What Makes A Good Survival Knife UPDATE

http://envirosponsible.com/ How to choose a Survival Knife. How much should one cost? How big should it be? Should it be made of stainless or carbon? Should it have serrations?

Don't worry, I'll walk you through it in this video. We'll help you boil it down to the basics.

For me (my opinion only) I prefer a full tang, fixed blade 6" or longer. Yes a good survival knife probably will cost you over $100 (Canadian). I also prefer a hard plastic lock-in style sheath. Leather is usually flimsy and will rust carbon blades in humid environments. And yes, I do prefer carbon blades. However, I just bought a Cold Steel SRK made of aus-8 and it seems promising. I did have a SOG SEAL Pup made of aus-6 and wasn't impressed. I actually sold it to a friend. The SRK is the replacement, which which can actually chop. The securex sheath is superb. The knife actually locks in, and is secure enough to hang upside down on your molle gear or back pack. The SRK is superior to the model of the SEAL Pup I had, and is now on my b.o.b. (bug out bag).

The best survival knife in the world is the one you have in your hand when you need it.

Another great video on how to choose the best survival knife for you was made by the owner of http://www.survivalistboards.com/.

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the best survival bushcraft knife by far
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out n about leatherman is way better than any other multi tool
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Автор Palpac (1 месяц)
Making my own at the moment after watching a lot of reviews on what people
look for, kind of a slightly longer and slightly pointier BK2 shape, but
with a decent size finger choil so you can choke up on the blade as well
as a drop at the front of the handle to stop your hand sliding forward,
shape should still be good for skinning and pointy enough to stick a pig if
needed as well as heft enough to baton, being a 6mm full tang.

Автор Palpac (1 месяц)
Bk2 is under 6 inch and is a chopping monster.

Автор Michael Lawson (3 месяца)
My favorite survival knife is the Ka Bar Marine Corps fighting knife. It is
high quality, and reasonable priced. Developed in WW2, it is still issued.
It's hard to improve on perfection.

Автор James Bowie (4 месяца)
this is good info!!!!! I think its all choise & feel in most cases the
bigger also makes jobs a lot faster, you don't have to spend a lot of cash
to get a knife that works, then you also have to look at am I going to use
this lots!!!! or once in a lifetime!!! but then how mutch is your life or
your loved ones worth!! I like the video/// like he says ask lots of
questions! happy trails to you

Автор D Hale (18 дней)
Good vid! Some solid points to think about. Pun not intended :)

Автор maui free diver (3 месяца)
kydex freezes in cold weather so you can't pull out your knife, you have
few good points in your presentation but you are expressing your opinion
under the free speech clause which we all embrace, your expertise is in
question though, a survival knife is any knife you have on you in a
survival situation, thus spake mors kochanski, the mora a $15 knife is a
favorite among bushcraft enthusiast, best survival knife hands down is BK-9
by ehtan becker, in my opinion again under the free speech clause. i am an
avid bushcrafter and almost full time camper, owned hundreds of knives in
my days, and use knives every day in my work as a carpenter, i found out
that the BK-9 is the most impressive all purpose knife that i can bet my
life on, thanks.

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
Good points though I don't entirely agree. I've read or heard from multiple
sources from masters of their trade that a hilt or guard is unnecessary.
That's just my opinion though. You know best what works for you. Thanks for

Автор 1987jkilla (2 года)
@iTHackingOfficall The ESEE-6 is AWESOME. I bought many knives and my
ESEE-6 is the best of all my knives if to be used in outdoor or survival
situations. Maybe check scar knives, they are also from 1095 but
differentially heat trated. Good quality. But I'd just take the ESEE-6. The
ESEE-5 is heavier and has a saber grind. Maybe better for chopping/batoning
but the ESEE-6 is strong enough to baton. Did you see the blade test at the
esee homepage? At Junglas section..

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
Thanks for weighing in.

Автор Jeffrey Shindledecker (1 год)
what would be a good beginner survival knife?

Автор ThatGuy182545 (1 год)
Got me a Becker BK 2 with a Kydex sheath and Micarta scales. The ONE AND
ONLY beef that I have with this knife is that the belt loop is HUGE and far
larger than it really needs to be, but was easily removed and swapped for a
Tek Lok. Awesome knife.

Автор TKDLION (9 месяцев)
A big knife cannot so some tasks as cleanly as a small knife can, but there
are some things that a small knife simply cannot do. If I could only take
one I would take a large knife. But I think that it is silly to limit
yourself to just one. I carry a big knife and a small knife.

Автор knives save lives (1 год)
it's a cold steel trailmaster

Автор Hákon Sigurðarson (1 год)
i got my knife for free, they usually cost around 5-7 dollars but they are
durable, keep a nice edge, and look pretty cool. it is a folding knife with
a picture of an eagle head on the side of the handle, and it has a dream
catcher symbol near the top of the handle. I have no idea what it is called
or who makes them, but if you stumble on one, it will last decades
guaranteed, this one was made in the 80's and it still looks new.

Автор Shannon Shelley (2 года)
Thanks for this video. It was very informative without being biased to one

Автор Ben LANTZ (1 год)
Solid video. Nice video. Keep it up.

Автор Willem J. Pretorius (2 года)
good info i agree with your line of thought

Автор crazymanwii (1 год)
Ok thanks for that :)

Автор James Hart (1 год)
As far as leather sheaths go, if your worried that they will absorb water.
You can oil the inside of your sheat quite simply. And if you oil the
inside of your sheath, your knife will get a nice coat of oil every time
you sheath your knife. I make leather sheaths, and I've never had a problem
with water staying in one. Oh, its also called a Drain Hole

Автор GoingGhillie (1 год)
alright i have alot of disagreements with this video entirely, lets start
with sheaths, most kydex sheaths will eventually eat away at the edge of
the knife, leather will hone the blade and help keep it sharper longer, i
personally use a combination nylon. secondly while yes a handguard isnt
required several safety featurs to avoid slipping should be in place, such
as jimping/scaled grips, as for grips, i prefer drilled milled aluminum
scales to be far more durable and helpful

Автор Alex Yang (1 год)
Question, i just bought a cold steel gi tanto. You didnt address tanto
points and i was wondering if its a good knife.

Автор CookiezFriend (2 года)
Hey! Speaking of knives, what do u think is better: KA-BAR or TOPS/Buck
Nighthawk 650? I keep gathering data regarding both knives. Unfortunately,
neither of em has a hole for a lace, which brings up the third option - the
knife u are showing in this video @ 2:29. What is the brand name and model?

Автор knives save lives (1 год)
the DK Knaxe is my favorite(because i made it), but my next favs are the
becker bk2 and then the esee5.

Автор bloodydishtowel (9 месяцев)
What type of oil? I've got a Condor Hudson Bay sheath that I use for my BK9
and I'd really like to oil it even though my BK is patina'd sufficiently,
thanks in advance

Автор DJaardbij (2 года)
is Kershaw Roughneck Hunting Knife with Black Injection-Molded Co-Polymer
Handle a good knife please answer. srry for bad english

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
True enough, though I warned him and he insisted.

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
I just watched your Knaxe video. That's a piece of functional art. I see
you like heavy blades.

Автор STfrontiersman (1 год)
Any BUCK knife with the 420HC stainless steel is a good high quality but
low cost knife. They offer a big range of handle styles, easy to sharpen
and holds an edge, good for a starter like my son, he will be getting one
soon. I used an old timer deer slayer for about 15 years, it was the
american made and it served me good to, hands down the best handle material.

Автор Henry Meguess (1 год)
full tang knives are stronger and usually more dependable

Автор Roman Knight (2 года)
nice usefull video :) 5* and good knifes you have there :D

Автор envirosponsible (9 месяцев)
Hmm, I'm not sure I agree but I might be misunderstanding your comment. The
lanyard hole is usually on the very end of the knife handle at the bottom
and may be part of the tang or drilled through close to the end. It's still
a full tang if the lanyard hole is drilled through the handle. That
wouldn't compromise the strength of the knife. Does that make sense?

Автор killgora1 (9 месяцев)
Yeah I know. I got two swords, but they wouldn't last five seconds in
anything practical. It's gotta be good steel, or it will just be a show

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
I don't care for them but there are many people who do. If it works for you
then it's a great knife. That's the true test.

Автор Matt (2 года)
hatchet/axe + small mora knife > large survival knife

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
Heck yeah you can. That's what was used by outdoorsmen for decades right up
until the first or second world war. A Frosts Mora or equivalent is very
much like a kitchen knife. I really should have mentioned that in the video.

Автор SirThunderPants (2 года)
Excelent video. Thank you for taking the time to make it. What do you think
of the Becker BK2 Campanion? It's the one that I am concidering for my BOB.

Автор thecutthatneverheals (1 год)
So why are you against saw back blades? You didn't really specify the
downside of it. How does it limit the use of of blade? It's on the spine
that you normally can't use anyway. I'm looking into getting a good
bush-craft blade and to my noob eyes a saw on the back looks like it would
be very useful.

Автор TheLionsDen72 (1 год)
All great points. Here is my philosophy and tagline, "Remember, The best
survival knife is the one in your hand!"......Scott

Автор envirosponsible (1 год)
That's a great bit of advice. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Kray Z. Bitts (1 год)
A survival knife does not exist; get an axe and a saw.....

Автор 2Chemguys (1 год)
what knife is the big one with the lanyard

Автор xXiIGiveIUPIXx (1 год)
I have a Mtech 440 stainless steel fixed blade its about 14" maybe 15"
inches long and its a survival knife but its not all one piece the blade
and handle are separate becuase of its compartment it hold in the handle
for items such as matxhes and shit is it still a good knife for bob
sistuations and stuff? :/

Автор Brandon Bellamy (8 месяцев)
The TORCHKNIFE...New multi-tool combines a refillable butane torch with a
utility knife. Perfect for many tradesman and do it yourselfers
GRAPHICS.... torchknifecom Like us on face book , Torchknife llc. Currently
the TORCHKNIFE is looking for manufacturing and licensing opportunities.

Автор killgora1 (9 месяцев)
Sounds good. Their good knives after all, though a full tang would probably
be a bit better in a sense of bush craft, but it is a field knife so it has
its back woods uses for sure. Thanks for the info.

Автор Jeffry Nelson (1 год)
MTECH knifes are just absolute junk on there best day! They make a better
small boat anchor than anything else!

Автор Rue Jumani (1 год)
In my opinion, for nearly any task during camping, buging out ect.. The SOG
SEAL Pup will do nearly everything you need, it's very durable and can hold
a sharp edge for a really long time, I deffinatly recommend it.

Автор TheUSMCguy1775 (10 месяцев)
you are contradicting yourself by saying to only get full tang knives and
then saying to get knives with lanyard holes or the potential to drill a
lanyard hole. if you get a full tang knife without a lanyard hole, you
won't be able to drill one.

Автор StormFox45 (1 год)
This is a good beginners video. Nice work

Автор CutleryNovice (2 года)
My favorite survival knife is my Ontario SP-17 Quartermaster, I've split at
least 150 logs over the past 2-3 years with it and it's held up very well
with no damage to the blade aside from coating removal, check it out!

Автор Jerome Onnen (1 год)
Good video. I agree with everything you said, but would offer one insight
regarding price. Many knives that have a retail price over $100 can be
purchased from online vendors for considerably less than full retail. The
Becker BK9, for instance has an SRP of nearly $150. But there are several
online vendors who sell it for under $100 including shipping.

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