Last minute of the 2016 NBA Finals Game 7

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Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the 73-9 Golden State Warriors to win the 2016 NBA Finals down 3-1 and bring the first championship back to Cleveland in 52 years.

if you need a laugh, here is smeagol(LOTR) singing a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NP-qj9CBbQ

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Автор Rhygn Delmundo ( назад)
arrogant loser's curry also take him to persuade them abrogated lose fluid loss in egoism....
luckily stupid fool yang yan egoism of curry you real win Cavs really stupid dumb curry ie

Автор Khalil Channel ( назад)
let's go caves💃

Автор Jackie Paper ( назад)
its like he's the chosen one

Автор Jahmere Brown ( назад)
u mad or na y'all choked

Автор Mariane Atienza ( назад)
Tang ina curry inggit ka sa champion nila😀😀😀

Автор F1NESSE L0RD ( назад)
BRUHHHHHHHHHHH look at kevin love at 3:06. Im schleeeep

Автор Keaton Singer ( назад)
know matter what... curry will always suck

Автор Keaton Singer ( назад)
kyrie lebron clutch brothers

Автор Miloš Lazarski ( назад)
Why tha fuk is Lue crying...

Автор George ( назад)
Still gives me chills

Автор LilDonut ( назад)
Did u see around 2 min into the video that huge flop by lebron wtf little bitch

Автор Jolo Dacuyanan ( назад)
For me LeBrOn JaMeS

Автор Ahrianna DePina ( назад)

Автор Logan Carter ( назад)
bruh LeBron is fake

Автор Jayboy808HI ( назад)
this channel is shit.

Автор Roy Williams ( назад)
love locked curry ass down

Автор Tarmizi 6861 ( назад)
lebron james n k.irving.the most powerfull blocking n clutch

Автор Dog Kaisher ( назад)
what is Jr smith wearing?

Автор Ramadan Bulansani ( назад)
Cavaliers is foul

Автор Roy Allen Villeno ( назад)
boooo curry booooo! your so weak! you cant beat kyri Irving.irving is the best

Автор Jalen Matthews ( назад)
Great Game

Автор # Queen ( назад)
never mind I dont think i heard a controler I think it was the music
but it could be a controler

Автор # Queen ( назад)
Is it just me or did i here a controler @ 3:44 It sounded like he was clicking a button listen closely Im glad the cavs won the finals tho

Автор Boss Gaming ( назад)
Lebrons a big baby and I hate the warriors

Автор Alton cianelli ( назад)
One of the best moments in my life

Автор russel westbrook ( назад)
Curry and the warriors put up a good fight

Автор Platinum Pineapple ( назад)
Golden state won the NBA champs last year wtf is this

Автор YOLO ( назад)
2:54 kevin love's expression priceless

Автор Sk8ermonster1 ( назад)
Anyone else saw Dahntay Jones running when they won the game 😂

Автор Malik Lloyd ( назад)
Listen to this song...dude needs more support.........https://soundcloud.com/ilencenceaid/convince-me

Автор SeattleSoundersFCFan ( назад)

Автор Alex Antinoro ( назад)
Thank God LeBron's arm magically healed so fast

Автор Randolf Garrido ( назад)
This is by far the 2nd greatest Finals Game 7 of all time behind the Lakers and Celtics in 2010!

Автор Mr.Joker奇犽 ( назад)
LeGOAT>>>>>>>>> choke Lurry

Автор Kdogcentral5ables ( назад)
Larry Bird wouldn't have choked.

Автор One Shot ( назад)
That was weird to black men crying lol 😂

Автор Ghost Ghost ( назад)
Leflop we all know you was acting

Автор Raymond Kalonji ( назад)
I remember watching this game I had the cavs the whole series and watching game 7 brings back a lot of memories from that summer

Автор Mohamed El Nahas ( назад)
1:51 Kyrie helping Draymond up... that's respect right there.

Автор BMX Kids ( назад)
LeBron James is the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Dwayne De Vera ( назад)
Kevin love da real mvp for shutting down curry

Автор Ivan Li ( назад)
9/24 is bad but 6/17 is worse

Автор Hans Tujan ( назад)
ha! 3-1 lead

Автор Mr M ( назад)
Lebron better than Jordan.

Автор Enrique Rafael Gómez ( назад)
The real unanimous MVP.

Автор Hova 1987 ( назад)
Man Love showed out this game. Lue turned him into a straight rebounder.

Автор knguy4 ( назад)
I watch this everyday lol

Автор LakeErieMermaid1 ( назад)
Christ on a cracker...I forgot what a nail biter this was...such a sweet day to be a Clevelander.

Автор Dylan Olson ( назад)
Lol. Everyone hates LeBron and loves Curry. Steph in this Game 7: 17 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 31.6% shooting..

Автор BigBodyBilly ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор BigBodyBilly ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор DomPlays99 ( назад)

Автор Cartoon Modz ( назад)
I cried after this game, because I've always been a die hard warrior fan

Автор Rikka IsHere ( назад)
Its been months now.. and now I'm going to watch this with out getting pissed

Автор Pasty McSunscreen ( назад)
it might have been said before, but Yeah, if Lebron throws down the dunk... he's got the posterization to end all debate. Make a statue, done. Or is more memorable to have to take a hit and shoot the free throws (Which hes been called out for missing his whole career, in the clutch)..? That dunk would be pure entertainment and we all want it. But all that Lebron pulled off until that moment,was sealed... with a free throw. I'd rather watch him seal it the way he did over that woulda been dunk any day of the year. 100 out of a 100 times. Clutch.

Автор Jacob Oghenekaro ( назад)
i bet it going to do it like this champ

Автор tomsarago ( назад)
Round three in a little over a month...

Автор Diego Rafael Josue ( назад)
What good video quality at 1:31 LOL

Автор Juanito Camarena ( назад)
If that dunk goes in Draymond's career is over

Автор vladimir adisik ( назад)
potang ina mo Draymond Green! Negro!

Автор LakersNation 47 ( назад)
2:53 the excitement on Loves face tells alot about that game...
what if though..

Автор Spectre Ninja ( назад)
That was a great day

Автор GrowMekkai GT ( назад)
Best of luck to Cavs this playoffs. Not a cavs fan but respect. Golden State Warriors is coming for youu

Автор Buddy Hield ( назад)
they talkin bout im the next steph curry. BITCH I WOULDNT CHOKE LIKE THIS

Автор Hey Momma ( назад)
I lowkey thought bron was gonna bitch out on the free throws bc he was scared to miss em. Buh shit you know that last min was lit when the video to it is 8 min long and you know atleast 5/6 min of it is gon be basketball

Автор 안주영 ( назад)
this is legend!!

Автор Artee Chi ( назад)
GSW fan here but I can't help but smile that lebron finally brought 1 home to cleveland to see him so emotional I really am geniunely happy for him. I hope we get the 3rd finals repeat.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
By far my proudest fap.

Автор Steven Nguyen ( назад)
Come on curry practice more but it's ok

Автор Tammy Adkins ( назад)
i live in cleveland and my sister love the cavs

Автор dylan perry ( назад)
fuck green didn't even check on Lebron disrespectful asf

Автор Jerico Mari Dimo ( назад)
who still watching this phenomenal finals?! In this season if cavs and gs meets again in finals cavs can be undefeated standing "4-0"

Автор dejl kuper ( назад)
i cry everytime

Автор Andre64797 ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Kyjuan Ervin ( назад)
Cavs 2-0 against pacers 4/17/17

Автор nick the Cool Taylor ( назад)
😭😢😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 I wanna be champ I going home win a champ in Columbus or Cleveland Ohio

Автор jeff thomas ( назад)
2 number 23 colliding. James and green

Автор Rob Greene ( назад)
I love the Cavs🏀

Автор pennywise804 ( назад)
at 6:14...Cleveland is city of champions once again???

Автор Epic Reactor ( назад)
I was so nervous at this point

Автор Daniel Lennon ( назад)
Look at James flop on the ground with 10 left and stays on the ground for a long time and than some how when he gets up he is fine

Автор Samuel Sørensen ( назад)
That last dunk, would've been the greatest dunk of ALL TIME. He would've sealed the deal.. fuck that foul

Автор Console Legend ( назад)
That clutch 3 tho

Автор Psychonaut ( назад)
Sheesh, every time I look at this play I'm like Curry what the fuck were you thinking!? Kevin Love had you locked down and for a period of time you had Iguodala wide open a former finals MVP! I'm sure he would have drained that wide open three smh... Curry did this to himself for trying to win an MVP in a final, heck I was even saying if Warriors would've won that game forget Curry winning a finals MVP, give it to Klay or Draymond! Those two were crucial in the finals. Now that they got Durant, there's no excuse for him to choke this time cause all pressure is on Durant since he has no ring and that'll alleviate all pressure from Curry so if he chokes this time I'm sorry but you have no excuse now.

Автор Giselle Valadez ( назад)
lebron is a little bitch he looked like a little girl on the court

Автор aaron veds southerland ( назад)
lets go cavs lets do it in 2017 congrats lebron on the triple double love you lebron

Автор Jake Rivera ( назад)
Why shame GSW Bandwagons when most of you in the comments are Cavs Bandwagons?? Same shitty fanbase anyway.

Автор Colin Burleigh ( назад)
*Kyrie makes unbelievable 3*
Announcer: I like that call for no timeout from Kerr.


Автор Kyle Li ( назад)
Kevin love looks like a freak after lebron got fouled

Автор yostin santana ( назад)
The Cleveland Cavaliers is my number one least favorite NBA team of all time

Автор Jack S ( назад)
If he would've made that dunk I think he would've actually disintegrated draymond

Автор Texas guy ( назад)
Warriors never should've won. Everyone outside of California knows they won year one because love and kyrie were injured. Lol

Автор Texas guy ( назад)
Lmao curry got J'd right away dude can't play D

Автор 鱈魚單身无罪 ๛ ( назад)

Автор Crawford Hamiil ( назад)
klay Thompson "must've gotten his feelings hurt".

Автор RoYaL_ Pike ( назад)
I ran this video back and back and Lebrun took off early on the foul shot

Автор Stephen Curry ( назад)
I'm surprised cause the cavs suck but then again curry does suck in the finals...the cavs are worst

Автор Conor D29 ( назад)
I was watching it in a airport

Автор Vickiana García ( назад)
Lebrón James es el meJor

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