Tov L'Hodot/ It is Good to Give Thanks (Psalm 92:1)

Shalom Chaverim/Friends!

On this Memorial Day weekend (in the U.S.) I thought, B"H, that I would release this video to serve as a reminder to US ALL (Kol Adam/All Mankind) to REMEMBER to ALWAYS joyfully & willingly offer Thanksgiving to HaKadosh Baruch Hu / The Holy One Blessed Be He, Who has graciously given unto us Breath and Life! Everything good that we have is from His Hand and therefore we should strive to love HIM with all of our hearts, our souls and our resources with great GRATITUDE! I bless us all to learn of HIM who has given us His ALL and has made a WAY for us, Jew and Gentile, to have ABUNDANT LIFE filled with JOY, surrounded by the Shechinah, wrapped in the Beauty of Holiness and VICTORIOUS through the TORAH of LIBERTY!

Here is My Second Video "Tov L'Hodot" shot recently in Holy Jerusalem, Ir HaKodesh! Hope it blesses everyone who watches and even those who don't! I also hope and pray that we would be encouraged to ALWAYS give Thanks to YHVH for everything He's given unto us and for ALL He has done, is doing and will do on behalf of ALL those who have put their trust in HIM, in His Character and GOODNESS!!! May we all live to see the Goodness of YHVH in the Land of the Living! Amen!

Shalom Aleychem! PEACE be unto you ALL!

His Beloved Watchman!







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Автор Micha'el Eliyahu Ben David (1 год)
"Master of all worlds! Lord of all souls! Lord of Peace! Mighty King,
blessed King, great King, King Who is synonymous with Peace, Glorious King,
Ancient King, Pure King, King Who is the life force of the Universe, good
and beneficent King, unique and singular King, Powerful King, King robed in
Mercy, Supreme King of Kings, sublime King, King Who sustains the fallen,
King Who is the Author of Creation, King Who liberates and rescues,
dazzling and ruddied King, Holy King, Exalted and Elevated king, King Who
hears Prayer, King Whose Way is flawless: I thank You, Lord my God and God
of my fathers, for all the kindness with which You have treated me, and
with which You will in the Future treat me, my entire household, and all
Your creatures who are associated with me. May Your holy and pure angels,
who do Your bidding, be blessed. Lord of Peace, King to Whom Peace belongs,
bless me with SHALOM/Peace, and consider me, my entire household, and all
Your People, the House of Israel, worthy of a LIFE of Well-Being and
Peace/Wholeness~SHALOM!" Shabbat Shalom to all the House of Israel,
scattered and gathered alike! With His Amazing Love I greet you, Micha'el ~
His Beloved4Ever!

Автор Micha'el Eliyahu Ben David (1 год)
Shabbat shalom from the beautiful Kineret in Tiberias! Amazing how full the
Lake is the Sea of Galilee! Blessings abound! Give Him Thanks & Praise!

Автор Micha'el Eliyahu Ben David (1 год)
Shabbat Shalom on this Great Shabbat Shabbat HaGadol from Yerushalaim!

Автор PastorElisabeth Stewart (28 дней)
I LOVE this Song it's just Beautiful even though I don't speak Hebrew I'm
Blessed by it for He sing's it in English too :) Please watch this for it
shall Bless you .... Shalom Pastor Elisabeth 

Автор L.L. Silvercloud (1 месяц)
Before anyone says this "Judaism"...........do you read the Old Testament?
Do you read the Psalms? Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Goats and bullocks are not sacrificed in a Temple anymore, for we have a
better covenant with the living God through His only Begotten Son, and He
lives in us His new Temple. His cleansing blood has made it possible for
the Spirit to dwell in our body as His Temple. And we still read the Old
Testament because it sheds light on the New and shows the glory of God. The
Psalms are beautiful, by themselves, and put to music are majestic.

Автор Danlove U (4 месяца)
It is good to Give thanks to the Lord

Автор Susan Louise Davis (1 месяц)
Thank you Lord ...

Автор Levi Alog (1 месяц)

Автор DEIVY VARGAS (5 месяцев)
Brother in Christ, Thank you for the love you have towards our God
I really do not know what religion you are but what I do know is that a
single Spirit connects us. Your songs are full with the power of the Holy
Spirit, and it is this that speaks for itself representing that we are one
family in the body of Christ.That God will continue to use your life for
the a spiritual transformation in this fallen world Your friend from New
Jersey, U.S.A. I salute you as a friend & Soldier of Jesus Christ & Soldier
of the Armed Forces serving as a messianic chaplain and missionary
messianic Worldwide.

Mattityahu 20:28
Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)
28 Just as the Ben HaAdam [Moshiach] did not come to be served, to be
ministered to, but to serve, to minister, and to give his neshamah, his
nefesh, as a kofer (ransom, pedut) LARABBIM (for the sake of many, for the
Geulah Redemption of many, YESHAYAH 53:11).

Автор Lucas Mora (2 месяца)
GOD is merciful,i love my GOD...

Автор moc zherius (3 месяца)
I love this 

Автор Monica Reste (2 месяца)
Blessings to you Ben David, love all your music. The most what I love about
you, is the true love that you have for our GOD, King of all Kings, Hosanna
to his name forever more.

Автор Micha'el S (2 месяца)
Praise the Lord !!! He has made me glad !!!

Автор Nicole Spray (7 месяцев)
Now!?! Ms? Ri Sol Ju! Murderess de our Korean babes! American Koreans
reflect? Frankly? I don't gave dang! Audacity n legacy y dysfuntion of
greater than n sigh! North Korean Whore, dysfunction n I? Me! Mine! My n
Murder de Papi Dios' gifts 2World!?! Tickle? Tickle take 3rd 2Negro Soul!
Bitch de Lucifer? Ri Sol Ju listen? I de me y mine b your Sigh n what the
fuk bitch! They? My, mine, my babes cause dysfunction de American Koreans
walking money, for coin became money cuando host parent took them n y
handed them ATM Cabrito Leche! Out con Confucius n grace! N?!? Con, we want
more than s fair n grace or thought of core! Declare they have n DNA? North
Korean dysfunction n we harvest the poor as we harvest amnesty 2build our
high rise 2office Bldg., like Equitable Plaza! New York? LIfe 2Westwood
College 2Cali Bank y Trust de? 3250 Wilshire! Increasing their sigh,
caress 4gotten ethics taught by Confucius refuse 2rojo cross 2my babe y my
sisters much needed humanitarian grace R your key 4your Legacy, as well as
4American Koreans that do not weep, sigh or caress despair de my, mine, our
babies, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers walking your greater than n
sigh y thought! Louis Vuitton? Ri Sol Ju! Murderess de our Korean
babes!World witness my, mine, our children munch on tree root! Que pasa
American Koreans lay down your golf club! Tiger my have skill Gomer, but
whore man he be n thought y actions! He tossed Ivanka goddess 4Pico whore r
Was that an Elden Whore? Kim Jong-il that bitch married s Post order R S
that whore home grown audacity. Vogue, Ri Sol Ju! Murderess de our Korean
babes history records your legacy s Lucifer fed like ah main line. I shall
share ah story of legacy! Now? Tejas? Come on bitch we de us of sociopath
we? OUR joys come con a 7shooter! Have ya heard de Texas Chain Saw? I have
one n my back room just 4U! Bitch kim Jong-il y por please ah moment, may I
share ah story of racist Tejas? Human Rights audacity True RELIGION? Pace n
TM! Like ah Disney n Sunday School, suffice? Define your re-legion Kim
Jong-il! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Rights_Watch Now? S
Human Rights Watch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Human Rights Watch is an international non-governmental organization that
conduc...See More

Tu eres mi Dios! Drop kick me Jesus 2post de vida, what ya seen s right
there 2correct! Yet? Pendehos they hesitate! War declared! Jewel y Dove 2
que s threaten by evil y? Y! Y, as babes t t t fed tree root not Dr. Oz,
but more like ah sigh n que share Mrs. Ri Sol cuando ya hand fe n grace que
s que tu alma, sorry, not ahehe, ya have ohoy soul! Though? I love
Alexander Wang I walk super conscience 2conscience n Wang, but never! Ever
n conscience n super did my ego, R? Our Vanity murder ah babe girl! What I
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even n less than n value or thought, Powers know we de us, of me n
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reflecting we do not care, as Entitlements are cut by Rojo Estados de
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American Koreans yet yet yet legacy weep pinche puto that your sister n
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though, racist they fit right n 2America. Suffice? Do ya have ah Mexicana
Centavo? Donde estan los charities 4what must walk? ARE? Prepared 2give
aide, donde aide has been deined 4generations. Sister 2mother 2grandmoma
2great grandmoma 2 audacity audacity Pink Drone the whore gps not difficult
look 4signs de equity like ghetto fab. audacity pink drone the fukkers.

Автор Aloisio Abdan Souza (1 год)
Shabat Shalom

Автор Robert Jackson (8 месяцев)
Shabbat Times New Castle, DE 19720

Candle lighting: 8:03pm on Friday, 26 July 2013

This week's Torah portion is Parashat Eikev
Havdalah (72 min): 9:33pm on Saturday, 27 July 2013

Автор Henry Sanchez (1 год)

Автор Hahku Brown (1 год)

Автор Micha'el S (2 месяца)
Give thanks unto the Lord.......

Автор Nicole Spray (11 месяцев)
WHO,?!?, WHOM DO WE ARM?!!!!!!!?

Nicole Spray
Jun 19, 2012 - Public
Iraq land of culture and science we Americans gave yall freedoms in blood
of American Warrior Women and American Warrior Men. As animals yall fight
for what?, Egypt land heroes and art yall murder your people, UAE, Saudi
Arab pride out of Arabs, Syria history glorious yet blood runs as the
Mississippi, Syria murder of broken babe girl. Syria murder of broken babe

the Arabs, Algeria Tunisia flower land martyrs and editing catch up with
liberty equality for all, Lebanon Arab Princess, Yemen birth of terror y
madness, Sudan, the land rises out of orouba men and Brown Nile, Qatar Arab
star, Kuwait land of generosity and kindness, Bahrain Pearl Arabs, Oman,
the Arabian Sea, the Jordan Arab Forum, Libya land dignity stolen by
dictators, Voltaire! Peace will walk when grace replaces hate. Peace will
walk when We as ONE lay down hate embrace peace. Free will. Free will.
Free Will. Lbaraka que is grace. Amen. Amen. Amen. ...Collapse this post

Автор Borko Jadrijevic (2 месяца)
Shabbat shalom from the beautiful Kineret in Tiberias! Amazing how full the
Lake is the Sea of Galilee! Blessings abound! Give Him Thanks & Praise!

Автор Nicole Spray (9 месяцев)
Always n times of despair?!? Shared?!? Say y have said? I want 2go home.
Twilite as I walked faith n grace! Pace, embrace of our Rosary aha handed
left hook. Post? Gucci aheha heha ehaheheh suffice?!? Tejas born y reared
aheha hehaehaheh! Tejas s not my home, as Hood Los Angeles 2my beautiful
Portland 2D.C. 2? New Orleans or Hemingway Keys are not my home. This s not
my shell!

Steinbeck s my thought! Mi alma es mi casa. Move, por please, back allow me
2spread alas de cenizas, momento lost n El Espirito Santo. Most hard 2key
as soul communes con grace. Alas de cenizas, cenizas al polvo ohoy que no
tengas fear. Glow s my key! Resplandor s mi corazon! 4sq s our God! I bow
2your greater than n out! I hand my key 2God who s our Savior! moment

God? Creator! God? OUR Christ! God? Our kadosh Espirito, Diyin Santo n Holy
Trinity we hand this day. have ya handed faith n grace this day? Have ya
exercised? Have ya begun your day n communion con Dios the Kadosh Trinity

Virtual we can change what cannot be changed. Have ya ever Dundee d harm of
greater than whether peer or corporation? Virtual has someone taken your
salty tear y handed a grin? How did ya feel n emotion y thought? Virtual ya
are an asset yet walked, much less understood. Take what can not be
measured n ego or n technology! Take your world back. 2late?!? Look down at
those babe browns 4blue 2green are first choice! Do 4we chocolate, brown
lashed moo-moo!

Автор STEPHEN WILLIS (8 месяцев)
thankyou oh lord king of the universe thanks for your song you put him
first good for you Michael your song lifts the heart keep at it

Автор Jesusdisciple247 (1 год)
glory!! Hallelujah !!

Автор Cserna Kata (3 года)
you praise the lord, full one beautifully with a heart

Автор J Ventura (3 года)

Автор acordatuquedormes (1 год)
But my people did not want me to hear the voice, and Israel did not answer.
So, I let him walk in the stubbornness of their hearts; follow their own
advice. Ah! If my people listen to me, and Israel had walked in my ways!
Psalm 81

Автор angela roberts (1 год)
nice video! thx for it. i love to see the Holy Land! and to hear Hebrew too!

Автор Okamoto25022009 (2 года)
god loving israel

Автор Paul Morris (5 месяцев)
praise YHWH for His calling on you to sing praises to Him, His Son, His
Spirit- I find myself singing Melech HaKovod a lot0

Автор Melida Murillo (7 месяцев)
Very anointed song . It is touch souls .

Toda !!!!! Shalaam

Автор Pandora Branwen (1 год)
Hello Micha'el I really thank God for your life and for your beautiful
voice, whenever I hear your music I feel in peace and in contact with our
Lord God, keep praising our Creator, with your amazing,divine and marvelous
voice. Thank you. I love hear your music...

Автор joel ferreira (11 месяцев)
se possivel traduza para o portugues algumas canções

Автор Violina K (2 года)
Micha'el, you are amazingly in Love with the Divine!!! Its so Beautiful !!!
Its unbelievably beautiful and so rare to see a Soul so much In Love with
its Maker..:)) Toda Raba

Автор Ahava Mashiach (7 месяцев)
Anointed Wow! I feel the fire of the Holy Spirit! Praise Messiah!

Автор Wilmer Quintero (2 года)
Dios les bendiga...

Автор Elisabeth Stieber (10 месяцев)
Je découvre !!! Des Chansons Sublimes...Je ne connais pas l'Hébreux mais
malgrés les paroles touchent mon coeur au plus profond Comme si je
connaissais J'entend une voix des paroles une musique ...Tout mon respect à
Micha'el qui aime son Dieu (YHVH) Affectueusement ""Elisa""

Автор studentinlearning (1 год)
I have bought two mp3 albums, and I love this music!!! My soul was so down
tonight. I was overwhelmed with sadness, and then my friend posted this on
fb, and my soul was lifted and rejoicing (focused back on the Lord). Oh,
how this music blesses me!!

Автор Andrés Orozco (1 год)
Todá Micha'El!! Shalom a la casa de Israel esparcida por todo el mundo. Slm
bruj H'Shm.

Автор maranathaamen1 (3 года)
Micha'el borther! Be blessed! Thank you, and Thank You Lord! This is
wonderful! Hallelujah!

Автор Martinlaraapodaca NL (1 год)
Thank you Lord our God for all your creation, and for every one who like to
be with Elohim in a song, in prayer, meditation, etc.

Автор MzMichelle777 (1 год)
HalleluYAH I agree 100% May HaShem Eliyon bless and keep you and yours and
give you favor,In Yahushua ha Mashiachs' Kadosh Name. Let it be so! I hope
I spelled it, all right. Shalom~ Todah Raba~

Автор Kwabena Twum (1 год)
Bless Adonai for Michael's heart and the beautiful praises to The Lord and
His Yeshua. Blessed be the name of Yeshua our Messiah

Автор messageformypeople (2 года)
Absolutely beautiful!

Автор JerusalemHolyLand (3 года)
Beautiful song

Автор Irene I Borges (1 год)
Es bello este canto, hace elevar el espiritu y postrarse para adorar a

Автор DustCon5 (1 год)
Sigh.... how beautiful .

Автор Jabaa' Belen (1 год)
Adoro a mi Señor Señor de los Ejércitos!!!!!!Bendiciones...lLlena mi
corazón su alabanza...Gracias

Автор hoplapigen (1 год)
Beautiful song, Yahshua Bless

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