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Автор Riad Ahmed (22 дня)
Original one does not have any separate firing pin , actually open bolt and
a groove and pin on the front very simple and that's why its world's best
SMG or SMC.....simple durable reliable simple is the best...

Автор Immer Saenz (6 месяцев)
Whats the name of that song in the beginning

Автор Brian Snyder (5 месяцев)
AS an old Sten gun user, that looks pretty well like an updated Sten, even
inside. Although the Sten came apart easier. (British army ww2).

Автор luke johnson (9 месяцев)
a person with an ability to properly machine the internals and a new bolt
for the gun could remake it into a full auto weapon, of course, if society

Автор kimberHD45 (11 месяцев)
It's just like the friggin' british to design a SMG with a
counter-intuitive design of a side mount magazine well. Side mounted mags
would be hanging on and bumping into everything. That thing would be cool
if it were bottom fed.

Автор EnglishXnXproud (1 год)
Not many people know this, but the modified Sterling SMG's are what the
storm troopers in Star Wars use! Minus the banana magazine.

but then someones beat me to it i see lol

Автор Mojave Green (9 месяцев)
I wonder if drilling a few holes in the barrel, under that 'well built'
fake suppressor, but with no baffles or anything, but it would somewhat
quiet it down (I know that just a plastic soda bottle with a wadded up
paper towel inside muffles a .22 long rifle almost totally) But say 9 or
ten 1/16th inch holes. Anyone know if that'd be legal in the U.S.S.A.? I'm
a born and bred gringo, but haven't been there in......years and years.
Where I'm living now it'd be no problem, but wow, home sure don't look
good at all, bout now. Maybe some big N.S.A. 'total information' unit will
pick up on my question and swat team the wrong house, somewhere in
Connecticut, where I last owned a house. Too bad, you Nazi bastards, but
the poor sod you probably just shot? Ain't me, scum.

Автор AnonVoluntaryist (1 год)
These have pistol grips, folding stocks, and shoulder things that go up.
Therefore they are evil mass murder machines that should be banned.


Автор Chris Pomeroy (1 год)
I was In The Royal New Zealand Navy Reserve and we used these they are
quite a easy weapon to use in the confines spaces on board ship we were
taught to shot them on full auto in bursts of 3 or 4 and because they have
a reasonable balance you could fire them one handed.(if you had a strong

Автор revisualize (3 года)
I wonder, What if you ported the barrel on the 16" then added the faux
suppressor to the firearm. Then you wouldn't have to pay the 200.00 tax and
possibly a pseudo-suppressed firearm. I don't know if the faux suppressor
would be able to hold the pressures though. Just an idea to try out. I mean
if you are going to chop off the barrel anyhow. Why not give it a shot
beforehand? And from what I can tell ported barrels don't require a tax

Автор l2a3sterling (2 года)
Very cool ... every Canadian should have one ..

Автор SouthWestIron (2 года)
Hows the accuracy on this 9mm. Is it still considered a carbine?

Автор Marek Suma (2 года)
That is because these blasters were made from Sterling SMG. Han Solo's
pistol was made from Mauser C96.

Автор buki671 (3 года)
since they are both from different manufactures, are the bolt, firing pin,
trigger and so on interchangeable between the two??

Автор Matthew Carrick (2 года)
The bolt group looks a tad more involved then I remember for an original
Canadian issue. Rate of fire also appeared to be higher at around 550 or
so. Probably easier to hold on target when on auto then they ever were.

Автор drainocleanser (3 года)
@geraldb4201 I was wondering the same thing, I wish they were chambered in
these calibros... 7.62x25mm, 9×18mm, 10mm and .45

Автор Fubar Protocol (3 года)
@SoCalPreppers Hey, Watch that filthy mouth. This is a kid's channel...

Автор BacksightForethought (2 года)
Well, I carried one for years too - but it was better than carrying an L1A1
if your transport was a motorbike! I had my hands on one (an original
British Sterling SMG) the other day - brought it all back. I may have
missed it but your weapon is clearly not fixed firing pin blowback - it's
not firing from an open bolt. So it may look like a Sterling (ish) but it's
nothing like it in reality. At least not the 'Small Metal Gun' issued to
the British Army.

Автор SoCals Preps (3 года)
tax stamp that biatch!

Автор Fubar Protocol (2 года)
I'm sorry but your comment is not true. These weapon's require no tax stamp
or permit in the state I live in. They were purchased off the internet and
shipped to my FFL dealer. I filled out form 4473, a United States
government form that must be filled out when a person purchases a firearm
from a Federal Firearm License holder (such as a gun shop).These are
considered semi auto,long barreled rifles. They are not short barrel rifles
and do not require a federal tax stamp.

Автор NoWhitePeopleAllowed (2 года)
dude shutup

Автор rodney hendrickson (2 года)
I"M sorry Bub i love gun's, but that i bet after 20 rounds your gun gets
hot as hell, and all you have is 1 handle to hold on to,I have a 9mm to and
after 10 shots grab the bearl will burn your ass, lol sorry But i wold love
to have one ,and your shooting a light load shell !!

Автор Fubar Protocol (3 года)
@rjc071 centerfiresystems has the type I no sale for $399....... I found
the type II on gungroker.

Автор sweetcostarica (2 года)
You are a sick man and you have infected me. I am getting this Sterling
type II now instead of the AK-47 that I had planned. FUBARPROTOCOL I hate
and love you.

Автор foughtwolf (2 года)
... 0:30 seconds is too long for you?

Автор excurrahee (1 год)
If you want a 9mm SHTF long gun look for a KelTec Sub 2K, stores amazingly
compact and uses a common magazine. Or, maybe a 9mm AR for commonality of
platform training. "Looks cool" shouldn't even be a consideration when
talking about SHTF weapons.

Автор Stephen Stiles (2 года)
You my good sir are a retard.

Автор Dr. Prepper (3 года)
that would be kewl to own, since I have a 9mm handgun.. :) I'm down with
your sickness.. hehehe

Автор cokeman250 (3 года)
awsome guns and handy trigger work God Bless

Автор Pops Quest for a Simple Life (3 года)
Never seen anything like those till now. Great rifles, very cool looking.
Supressor make all the difference on the one you said you are going to cut

Автор Michael Lawson (2 года)
I don't see the need for a 9mm carbine. I seems under powered for it's
size. I would prefer an M-1 carbine in this role. A full auto sterling with
the shorter barrel would be very good for a close quarters combat, room
clearing role, but the semi auto not so much.

Автор The_Maple_Forever_U.E. (1 год)
can i buy this in canada?

Автор TheGamingTour (2 года)
PPS-43 seems a lot more practical and better built, but they have the stock
welded so its a pistol and the caliber is rare and known to blow inside the
chamber (surplus). 7.62X25 is shit

Автор Louis McKellar (2 года)
You can still buy a full auto weapon. It takes a while and costs a lot, but
you can get one.

Автор l2a3sterling (2 года)
tat tat tat another one bites the dust tat tat tat hey hey another one does
another one does, another one bites the dust

Автор PureKrudd (1 год)
I think the Mk. IV Type II looks so bastardized... I love the short barrel

Автор eosphorus904 (2 года)
hey i want one for christmas was going to order from budsguns but they are
out of stock who did you order from?

Автор bullss21 (3 года)
Hey, can you bump fire this weapon with ease?

Автор GunWielding Wrestler (2 года)
these are beautiful guns.....i would trade my testicals for them, im not

Автор TheAlexagius (2 года)
in shtf cop it down and make it auto

Автор Saint John (2 года)
You spent so much time knocking it, why did you ever buy it? The design is
genius, doesn't require special armorour tools, is easily field stripped,
and the longer barrel was mandated by the BATF and not by the designers.

Автор Austin G (2 года)
Its a barrel shroud to protect his hand! Its the shoulder thing that goes

Автор Stuart Gray (2 года)
You chaps over there do like our Sterling! $10k for a full auto UK built
version???? Bloody helll!! Mind you, over here in Blighty we are limited to
just De-Ac's or Airsoft. I go with the latter, as it's a bit of fun.

Автор FixWithFirepower (3 года)
Bad-Ass!! Time to get the lead out!!

Автор l2a3sterling (2 года)
skinny what?

Автор ChoirOfAngelus (3 года)
awesome video, great info!

Автор conn9823 (2 года)
they remind me of E11 blaster rifles from starwars the gun storm-troopers

Автор AzPapaLes (3 года)
Those are some sweet new tools the Fuvar! Thanks for sharing. Take care

Автор Fubar Protocol (3 года)
@Givemesilverandgold centerfiresystems has the type I no sale for

Автор 21danger21 (3 года)
that is a good song

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