VAN CANTO - If I Die In Battle (Official)

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Innovative, compelling and unique! Van Canto's fourth album once again confirms that guitars are not necessary to deliver first-class metal.
"Break the Silence" reflects the German sextet's newfound confidence and experience gained by their previous albums' chart entry and the many live performances that followed. The band's main focus centers around sweeping original compositions, in which the vocal acrobats only enlist the help of the drums. "If I Die in Battle", "The Higher Flight", and "Neuer Wind" show off the mature and extraordinary qualities of the band: appeal and power.
Staying true to tradition, Van Canto also delivers several cover songs ("Primo Victoria", "Bed of Nails", and "Master of the Wind"), as well as illustrious guests appearances. Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) can be heard playing the acoustic guitar on the ballad "Spelled in Waters", while Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden steps up to the mic on "Primo Victoria" to give his
band's hit authenticity. The limited edition digipack also includes a
bonus cover song ("Bad to the Bone" by Running Wild). In addition, the
track "Betrayed" features a symphonic "metal-a-cappella" piece with orchestral support, while "A Storm to Come" unveils an exclusive bonus: the first song from "Peer Returns", the Van Canto Crossmedia-Projekt to premiere at the end of this year. "Break the Silence" captivates with strong songwriting and a novel implementation. A cappella metal! Metal like no other!

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Длительность: 6:37
Комментарии: 1400

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Автор Raimund Bosch ( назад)
Wait.. at 3:32 was that really his voice doing the solo? Or just a guy
pretending to sing the guitars?

Автор Victor Fries ( назад)
Damn son this girl sing so damn epic....

Автор Furiosity ( назад)
3:32 HE JUST DID THAT WITH HIS VOICE???????????????

Автор Lieutanant Brosky ( назад)
Dat bass tho

Автор Javier Gil de avila ( назад)
xD in the 0 56 of the song.. appears one warhammer 40k sword ? XDXD

Автор Toxico ( назад)
die in battle: einherjas, legion of freg/frejya, teh romans legion is cult
of einherjas, atis is baldur/osiris/dumuzi/chantra.
freeg destiniti einherjashere ad: odin/enlil/zeus/jupiter/ra/amon of
tanatos/anubis...Vidar, ad anubis erinies here and odin valkiries here.

Автор Naz ( назад)
3:32 what a troll :D

Автор Kahara101 ( назад)
250 people died in battle

Автор Melissa (1046 лет назад)
my teacher ended his class by blasting this song on a speaker ...best class

Автор Fairy Sea Rat (1212 года назад)
Not enough distortion.

Автор Ryan Nash ( назад)
6 winds blow as one...

Автор smeltervillehorror ( назад)
A Capella wind. Bucket List achieved.

Автор MorieldeCaelum ( назад)
Van Canto is a cappella at it's finest.

Автор Cheez Wisp ( назад)
+Napalm Records 2M are close!!

Автор David Davidson ( назад)
For the record, I admire the guy with the jaunty cap, furs, cape, plate
armor, and a greatsword. That's a motherfucker with panache.

Автор Don Quixote Doflamingo ( назад)
clash of clans ANYONE ???? make a video out of it with this as background
song,that would be perfect !!! :)

Автор Tim Crankcase (64 года назад)
The only non voice is drums. I love this group.

Автор Shawn Hickey ( назад)
Rockin song, and cool video! ;-}

Автор gökhan karakoç ( назад)
Ne boktan şarkı.

Автор T. Matthews (Anistazi Metal 94609) ( назад)
Very strong...the male vocal in particular is perfect for me this song as a
lead vocal....great song...strong and forceful...

Автор T. Matthews (Anistazi Metal 94609) ( назад)
Lovely melody...really good vocals...tight harmonies...great strong song!

Автор Jimmy Jackson ( назад)
My Grand mother could fight better than these warriors... And she's six
feet down in the ground.

Автор Alexander Sayre ( назад)
it's EPIC if 1.5!!!

Автор Guardian Zenon ( назад)
Love the song, but I find the feel it could have been a bit heavier..

Автор KevServo ( назад)
For some reason I keep thinking this is a Manowar cover.

Автор Jesse Clark ( назад)
Play at 1.25 if you really want to DIE IN BATTLE!

Автор Lucius Octavius Nero ( назад)
My ears are cumming

Автор Emil Musch ( назад)
these guys really help for D&D bards

Автор clips from films ( назад)
Icke mag!! \m/ \m/ \m/

Автор The Original Fatass ( назад)
this song reminds me if every tabletop group I've ever seen

Автор Tim Scheibel ( назад)
Musik von Van Canto is pure entspannung für mich.
Und wenn ich endlich mal die CD bekomme kann ich die Musik auch endlich
beim Training hören.

Автор Nagia Gougou ( назад)
i never had heard something like that and im just amazed!!!!i adore
it!!!and i can say im addicted now to van canto!!!!

Автор FurorTeutonicus ( назад)
The guy with the Hammer reminds me of Warhammer Fantasy

Автор CaptainSteevX ( назад)
Guitar tabs for the song : Dubbly dubbly dubbly doom doom Dubbly dum doom
doom. Dubbly dum dum doom.

Автор Zachery Payne ( назад)
mr mammal

Автор D3athChick3n ( назад)

Автор Dungeon Crawl TV (263 года назад)
Theme song for The End Times?

Автор Sam Wood ( назад)
Its too fucking epic..... but imagine guitars, bass and keyboard as
well.....they would quickly become the McDonalds of symphonic metal

Автор Veian Demontrond ( назад)
A capella "guitar solo". Now that's something I never knew was possible.

Автор McCritter von Bystritz ( назад)
omg she is so sexy

Автор Kaitlyn ( назад)
This is my 'Going to LARP!' music!

Автор NICK-VIDEO studio ( назад)
Супер ! Очень нравится ! Спасибо за творчество !

Автор Anaris G ( назад)

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
3:24 you know they did that solo with their voice too!

Автор Vanessa Diniz ( назад)
The acting is not great, but i just love Van Canto and all of their musics.
I have almost all CDs. And I'm also gathering more Van Canto fans. Most of
my friends didn't know them before i played one of their songs to them, and
now they just love it too. Thanks, Van Canto for all your musics!

Автор Joke Agate ( назад)

Автор TheBranchez ( назад)
Best part for me is when that female singer starts singing the intro.

Автор DemonRanger ( назад)
Who are the larpers in this video? They are truly awesome and amazing

Автор René Roussel ( назад)
Dise ise vairi good

Автор Eduardo Diaz ( назад)

Автор The Collector ( назад)
why is this female fronted most of the singing comes from the men :P

Автор paziunger ( назад)
mega geiles lied leute^^

Автор hank hill ( назад)
how the hell i got from amon amarth to this i dont know, but i love
it...whatever it is lmao

Автор leolordful (1837 лет назад)
I know that this is German but something about it makes me wanna yell "

Автор nicklaus4444 ( назад)
How does he make that guitar sound...

Автор Grolbringer79 ( назад)
4 Sigmar :)

Автор eldergroan ( назад)
never gets old...

Автор alixisssss ( назад)
just awsome love it the vocals are the best

Автор helloweenjunior ( назад)
Bom demais!!!!

Автор Al Capwn ( назад)
Goddamn ranger shooting into melee.

Автор roberto gallardo ( назад)
no hay un moderador de cosas que no HAY QUE HACER....???
Por Dios,,,que mierda esto por favor

Автор Kira Lee ( назад)
Die LARPer (live aktion rollplay). So süß :3 Toll gemacht!

Автор Bo Jensen ( назад)

Автор Loic Urien ( назад)
I didn't know this band until today. Now I can't stop *_*

Автор Manolo Petya ( назад)
What they do ,professional ,knowledge,super tributes in high quality .I can
speak about them only in superlatinus

Автор Lukáš Hegr ( назад)
Best song

Автор German-Warfare ( назад)

Автор nick kornafel ( назад)
Best LARP music video ever

Автор Ryin88 ( назад)
Accapella rock ?

Автор Ray Dawg ( назад)
Beginning intro = ear orgasm

Автор Valosar Aria ( назад)
Actors did a great job on this, would still like to see it return with
professionals maybe on a larger scale, this song deserves to be a world
wide hit!

Автор MarmeladenGlas Random ( назад)
hey im video sind larper :D
echt genial

Автор Liquid Man! ( назад)
Man, do you have to put this shitty intro at the beginning, seriously...

Автор Zyntarus LP ( назад)
FUCK hab ich grade ne Gänsehaut!!

Автор Zhelyazko Badarov ( назад)
This song will make me play Mount and Blade. Again.

Автор Tanatious15 ( назад)
dungeons and dragons metal. Awesome

Автор Tor Arne Svingen ( назад)
Impressive... Most impresive

Автор Christian Peiser ( назад)
Musik ist sowieso schön, aber das Video rockt nochmal extra :-))

Автор Сергей Глазунов ( назад)
Плохое пати, нубы можно сказать. Все знают - бишопа выбивать в первую
очередь :)

Автор Ryl0_or ( назад)
A Capella metal. Never heard that before, but I must say I enjoyed it.

Автор EpicoGames ( назад)

Автор 1996tlaloc ( назад)
You are amazing ! Can't wait to see you live.

Автор Weather Report (1531 год назад)
i gotta say, van canto have the only female vocalist that i actually dont

Автор vladtepessatan ( назад)
celine dion?

Автор Corilus89 ( назад)
175 boys aren't larpers! XD

Автор Jeevas Envy ( назад)
The clip is Perfect, van Canto is perfect, Sly is perfect, the song is
perfect... Everything is perfect ! 

Автор Jacob Rice (Cakes) ( назад)
Great song. The girl stood out the most though. Her voice isn't really
suited for this song

Автор klaykid117 ( назад)

Автор mrfictioneer ( назад)
Is it just me, or does playing this at 0.5 speed make it sound more heroic?

Автор RustyDockLight ( назад)
I love German girls! She's beautiful and has a really pretty voice too.
These guys can sing their asses off.

Автор Cityj0hn ( назад)
No No No No...

Take a hint from Manowar drumming...

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