alizee - j'en ai marre 2011

alizee 2011

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 3:45
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Автор darkshvein l (3 месяца)
А это чоза уёбок? 

Автор Felix J (6 дней)
that guy can´t sing -.-

Автор Appo47 (7 месяцев)
get that guy off the stage, give her a decent dress and treat the arthritis
she's clearly developed over the years

Автор Ahmed Yair Villa Ortiz (3 месяца)
¿quien es el analfabeta que no sabe pronunciar el francés? Arruinó una
canción icónica, que barbaridad.

Автор uncharted2233 (4 месяца)
Pobre Alizée que bajo cayo, esta padre la canción pero termino
interpretándola en un programa que casi nadie ve y a dueto con un wey x!!!
Esta bien que sea humilde pero no se tiene que pasar de v...

Автор Babystomumacha1 (3 месяца)
Cały urok prysł! Starość jest piekłem kobiet!

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
veri bad!!!!!

Автор zeus7623 (4 месяца)
Holy shit... That's actually her voice? Wasn't her best day with the
vocals. That was sad :(

Автор Gina Carl (8 месяцев)
One of my favorite song

Автор jakojuin (4 месяца)
Pobre chica, no le queda más que vivir de sus éxitos pasados...

Автор Justin England (3 месяца)
Kids to make it look good!

Автор Just a Youtuber (2 месяца)
Both out of tune lol

Автор panchozo 0000009 (22 дня)
Arruino toda la canción el bato

Автор elmin82 (1 месяц)
she can't sing...

Автор Ronny Hermann (3 месяца)
This Guy can´t sing...its shit :(
The original is the best ever Alizze <3

Автор Sascha Walter (2 месяца)
Jap original is much better 

Автор Cristo gabriel Garcia garcia (5 месяцев)
Casi Lloro :( Nooo Como Pueden Hacer Eso Arruina Ese Tipo Una De Mis
Canciones Favoritas! :( #FAIL 

Автор rob morgan (7 месяцев)
bad. jesus the guy was horrible

Автор Marcos Bass (9 месяцев)
Putz!!!! Totalmente desapontado, nem deveria ter visto, preferia ficar com
aquela doce imagem de antes dela... Até a voz piorou... Não tem mais aquela
sensualidade de antes...

Автор zeus7623 (4 месяца)
Well... it's the thought that counts. You see singing is for those who can
sign. These two, evidently, can not sing. 

Автор Steacy783 . (4 месяца)
3:44 = Your so GONE dude !

Автор aussiness74 (6 месяцев)
Seriously...lose the guy...really NEED to lose him.
Sounds like her voice has gone....say it isn't for good.

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
What it? Why it?

Автор NintenRed (1 год)
She's cute and ai like her music.

Автор swghetor191k (5 месяцев)
Senioras y seniores..... cleopatra para ustedes!!!!

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
When it?

Автор Antonio Martínez (10 месяцев)
Qué onda, los dos están totalmente desafinados...

Автор Joe Logger (1 год)
Everybody's disappointed that her singing isn't as good. I'm disappointed
that she isn't wearing that little suit and swinging her sweet little ass
all over the place. I to watch that video with the sound off anyway.

Автор Daniel Chore (4 месяца)
Lo mejor de alize. No hay nada como ella

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
veru bad!

Автор Andreas Veidholm (9 месяцев)
OMG wtf is this. Is this her real voice or have something happend to her ?
Both sound horrible. She still look good looking that is the most important
thing here =)

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
wate it?

Автор karli steth (1 год)
Who on earth is the male singer ? He is neither able to sing nor to speak
French in any way, I never before heard such a horrible French. Mais j´aime
Alizée, ma chérie mignon.

Автор Mike Thomas (1 год)
Tira o pau da boca pra cantar

Автор praline345 (1 год)
Horrible! What has become of the former Alizee !?

Автор Tavares San (7 месяцев)

Автор intro79 (1 год)
I very very very like Alizee, but what is this? Karaoke?

Автор David Calizaya Flores (1 год)
ese tio parece k esta pujando p hacer caca 

Автор Alex Mercer (2 месяца)
Wat it?

Автор antonio rivera (4 месяца)
Asco de cabron ni cantar sabe

Автор Standsalone88 (5 месяцев)
Ouch! My friggin ears.

Автор S.K Yap (1 год)
well fuck me, both cant even sing!

Автор Mihkel Tango (1 год)
holy shit how hot she still is.

Автор andres sicha ascarza (1 год)
alizee están malogrando tu canción, no te das cuenta...¡¡¡¡

Автор Romuald Villet (1 год)
Horrible !!!!!! horrible !!!! horrible !!!!

Автор Константин Яппаров (11 месяцев)
_)))видимо привык к фонограмме

Автор Jorge Aleman (11 месяцев)
El tipo ese ni canta solo trata nada que ver solo aruino la presentacion de

Автор rhfpjy (11 месяцев)

Автор Jorge Gutierrez Fuentes (1 год)
El minuto 2:16 #Priceless

Автор Janusz D (1 год)

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