this helps.

Автор bloodydishtowel ( назад)
What type of oil? I've got a Condor Hudson Bay sheath that I use for my BK9
and I'd really like to oil it even though my BK is patina'd sufficiently,
thanks in advance

Автор bloodydishtowel ( назад)
I love my Glocks but for a "survival" knife they may be a bit light if you
ever have to do some chopping, I've convexed the edges of all mine and I'd
totally trust it in a "survival situation" the hole in the bottom is great
for making it into a spear (tip: get small enough screw with a way to turn
it to screw it through the hole in the handle to the shaft)

Автор Ricardo Portillo ( назад)
Nowadays there are non full tang knives that are durable. But of course is
always better to go with a full tang.

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Hmm, I'm not sure I agree but I might be misunderstanding your comment. The
lanyard hole is usually on the very end of the knife handle at the bottom
and may be part of the tang or drilled through close to the end. It's still
a full tang if the lanyard hole is drilled through the handle. That
wouldn't compromise the strength of the knife. Does that make sense?

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Oh wow, I just looked up Hukaris and they look very cool. Thanks for
sharing that.

Автор Man of the north ( назад)
A large knife for me is hukari from Finland.

Автор Dylan Wanta ( назад)
Awesome video

Автор Arin Maharaj ( назад)

Автор tdollatdolla ( назад)
ka-bar becker bk16. 

Автор killgora1 ( назад)
Very good. I'm glad to see someone who doesn't fall for the hollow handled
survival knives with a serrated back, and a compass. I have a question
though. Would the Glock brand field knife work well? It uses spring steel,
and is has a K-bar style look, but I'm not so sure if the tang is full or a
bit skinnier. I've tested it a bit, and it works pretty well. I'm just
wondering if it fits the job well enough, or would it be better to get
something more dedicated, or designed?

Автор JClaude Moran ( назад)
What tape do you use on your Recon Stout?

Автор jarrod1685 ( назад)
bk2 and mora campanion is my choice besides a machete

Автор jarrod1685 ( назад)
no,it's a combat slash utility knife,you shouldn't batton wood or over work
a kabar,there tang even though full is very thin

Автор 1nonlyg69 ( назад)
damn u luv dat 1 knife lol haha

Автор Alvaro Estrada ( назад)
I think the price shouldnt matter, I got a survival knife from AITOR with
the full package including an awesome sheath. It cost me 150 for the
original, and it waas the best money spent in my life.

Автор Ben LANTZ ( назад)
Solid video. Nice video. Keep it up.

Автор James Hart ( назад)
As far as leather sheaths go, if your worried that they will absorb water.
You can oil the inside of your sheat quite simply. And if you oil the
inside of your sheath, your knife will get a nice coat of oil every time
you sheath your knife. I make leather sheaths, and I've never had a problem
with water staying in one. Oh, its also called a Drain Hole

Автор Nlow01 ( назад)
Buck short nighthawk defies most of those rules and I've been using of for
years without trouble

Автор Mason Steffes ( назад)
No the blade will snap at the hilt under heavy use. You should find a knife
with a full tang.

Автор Hákon Sigurðarson ( назад)
i got my knife for free, they usually cost around 5-7 dollars but they are
durable, keep a nice edge, and look pretty cool. it is a folding knife with
a picture of an eagle head on the side of the handle, and it has a dream
catcher symbol near the top of the handle. I have no idea what it is called
or who makes them, but if you stumble on one, it will last decades
guaranteed, this one was made in the 80's and it still looks new.

Автор EmptyThreats42 ( назад)
nice vid dude! if you like throwing knives at all, stop by my channel

Автор GoingGhillie ( назад)
personally here are the 2 knives to choose from my experience. for an all
out survival knife, the BLACKHAWK Tatang is by far the best choice, its an
8" blade with the back being half sharpened and have jimped for multiple
grip styles, for utility/bushcraft the Benchmade Nimravus is nearly
impossible to beat in my opinion, the way it's designed it is basically
slip proof. that's just my opinion and yes I'm aware of how long my opinion
is XD

Автор GoingGhillie ( назад)
continuing on, big blades are not always the best choice and as for
survival, your trying to count survival and camping together with the same
sets of features, next as for double edged knives they are give and take.
while they are more dangerous and have limited uses you have 2 blades which
means you will have a sharp knife longer, sawbacks are more of an option if
it is survival then yes it would be a preference to the ability saw, if
camping than obviously not

Автор GoingGhillie ( назад)
alright i have alot of disagreements with this video entirely, lets start
with sheaths, most kydex sheaths will eventually eat away at the edge of
the knife, leather will hone the blade and help keep it sharper longer, i
personally use a combination nylon. secondly while yes a handguard isnt
required several safety featurs to avoid slipping should be in place, such
as jimping/scaled grips, as for grips, i prefer drilled milled aluminum
scales to be far more durable and helpful

Автор Coolnicknameguy ( назад)
15inch jungle master hunting knife, they are like $12 and look like a big
bayonet with a sawback, its not full tang and basicly wont do shit but look
scary or stab some 1, be careful, a rib might break the knife, just go to
amazon search large knife or mechete by price low to high, its 1 of the
cheapest large crapy knives you can get

Автор Aaron Harris ( назад)
That type of knife is not "full tang" and may not be durable enough for
hard labor such as chopping, but should be fine for skinning game, self
defense, and scaring neighboring campers.

Автор Tristram Stuckey ( назад)
You forgot to mention that the blade should be narrow enough to fit through
a zombie's eye socket.

Автор iwantosavemoney ( назад)
good information thanks 

Автор equip4survival ( назад)
Nice video.....I agree, whatever works well for you is the best survival
knife. No need to spend a fortune on a knife, many good choices out there
for under $50.00. 

Автор Casey Bitts ( назад)
A survival knife does not exist; get an axe and a saw.....

Автор 999boom777 ( назад)
I have a bear grylls ultimate survivalknife without suraishons and im verry
happy with it sorry for my bad english ;) nice video 

Автор Carlos Sepulveda ( назад)
Awesome info review. Gracias lad.

Автор Casey Bitts ( назад)
The custom Hill Knives Special Operations Knife (SOK) is best. In use with
dutch commando force in Afghanistan.

Автор Iamthedudeman00 ( назад)
I like your video, 10/10!

Автор conexant51 ( назад)
Very nice guide! Concise, to the point (so to speak) ;) Nice arguments
concerning big vs. small. Sheath material pros and cons were a good point
as well! Thank you!

Автор Andrew Brindley ( назад)
No offense, but knives can do much more than an axe, unless you have many
years of experience using an axe. 

Автор Mason Shin ( назад)
For bushcraft just carry an axe

Автор Vox Xenos ( назад)
Good vid. I go with this concept CUP: Context (environment), User, Purpose.

Автор bones020694 ( назад)
so if you chop, the knife doesnt slip

Автор bones020694 ( назад)
no, its not made as a survival knife, its a combat knife. its thin, and the
tang has a tendancy to bend under heavy batoning. it happened to me, not
too bad, but its definitely bent

Автор bones020694 ( назад)
absolutely not. i had a very similar knife. the very first time i tried to
chop, the blade broke off the handle. want a cheap, good quality knife? try
an Ontario pilot survival knife. good quality, i got mine for about 40
bucks. its small, but well built. or maybe the SOG North West ranger. its
not very thick and cant handle heavy batoning, and it has a leathe sheath,
but the quality is tops

Автор Jean Carlos ( назад)
a Smith & Wesson Seach&Rescue cksur2 it's a good survival knife?

Автор TheLionsDen72 ( назад)
All great points. Here is my philosophy and tagline, "Remember, The best
survival knife is the one in your hand!"......Scott

Автор 0000 0000 ( назад)
good video straight to the point

Автор TheLastZ0mbie ( назад)
Good, cheap, carbon steel blades: Cold Steel GI Tanto & Opinel NO. 8

Автор Isabel Zychlinski ( назад)
It's mostly so you can tie it around your wrist to make sure the knife
doesn't fall out of your hand. Just a bit of a secure feature.

Автор Roy Coates ( назад)
ka bar?

Автор couldntthinkofone100 ( назад)
S&W CKSUR2 search&rescue line. running about $40-$60 but you can find some
at gun shows for less than $30. 

Автор Alex Richardson ( назад)
Why should you have a lanyard?

Автор StormFox45 ( назад)
This is a good beginners video. Nice work

Автор Jerome Onnen ( назад)
If you use your knife for any kind of chopping chores, saw teeth are a
recipe for a broken blade. Every negative tooth creates a weak point in the
blade. Chopping causes micro cracks at these points. Eventually, those
micro cracks become macro cracks and then a broken blade. Envirosponsible's
response is equally valid. So, why would you want to risk your knife just
to have a second or third rate saw?

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Good points though I don't entirely agree. I've read or heard from multiple
sources from masters of their trade that a hilt or guard is unnecessary.
That's just my opinion though. You know best what works for you. Thanks for

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Good points though I don't entirely agree. I've read or heard from multiple
sources from masters of their trade that a hilt or guard is unnecessary.
That's just my opinion though. You know best what works for you. Thanks for

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Good points though I don't entirely agree. I've read or heard from multiple
sources from masters of their trade that a hilt or guard is unnecessary.
That's just my opinion though. You know best what works for you. Thanks for

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
I'm not a big fan of that style of knife but that's just me. If it works
for you then that's the real test.

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Nice. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
I don't care for saw-back knives for two reasons. First, it makes it
dangerous to use as a draw knife. Second, they only work for notching and
are a shadow of a real saw. Some people like them though and my opinion is
just that - an opinion. Hope that helps.

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Excellent point. There are knives that can be had for under $100 that are
excellent quality. 

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
I don't care for them but there are many people who do. If it works for you
then it's a great knife. That's the true test.

Автор envirosponsible ( назад)
Great points and yes there are quality knives that can be had for less than
$100. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Jerome Onnen ( назад)
Good video. I agree with everything you said, but would offer one insight
regarding price. Many knives that have a retail price over $100 can be
purchased from online vendors for considerably less than full retail. The
Becker BK9, for instance has an SRP of nearly $150. But there are several
online vendors who sell it for under $100 including shipping. 

Автор Alex Yang (179 лет назад)
Question, i just bought a cold steel gi tanto. You didnt address tanto
points and i was wondering if its a good knife.

Автор dimitrisv27 ( назад)
Very good video and good explanation! I' bought some months ago the glock
knife for 20 €,by watching a torture video about a man that would come up
till 7 videos with one,that finaly broke when the guy had it between the
mouth of a work place wrench mouth standing with one foot on the knife with
his whole weight (about 90 kilos)till it broke. As seen on ur video got
double happy! Great man

Автор xxSPENCER509xx ( назад)
Hey thanks for the video it helped a lot!

Автор J. Muller ( назад)
Holly Knives makes a good one, he sells on ebay as hollyknives

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