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Автор LadyRachael IsHere ( назад)
when you play to much WoW ... e.e

Автор plaguesfire ( назад)
I swear I just saw the Black Knight from the Holy Grail in there...

Автор Kaiser Charles ( назад)
Do you guys all believe in Valhalla? . Fight your Glorious Battle glory
Forever Be yours .

Автор Raimund Bosch ( назад)
Wait.. at 3:32 was that really his voice doing the solo? Or just a guy
pretending to sing the guitars?

Автор Victor Fries ( назад)
Damn son this girl sing so damn epic....

Автор Furiosity ( назад)
3:32 HE JUST DID THAT WITH HIS VOICE???????????????

Автор Lieutanant Brosky ( назад)
Dat bass tho

Автор Javier Gil de avila ( назад)
xD in the 0 56 of the song.. appears one warhammer 40k sword ? XDXD

Автор Naz ( назад)
3:32 what a troll :D

Автор Kahara101 ( назад)
250 people died in battle

Автор Melissa (1046 лет назад)
my teacher ended his class by blasting this song on a speaker ...best class

Автор Fairy Sea Rat (1212 года назад)
Not enough distortion.

Автор Ryan Nash ( назад)
6 winds blow as one...

Автор smeltervillehorror ( назад)
A Capella wind. Bucket List achieved.

Автор MorieldeCaelum ( назад)
Van Canto is a cappella at it's finest.

Автор Cheez Wisp ( назад)
+Napalm Records 2M are close!!

Автор David Davidson ( назад)
For the record, I admire the guy with the jaunty cap, furs, cape, plate
armor, and a greatsword. That's a motherfucker with panache.

Автор Don Quixote Doflamingo ( назад)
clash of clans ANYONE ???? make a video out of it with this as background
song,that would be perfect !!! :)

Автор Tim Crankcase (64 года назад)
The only non voice is drums. I love this group.

Автор Shawn Hickey ( назад)
Rockin song, and cool video! ;-}

Автор gökhan karakoç ( назад)
Ne boktan şarkı.

Автор T. Matthews (Anistazi Metal 94609) ( назад)
Very strong...the male vocal in particular is perfect for me this song as a
lead vocal....great song...strong and forceful...

Автор T. Matthews (Anistazi Metal 94609) ( назад)
Lovely melody...really good vocals...tight harmonies...great strong song!

Автор Jimmy Jackson ( назад)
My Grand mother could fight better than these warriors... And she's six
feet down in the ground.

Автор Alexander Sayre ( назад)
it's EPIC if 1.5!!!

Автор Guardian Zenon ( назад)
Love the song, but I find the feel it could have been a bit heavier..

Автор KevServo ( назад)
For some reason I keep thinking this is a Manowar cover.

Автор Jesse Clark ( назад)
Play at 1.25 if you really want to DIE IN BATTLE!

Автор Emil Musch ( назад)
these guys really help for D&D bards

Автор clips from films ( назад)
Icke mag!! \m/ \m/ \m/

Автор The Original Fatass ( назад)
this song reminds me if every tabletop group I've ever seen

Автор Tim Scheibel ( назад)
Musik von Van Canto is pure entspannung für mich.
Und wenn ich endlich mal die CD bekomme kann ich die Musik auch endlich
beim Training hören.

Автор Nagia Gougou ( назад)
i never had heard something like that and im just amazed!!!!i adore
it!!!and i can say im addicted now to van canto!!!!

Автор FurorTeutonicus ( назад)
The guy with the Hammer reminds me of Warhammer Fantasy

Автор CaptainSteevX ( назад)
Guitar tabs for the song : Dubbly dubbly dubbly doom doom Dubbly dum doom
doom. Dubbly dum dum doom.

Автор Zachery Payne ( назад)
mr mammal

Автор D3athChick3n ( назад)

Автор Dungeon Crawl TV (263 года назад)
Theme song for The End Times?

Автор Sam Wood ( назад)
Its too fucking epic..... but imagine guitars, bass and keyboard as
well.....they would quickly become the McDonalds of symphonic metal

Автор Veian Demontrond ( назад)
A capella "guitar solo". Now that's something I never knew was possible.

Автор McCritter von Bystritz ( назад)
omg she is so sexy

Автор Kaitlyn ( назад)
This is my 'Going to LARP!' music!

Автор NICK-VIDEO studio ( назад)
Супер ! Очень нравится ! Спасибо за творчество !

Автор Anaris G ( назад)

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
3:24 you know they did that solo with their voice too!

Автор Vanessa Diniz ( назад)
The acting is not great, but i just love Van Canto and all of their musics.
I have almost all CDs. And I'm also gathering more Van Canto fans. Most of
my friends didn't know them before i played one of their songs to them, and
now they just love it too. Thanks, Van Canto for all your musics!

Автор Joke Agate ( назад)

Автор TheBranchez ( назад)
Best part for me is when that female singer starts singing the intro.

Автор DemonRanger ( назад)
Who are the larpers in this video? They are truly awesome and amazing

Автор René Roussel ( назад)
Dise ise vairi good

Автор Eduardo Diaz ( назад)

Автор The Collector ( назад)
why is this female fronted most of the singing comes from the men :P

Автор paziunger ( назад)
mega geiles lied leute^^

Автор hank hill ( назад)
how the hell i got from amon amarth to this i dont know, but i love
it...whatever it is lmao

Автор leolordful (1837 лет назад)
I know that this is German but something about it makes me wanna yell "

Автор nicklaus4444 ( назад)
How does he make that guitar sound...

Автор Grolbringer79 ( назад)
4 Sigmar :)

Автор eldergroan ( назад)
never gets old...

Автор alixisssss ( назад)
just awsome love it the vocals are the best

Автор helloweenjunior ( назад)
Bom demais!!!!

Автор Al Capwn ( назад)
Goddamn ranger shooting into melee.

Автор roberto gallardo ( назад)
no hay un moderador de cosas que no HAY QUE HACER....???
Por Dios,,,que mierda esto por favor

Автор Kira Lee ( назад)
Die LARPer (live aktion rollplay). So süß :3 Toll gemacht!

Автор Bo Jensen ( назад)

Автор Loic Urien ( назад)
I didn't know this band until today. Now I can't stop *_*

Автор Manolo Petya ( назад)
What they do ,professional ,knowledge,super tributes in high quality .I can
speak about them only in superlatinus

Автор Lukáš Hegr ( назад)
Best song

Автор German-Warfare ( назад)

Автор nick kornafel ( назад)
Best LARP music video ever

Автор Ryin88 ( назад)
Accapella rock ?

Автор Ray Dawg ( назад)
Beginning intro = ear orgasm

Автор Valosar Aria ( назад)
Actors did a great job on this, would still like to see it return with
professionals maybe on a larger scale, this song deserves to be a world
wide hit!

Автор MarmeladenGlas Random ( назад)
hey im video sind larper :D
echt genial

Автор Liquid Man! ( назад)
Man, do you have to put this shitty intro at the beginning, seriously...

Автор Zyntarus LP ( назад)
FUCK hab ich grade ne Gänsehaut!!

Автор Zhelyazko Badarov ( назад)
This song will make me play Mount and Blade. Again.

Автор Tanatious15 ( назад)
dungeons and dragons metal. Awesome

Автор Tor Arne Svingen ( назад)
Impressive... Most impresive

Автор Christian Peiser ( назад)
Musik ist sowieso schön, aber das Video rockt nochmal extra :-))

Автор Сергей Глазунов ( назад)
Плохое пати, нубы можно сказать. Все знают - бишопа выбивать в первую
очередь :)

Автор Ryl0_or ( назад)
A Capella metal. Never heard that before, but I must say I enjoyed it.

Автор EpicoGames ( назад)

Автор 1996tlaloc ( назад)
You are amazing ! Can't wait to see you live.

Автор Weather Report (1531 год назад)
i gotta say, van canto have the only female vocalist that i actually dont

Автор vladtepessatan ( назад)
celine dion?

Автор Corilus89 ( назад)
175 boys aren't larpers! XD

Автор Jeevas Envy ( назад)
The clip is Perfect, van Canto is perfect, Sly is perfect, the song is
perfect... Everything is perfect ! 

Автор Jacob Rice (Cakes) ( назад)
Great song. The girl stood out the most though. Her voice isn't really
suited for this song

Автор klaykid117 ( назад)

Автор mrfictioneer ( назад)
Is it just me, or does playing this at 0.5 speed make it sound more heroic?

Автор RustyDockLight ( назад)
I love German girls! She's beautiful and has a really pretty voice too.
These guys can sing their asses off.

Автор Cityj0hn ( назад)
No No No No...

Take a hint from Manowar drumming...

Автор Wojszach Wojciech ( назад)
1:30 The man with hammer looks like a Sigmar priest

Автор Erik Langford ( назад)
Interesting concept, but it would be way better with some guitars in there

Автор Thomas Donovan (Tom) ( назад)
talk about antifuckinclimax

Автор EpicoGames (1556 лет назад)
SO EPIC... I listen to van canto since I was 8

Автор Necr0x ( назад)
Oh god... this solo!!!! This should be the most fun band when composing

Автор Kit Ran ( назад)
Great! But even in the video, we had a little more work on the movements of
the archers. Does not lead to the end of the string, and there is at least
a moment's pause for aiming. I know it's not so important, such
shortcomings, it is very frustrating to our archers. Otherwise, everything
is perfect.
(I apologize if there are errors, I do not know much English)

Автор AgentTripleH (239 лет назад)
Larping? We are not Larping? We ehm... are shooting a music video!! :D

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