VLOOKUP Function Beginner to Advanced 26 Examples: How To Use Excel VLOOKUP Function

Download workbook:
Click this link: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm
Then scroll down to this section: "VLOOKUP "Shark" Week Downloadable Workbooks"
Look for the file named: VLOOKUP-SHARK-WEEK-DownloadableWorkbook01-Start.xlsx

Excel VLOOKUP is one of the most important functions because everyone needs to look stuff up. Not only that, but if you want to get a job, you must know VLOOKUP.
In this video learn everything you need to know about VLOOKUP in 1 video.
Here are the topics (minute marks jump you to that part of the video):
1. VLOOKUP = V = Vertical ( min)
2. Why so common? Because everyone needs to look stuff up ( 00:43 min)
3. VLOOKUP Delivers a value to a cell: Extract Match ( 2:37 min)
4. VLOOKUP #N/A and IFERROR or IF ( 5:25 min)
5. VLOOKUP and Data Validation ( 8:10 min)
6. VLOOKUP with Named Range ( 10:34 min)
7. VLOOKUP as Formula Element ( 17:24 min)
8. HLOOKUP = H = Horizontal ( 18:25 min)
9. VLOOKUP Delivers a value to a cell: Approximate Match ( 19:40 min)
10. VLOOKUP with table on different sheet ( 24:00 min)
11. VLOOKUP with table in different workbook ( 25:56 min)
12. Show Full Record: Numbers above column header ( 27:15 min)
13. Show Full Record horizontally: COLUMNS Function ( 30:20 min)
14. Show Full Record vertically: ROWS Function ( 32:28 min)
15. Show Full Record: MATCH Functions ( 33:40 min)
16. Two Lookup Values: Add join column as first column in table ( 35:40 min)
17. Two Lookup Values: Join columns in formula and use CHOOSE function ( 38:50 min)
18. Partial Text Lookup: LEFT and SEARCH Functions ( 43:22 min)
19. Partial Text Lookup: MID Function ( 45:37 min)
20. Partial Text Lookup: RIGHT Function ( 48:08 min)
21. TRIM and VLOOKUP: Space in lookup value ( 48:57 min)
22. TRIM and VLOOKUP: Space in 1st column of table ( 51:03 min)
23. VLOOKUP with 3 lookup tables: CHOOSE Function ( 53:20 min)
24. VLOOKUP: Two Way Lookup with VLOOKUP and MATCH ( 58:36 min)
25. VLOOKUP: Variable Tax Rate, 3 VLOOKUPS in one formula ( 1:00:18 min)
26. VLOOKUP and Table feature for Dynamic ranges ( 1:05:17 min)

How To Use Excel VLOOKUP Function
Learn Excel VLOOKUP Function
VLOOKUP made easy
Excel VLOOKUP Function

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Автор Jennifer Hill ( назад)
I landed a great job and one of the key things I needed to learn was V-lookup. I had excel opened up, while I worked my way through your course. Thank you for helping me land a great job and I will keep watching as long as you are here to stay. You're the BEST!!!

Автор Aminah Butt ( назад)
i luv watching ur videos..... so much to learn from them....thank you

Автор Dani Emm ( назад)
This was SO helpful!!! Thank you!!

Автор yudhishther sharma ( назад)
can a formula give me following result
i have a unique number R1, check it in a coloumn if R1 is in that coloumn then a corresponding value, if no then check it in a coloumn of another sheet2 and give me corresponding value, if no then check it in col of sheet3....

Автор shivam mittal ( назад)
Last one is not working in the Excel 2013 or am i doing it wrong?

Автор Shelley Maxwell Channel ( назад)
My dream is to take all your classes, I hope they can be available online. You are such a good teacher!

Автор gwa56 ( назад)
Best video explanation I've seen on YouTube thus far! Thank you.

Автор drugget ( назад)
Sir, your video tutorials are very amazing! I'm currently making a medicine inventory worksheet. I'm trying to figure out how to update my inventory everyday from my dispensed medicines. Most of the medicines have the same names but different serial numbers. I need to know which medicines will be expiring before 3 months from expiration, almost finished stocks, auto updated medicine list with day-to-day numbers to how many being dispensed during that day. Thanks sir!

Автор pauline scharf ( назад)
I am sooo happy that i came across this video !!!!T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U !!!! This is the best you tube video ,

Автор Patrice Thomas ( назад)
Thank you very much buddy. Thank you for your honesty, making it easy to locate the excel file on your web. I very much appreciate that and for taking the time to teach it.

Автор Leon Chan ( назад)
Being proficient in Excel is not difficult. However, teaching it the way you do, that is a gift. Your way of explaining and demonstrating these concepts are the best I've come across. I never thought I'd say this, but learning Excel is actually fun. Very big thank you!

Автор Jeff Bennett ( назад)
I'm very new to VLOOKUP/Pivot tables and have to learn both for work. I am also pretty amaneur with Excel. Is Excel 2013 and now Excel 2016 fundamentally different in its features, or is this video still 100% relevant? Thanks

Автор Joey Sunshine ( назад)
Man this video is giving me life! Thank you a million and one times!

Автор Sardar Abid ( назад)
i have big problem to used excel formules

Автор hrmon pagrigs ( назад)
Thanks a lot Sir, Its very comprehensive. Indeed a big help :)

Автор nawal abdullahi ( назад)
was helpful in my computer science hw, thanks:)B)

Автор Mohamed haj hasan ( назад)
Thanks for this awesome explanation for the Vlookup functionality, it was helpful appreciate your effort.

Автор jacky chawla ( назад)
will u please make a video on custom formatting&array advance

Автор jacky chawla ( назад)
one of the most powerful concept by anyone on youtube invincible !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mili Biswas ( назад)
Now I can say, i know this function confidently in my dream job interview! thanks!

Автор Cathe Gutierrez ( назад)
This is awesome. I almost could not find you videos again

Автор gassiusdave ( назад)
Hi ExcellsFun,
You are an Excel GOD!!!! Thank you for your help!!

Автор Sikarate ( назад)
Hello, I wonder about "20.Partial Text Lookup: RIGHT Function", if I don't know the last "num_chars" for each ID. How can I find the way to solve this matter?

For example Bellen-234-B25R, Carlota-345-C20R, Quad-765-Q20L >> the last num_chars = 4 digits, we can use =RIGHT(text,4) --to fix 4 in the formula, but if some ID may "Quad-765-Q20LK" >> the last num_chars is 5 digits. What is the formula we can use in this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Автор Kalpana U ( назад)
Thank you so much for the video,its really very helpful

Автор Milan Dave ( назад)
Amazing explanation. Very useful :)

Автор peacewize69 ( назад)
Awesome video and I'm very glad you added the dynamic range at the end, that was one of my main questions was how to continuously update a table

Автор J11 18 ( назад)
At 33:06, I'm a bit confused on how the ROWS function actually calls the specific data in this example. The plus 1 makes sense since it can call the next requirement since it's in order with the array we are getting the data from. But how does setting ROWS to (B$22:B22) actually call upon the needed data?

Автор Online Tech Secret ( назад)
Thanks for making this great video............

Автор Maureen Hill ( назад)
This by far was the easiest tutorial for VLookup which I've struggled with for years LOL. Thank you for this great video! Happy Holidays!

Автор Travis.H Wong ( назад)
How can I vlookup the answer without know the source is coming from which table?

Автор Rannie Rigodon ( назад)
Bravo sir.. advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Автор Geana Gutierrez ( назад)
Thank you!!! What a great class, I have learnt a lot!!! This is reminding me when I did visual basic with excel. I did understand everything, but I did have some questions about the choose formula. When you have to use {} or tables, I would like to know the logic behind the formula and in which more scenarios you can use it. Thank you.

Автор ndelpurg ( назад)

Автор DJ Al-shaikh ( назад)
Can you briefly explain what does a "Case study excel base (vlookup)" means? uncle google did not help :(

Автор DJ Al-shaikh ( назад)

Автор DJ Al-shaikh ( назад)
in the VLOOKUP with 3 LOOKUP tables why havent u used TRUE so that u can get a percent of the nearest number.

Автор DJ Al-shaikh ( назад)
thanks so much for the very useful tutorial.. i am having my case study test for job interview and they told me it is based on vlookup function.. hope do well... may I ask you if you can provide us with the sample spreadsheet you used in your tutorial? Cheers

Автор fmanaruto ( назад)
I love you bro

Автор Deepak Kumar ( назад)
It's amazing for the Beginners, Thank u sir

Автор FPrimeHD ( назад)
You make me want to go back to college and take a class again.

Автор Muzahir Hussain ( назад)
It's really helpful, but please check this ==> in section VLOOKUP with 3 lookup tables: CHOOSE Function ( 53:20 min)
If we put in the fourth table any other value than 1 , 2 or 3 the result simply don't work, So kindly explain why is that??

Автор Amilia Joan Fernandez ( назад)
Thank you so much, this video has helped me get through excell test for my job interview. I can;t express enough how grateful i am

Автор E. Smith ( назад)
You have the best Excel videos, and have a gift for making complicated functions seem easy.  Thank you!

Автор Tungaa Tseren ( назад)
Pls, explain to me why choose B12 in vlookup example

Автор Lina Anderious ( назад)
Thank you so much ,you are awesome!!

Автор Ashish Tiwari ( назад)
Excellent Video...thanx a lot...:)

Автор Eudora LUNG ( назад)
It's very useful. thanks very much.

Автор JB B ( назад)
Great Help!! Thorough and good to view more detailed overalaying scenarios! Thanks!!

Автор Hamish Martin ( назад)
This is awesome! Thanks so much!!

Автор Eric Lu ( назад)
Very useful.Learned a lot.

Автор shlem tzor ( назад)
Hello, Thank you for this informative tutorial it's a great help and well taught.

Автор Rahul Rahul ( назад)
Great videos dude.. I need one help. Let say i have 100000 row with multiple information now i have to pull all the data from that table selecting specific id another sheet/worksheet. Let say i have apple in first column i want pull all 1000 rows that is inside 100000 row data table in random order and pull it. Hope you get it. Please respond.

Автор Kris Maly ( назад)
It's awesome video

Автор Kris Maly ( назад)
Host has Expertise in Excel and has a good remembrance of Shortcuts which is awesome.

Sir, may know how you could remember so many shortcuts ?

Автор Kris Maly ( назад)
I enjoyed watching this video.
Thanks for educating the community.
May know what software is used to record this video?
Thanks a bunch

Автор Ravi Kamble ( назад)
nice technics of vlookup formula

Автор Hari Haralampiev ( назад)
You save me every time! Thank you for all these videos!

Автор paleandpoisonous ( назад)
I didn't understand quite well why you should click ctrl+shift+enter when using the CHOOSE function for table array? What does this keyboard shortcut do? What is exactly an array formula?

Автор J W ( назад)
Wow, 4 years later and this video is still the hottest thing out. I really appreciate this so much. I was afraid that the video might be to old for the Excel 2010 version I'm on but it works like a charm. Your shortcut keys are out of this world. Need a lesson on all the shortcuts you know lol.

Автор Mahmoud Adel ( назад)

Автор Pragya Verma ( назад)

I want the workbook of this video and i am not able to find this. Please provide me the link from where I can download the workbook!!

Автор Shray Sharan ( назад)
I can't find the workbook you are using

Автор Big teeth ( назад)
very useful and easy to learn, thank you

Автор Dino Kolak ( назад)
I can't download a workbook :/ Can you help me because it's seems like a very good explanation. Pls send me link to download a workbook :)

Автор fang hu ( назад)

Автор Black Cake ( назад)
This guy is cancer in anus

Автор Mark Redillas ( назад)
Way easier than I previously thought! thanks a lot!

Автор Oscar Delgado ( назад)
Thanks a lot for this video!
You truly do a great job.

Автор lakshmanji karu ( назад)
Very useful

Автор Marchia MillerJones ( назад)
Have a quick question: at 27.00 you discuss utilizing ranges from different files... If the data from those respective (pull from) files are altered, will the outcomes on the spreadsheets you are working on also alter? In other words, are the tables all HOT, indefinitely? Or can the data be locked in never to alter, even if those reference tables are changed? (Hope my question makes sense. Thanks.)

Автор Hector Last ( назад)
I have a question. I have a list of data numbers ex ,10 set of numbers  on the left and boxes on the right.The left are customers and the right  are boxes  of cargo , if the total of the cargo is 3200 pies how can I ,by tiping the first customer  it can fill other customers for  a total of 3200,or the colsest number to fill the truck.












Автор sooraj s ( назад)
can i get ur contact mail id??

Автор meiyan zou ( назад)
Thank you so much!

Автор Shaddy Omar ( назад)
it seems that the link is not working!!

Автор harshita pant ( назад)
hi plz make videos on how to crack interview questions in MIS EXECUTIVE / DATA ANALYST field cz they ask very tricky questions.. .

thank u so much ..

Автор pmarilag ( назад)
best vlookup tutorial! thanks!

Автор Mars ( назад)
This video would make you a b lookup. The b stands for boss.

Автор vinod m ( назад)

Автор Misha Yufit ( назад)
Hi, cool video ! But still haven't find answer to my question..
Maybe you can help me.
I have 2 separate tables and one contain full names, the other only names.

Table 1

Full name

Joe Lopes
John Travolta
Helga Johnson

Table 2

Name Value

Misha 9
Lorne 8
Joe 7
Johnson 15
King 42

Result >

Table 1

Full name

Joe Lopes 7
John Travolta
Helga Johnson 15

Thank you ;)

Автор Sayantani Singha Roy ( назад)
Great video, extremely easy to understand and practise. Thanks.

Автор Pinky Blue ( назад)
amazing! thanks!

Автор Bosco Ryan ( назад)
Outstanding video. So clear and concise. Life saver!

Автор MultiCadias ( назад)
My brain just exploded

Автор Michelle Thurman ( назад)
Great tutorial! Absolutely everything you need to know in a very clear to understand way.

Автор Jacky Joey Lumanglas ( назад)
thank you so much for this tutorial. I learn a lot

Автор Gigi Wu ( назад)
Great tutorial! Share your excel file with unlimited space with Docs.com! https://docs.com?ggytb

Автор Grace Galman ( назад)
Thanks😊 you made it very simple and easy to grasp..

Автор Paulina Charlotte ( назад)
I love your videos! First I was a bit anxious about starting to learn
how to use Excel (thought it would be very complicated), but with your
help it is really fun! :-)
Thanks a lot !!!

Автор samir patel ( назад)
I can't download the workbooks

Автор Noel Doyle ( назад)
Brilliant tutorial. As a beginner Is their a way I can download the video so I can use it when I don't have net connection to practice?

Автор Thipphavanh Thorlatha ( назад)

Автор Red Ranger ( назад)
ExcelIsFun is my go-to-place to find out how I can use Excel the way I want. I really appreciate all the work that has gone into this channel.

Thank You

Автор Takdanai Cheepsaritdipong ( назад)
You are the best excel tutor
Thank you so much

Автор premaratne balasooriya ( назад)
I learn much. This is very clear presentation

Автор dalex7777 ( назад)
@ExcelIsFun this just changed my life. Thank you!

Автор hins108 ( назад)
why boomerang isn't that an aussie item?

Автор yawnyes ( назад)
Great video. Thanks.

Автор amol chandane ( назад)
Hi, Thanks for this tutorial. When we press F9 in formula it shows the result. How to switch it back to previous formula? What's that shortcut?

Автор P. Charmin ( назад)
i have 2016 version...will u recommend i use newer 2016 tutorials?

Автор Araa Ezo ( назад)
I am so stomped, I have written out your chart EXACTLY as you have it, in my own excel program, and I can use the vlookup function, that you use in your first example, but my vlookups wont automatically update like yours do, if i change the data to the left..I am entering your formulas exactly as you have them in my copied worksheet from your video

Is there something in the settings I need to check on?

HELP, please, someone

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