Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn - My Confession

I so love this Josh Groban's song and I decided to make a video using it and the beautiful love story between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Song: Josh Groban - My Confession
Clips: The Other Boleyn Girl
Cast: Henry VIII - Eric Bana
Anne Boleyn - Natalie Portman


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Длительность: 4:57
Комментарии: 12

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Автор Lion ess ( назад)
anne stabbed mary in the back, big time. no loyalty. yet, mary tried saving
anne in the end. how ironic

Автор Katherine Junchaya ( назад)
it is called the music?

Автор Komnenit ( назад)
I've got a little box where put the poems I write. One day i will burn them
all, I swear

Автор Anaa Saleem ( назад)
i have small toys for Henry and Ann.. lol 

Автор Emileeh22 ( назад)
I love Josh Groban! Wonderful song choice...I shall have to watch this film
again now :D I do so much love Henry & Anne together...

Автор mimi ( назад)
Josh Groban rules! OMG, he has such an incredible, awesome voice! I love
Eric Bana, but as Hector he was the best. Well done! Video was great, I
wish to see that film.

Автор Cristina Bernalte ( назад)
Thank you Andra for sharin with me this beatiful video! A great song
combined with the images, they do a great video!!!!... And I love Eric

Автор DayJolie80 ( назад)
Great video!

Автор theothertudorgirl ( назад)
A great video! A great song choice and the video clips fit well together. 5

Автор Emileeh22 ( назад)
Beautiful!! Josh Goban has an amazing voice 5 stars well done! :)

Автор boleynpoto ( назад)
beautiful vid!!!!!

Автор MrsDarcy91 ( назад)
Ahh Josh Groban! I love him so much! Aha. This was really good ;]

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