50,000 Watt Electric Go Kart

8 12 Volt deep cycle batteries, 48 Volt 1000 Amp PWM motor controller, 60 MPH top speed, 675 lbs

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Автор normellow ( назад)
It doesn't necessarily mean that he's using 50kw . You would have to
install an amp meter to find that out .

Автор van Yama ( назад)
can someone link me what kind of motors that were used

Автор Nicholas skinner ( назад)
P=IxE (P= watts, I = Amps, E= voltage) 48x1000 = 48000 watts.

Автор Elias Piano Music ( назад)
R.I.P Tires

Автор mhrepoman (335 лет назад)
you're gonna end up burning that thing up by just doing cookies the whole
time. it's really bad on the CVT. you will burn through belts and it's also
not good for the controller. it will make it get really hot because of how
much load you're putting on it. Pretty sweet kart other than that. looks
like it was done right. although there has to be a better alternative to
running 8 really big, heavy batteries. if you build a protective
compartment on each side where the batteries currently sitting that was
about half as tall as the height of the batteries currently, then ran 8, 6S
20,000mah LIPO batteries, running in two sets of series then ran the two
sets parallel, you would end up with 44 volts at 80,000mah, but it would
only weigh 40 pounds total! for all 8 of them! the batteries cost 150$ each
but are rechargeable so they would last a long time. you would just have to
invest in a capable lipo charger but think of the performance increase by
cutting so much weight!! such a cool little project. big potential there.

Автор 박근렬 ( назад)
what is Motor name???

Автор Tee Fondle ( назад)
Haha, I like the background convo at the end. Nice cart. I want one

Автор calabrais ( назад)
It's not 50,000 watt, it's 50,000 where

Автор Alex Tigre ( назад)
Why not built an arena with induction coils and remove the batteries for

Автор drkastenbrot ( назад)
50000 watts? You need a new calculator...

Автор Otto Stierlitz ( назад)
50.000 Watt?! How much cents und seconds you pay for it?

Автор eric newmen ( назад)
About 9600 watts for 1 hour

Автор Youraxelover ( назад)
Why is everyone saying it can't be 50k watts? I can see it pushing 1k amps
constant with the right batteries. Anyway I bet it would fly with traction.

Автор JustSomeGuy ( назад)
Definitely not 50,000 watts. 

Автор Gadget Addict ( назад)
Mmm it's obviously not running at 50,000 watts. Car batteries can put out a
high number of amps to get the starter going. The deep cycle batteries used
on the kart can only push out 100 amp each for a MAXIMUM of 5 seconds. So
the maximum he could pull out of these batteries would be 800 amps and that
would only be for 5 seconds before the batteries begin to fail. I've seen
3,000 watt electric karts drift exactly the same as this. It's cool but the
numbers are obviously way off.

Автор 85daniels ( назад)
And where is this 50kw?

Автор Sum4Seb ( назад)
nice build!

Автор Francesco Marchi ( назад)
Very high power, but not a good demo: ok for drifting, but what is the
behavior in a track?

Автор Grzegorz Walczak ( назад)
EPIC !!!

Автор mehmet osmanli ( назад)
1000 amp ?????? no 100amp yes

Автор NATURAL SPIRIT ( назад)
hahahhah dizzy!!!

Автор NATURAL SPIRIT ( назад)
Holy Shit!hahhhahhha crazy but cool guys !

Автор phillip harden ( назад)
I can almost smell the burning rubber. How much did that one ride cost you
in tire wear?

Автор Rad Power Bikes ( назад)
This video was part of the inspiration for us to make our last two electric
go-karts! Thanks. Check out our recent video with the AC induction motor
racing kart.

Автор 95666 ( назад)
That thing can take some abuse! NO wonder the motor got hot.

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
Miss drifting that thing on breaks. 

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
custom fab

Автор DMC1904 ( назад)
yes, can go in a straight line at around 60mph. 

Автор angelb650650 ( назад)
drift or not ;)

Автор harold combs ( назад)
Awesome electric drift kart

Автор Anthony Jones ( назад)
holy shit guys who gives a fuck if hes doing donuts the whole time! as long
as hes enjoying it thats all that matters.

Автор Corwin Harrison ( назад)
lol like straight line bro r u fucking dumb u gotta be that doesn't even
look fun cuz u just went in circles 

Автор Corwin Harrison ( назад)
omg fucking drive it dude god damn sitting going in circle like a fucking
retard fucking what a waste 

Автор MrDandantrials ( назад)
Round and round and round , :( was expecting a good video , nice bit of kit
but the driver needs to learn to drive in a straight line , FAIL

Автор ghammatx ( назад)
Can you please stop being so lazy and think yourself.. or search on the
internet!! It's easy enough with internet

Автор MrHopekiller ( назад)
So how do you actually charge it....i mean i am by no means have any true
electrical experience. is it a transformer or something.......??? or is it
just like 4 regular chargers

Автор Larry Luna ( назад)
Your gay " it good enough for you it's good enough for me"

Автор xicoloco ( назад)
can you please post or send the schematics to build one ?

Автор Daltira ( назад)
what the fuck is he doing

Автор Robert Veach ( назад)
Can you say "overkill"? That motor looks the same size as my electric car
the Gizmo.

Автор StageNSpool.com ( назад)
Which engine is this?

Автор Cryme94 ( назад)
you mean this motor has 67 hp ?

Автор LittleAussieTechGuy ( назад)
That's why they use this thing in between called a motor controller, dood

Автор Jonas Pedersen (1466 лет назад)
A 68 HK motor in a gokart with only 48 v ? :D omg put some large Lipos
(built-self) with a 100v and it Will fly!

Автор adriana rosa ( назад)
Yo thats fast

Автор aarontheedge07 ( назад)
burnouts just don't sound right without engine noise...

Автор giacomo innocenti ( назад)
HI, my name is Giacomo, and i'm from italy, i've seen the video where you
drive a very fast go kart electric with 50000 watt, i am a university
student and i studi mecanical enginnering (sorry for my little english!!
XD) and want to try to build this kart, can i ask you where i can buy the
engyne and the regulator? tank you! plase reply at my e-mail address

Автор Portis _ ( назад)
Can it go in a straight line?

Автор Miguel Angel G. Campos ( назад)
I like very much, thanks for the video.

Автор moises vitor ( назад)
que lixo 

Автор peytonjt911 ( назад)
I like it its to much screeching

Автор Bimmerdave95 (1143 года назад)
V-tech just kicked in

Автор Till dödöm ( назад)
top speed ? 

Автор sleepy962007 ( назад)
2 minutes of bun-outs... No real driving. Fail..

Автор killuminati8119 ( назад)
damn that looks like fun

Автор tkotomy ( назад)
how much driving time does one charge get you?

Автор Bimmerdave95 ( назад)
tires are clean.

Автор bandula56 ( назад)
@ivxkudl sure is right. this is really fantastic. And, i really ddnt expect
that i will get such a cheap deal for my brand new car from this site. its
worth a try here -> bit.ly/RPkfgi?=mwakzz

Автор tim loughran ( назад)
i only see 4 batteries. is there 4 more somewhere? 

Автор TheRedbikemaster ( назад)
That squeaking is the tires. Oh stink. O.O

Автор 100GTAGUY ( назад)
The smart car from hell!

Автор Rozpier Dalator ( назад)
or one your mother 

Автор XgalaXyX ( назад)
He was drifting

Автор Danny Hall ( назад)
It's cool but too much squeaking

Автор Linda Friedman ( назад)
does it even go straight 

Автор Trevor Cutrer ( назад)

Автор Damn Man ( назад)
Thumbs if if you hate people saying" Thumbs up if your watching this in

Автор Gio ( назад)
Mario kart

Автор Spencer Lemm ( назад)
I have been working on building a couple electric vehicles. Where did you
get your batteries and PWM controller?

Tires, y u no get cancer?

Автор navykid ( назад)
would a 48 volt scooter motor work?

Автор Nick H ( назад)
Sure fucked that up

Автор DeathToAllFaggots .AndTheirDumbassRights ( назад)
With that much power you can use real car tires and not lose much power,
then have a top speed of 150. Tho I'd fix the steering first since it
doesn't look like it can go straight.

Автор Franky Giuffrida ( назад)
Very annoying sound. And boring.

Автор bryce995 (498 лет назад)
how long do you charge it?

Автор zl1bub ( назад)
What a waist boring, Can't go straight?? 

Автор jireh lewin ( назад)
take ur foot of da gas plz....

Автор michael latino ( назад)
R u tryin to blow ur tires

Автор SgtMustang375 ( назад)
nice u now have cancer

Автор Aquariumlover1999 ( назад)
I think you need new tires

Автор ~Cam~ ( назад)
RIP Ears

Автор Nathan Dance ( назад)
but the energy density of most batteries is very low

Автор UltraMatrix202 ( назад)
MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Автор iulian207 ( назад)
where do you have the timing belt and the belt?

Автор Djaiboi ( назад)
i completely agree. Only I think it's much more exhilarating to speed
around a corner than on a straight. Of course in this video he's not going
very fast. But since I'm into drifting, sliding around seems more fun to me
than running on a straight. 

Автор Djaiboi ( назад)
straight line is boring 

Автор Taro Cradock ( назад)
gymkhana kart

Автор Rob B ( назад)
Do you know where you found that frame? I am looking for a good frame to
build an electric go kart like this

Автор wayd19 ( назад)
Drive straight please

Автор Highspeedfutzi ( назад)
is the gas paddle only an on/off switch??? ;D

Автор Evan Stitch ( назад)
New tires....

Автор SilverWolf1271 ( назад)
@EdiShred16 That thing has so much damn torque he can't go straight!!

Автор djg1ll ( назад)
Needs a two stroke engine lots of burning rubber!

Автор ZiDDi JaTT ( назад)
shit is annoying.. 

Автор Adzyboy458 ( назад)
1:00 Well this is boring 1:07 Wow What the F*ck 1:58 The noise is ANNOYING
2:30 Finally

Автор SuperMl10 ( назад)
i dare you to do ken blocks gymkhana in that 

Автор CİHAN AKSU ( назад)
i want this kart 

Автор kasperdenher ( назад)
Where do you buy that kind of motors? They are extreme. 

Автор Tony Valvo ( назад)
This guy needs to get highfived. In the face. With a chair.

Автор GoDzMiTe ( назад)
He could of raced a minivan on that time wasted spinning :)

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