Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

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Просмотров: 4724992
Длительность: 21:4
Комментарии: 11165

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Автор Jordan Hanson ( назад)
as a die hard pats fan, im unbelievably proud to have won the super bowl and practically break every single record but to be fair, i think the OT rules should change cause the team that wins the coin toss right away has a greater chance of winning due to scoring a touchdown that automatically seals the win...having said that, i think the other team should still have a chance even if the opening drive does result in a TD its only more fair that way

Автор Jackson Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Miner Cj ( назад)
guys plz like if you hope the falcons go the sb and win plz cuz they deserve it but good job tom brady and pats plz like if you want the falcons to go reply who you like

Автор pnkflyd66 ( назад)
L📁Atlanta Falcons
L 📁Super Bowl Rings
L⚠️File Does Not Exist!

Автор Rickster79 ( назад)
All that showboating Atlanta did, they deserved to choke.

Автор Noah The Cobra ( назад)
15:09 All Atlanta had to do is run the ball and avoid any sacks, then kick a field goal. GAME OVER.

Автор Milko Baldwin ( назад)
Bobby Bob when you read the Bible Tom Brady is there 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Автор Elizabeth Aluengeh ( назад)
Julian's eledamans catch doe👍

Автор Elizabeth Aluengeh ( назад)
5 Super Bowls for Brady 28-3 later Jones made an amazing catch next play they were sacked then touchdown then 2 point conversion then overtime they scored a touchdown WHAT A CRAZY SUPER BOWL

Автор THE FALLEN ( назад)

Автор The beast ( назад)
best superbowl🏆🏆🏆

Автор Ndudi Enwereuzor ( назад)
2k of the people who disliked this are falcon fans

Автор leo evans ( назад)
pats win by default that damb ball didn't cross his knee hit 1 like If you agree that just bull

Автор leo evans ( назад)
that catch that Edelman made I'm a broncos fan but damb props to him

Автор Alex Greer ( назад)
He was clearly down

Автор washburn11000 ( назад)
I'm still shock!!!!

Автор LzOpz LzOpzz ( назад)
Let's go pats ! It was close 😪

Автор David Petcove ( назад)
I'm a patriots fan. Are relievers are ok but the reason they catch it because the throw is on the money

Автор rebel 291 ( назад)
yall are blind at the very end his née is down before the ball was in

Автор Robert Delich ( назад)
you would think the way the falcons played offense and defense for the first 3 quarters it would have been a blow-out for the falcons. Even the pat's couldn't hang on to the ball. So many things had to happen in order for the pats to win.

Автор Matt Plyley ( назад)
Someone named "lady gagga" did the halftime show?

Автор Span Cactus ( назад)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ray Finkle blew a 26 yard field goal in SuperBowl 17

Автор Zaquanhunter5 Hunter ( назад)
tom Brady going to have 6rings

Автор Zaquanhunter5 Hunter ( назад)
that's right go new eagland that been my team77

Автор MiNiSciuta MNS ( назад)
I still don't understand the people who say that the Falcons deserves it more when we were losing by 25 points but if with the teamwork that we had we made it and won...The Falcons were playing easy when they were winning never be to cocky kids...and the Falcons didn't go to the Super Bowl for 19 years because they suck and they still do :) Patriots 5 Super Bowls and Falcons 0 ;)

Автор Joe_bro37 ( назад)

Автор radonrandel09 ( назад)
Nawl Fr We Coming back Next Year #RiseUp

Автор sergio Redondos ( назад)
ver y Good patriots

Автор sergio Redondos ( назад)
ver y Good patriots

Автор Scott Kernen ( назад)
Will the entire super bowl be posted online like the other ones before this

Автор TorrisATL2 ( назад)
Literally everything had to go perfect for the Patriots in that last half for them to win this, it was like nothing I've ever seen in sports. Terribly times Falcons penalties, Falcons injuries stopping the clock, rare Devonta whiff resulting in a fumble, and most important of all is the bush league coaching by Shanahan. No other OC in the league is going to run the ball only 4 times in the 2nd half coming out with an 18 point lead. This game was given away by the Falcons but everyone will credit Brady. Straight up ridiculous result

Автор Tony Salazar ( назад)
no matter what all haters say including falcons fans say ..patriots smashed on them and we won the Superbowl....fare and square...so GO PATS ANOTHER SUPERBOWL WIN BLITZ FOR SIX

Автор FPFC 2 ( назад)
"put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl"......no, the best

Автор Savage_Seahawk808 Seahawk ( назад)
luv the pats
lets get another one

Автор Savage_Seahawk808 Seahawk ( назад)
screw you

Автор nitro63994 ( назад)
tom brady sucks his deflated balls

Автор nitro63994 ( назад)
nice brady

Автор Oscar Nunez ( назад)
Bush so old he couldn't even flip the coin

Автор Jello Gerrit ( назад)
this game was rigged

Автор Martina Dejaquiz ( назад)
white wasn't the only one who played awesome, but white had a hell of a game.

Автор gwp4eva ( назад)
can we also talk about how great LOOKING this game was? i mean the color matchup is gorgeous. add that to the fact that the color scheme of the game was red and the logo had the red splashes on it, and you got yourself an A+ for aesthetics. last year's color matchup was puke city

Автор A Tumbleweed ( назад)
Huge Steelers fan here, personally, not that i wanted the Patriots to win enterely because the Falcons haven't won a Super Bowl but still very very happy for the Patriots to overcome a ''tainted legacy''. Tom Brady is the GOAT. Nothing in this year suggested they cheated their way to win Super Bowl LI, if there was a specific season to cheat all the way was the 18-1 season, and probably again vs the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI so how come they chose to loose twice in the big game?. Mad respect to the Patriots and I get frustrated headache mood when the Steelers play against the Patriots allmost every time they meet.

Автор Mister Tyler Sinkins ( назад)
I admit guys, I pretty much always hated the Patriots just because if Tom Brady. But in super bowl 51 I realized, everyone should show a little respect for both teams.

Автор Mister Tyler Sinkins ( назад)
For those of you saying that Brady is the best of all time looking at his rings, he last 4 Super Bowls he won he should have lost. Let's say that Patriots actually were not the lucky ones who don't make mistakes. You would not have said that Tom Brady was not the best of all time hardly.

Автор domiz1x ( назад)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Gohan took on an 8 man team of Cell Jr's, then proceeded to defeat Cell with one arm.

Автор CFCoasters ( назад)
How the hell does every Super Bowl the Patriots play in have an absolutely insane catch at a key moment? Tyree, Manningham, Kearse, and now Jones and Edelman!

Автор Mike O'Grady ( назад)

Автор Sir NOSAJ ( назад)

Автор Peter Tripodis ( назад)
Still waiting for the falcons to pay for the hole I put in my wall

Автор Eliel Gutierrez ( назад)
Tom Brady youre the best.

Автор Jack Packk ( назад)
I'm still in shock of that amazing comeback in February

Автор Ja'mir Smith ( назад)
obj catch was the best

Автор yolande sauriol ( назад)
Good touch down

Автор Juan Martinez ( назад)
how about them Apple's

Автор TheZombiezGamer ( назад)
I live in Atlanta and the Atlanta Falcons have always been my favorite football team. Even though we lost this game, this has been the most thrilling and exciting football game I've seen.

Автор Nelda Hawkins ( назад)

Автор Red Robin ( назад)
This game still makes me nervous...lol

Автор Jacob Drumming ( назад)

Автор Jack Dobies ( назад)
If Tom Brady had not been suspended, he would've won MVP. People would definitely agree he's the best QB of all time if won. He's still the GOAT.

Автор Timothy Jacobs ( назад)
As a falcon fan we need to get rid of jake Mathews

Автор mafakka2 ( назад)
how long halftime is?

Автор b ( назад)

Автор Nord Lord Vape ( назад)
You wanna know what happened?
Dont'a Hightower

Автор Shadow_Gamer XX27 ( назад)

Автор Wyatt Moody ( назад)
there was no PI

Автор Strangerer69 ( назад)
Super Bowl Jet LI will go down in history as an Orange-is-the-new-White President, Houston F-16 Thunderbird, Herbert Walker, Half-time Madonna, insane catch comebacks, Atlanta-should-have-won, Brady revenge, Cheerleader Gronk, at-least-they-paid-their-light-bills, Patriots again??, Overtime spectacle.

Автор you know I'm right ( назад)
after Pats won overtime coin toss, oh the helpless feeling Atlanta fans must've had seeing Brady walking onto the field.

Автор Marilee Mazzola ( назад)
The winning td in ot din't count

Автор Big Chris ( назад)
Tom Brady the G.O.A.T

Автор Matt Sheiman ( назад)
"Calm down pats fans you just beat the Browns"

Автор Sebastian Barcelone ( назад)
This game is very similar to Tom Brady's last College game. 2000 Orange Bowl: Michigan vs Alabama.

Автор mikey lyons ( назад)
Im from England da fuq I this in my recommended I don't even know how to play this game 😕

Автор Ryan Bullions ( назад)
Just started watching NFL and absolutely love it, hello from the UK

Автор RedeemedIAm ( назад)
someting wong.....

Автор Saji Kanneth ( назад)
Amazing catch by edelman 11

Автор PERRY da PENGUIN ( назад)
Why is this video NOT in 1080p??? This quality looks miserable!!!

Автор Philip Jackson ( назад)
this is what happens when you dont run the clock

Автор Dirk Diggler ( назад)
Vic Beasley's stock just went down a bit for me. look at him on the last play!@19:37, this foo is just strangling over as if the superbowl is not on the line. No Heart, No Want, just quit like the rest of the Falcons defense.

Автор Gabe ( назад)
You know what I think of this game? I think the Patriots opened the door then the Falcons went in then they closed it on them, therefore they couldn't get out. They saw openings and opportunities but maybe they weren't accidents. To put in short, Then never stood a chance, they game was done before started, The Falcons didn't lose the Super bowl they never had it in the first place. Patriots fan all day every day.

Автор Nathaniel Kilmon ( назад)
If you wanted the pats to win sub to me if I get over 100 subs I'll do a video with gronk

Автор Lee Mac ( назад)
Ryan one of the most overrated players in NFL history

Автор Joeballs ( назад)
I'm not a fan of the patriots but they always wind up playing a team I hate in the Super Bowl

Автор djbasquiat ( назад)
De facto Super Bowl LI MVP, RB, James White came off of the bench, in the second half, to ignite an amazing rally: Never had a team recovered from a 25 point deficit to win the Super Bowl. That is until James had scored the first and last touchdowns of Super Bowl LI to secure an improbable victory for the New England Patriots. Stats: 3 touchdowns, including the game winner, in OT; 6 rushes for 29 yards, 2 TD's, including a critical two point conversion after his his teams second TD; Also, James was the teams leading receiver, with 110 yards on 14 receptions. That's awesome for a running back...Finally, unlike regular starters, Blount and Brady: pick six, he had zero turnovers. A**holes always give the Super Bowl MVP to the "great white hype QB." Yuck!

Автор mancini Suwannasri ( назад)
Super Tom Brady

Автор Steve Ibrahim ( назад)
this kid brady already looks like he's got a bright future ahead of him. I'm calling it now he'll win at least 5 super bowls

Автор Yessica Sanchez ( назад)
My cousin said that edleman should go to the falcons and tom brady to and not play

Автор Yessica Sanchez ( назад)
And my cousin joshua said hes better than eddlemen and that hes stupid

Автор Yessica Sanchez ( назад)
My cousins hate the patriots

Автор Yessica Sanchez ( назад)
My cousin said your the best

Автор Joseph Petro ( назад)
I still can't believe we won, I almost had a heart attack lol

Автор Yessica Sanchez ( назад)
My cousin loves the patriots

Автор stonebrooks 12 ( назад)
funny how everyone mentions cheating... it makes me chuckle

Автор Omar Meza ( назад)
This SuperBowl was full of Bullshit but watch when Tom Brady and Bill Belacheck retire they going to be 0-16 and will never be the same after they lose to the Raiders in Mexico City

Автор Damen Lewellin ( назад)
ay you stay out of it

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