Chill Out Music Mix ❄ Best Chill Trap, RnB, Indie ♫

Chill Out Music Mix ❄ Best Chill Trap, RnB, Indie ♫

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➤ Tracklist: https://goo.gl/aenwJp
➤ Picture: https://unsplash.com/?photo=WJkc3xZjSXw
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Просмотров: 4281035
Длительность: 1:4:42
Комментарии: 1338

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Автор Brocken Wings ( назад)
top ;)

Автор Luan Hietbrink ( назад)

Автор #_Zeus_# ( назад)
0:00 song ?

Автор Jay D. Magpantay ( назад)
This mix is fire.

Автор 裕二アシュリー ( назад)
Hi please help me. I need very awesome songs for my road trip 2017 please thanks. ^_^ <3

Автор Thaule ( назад)
whats the name of the song at 4:40

Автор lilia bleu ( назад)

Автор lilia bleu ( назад)

Автор Jonas Meinhardt Pedersen ( назад)
first song?

Автор Skiller [ i.Beary10] ( назад)

Автор Kyle C. ( назад)
Thanks helped me do my homework.. and I had A LOT of it.

Автор Dietcookies 01 ( назад)
dem buds though.

Автор TankDoseGaming56 ( назад)
this is perfect thanks i use this for homework and when I nap

Автор zαутσηιк ( назад)
What song is at 36:11? :D

Автор Bùi Minh Nhật ( назад)
how to make audio spectrum?

Автор LittleLegendary ( назад)
what is the music at 29:57

Автор Robert Lipovský ( назад)
im sleep

Автор BrokenBonezKid ( назад)
Amazing, Just Wow.

Автор Paweł W ( назад)
Cool mix. I use it when i ride on a waveboard, skateboard or just playing basketball. Very nice ◕ω◕

Автор Grave Hunter ( назад)
*like* For the car commercial.

Автор Krzysztof RedPro ( назад)

Автор Maurice Rieger ( назад)
voll geil

Автор Ferdinand Haunberger ( назад)
awesome !!!!!!!!! omg !!

Автор CryteX ( назад)
nice Music mix

Автор deemyolo _ ( назад)

Автор xHunteRx ( назад)
chillout music... pedalskie jakieś.. ELO!

Автор Predator Legacy ( назад)

Автор Eri vlog ( назад)

Автор Kathryn Garrix ( назад)
what song is that guys?? love it

Автор Alex Ir. ( назад)
I love people that know how to relax, even though it's kinda hard using this mix to study instead of doing so, it's good to see how relaxed people feel listening to this. Yeap this comment is completely pointless.

Автор Kevin Coughlan ( назад)
Love this mix!! ❤️ Are these tracks on their own as well? Is there a list of where to find all these songs in the order they were played?

Автор Dziki borsuk ( назад)
hah this music is so relaxing and refreshing, beatiful

Автор Dziki borsuk ( назад)
lol at first I saw there marihuana plantantion but its just forest

Автор Sam C ( назад)
I came to warn you about the Muslim nation: Genesis 16:12 This son [Ishmael, the ancestor and seed of Islam] of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives. [i.e., all nations]"

Автор Meinnameistbaum Tutorialandmore ( назад)
i have adblocker

Автор Anastasia Peters ( назад)
it's not really chill out music but a realy nice sound😍

Автор fst fuck AKA FF El Massaoudi ( назад)
I was able to listen this at a test. I was sleeping because of this <3

Автор Alex S ( назад)
no girlass nice :D

Автор maur mrqz ( назад)

Автор Barış Kara ( назад)
good :)

Автор HOW TO BE WEIRD dot ( назад)
55:15 ameriican dream yea umm
did anyone thinked about the dream of other countries? America ur not alone in this world , think aboutthe others!
* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Автор EmmaPie! ( назад)
I love listening to this while I edit my videos!

Автор Kacper Urbański ( назад)
No zobaczymy polska aktywność 😂😂👌 2k17 😍😊 pozdrawiam :D

Автор NExuS FLakTioN ( назад)
chill Music lvl 10000

Автор vikkydiy draw ( назад)
Cool song

Автор Samir Krasnici ( назад)
i can never find good mucik this sucks

Автор lora rola ( назад)
yeah fresh new vibe good good

Автор Mammamia ( назад)
Подборка точно по моему вкусу! Спасибо!

Автор Carren Joyce ( назад)
it's so good!!!
everyday i listen it!

Автор Nienke Broekman ( назад)
whats the first song called xoxo

Автор Staś Marcel ( назад)
( :   ( :

Автор Sean Graves ( назад)
who else thought the backround was giant weed strains at first?

Автор Jonn Saxx ( назад)
Soft nice music! I really like it!

Автор Kamil Walczuk ( назад)
sorry about my grammatic... :)

Автор Kamil Walczuk ( назад)
Magic Music... i se another song and it is with like this green pictur... and name of this name of group or vocalist in first 3 minutes... plis say name off that songer... :) i'am in love there vocal... :) Peace... :)

Автор FidanBv ( назад)
the best mix ever!!

Автор G. KaZik ( назад)
Hello chill music lovers! Could you help me to improve my spring tracks if you come and listen..
Awesome mix btw!

Автор FutureChill ( назад)
Nice Work

Автор RainO'Frags ( назад)
Listening for the fourth time, my favorite mix till date :D

Автор nikusha gamer ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel and I subscribe to your channel

Автор Robin Polska ( назад)

Автор Angel Rivera ( назад)

Автор Aleksa Aki ( назад)
1.25 speed , ur welcome

Автор JIMI mikel ( назад)
w pierwszej chwili myslalem ze to topy sa :P

Автор Aidan Gilbert ( назад)
are all of these royalty free?

Автор Elias Malik ( назад)
The outdoors, red wine and green, could not ask for more..

Автор Leonte ( назад)

Автор Philipp Kiel ( назад)
this picture is so amazing😍

Автор WishMusic [NoCopyright] ( назад)
Rain Drop
Drop Top
Pin this comment
to the

Автор BlueJayPlayz ( назад)

Автор Foook UU ( назад)
good work

Автор Foook UU ( назад)
me lol

Автор YusifofficialVeVo ( назад)

Автор Tấn Thành ( назад)
i get high with this mix, i keep listening to it for a week

Автор Jose Rivera ( назад)

Автор Perth Home Cleaners ( назад)
Great mix.

Автор Truffle Butter ( назад)

Автор Lazy Kid ( назад)
All y'all check out P.Lab on soundcloud

Автор Joe TechNerd ( назад)
does anyone else thinks the thumbnail reminds u of marijuana? XD

Автор Nicolas Tamay ( назад)
oh yeah relax baby.. so take easy

Автор Chris Jovel ( назад)
Very nice as well 😁

Автор Crankout2war ( назад)
Gets Me To Think About My Dream Future And Good Memories☺️

Автор Alois Tomek ( назад)
I got high with this song when i was drunk. Now im not drunk and high again cause of this music

Автор vinicius pedro ( назад)

Автор Creizy Flow ( назад)

Автор user 53503 ( назад)
no mix? Just changing the song?

Автор NoSkillJustLuck ( назад)

Автор norlyn cardinal ( назад)

Автор Nghĩa Lê ( назад)
37:00 làm ơn cho tui xin bản nhạc khúc đó đi

Автор NovaDesigns ~ Believe ( назад)
4 Months ago but it's still ... amazing and just wonderful :)

Автор erwan jalet ( назад)
Hey guys ! I make my first song, i'll be so glad if you could listen it and tell me what you thinking about !? THX a lot !! ;)

Автор Will Bathurst ( назад)
there damn trees

Автор mofidis MDR ( назад)
top relaxxx

Автор Artemis Rex ( назад)
this is perfect for driving out in New Zealand's quiet and lonely Greenland.

Автор Hans Bjorgman ( назад)
I haven't slept and this makes me want to sleep.

Автор Daniel Reabe ( назад)
Can anyone tell me what the first song is?

Автор Just Another Guy ( назад)

Автор Иван Осипенко ( назад)
Респект коллеги,
Хорошая музыка

Автор I_Caydem_I Mc ( назад)

Автор HANz MØ ( назад)

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