50,000 Watt Electric Go Kart

8 12 Volt deep cycle batteries, 48 Volt 1000 Amp PWM motor controller, 60 MPH top speed, 675 lbs

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Автор 박근렬 ( назад)
what is Motor name???

Автор Tee Fondle ( назад)
Haha, I like the background convo at the end. Nice cart. I want one

Автор calabrais ( назад)
It's not 50,000 watt, it's 50,000 where

Автор Alex Tigre ( назад)
Why not built an arena with induction coils and remove the batteries for

Автор drkastenbrot ( назад)
50000 watts? You need a new calculator...

Автор Otto Stierlitz ( назад)
50.000 Watt?! How much cents und seconds you pay for it?

Автор eric newmen ( назад)
About 9600 watts for 1 hour

Автор Youraxelover ( назад)
Why is everyone saying it can't be 50k watts? I can see it pushing 1k amps
constant with the right batteries. Anyway I bet it would fly with traction.

Автор JustSomeGuy ( назад)
Definitely not 50,000 watts. 

Автор Gadget Addict ( назад)
Mmm it's obviously not running at 50,000 watts. Car batteries can put out a
high number of amps to get the starter going. The deep cycle batteries used
on the kart can only push out 100 amp each for a MAXIMUM of 5 seconds. So
the maximum he could pull out of these batteries would be 800 amps and that
would only be for 5 seconds before the batteries begin to fail. I've seen
3,000 watt electric karts drift exactly the same as this. It's cool but the
numbers are obviously way off.

Автор 85daniels ( назад)
And where is this 50kw?

Автор Sum4Seb ( назад)
nice build!

Автор Francesco Marchi ( назад)
Very high power, but not a good demo: ok for drifting, but what is the
behavior in a track?

Автор Grzegorz Walczak ( назад)
EPIC !!!

Автор mehmet osmanli ( назад)
1000 amp ?????? no 100amp yes

Автор NATURAL SPIRIT ( назад)
hahahhah dizzy!!!

Автор NATURAL SPIRIT ( назад)
Holy Shit!hahhhahhha crazy but cool guys !

Автор phillip harden ( назад)
I can almost smell the burning rubber. How much did that one ride cost you
in tire wear?

Автор Rad Power Bikes ( назад)
This video was part of the inspiration for us to make our last two electric
go-karts! Thanks. Check out our recent video with the AC induction motor
racing kart.

Автор 95666 ( назад)
That thing can take some abuse! NO wonder the motor got hot.

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
Miss drifting that thing on breaks.

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
custom fab

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
yes, can go in a straight line at around 60mph.

Автор angelb650650 ( назад)
drift or not ;)

Автор NLxDoDge ( назад)
60 miles per hour is almost 100kmpu OMG thats fast

Автор harold combs ( назад)
Awesome electric drift kart

Автор Anthony Jones ( назад)
holy shit guys who gives a fuck if hes doing donuts the whole time! as long
as hes enjoying it thats all that matters.

Автор Corwin Harrison ( назад)
lol like straight line bro r u fucking dumb u gotta be that doesn't even
look fun cuz u just went in circles

Автор Corwin Harrison ( назад)
omg fucking drive it dude god damn sitting going in circle like a fucking
retard fucking what a waste

Автор MrDandantrials ( назад)
Round and round and round , :( was expecting a good video , nice bit of kit
but the driver needs to learn to drive in a straight line , FAIL

Автор ghammatx ( назад)
Can you please stop being so lazy and think yourself.. or search on the
internet!! It's easy enough with internet

Автор MrHopekiller ( назад)
So how do you actually charge it....i mean i am by no means have any true
electrical experience. is it a transformer or something.......??? or is it
just like 4 regular chargers

Автор River St-Grey ( назад)
Congratulations on your 50,000 watt annoyance machine.

Автор Larry Luna ( назад)
Your gay " it good enough for you it's good enough for me"

Автор xicoloco ( назад)
can you please post or send the schematics to build one ?

Автор Declan Edmonds ( назад)
what the fuck is he doing

Автор Robert Veach ( назад)
Can you say "overkill"? That motor looks the same size as my electric car
the Gizmo.

Автор StageNSpool.com ( назад)
Which engine is this?

Автор Cryme94 ( назад)
you mean this motor has 67 hp ?

Автор LittleAussieTechGuy ( назад)
That's why they use this thing in between called a motor controller, dood ;)

Автор Jonas Pedersen (1466 лет назад)
A 68 HK motor in a gokart with only 48 v ? :D omg put some large Lipos
(built-self) with a 100v and it Will fly!

Автор adriana rosa ( назад)
Yo thats fast

Автор SYMPHONY OF HOPE ( назад)
The batteries to much of em will burn out the motor dood

Автор Gigeleee C ( назад)
how do you get out 1000 amps from 8 12v batteries???

Автор aarontheedge07 ( назад)
burnouts just don't sound right without engine noise...

Автор childrenofhunter (1979 лет назад)
motor overheating...

Автор giacomo innocenti ( назад)
HI, my name is Giacomo, and i'm from italy, i've seen the video where you
drive a very fast go kart electric with 50000 watt, i am a university
student and i studi mecanical enginnering (sorry for my little english!!
XD) and want to try to build this kart, can i ask you where i can buy the
engyne and the regulator? tank you! plase reply at my e-mail address

Автор Portis _ ( назад)
Can it go in a straight line?

Автор NOTCH22NOT ( назад)
where can i find a motor on 50 000 watt

Автор Miguel Angel G. Campos ( назад)
I like very much, thanks for the video.

Автор moises vitor ( назад)
que lixo

Автор peytonjt911 ( назад)
I like it its to much screeching

Автор metamin ( назад)
drive thru a puddle of water.... PLEASE!

Автор Bimmerdave95 (1143 года назад)
V-tech just kicked in

Автор Till dödöm ( назад)
top speed ?

Автор sleepy962007 ( назад)
2 minutes of bun-outs... No real driving. Fail..

Автор killuminati8119 ( назад)
damn that looks like fun

Автор tkotomy ( назад)
how much driving time does one charge get you?

Автор Bimmerdave95 ( назад)
tires are clean.

Автор bandula56 ( назад)
@ivxkudl sure is right. this is really fantastic. And, i really ddnt expect
that i will get such a cheap deal for my brand new car from this site. its
worth a try here -> bit.ly/RPkfgi?=mwakzz

Автор tim loughran ( назад)
i only see 4 batteries. is there 4 more somewhere?

Автор TheRedbikemaster ( назад)
That squeaking is the tires. Oh stink. O.O

Автор 100GTAGUY ( назад)
The smart car from hell!

Автор Rozpier Dalator ( назад)
or one your mother

Автор XgalaXyX ( назад)
He was drifting

Автор Danny Hall ( назад)
It's cool but too much squeaking

Автор Linda Friedman ( назад)
does it even go straight

Автор Trevor Cutrer ( назад)

Автор Jad Dia ( назад)
Thumbs if if you hate people saying" Thumbs up if your watching this in

Автор Gio ( назад)
Mario kart

Автор Spencer Lemm ( назад)
I have been working on building a couple electric vehicles. Where did you
get your batteries and PWM controller?

Tires, y u no get cancer?

Автор navykid ( назад)
would a 48 volt scooter motor work?

Автор timberwolfforever4 ( назад)

Автор Nick H ( назад)
Sure fucked that up

Автор Virtualgod2009 ( назад)
With that much power you can use real car tires and not lose much power,
then have a top speed of 150. Tho I'd fix the steering first since it
doesn't look like it can go straight.

Автор Frank Giuffrida ( назад)
Very annoying sound. And boring.

Автор bryce995 (498 лет назад)
how long do you charge it?

Автор zl1bub ( назад)
What a waist boring, Can't go straight??

Автор jireh lewin ( назад)
take ur foot of da gas plz....

Автор michael latino ( назад)
R u tryin to blow ur tires

Автор SgtMustang375 ( назад)
nice u now have cancer

Автор Aquariumlover1999 ( назад)
I think you need new tires

Автор Cameron0801 ( назад)
RIP Ears

Автор 4theluvofrc ( назад)
Ur cool u can smoke the tires

Автор Nathan Dance ( назад)
but the energy density of most batteries is very low

Автор madcat303 ( назад)
rest in peace pac

Автор UltraMatrix202 ( назад)
MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Автор iulian207 ( назад)
where do you have the timing belt and the belt?

Автор Djaiboi ( назад)
i completely agree. Only I think it's much more exhilarating to speed
around a corner than on a straight. Of course in this video he's not going
very fast. But since I'm into drifting, sliding around seems more fun to me
than running on a straight.

Автор Djaiboi ( назад)
straight line is boring

Автор cradocks cheesy memes ( назад)
gymkhana kart

Автор Rob B ( назад)
Do you know where you found that frame? I am looking for a good frame to
build an electric go kart like this

Автор krazy4life73 ( назад)
Keep goin till yur AA batteries go dead

Автор TransformerVolumeC ( назад)
electric is the future, people wants or not

Автор wayd19 ( назад)
Drive straight please

Автор Highspeedfutzi ( назад)
is the gas paddle only an on/off switch??? ;D

Автор Evan Stitch ( назад)
New tires....

Автор SilverWolf1271 ( назад)
@EdiShred16 That thing has so much damn torque he can't go straight!!

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