Last minute of the 2016 NBA Finals Game 7

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Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the 73-9 Golden State Warriors to win the 2016 NBA Finals down 3-1 and bring the first championship back to Cleveland in 52 years.

if you need a laugh, here is smeagol(LOTR) singing a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NP-qj9CBbQ

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Автор Dope2k ( назад)
3-1 lead

Автор Brandon Odgers ( назад)
4:10 on lebrons second free throw everyone was in the paint before he released the ball...

Автор Thanakhan 1414 ( назад)
Game is rigged

Автор YouThinkYouKnowTrustMeIKnow ( назад)
the best part about this win was that this was in the warriors building. all those warriors fans got to witness their 73-9 win team go up in flames.

Автор Ryan Munko ( назад)
*Acting like a warriors fan*

Автор Ryan Munko ( назад)
I'm a Cavs fan, I was at that game and I had my steph jersey on and when they won I was trying to keep in the excitement.😝

Автор Mr. Makeithappen ( назад)
Born ain't kno what wrist to hold 😂he juss had to buy some time

Автор Owen Kennedy ( назад)
lebron sucks

Автор Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens B.C. Fan ( назад)
Cavaliers got the revenge for the 2015

Автор Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens B.C. Fan ( назад)
All ended when the 3 from Kyrie went in and when the clock showed 0:00 the meme " Warriors blew a 3-1 lead" born

Автор smith frank ( назад)
Love how this one of the most legendary game(series) in playoff history. And this mf video has got over 2k dislikes hands down is all from those dickricking curry fans lmao

Автор Donell Roach ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Kevin Van ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор RetroCreeper 2000 ( назад)

Автор Cereal ( назад)
Bandwagon spotted

Автор edwinpayne5 MSY!!!!!! ( назад)
I liked how he said city of champions once again😂

Автор HastaLa Vista ( назад)
seirin vs rakuzan
is'nt that?

Автор Marlon Ndoro ( назад)
I will never ever forgive Curry for choking. I left my lakers for this nigga smh

Автор Zitch ( назад)
Why was Richard Jefferson sitting on the bench not moving when they won

Автор christopher clyde empasis ( назад)
jasmes idol

Автор Brandon Falco ( назад)
Everyone knows it was a fix. Duh. They paid curry 500$ to miss that three. Duhhhhh

Автор Sebastián Paré ( назад)
If Lebron had only made a jump shot instead of a dunk attempt, he would have easily scored. kirye Irvin won that game

Автор kierzen Lagarde ( назад)
hay boston had 17 lakers had 16 chicago had 6 spurs has 5 piston had 4 and philly luck we had 3 rings but only one larry o brien trophy I watched game 7 and Im amazed I myself crying in happiness because lebron won a ring to cleveland and after that I I think that there is a philly either football,or baseball and glad philly won the 2008 championship in baseball 76ers will had to wait until its new core will show its teeth long time 76ers loses all its momentum and its teeth during 1983 and in 2001 allen iverson fail to notch a ring against the sharp teeth lakers all philly fan be happy that we had ateam something to proud of dont mind what others fan of teams said philly is trash you if philadelphia warrior or in short the gsw didnt move in san fransisco I think philadelphia will had atleast 5 ring dont lose hope the ring shine to philly to larry o brien trophy is just waiting for the sixers arguably the most deserving team to win a ring if philly lose and lose and go 0-82 I will be a philly fan and I going to wait until that trophy is being parade in philly 😐😐😂😂😢 and remember philadelphia is legend producing players like wilt and kobe and theres one thing I always thinking if kobe go to back to sixers that will be amazing

Автор John Gussey ( назад)
To this day seeing this still makes me want to ball my eyes out in being happy

Автор Emery Palm ( назад)
I'm crying

Автор N0 Shrapnel ( назад)
Don't worry about me just a Knicks fan passing through

Автор ALLENjr12 ( назад)
3:32 draymind lookin like this nigga could've ended my career

Автор Kyndal Hawks ( назад)
these videos get reuploaded every time the Cavs lose in the regular season this year lol sad

Автор Aaron Moore ( назад)
Such a horrible possession for Steph after the Kyrie 3

Автор Austin Williams ( назад)
If Lebron finished that dunk on Draymond that might have been one of the greatest posters of all time

Автор Offxcial Jay ( назад)
"Still learning how to walk on my own/ got people with me but mentally Im still walking alone". https://soundcloud.com/user-655136610/add-it-up

Автор Nana Pooh ( назад)
clevlend is garbge

Автор The Great いきもの Curiosity ( назад)
Kobe's retirement, OKC blew a 3-1 lead, Cleveland Make history 3-1 Comeback, GSW blew 3-1 lead, Lebron promise etc. what year 2016

Автор Ikram Mohamed ( назад)

Автор Cueboi23 xx ( назад)
4 warriors standing still ...wtf😑

Автор Who_ listens? ( назад)
my would've drained both of those last 2 free throws... but my was a *shooting* guard

Автор Judas Carter ( назад)
@7:15 JR still bangin his set after winning a ring "Can't believe it blooood!"

Автор Ali Charara ( назад)

Автор Jamison Johnson ( назад)
the cavs are n$#@%@(

Автор Aleksa Stojanovic ( назад)
fuck America

Автор Fraser Stone ( назад)
did any one notice jr smith was the only cavalier not wearing black and gold colourway on his shoes

Автор Imokpea ( назад)
3:05 - 3:11 look at kevin love

Автор Connor Sullivan ( назад)
2:55 look at Kevin Love 😂😂

Автор jemuel delos santos ( назад)
someone is crying.

Автор SuperGamer 360 ( назад)
and in your butt curry

Автор SuperGamer 360 ( назад)
i like cavs yes finally

Автор Colin Ashdown ( назад)
Everyone has to agree on this one even golden state warriors fans can agree Lebron is tough as nails

Автор elf 243 ( назад)
Kevin love already jumping knowing lebron would've made the dunk lol

Автор Levi Strauss ( назад)
No one is ever gonna acknowledge kyrie Irving ? Can't leave him out. He the main reason they won this game

Автор Chilanta fucknLove ( назад)
shit rigged

Автор BostonSports ( назад)
sub and like this comment if u like celtics i will sub back and like all your videos!!!
comment done when done 😀💪🏾🏀

Автор Thekingboys1 ( назад)
I live in Cleveland so... GO CAVALIERS! I know this is more than a year later

Автор ajuan simmonds ( назад)
I miss moments like this

Автор CheckMy Stash ( назад)
Water boy scene when waterboy was in hospital with mom and everybody was outside trying to cheer him up and shit ya that's wat I visualized when lebron was laying there

Автор Exomatic GAMING ( назад)
Fuck James

Автор Shauna Schlabach ( назад)
the born is the bomb

Автор M Bee ( назад)
I cried so much. not gonna lie.

Автор Kristian Minchella ( назад)
show me the slam cam

Автор Ezp ( назад)
y was lebron talkin 2 da ref?

Автор Charles allen jr ( назад)
Watching this again, Even the most staunch, card carrying LeBron James haters have to give him his props on this one. Down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals. Three NBA Championships, four league MVP's, three NBA finals MVP's. That's a hell of a career. That night, LeBron silenced the critics and haters once and for all.

Автор Ayaz Talantuli ( назад)
best nba game ever

Автор mrrickstur ( назад)
Probably the most shocking Finals ending I've ever seen on TV. Did not see this coming at all..

Автор Noah Snipes-Rea ( назад)
1:31 Anyone else have glitches?

Автор ThatCelticsFan ( назад)
"The last minute" *video is 8 minutes*

Автор CheesePuff ( назад)
Draymond tried to kick Lebron

Автор FranticAnt!cs ( назад)
Nova vs NC state had a better ending.

Автор Tragiic ( назад)
Real MVP is Love. That defense was amazing on Curry.

Автор fisher972002 ( назад)
im a lebron fan the KING
curry sucks

Автор Big Glizzy ( назад)

Автор Stephon Peebles ( назад)
I love how the CAVS fans talk shit when yall have only won that bitch one time and not multiple times and yall talk about leads blown lebron blew like 3 2-1 leads and blew a 2-0 lead so I wouldn't be talking shit and last time we played yall we fucked yall up and Noone likes yall just so you know and yall keep saying kyire did steph in steph always fucked him up the only time kyire did something was the last 3 games in the finals and in game 3 that's it

Автор Jose Miguel ( назад)
Why an I getting nervous 😂

Автор Hi, Neighbor! ( назад)
It's so obvious Irving is better than Curry. Irving is better in every way.

Автор g0dsboss24 ( назад)
Anyone else notice that dude in the ,Marlins jersey behind the Warriors bench? Dude has front row seats to every major sporting game/event.

Автор g0dsboss24 ( назад)
I wonder what would have happened if Barnes didn't take that stupid foul?

Автор Dayson Campos ( назад)
I like both teams bot golden state more Cleveland is not gonna win the next one

why cry just have happy faces like this one 😃

Автор Deleted Nick ( назад)
do you hear how silent Oracle is?

Автор Lydia Adigun ( назад)
I wanted The GSW to win

Автор Andre000Lucas ( назад)
2013 lebron would have dunked the shit out off this.

Автор Νίκος Ελέζι ( назад)
so emotional...😥😥😥

Автор Alex the Great Boss ( назад)
Go Cavs

Автор p Lk ( назад)
rubbish james,no kyrie you will not win

Автор chip fresh ( назад)

Автор Vincent Aguirre ( назад)
James is such a pussy. If he's hurt bad enough to flounder on the floor for two minutes, how did someone else not shoot those free throws? He wanted a more dramatic victory. That's one of the many reasons he'll never be top 5 all time.

Автор 324disturbed ( назад)
donkey is lucky his carrer isn't over yet

Автор usman home ( назад)
cavs are loser

Автор kepo banget ( назад)
never gets old

Автор Quinn McCarihan ( назад)

Автор MaxJCarley ( назад)
When the last minute is 8 minutes long😂

Автор Diamondking ( назад)
#cavs the best

Автор gui 1234 ( назад)
james is a baby

Автор handicap porn ( назад)
i dont think i'll ever get tired of these highlights.

Автор Finesse Kid ( назад)
still can't believe the Seahawks threw that damn ball😤

Автор Finn Popken ( назад)
Everybody's saying the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, what about the Indians?

Автор savage boy 23 ( назад)
lebron James was my favorite Youtubeer till 2007 and he still is my favorite

Автор Mikhail Kala5h Neva heso with the Melo ( назад)
K love with that D tho

Автор Michael OGLETREE ( назад)
I remember this like it was yesterday

Автор vuk ivanović ( назад)

Автор Brian M ( назад)
Why was he acting so hurt after that play? Seemed like he a bad injury. But he was faking?

Автор Justin Rodriguez ( назад)
LeBron flopped to bring the attention off the warriors and bring it to himself

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