Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries

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For this list, we're looking at the most horrific and cringe worthy injuries suffered by athletes.

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Автор awsome person ( назад)
hear about the one where the soccer player got kicked in the upper leg so
hard you could see the bone.

Автор Ke Long ( назад)
clint malarchuk

Автор Itz JBizer ( назад)
Luke Shaw vs PSZ

Автор Matthew T. Lowe (Official) ( назад)
I normally don't cringe easily, but these injuries made me squirm in my
seat. Particularly the hockey injury with the sliced throat. I will never
be able to unsee that! Ugh! 😖😖

Автор john sparten ( назад)
they dislocated his jaw so he could breath......i bet that was more painful
doing that than the actual injury as he would of been pre-empting it

Автор Nathan Boardman ( назад)
no motorcycle racing featured?? Barry Sheen and Mick Doohan had very bad
injuries as a result of crashing.

Автор Etan The Giant Sassage ( назад)
one time when i was playing soccer a kid tackled me, which caused me to
land wrong and i ended up somehow dislocating my hip and sprainingmy ankle.

Автор Caged ( назад)
No one ever thinks of gymnastics as a sport.

Автор LGD FiberOptix ( назад)
hockey has the gnarliest injuries, no one can argue that

Автор LGD FiberOptix ( назад)
5:16 how the fuck do you break your leg like that. thats crazy they have
such skinny bones. i went down 100 ft hills into trees with 3 people on
refrigerator card board boxes and never break bones, also skated and inline
skated and slammed my shit all up trying gnarly shit for 10 years and never
broke any bones. but i am thick 5 8 180 but still thats crazy to think
about, its weird how he broke his leg by jumping maybe 12 inches in the air

Автор LGD FiberOptix ( назад)
4:12 wow what an uncoordinated human, thats incredible he couldnt even
perform that stunt, fucking crazy, karma or repercussions were deserved

Автор Alvin White ( назад)
Vader from wrestling eye popped out its socket he had to put it back in

Автор Liam Buckley ( назад)
If this was more recent the borussia Dortmund young striker would be top
three. Look up his injury

Автор yolo lololo ( назад)
those homies Who kick cisse is a dumbass

Автор Thatsurvivor 12456 ( назад)
I play hockey and this is y I wear every piece of gear

Автор Matthew Holmes ( назад)
buster posey catchers injury

Автор MaxFusion101 Gaming ( назад)
lol i knew Mike Tyson with the ear bite would be in this video

Автор Jacob Mireles ( назад)
how did they not put any american football player that got paralyzed. like
Eric LeGrand ,Darryl Stingley ,Steve Gleason ,Devon Walker just to name a

Автор Richard Johnson ( назад)
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Автор Joseph Gonzales ( назад)
Where's when Jon "bones" jones had a Brocken toe

Автор Pissed Bob Ross ( назад)
Alex Zanardi had his fucking legs cut off. Nelson Piquet had his fucking
legs crushed. Gordon Smiley had his fucking fuck fucked.

Автор malik bashale ( назад)
that hockey injury tho....

Автор Hiram Baker ( назад)
who neck started hurting when y'all seen that neck injury

Автор Xxsweetsniipsx X ( назад)
The first one was on my birthday!!!!😂😂

Автор Generals _37_ ( назад)
Hockey goalie

Автор Leopold Penschke ( назад)
Where was Nicki Lauda (Grüße aus Deutschland)

Автор baller 13 ( назад)
300 stickies

Автор RapMan V1 ( назад)
John Cena
Injury: broken neck

Автор huntsbigbuck ( назад)
What about the hit that Ricardo Lockette took that paralyzed him?

Автор CR 3172 ( назад)
The part were the hockey boot sliced the players artery was so nasty omg

Автор CR 3172 ( назад)
#7 so nasty 😷

Автор Silvana de Brito ( назад)
clint malarchuk

Автор ASAP Blitzz ( назад)
What about Paul George?? But the ice hockey one was the worst on here....

Автор G.I. Gamer ( назад)
Uh, legs aren't supposed to turn that way

Автор Jaycen Jefferson ( назад)
that guy at first is my dad is freind

Автор Justin G (Sir) ( назад)
20k sick people like this

Автор your psychedelic daddy ( назад)
fuck I play rugby

Автор Joe Flabenowitz ( назад)

Автор Ray Timothy ( назад)
The worst one was when the goalie got his neck sliced

Автор levelsuperboy1 lolz ( назад)
anderson silva was my favorite mma/ufc player i was so shocked

Автор Odell Beckham Jr ( назад)
Kevin ware is tough he didn't cry when his leg broke I would've cried like
a little bitch LOL

Автор Odell Beckham Jr ( назад)
u remember the Kevin ware one

Автор Burney Buttur ( назад)
who else laughed at 4:00

Автор Supermar11212 ( назад)
I fractured my anckle while playing football in school

Автор NothingYT ( назад)

Автор Victor Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Levi Batey ( назад)
Tyrone Prothro?

Автор RedTrius ( назад)
the no.1 is killing me and giving me cancer

Автор Derson Nett ( назад)
god damn i gotta eat more calcium

Автор Bradley Olivier ( назад)
How did y'all forget Eric legrand

Автор GlitterGirls Treiger ferreira ( назад)
He's a boxer

Автор GlitterGirls Treiger ferreira ( назад)
My dad got hurt so bad when he got punched it was bleeding everywhere in
his face it was like he didn't have any skin

Автор Charlie Dave ( назад)
corey hill was the worst

Автор xSpecialPro ( назад)

Автор SuperCoolGuy SuperCoolGuy ( назад)
I remember watching the Silva one live

Автор BboyDJFLIP ( назад)
Johnny Knox from the Chicago Bears had the worst injury of all time

Автор Kevin Shields ( назад)
how is a broken leg worse than total paralysis????

Автор Joni Nurmela ( назад)

Автор Cole Lindeblad ( назад)
Bo Jackson pulled his leg out of the socket.:-(

Автор Undead Gamer ( назад)
i once stepped on a lego should i be here?

Автор Ins4nityPlayz ( назад)
Where is Mankind of the cell?

Автор Brendan Maynard ( назад)
I remember the Silvia fight we were all screaming

Автор Jay Dog ( назад)
please go subscribe to my channel @Jay dog

Автор 噶名从韩日视频(ChrispG4ming) ( назад)
nope no no no hockey skates just NO!!!

Автор Troy Thomson ( назад)
Rugby Union is a hooligans sport played by gentlemen, not Rugby League.
it's played by wife bashing drug fucked wankers.

Автор Roberta Rotten ( назад)
What about that player whose finger came off?

Автор Roberta Rotten ( назад)
Everyone freaked out at Kevin Ware's injury

Автор Jonathan Rajan ( назад)
I caught my breath when they said jugular vein. Kudos to the war vet on

Автор Abner Alvarenga ( назад)
What about Paul George in the all star game

Автор SepticPug Gaming ( назад)
But listen to this, this is so tragic: I cut my finger clipping my nails

Автор Roberta Rotten ( назад)
What about David Busst? The goalie threw up and needed therapy after seeing
his injury. It took 7 minutes to clean up the blood. His career was over
and after 26 ops his leg is half the size it was.

Автор Anthony Bruce ( назад)
What about the Andrew Bogut injury when he broke his arm after him trying
to catch himself on a dunk

Автор William Potero ( назад)
Did Allen ray recover someone please tell ms

Автор Christian Gamer ( назад)
I think the head injury to Petr Cech should definitely be on this list.

Автор Vincitor 87 ( назад)
neymar broken back (world cup)

Автор SADRABAZI ( назад)
How the fuck is it even possible to get injured in fucking baseball

Автор Boi It's Shark OO ( назад)
See I wanted to watch this video I did but I extremely cringed and covered
my eyes for some disgusting stuff😂😂who else did that to??

Автор ficklegruber ( назад)
Darryl Stingley could have also been on here. He's an NFL player who was

Автор Jaden Stark ( назад)
Where's Mike Tyson at on that list 

Автор Justin Faraj ( назад)
#2 was D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y the worst!

Автор Randy Lahey ( назад)
Number 2 should have been number 1.

Автор Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Abc ( назад)
My stomach

Автор Rex Rabb ( назад)
Paul George should've been on this list

Автор Troy “Dragon” Belmont ( назад)
Oh god!! these injuries are so bloody brutal and *every. single, time* I
see Clint Malarchuk get his jugular cut I always scream in my mouth! and
now with Alex McKinnon. *fuck...*

Автор Cade Plaisance ( назад)

Автор Anthony Lang ( назад)
Johnny Konx's broken back on the Chicago Bears should've been on here

Автор Sportling Tuba ( назад)
ive hit my bones harder than this and no break just bruise , is it cuz i
luv milk and cant stop drinking it :D

Автор KillerChannel ( назад)
What!? You totally forgot David Busst's Injury on the Premier League.

Автор dark valk ( назад)
Where is Niki Lauda

Автор Nick Gera ( назад)
Luke Shaw?

Автор Misbahuddin Hunafa ( назад)
You have to respect these pro athletes, they put their health on the line
for our entertainment. A lot of them are also highly dedicated, after a
serious injury the average person would quit. These athletes don't though,
they suffer a devastating injury, heal up and get right back to it knowing
that they could suffer another major injury again.

Автор Awesome Frenz ( назад)
That is why I only play video games

Автор Jennifer Hahnel ( назад)
To put into perspective how much blood Clint lost the human body on average
has about 5.1 Liters of blood. Can you say one lucky son of a bitch?

Автор Noah Dain ( назад)
My dad broke his neck in football, so Number 1 wasn't so shocking to me.
The fucking hockey players though, I almost got sick to my stomach. That's
saying something too, because I've seen people die and wasn't as deeply

Автор Jeremy Roccesano ( назад)
The McGahee injury is just like the one Cecil Shorts just suffered

Автор Sid 3.0 ( назад)
I stepped on a lego and I didn't cry like a bitch

Автор Ben Stapelfeld ( назад)
Oh lord my god

Автор TheGeekyandproud ( назад)
I'm honestly surprised that the Chara hit on Max Pacioretty isn't in this.
Chara checked him so Pacioretty hit his head on the edge of the glass,
fracturing one of his vertebrae and giving him a severe concussion

Автор Eme Marti ( назад)
Ugh, just UGH!

Автор Swostik Mohanty ( назад)

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