Last minute of the 2016 NBA Finals Game 7

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Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the 73-9 Golden State Warriors to win the 2016 NBA Finals down 3-1 and bring the first championship back to Cleveland in 52 years.

if you need a laugh, here is smeagol(LOTR) singing a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NP-qj9CBbQ

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Автор Man Of The Year ( назад)
if this was Miami Heat LeBron, he would have dunked that ball so hard on
Green. Rain drop, drop top, Iggy got his ass blocked.

Автор dominicanflowboy ( назад)
warriors choked

Автор Abraham Afzal ( назад)
love game

Автор Prettyboyfredo Prettyboyfredo ( назад)
Fuck the Cleveland Cavaliers

Автор Mrbuckets35 ( назад)
Bruh anyone see how crazy Kevin love was about to go?😂

Автор The savage Himself ( назад)

Автор Mcpe Tester ( назад)
And that's the story of warrior bandwagon fans

Автор lipoli polipo ( назад)
FU Golden state :)

Автор Ghost Gaming ( назад)
the best finals game ever

Автор Pablo De Bella ( назад)
and so the legend of the golden state chokers begin

Автор Anthony DeLeon ( назад)
If LBJ finished that dunk it would of been the end of his career

Автор SPICY BACON ( назад)
I want to lile lebron i really do, but he just exaggerates and flops way to
much for a guy thats 6 foot 8 and was a stud football player who ways 250

Автор adam Sank ( назад)

Автор basti cruz ( назад)
Don't let this game distract you from the fact that Lightning McQueen blew
a one lap lead in the Piston Cup.

Автор Honey Badger ( назад)
choke on the 3-1 warriors

Автор Kyle Abbey ( назад)
Cleveland fans be watching for playoff hope after there last matchup

Автор Eleazaar Pierre ( назад)
fuck cavs and the coach

Автор chedythebee ( назад)
draymond tried to trip kyrie while hes on the floor after fouling lebron
hard on that block attempt

Автор ADRIAN H ( назад)

Автор Charles Rambo ( назад)
Ha. Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор 구독자 1000명 찍고싶다. 아무것도 안하고 ( назад)

Автор Brzy ( назад)
Fucking wish Lebron made that dunk would have been historic, he should have
taken an extra step and elevated intro draymond and put his ass on the
floor, he didnt have his feet set so would have been legal. shame would
have been perfect.

Автор Basketball Life ( назад)
Can you tell me how you can get the hole game

Автор DeltaXXII ( назад)
Why everybody crying

Автор Heath Bartels ( назад)
When the NBA stretches 10 seconds into 4 minutes

Автор Trey Hawkins ( назад)
Lets take a minute to realize Kevin Loves defense on Curry in that final

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
That shot from kyrie though it was amazing and made the cavs win the
championship great job kyrie

Автор USAkyle ( назад)
yet its 8 minutes

Автор Gettin Turnt ( назад)
Let's go Cav... I knew it baby

Автор Braylon Neeley ( назад)
Warriors sucks who agrees all curry could do is shoot he can't play
defense.irving could do everything that's why I think he's better

Автор Obada Sarsour ( назад)
james jones is too lucky haha

Автор Lancelot Vasquez ( назад)
pls care for coach lue..

Автор gorrow1990 ( назад)
Warriors "fans" can enjoy their home win over the Cavs tonight. They still
couldn't win the home game that mattered the most.

Автор FT._.17 ( назад)
This goes to show that karma is a bit*h and that Curry and the Warriors
can't beat healthy teams in bigger games.

Автор Jeff Bean ( назад)
Never gets old

Автор windex drink me ( назад)
1k dislikes are the golden state fans drink meet

Автор Raymo BettyBoi ( назад)
How can Draymond get mad at Durant when Steph thrower up a fucking prayer
for no reason. smh

Автор Jesus Sandoval ( назад)
Curry really shot that when he coulda pump faked Love 😂😂 L

Автор FIFALEGENDXI -FIFA iOS Gameplay ( назад)
Dray tried to kick Irvin.

Автор Fun with Lucas ( назад)
When Lebron got injured look at Irving trip over draymond

Автор Andrew McGirney ( назад)
Warriors fans aren't diehard fans....lmfao

Автор Isaiah Reed ( назад)
Man I can't explain how lit downtown Cleveland was this night man ,
Greatest fuckin night In Cleveland History! Niggas was hanging from light
poles , bitches was flashing titties from the cars , Niggas and white
people was dancing together in the street ... MLK Dream Came true that
night !

Автор Tim “TJ” Jones ( назад)
Ok so you can put out an 8 minute video of Curry mistakes. I could put out
a 3 hour video of Curry dominating other players & teams. Warriors blew a
3-1 lead. Get over it already.

Автор Loussaief Aziz ( назад)
The worries blew a 3-1 lead…

Автор Jorge what ( назад)
this video is pixelized

Автор Enoc Pimentel ( назад)
that's what stupid James gets for dunking a lot

Автор Jared Alonto ( назад)
Who's seen this like a thousand times and still doesn't get sick of it?!

Автор HighFall ( назад)
i watched this 3743839878923 times

Автор Bilal Malik ( назад)
Klay a salty ass bitch

Автор craig wooldridge ( назад)
james is a sissy

Автор Christy Bobby ( назад)
Kevin Love is DPOY

Автор Joseph Matthews ( назад)
Shame Curry

Автор Kellan Tomulty ( назад)
😀 baby

Автор RJ Plays ( назад)
Speights, you are not Ray Allen

Автор Jimmie williams ( назад)
Cave won championship!!! 93-89 and 4-3 p.s. I ment to put 4 games to 3
games wins.

Автор Navin ( назад)
The kyrie irving 3 pointer. What do y'all think would have happened if he
missed that

Автор Ty Leu ( назад)
curry always chokes against kyrie always

Автор Navin ( назад)
THe moment james fell down on the floor. I thought the warriors won

Автор Chris Beast ( назад)
I go for lakers

Автор Chris Beast ( назад)
Fuck cavs

Автор SplashNation ( назад)
I wish Kyrie was my dad.

Автор Villaflor Guiao ( назад)
yes yes cavs won .

Автор Quentin Anderson ( назад)
i watched this video about 26 times since June

Автор Da'Shawn Elien ( назад)
Cavs suck and I like LeBron James but the warriors are the best 😕😅

Автор Lt.Dan ( назад)
yay for cleveland.

Автор JSSTyger ( назад)
0:55 to 1:07 Curry's ankles broke by K-Love LOL.

Автор Cool C ( назад)
So Cavs win the Championship on King James birthday? Ayesha Curry was
right, this is all staged?

Автор pastore ( назад)
I follow the nba since maybe 2003 and lebron was the player that take my
attention i see a lot of games but i swear this was the best game i ever
see was just perfect and emotional i love basketball because this type of
thing was just unreal

Автор James Sayson (CallOfBooty) ( назад)
2:51 look at kevin love jumping tho haha

Автор yg chris56 ( назад)
"Cleveland is the city of champions once again"...... hmmm its there first
time being champs

Автор Tony Olivieri ( назад)
I can guarantee that 85% of the comments supporting the cavs weren't fans
until last year

Автор Murcielago SV ( назад)
Draymond knew his career would've been over if LeGoat had finished that

Автор Zack Knowles ( назад)
I would voluntarily go door to door in the Bay Area as a lebrons witness
"excuse me do you have a moment to talk about how you blew a 3-1 lead"

Автор Le G.O.A.T ( назад)
Curry = 2x MVP 1x Champ but now FORGOTEN

Автор Le G.O.A.T ( назад)
7:49 BYE BYE 👋😂😂

Автор Le G.O.A.T ( назад)
7:00 ❤️

Автор Hutch ( назад)
The bandwagon finals lol

Автор oldsouth31 ( назад)
I love Cleveland.

Автор Mr Bleach ( назад)
currys just bone ram into the little guy

Автор LiNingAir ( назад)
Lebron acts as if he's the reason they won...

Автор Adriano Lima ( назад)
This moment is amazing.

Автор sto 248 ( назад)
Still get chills when I watch...

Автор Isabel Padilla ( назад)
Lebron almost ended greens carrier

Автор Uncle Bernard ( назад)
1:55 lebron flopped. lmfaoo he just want to take a break bc he tired

Автор James Hostee ( назад)
kyrie is so much better than steph

Автор james dexner aquino ( назад)
WHy if LEBRON missed the free throw the fans will clap..THEN If Micheal
Jordan missed the Free Throw..all fans are silent..

Автор bernard policarpio ( назад)
Still makes my eyes teary...

Автор Rocco Daboss ( назад)
Too bad it was in golden state

Автор xtine carey ( назад)
when you realize lebron is the first superstar to eliminate a 70+ win team
in the playoffs

Автор No Limit Vlog ( назад)
Is a simulator

Автор Ashanti Reed ( назад)
this is horrible

Автор Willie Ramirez ( назад)
Derik curry

Автор Poppa Bear ( назад)
The greatest game I've ever watched

Автор mikejohnson914 ( назад)
Im a dfie hard Pelicans fan just waiting

Finals Championship Loading...

Автор John Piedmont ( назад)
knock knock
whos there
3 who
3-1 lead😂

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