Just a little look at the Sterling 9mm type I and II rifles I just picked up a week ago. Show how to break it down for cleaning and a little range time with them. I think it would be a great SHTF rifle for the cost....

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Автор Marcus Mckenzie ( назад)
When he opened up the back end of it to strip it down, i thought D cell
batteries were going to come falling out lol... this firearm reminds me of
the laser blaster that the storm troopers use in Star Wars <3 Matte black
finish, drilled barrel shroud... hot!!!!

Автор regbaron ( назад)
Issued one in the 1970s but the standard Brit issue had a shorter barrel.

Автор 8digitPDX ( назад)
There was an integrally suppressed version used by the British SF medics
and some of their police. In theory those could be done as semiauto
reproductions and not look stupid because the integrally suppressed models
were longer overall.

Автор Stephen Paraski ( назад)
Sten Mags work in Sterling. Centerfire Systems has 10-20 round (converted
Canadian) for $49.99. They can be taken apart and brought back to 32 round.
The Sten Mag works in Sten, Sterling and FBP 48.. Get a Streling parts kit
from Apex and original barrel from IMA and stash for SFTF coming.

Автор katman3900 ( назад)
Why the f*** would anyone want a gun with the mag on the side of the
receiver? Sterling and Sten SUCK!

Автор Smitty Smith ( назад)
I want one of these in 12 or 20 gauge but not that insane stock! WTF. Much
better designs out there but I think that design was intentional to make it
more difficult if you know what I mean.

Автор BRIAN BROWN ( назад)
fired them many times, but this one has not got the right barrell. as
stated. so simple to strip down completley.

Автор Hereward the Wake ( назад)
The Sten was still used by our armed forces into the 80's, it's an icon
over here.

Автор Riad Ahmed ( назад)
Original one does not have any separate firing pin , actually open bolt and
a groove and pin on the front very simple and that's why its world's best
SMG or SMC.....simple durable reliable simple is the best...

Автор Brian Snyder ( назад)
AS an old Sten gun user, that looks pretty well like an updated Sten, even
inside. Although the Sten came apart easier. (British army ww2).

Автор Immer Saenz ( назад)
Whats the name of that song in the beginning

Автор luke johnson ( назад)
a person with an ability to properly machine the internals and a new bolt
for the gun could remake it into a full auto weapon, of course, if society

Автор Mojave Green ( назад)
I wonder if drilling a few holes in the barrel, under that 'well built'
fake suppressor, but with no baffles or anything, but it would somewhat
quiet it down (I know that just a plastic soda bottle with a wadded up
paper towel inside muffles a .22 long rifle almost totally) But say 9 or
ten 1/16th inch holes. Anyone know if that'd be legal in the U.S.S.A.? I'm
a born and bred gringo, but haven't been there in......years and years.
Where I'm living now it'd be no problem, but wow, home sure don't look
good at all, bout now. Maybe some big N.S.A. 'total information' unit will
pick up on my question and swat team the wrong house, somewhere in
Connecticut, where I last owned a house. Too bad, you Nazi bastards, but
the poor sod you probably just shot? Ain't me, scum.

Автор kimberHD45 ( назад)
It's just like the friggin' british to design a SMG with a
counter-intuitive design of a side mount magazine well. Side mounted mags
would be hanging on and bumping into everything. That thing would be cool
if it were bottom fed.

Автор EnglishXnXproud ( назад)
Not many people know this, but the modified Sterling SMG's are what the
storm troopers in Star Wars use! Minus the banana magazine.

but then someones beat me to it i see lol

Автор AnonVoluntaryist ( назад)
These have pistol grips, folding stocks, and shoulder things that go up.
Therefore they are evil mass murder machines that should be banned.


Автор Chris Pomeroy ( назад)
I was In The Royal New Zealand Navy Reserve and we used these they are
quite a easy weapon to use in the confines spaces on board ship we were
taught to shot them on full auto in bursts of 3 or 4 and because they have
a reasonable balance you could fire them one handed.(if you had a strong

Автор ThunderChunky77 ( назад)
I just shot a full auto over the weekend and what a wonderful firearm! I
also shot an M-16 in a variety of calibers (Full Auto), and a suppressed
Mac-10. I enjoyed them all, but the Sterling was easily the easiest and
most enjoyable rifle to control in full auto. Its also easier on the wallet
shooting 9mm. If any of the viewers can get your hands on one, dont pass it

Автор PureKrudd ( назад)
I think the Mk. IV Type II looks so bastardized... I love the short barrel

Автор badazzmaro ( назад)

Автор badazzmaro ( назад)
i think you can just hold the barrel and let gravity lock the stock into
place. not sure on all sterlings but all tue ones i've seen do that. nice

Автор NotTheMan100 ( назад)
Good luck

Автор The_Maple_Forever_U.E. ( назад)
can i buy this in canada? 

Автор ThePoorMansButter ( назад)
Dude, fuck off. You're only showing your own stupidity. Not to mention

Автор alex d ( назад)

Автор l2a3sterling ( назад)
tat tat tat another one bites the dust tat tat tat hey hey another one does
another one does, another one bites the dust

Автор l2a3sterling ( назад)
skinny what?

Автор Austin G ( назад)
Its a barrel shroud to protect his hand! Its the shoulder thing that goes

Автор rodney hendrickson ( назад)
I"M sorry Bub i love gun's, but that i bet after 20 rounds your gun gets
hot as hell, and all you have is 1 handle to hold on to,I have a 9mm to and
after 10 shots grab the bearl will burn your ass, lol sorry But i wold love
to have one ,and your shooting a light load shell !! 

Автор jason mills ( назад)
And you sir are an idiot. 

Автор Irichides ( назад)
You my good sir are a retard.

Автор kalashnibob ( назад)
lol 400$ testicles 

Автор kalashnibob ( назад)
Its actually an old tradition of being ready to fight in a guerrilla
capacity (our origin), and being prepared for cataclysmic events (gained
popularity during the cold war). Also stop trolling fluffy. 

Автор kalashnibob ( назад)

Автор kalashnibob ( назад)
ever been in a real firefight? Its exhilarating. Not everyone with a gun
ever plans to shoot everyone. I shoot targets now, I love the feel of the
recoil, the smell of cordite, and the satisfaction of consistent and
accurate hits. I also own pellet rifles which I usually only shoot at cans.
Stop hating

Автор [H]ouse MD ( назад)
best intro ever

Автор RCStomper ( назад)
Fuck off you skinny little racist somali butt-pirate!

Автор Swallabat ( назад)
Airsoft is A LOT more fun than the real thing... The real thing would kill
people if I shot them with it, whereas I've nailed LOADS of civilians with
airsoft, and most of 'em didn't even mind! It worries me that so many
people feel the need to own the real thing, but knowing people as well as I
do, I'd change my tune in a flash, if the shops run empty... I quite like
it that in my country, you have to work a bit harder and use some skills to
bump someone off sucessfully. Less of it that way. 

Автор BacksightForethought (1199 лет назад)
Well, I carried one for years too - but it was better than carrying an L1A1
if your transport was a motorbike! I had my hands on one (an original
British Sterling SMG) the other day - brought it all back. I may have
missed it but your weapon is clearly not fixed firing pin blowback - it's
not firing from an open bolt. So it may look like a Sterling (ish) but it's
nothing like it in reality. At least not the 'Small Metal Gun' issued to
the British Army.

Автор SandDogSmith ( назад)
Nice vid. Can you tell me where you bought the fake suppressor? How much
did it run you? Thanks

Автор chitlika ( назад)
Carried one of these for years. Fucking hated it, It didnt matter how you
carried slung or held the fucking thing. something was painfully digging
into your body The magazine often fell off and when it hit the ground some
rounds would jump out of it and get lost in the grass, then you had to
write a frigging report as to how you lost some rounds. FUCKING PIECE OF

Автор PistolWhipnWrestler ( назад)
these are beautiful guns.....i would trade my testicals for them, im not

Автор rootbeer4969 ( назад)
That is true. The weapon you buy must have been "papered" before May 19,
1986. After that date, NO new manufacture machine guns can be sold to
civilians. Stupid law, really. Civilians do not commit crimes with machine
guns, or with any gun for that matter. It's criminals who commit crimes.
Why is this so hard for the liberal dimbulbs in Warshington to understand?
Per this gun, I should have bought one as a sub-machine gun in 1983. But I
was in college and $200 was a lot of money...

Автор Red Castle ( назад)
The Sterling is a great gun. But it looks like a upgraded Sten...

Автор blogobre ( назад)
Stormtrooper blaster too ;) 

Автор SouthWestIron ( назад)
Hows the accuracy on this 9mm. Is it still considered a carbine?

Автор Stuart Gray ( назад)
You chaps over there do like our Sterling! $10k for a full auto UK built
version???? Bloody helll!! Mind you, over here in Blighty we are limited to
just De-Ac's or Airsoft. I go with the latter, as it's a bit of fun.

Автор pivotnoob236 ( назад)
maybe i should have watched the video... any ways so you can have it
ordered to a gun shop and then sign all the shit and take it home with out
a ffl? u lucky piece of shit:)

Автор pivotnoob236 ( назад)
what state do you live in? 

Автор Louis McKellar ( назад)
You can still buy a full auto weapon. It takes a while and costs a lot, but
you can get one.

Автор eosphorus904 ( назад)
hey i want one for christmas was going to order from budsguns but they are
out of stock who did you order from?

Автор eosphorus904 ( назад)
lmfao! no it doesn't geeze some people create laws in their heads this is
why our rights are now a privilege 

Автор sweetcostarica ( назад)
You are a sick man and you have infected me. I am getting this Sterling
type II now instead of the AK-47 that I had planned. FUBARPROTOCOL I hate
and love you.

Автор Evan Caffrey ( назад)
I have one of these, semi-auto Wise Lite in 7.62x25 and I like it alot.
ammo is cheap, too!

Автор Fubar Protocol ( назад)
I'm sorry but your comment is not true. These weapon's require no tax stamp
or permit in the state I live in. They were purchased off the internet and
shipped to my FFL dealer. I filled out form 4473, a United States
government form that must be filled out when a person purchases a firearm
from a Federal Firearm License holder (such as a gun shop).These are
considered semi auto,long barreled rifles. They are not short barrel rifles
and do not require a federal tax stamp. 

Автор jason mills (1656 лет назад)
This weapon requires an FFL or a stamp depending on your permit. How can
you call it a SHTF weapon ? If you don't have an permit I would not take
that gun to a range it's a short barrel rifle.

Автор Dferd777 (1491 год назад)
I fired one of these in Concord NH. Fully automatic pleasure.

Автор Gwyn Plaine ( назад)
wait why 10 grand? that seems really expensive for such a gun

Автор Matthew Carrick ( назад)
The bolt group looks a tad more involved then I remember for an original
Canadian issue. Rate of fire also appeared to be higher at around 550 or
so. Probably easier to hold on target when on auto then they ever were. 

Автор mbaker335 ( назад)
Hmm. I used to use the L3A3 and mine had a single piece bolt and if I
remember right two springs one inside the other. Or it may have been one
spring. Either way it was simpler than this model. At the time I hated it
as I was constantly worried about losing fingers. Never did of course but
it did make me nervous.

Автор Peter Incoll ( назад)

Автор foughtwolf (1508 лет назад)
... 0:30 seconds is too long for you?

Автор Saint John ( назад)
You spent so much time knocking it, why did you ever buy it? The design is
genius, doesn't require special armorour tools, is easily field stripped,
and the longer barrel was mandated by the BATF and not by the designers.

Автор l2a3sterling ( назад)
Very cool ... every Canadian should have one for fishing and duck hunting.

Автор l2a3sterling ( назад)
Very cool ... every Canadian should have one ..

Автор caderly123 ( назад)

Автор caderly123 ( назад)
The Star Wars prop team actually did use modified Sterling sub machine guns
for the storm trooper weapons.

Автор don juan ( назад)
Great video, thanks! Hey, do you think $350 for a used Type II is a good

Автор Greg Worley ( назад)
it kiind of looks like the british sten mk4

Автор tony93666 ( назад)
these both sell on Buds Gun Shop for $410 and $413

Автор carroj9 ( назад)
The only thing i never liked on the L2A3 and L34A1 Sterling smg or machine
pistol was the folding stock it was a bitch at catching fingers.

Автор Jimkbbh ( назад)
they look like the clone's guns from starwars 

Автор choppa gunna ( назад)
thanks for the video bud i jus got one n didnt know how to take it apart
but now i know thanks

Автор USMCSurvivalist85 ( назад)
These things have like a 1lb trigger pull, you can get a red dot on them
and just rock and roll threw 34rnds in seconds 

Автор wwood14 ( назад)
Do they make them in a serious calibre??

Автор DressUpYourPet2 ( назад)
Those two guns are really beauts, i mean gorgeous in a way that only
military guns can be...i bet someone could make it full auto if they put
their illegal minds to it, and not too much difficulty either. If SHTF you
could put up a wall of lead

Автор Marek Suma ( назад)
That is because these blasters were made from Sterling SMG. Han Solo's
pistol was made from Mauser C96.

Автор Michael Lawson ( назад)
I don't see the need for a 9mm carbine. I seems under powered for it's
size. I would prefer an M-1 carbine in this role. A full auto sterling with
the shorter barrel would be very good for a close quarters combat, room
clearing role, but the semi auto not so much.

Автор The Count of Monte Disco ( назад)
Could you port the barrel on the type one, then modify and pay the tax on
the suppressor? 

Автор conn9823 ( назад)
they remind me of E11 blaster rifles from starwars the gun storm-troopers

Автор CareyHolzman ( назад)
I also own the Type I & Type II, but only the Type I is made by Wise Lite.
The Type II is made by Master Piece Arms. I also picked up the fake
silencer for my Type I. You see my review on my channel.

Автор bullss21 ( назад)
Hey, can you bump fire this weapon with ease?

Автор GamersBar ( назад)
is it just me or does anyone laugh on the inside , we see this all the
time, company buys something , makes modifications for sale, another
company distributed it, the end user just wanted what it was like before it
was touched haha. 

Автор TacticalSoleSurvivor ( назад)
Show off!

Автор SoundOfSilenceWolf ( назад)
any problems with the firing pin yet?

Автор SoundOfSilenceWolf ( назад)
408.00 At buds gun shop

Автор GUERRILLACOMM ( назад)
God bless Texas, I'm jeolous. 

Автор MrRogueShark ( назад)
good review. I was thinking of getting one these for a SHTF situation, but
was worried about all the firing pin trouble. Is there one version over the
other that you would recommend?

Автор ziggymolly2003 ( назад)
I bought one 2 years ago from WiseLite. Shoots great with the only problem
was the firing pin broke and had to send it back. After 3 weeks I got it
back from the WL, they tell me replace the bolt and a new firing pin. Went
to the range 2 days later...after 250 rds the funky firing pin broke again,
so the pins cost $32 each. And this gun not worth it buying a new pin
everytime you to the range. 

Автор 5000BleedDry ( назад)
where in texas did you get you type II?

Автор l2a3sterling ( назад)
tacky beginning

Автор ChoirOfAngelus ( назад)
awesome video, great info!

Автор Rvtopgun ( назад)
indian army still uses it and they call it carbine 

Автор Fubar Protocol ( назад)
@IanFree0007 It's a great and accurate weapon.

Автор Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy ( назад)
The action seems extremely fast on this weapon. Does it ever have any
pressing issues with jamming or catching the case before it is ejected?

Автор buki671 ( назад)
since they are both from different manufactures, are the bolt, firing pin,
trigger and so on interchangeable between the two?? 

Автор buki671 (516 лет назад)
@rjc071 JG sales has both for sale..

Автор buki671 (573 года назад)
thanks for posting.. not many good vids on the sterling.. i'm leaning
towards the type 1 with a barrel shroud.. does the type 2 with the longer
sight distance help with accuracy? SBR is not an option where i live..

Автор FixWithFirepower ( назад)
Bad-Ass!! Time to get the lead out!!

Автор EastCoastPrepper ( назад)
Thanks for sharing brother but when I see all the guns you get it cost me
too much money....lol Unsubbed.....LMAO!

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