VAN CANTO - If I Die In Battle (Official)

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Innovative, compelling and unique! Van Canto's fourth album once again confirms that guitars are not necessary to deliver first-class metal.
"Break the Silence" reflects the German sextet's newfound confidence and experience gained by their previous albums' chart entry and the many live performances that followed. The band's main focus centers around sweeping original compositions, in which the vocal acrobats only enlist the help of the drums. "If I Die in Battle", "The Higher Flight", and "Neuer Wind" show off the mature and extraordinary qualities of the band: appeal and power.
Staying true to tradition, Van Canto also delivers several cover songs ("Primo Victoria", "Bed of Nails", and "Master of the Wind"), as well as illustrious guests appearances. Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) can be heard playing the acoustic guitar on the ballad "Spelled in Waters", while Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden steps up to the mic on "Primo Victoria" to give his
band's hit authenticity. The limited edition digipack also includes a
bonus cover song ("Bad to the Bone" by Running Wild). In addition, the
track "Betrayed" features a symphonic "metal-a-cappella" piece with orchestral support, while "A Storm to Come" unveils an exclusive bonus: the first song from "Peer Returns", the Van Canto Crossmedia-Projekt to premiere at the end of this year. "Break the Silence" captivates with strong songwriting and a novel implementation. A cappella metal! Metal like no other!

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Просмотров: 1,190,689
Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 6:37
Комментарии: 1328

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Автор Napalm Records (4 месяца)
Van Canto's video "If I Die In Battle" just hit 1 million views! Great!

Автор Stephan Chomyk (4 дня)

Автор Pineapple Farmer (3 месяца)
I think the Greybeards would agree if I said that these guys have mastered
the way of the voice.

Автор belén M (23 дня)
VAN CANTO - If I Die In Battle (Official): http://youtu.be/-f8V1QSf7yg

Автор Andrew Sheckmann (2 месяца)
Van canto the best band of metal of europe !

I met this vocalist, he was in brazil is very gentleman

Автор johnnyguy001 (3 месяца)
I absolutely love the first minute of this song. what kind of music style
is that minute, before the metal starts?

Автор michael adams (1 месяц)
are those golf clubs strapped to her back. lololol

Автор RubyAnne Cowan (5 месяцев)
+Jacob Sibbern - J?

Автор WFIST (3 месяца)
I wish the singer had a real band. He has a killer voice

Автор Frox Dox (9 дней)
I really do appreciate the innovate project this band has embarked upon.
Nevertheless I can't help imagine how incredibly powerful and
"chills"-inducing this song could have been with guitars.

Автор Happy1984Magda (22 дня)
świetna muzyka

Автор J Crizzle (24 дня)

Автор RC-8015 Private Fi (14 дней)
Kinda has the Dragonforce feel to it.

Автор kovarna kamen (23 дня)

Автор Iron Trooper (3 месяца)
Not gonna lie, i'm not one for a Capella but this is fucking cool \m/

Автор OlgTheBastard (1 месяц)
Oh noooo...they killed the sigmar priest :(

Автор ryanhabs61 (1 месяц)
Love these guys but man is the lead singer an awful actor in these music
videos xD

Автор chucky A (1 месяц)

Автор Justin P (1 месяц)
They need far more recognition.

Автор Yuuki Lex (1 месяц)
<二二二二二二二二二]==() its dangerous to go alone, take this

Автор TheTrueCheeseMaster (3 месяца)
Never heard this band before. Hell, barely ever heard acapella. But this is
fucking great!

Автор Vidal Rodriguez (1 месяц)
So, LARPing has a soundtrack.

Автор Kevin Carey (1 месяц)
Its interesting I kinda like it

Автор Jesus Rojas (1 месяц)
VAN CANTO - If I Die In Battle (Official)

Автор ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΒΛΑΖΑΚΗΣ (1 месяц)

Автор Παυλος Βλαζακης (1 месяц)

Автор mark devalger (1 месяц)
mmmmm not shore 

Автор SV Dicronius (1 месяц)
With this kind of Lyric one would expect something serious but this is

Автор Justin Kosh (1 месяц)
No other words can describe this song. Just "amazing"

Автор TheInfamousWolf (8 месяцев)
And now everything i fight in skyrim will now Die XD

Автор Pallas Athena (1 год)
98 people died in battle

Автор Magistimes (1 год)
94 people died in battle!

Автор Titan (1 год)
lol, manowar XD

Автор KelbenArunsun (1 год)
Was ist süß an Larpern? ^^

Автор TheGigafist (1 год)
The bald guy with the warhammer, or at least I think that's what he
has....is it weird that he reminds me of a Warrior Priest of Sigmar?

Автор DeKrischa (1 год)
I want to get in the tent with Inga for 120 EXP. :-D

Автор Richy Robb (1 год)
this the best PVP music I have ever heard

Автор sergiuq2good4u (1 год)
Facial - face, expression, how should i define that... i know, her voice is
ok, but sings it without facial expresion

Автор Boryana Nikolova (1 год)
awesome song!

Автор Kieran Mclean (1 год)
No Guitar Only Voice.

Автор Parryrider (1 год)
Brilliant!!!!!! Love it!½½

Автор Aezakmei (1 год)
He doesn't produce the distortion itself, that part is done with effects

Автор Liam Ebert (1 год)
van canto is einfach sau geil napalm records muss mehr videos von denen

Автор Redeject (1 год)
666,666th viewer. This is the second damned time...

Автор jaydekonah (1 год)

Автор Nadine B. (1 год)
But that does not work that well in LARP ;) Why the archer is in the middle
of that fight? Because the producer said so! We needed more people in the
middle so that it looked like there were more people as we really had been

Автор Mike Geary (1 год)
I liked it when they used their mouths. The mouth solo was awesome.

Автор Igorbarca993 (1 год)

Автор F. Sch. (1 год)
Guitar Solo OMG :D lml

Автор Xegnex (1 год)
100 died o.O

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