Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

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Просмотров: 5166535
Длительность: 21:4
Комментарии: 12021

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Автор ShabaDaba935 ( назад)
May I speak with the falcons manager

Sure dial 28-3

I did but there was no ring to it.

Автор SG SK ( назад)
17:44 Falcons D-line should have noticed the signal(or whatever the hell that look meant) Tom gave Danny, that could have possibly stopped NE from scoring.

Автор Ben G ( назад)
Julio Jones played out of his mind in this game. He almost deserves co-mvp in a losing cause. What a game!

Автор Joe Campbell ( назад)
Atlanta Falcons be like, "at least we'll get participation trophies." Typical Liberal trash.

Автор CGN-Venado559 ( назад)
Both of the Bennett brothers have their own ring proud

Автор Omar Cisneros ( назад)
No lo sé Rick, PARECE FALSO :V

Автор D'Andre Smith ( назад)
pat fans have their nose up so high acting like the game wasn't fixed... keep saying falcons d got "tired". pat fans answer me this... why wouldn't the falcons run the ball to score a field goal? why would you do a 7 drop back pass on 3rd down? smh

Автор krypto nite ( назад)
remarkable comeback I must say as a Giants fan. Playing this man when he's down is something you don't wanna do, so much intensity when you play this man.

Автор Alpoodle _ ( назад)
Malcom mitchel has huge ass shoulders...

Автор Renegade ( назад)
one of the best superbowls of all time

Автор Cj Chapo ( назад)

Автор andrew rodon ( назад)
That Donta Hightower strip sack was devastating

Автор MaLu Lain ( назад)

Автор MaLu Lain ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Ringle ( назад)
deflated ball pats cheated

Автор Zafer Tuzun ( назад)
| ------------ ---------------- ---------------- --------------- | / MAN
| 🙂 | | | | | /
/|\ | | | | |/
| /\ ------------- | | | |\
| | | ---------------- | \
| | |
------------ | -------------------

Автор jose soto ( назад)
If Arron Hernandez were playing patriots would've ran the shotgun and the pistol a lot more lol.

Автор Evans O ( назад)
I didn't even watch this but I wanted the Falcons to win because if they had, it would've been a Leicester City story. Plus, I hate the Patriots and I wanted them to lose. But they won, and I'm officially done with 2017.

Автор Tina Gonzales ( назад)
I am a steeler fan too

Автор Dragonite 99 ( назад)
Every time the Patriots are in. I will cheer for them

Автор Dragonite 99 ( назад)
I can't believe it The New England Patriots were down 25 points. And came back and made it over time. And they scored the next point!!!!!!!

Автор Jack Gaming ( назад)
I'm a falcon fans😓

Автор calebboyce06 boyce little man ( назад)
Now you see why im a patriots fan but im not a band wagon my dad went to high school with willie mganist

Автор Antonio Williams ( назад)
Knee was down.Holding and Block in the Back."We review every score"
Tell that to the damn falcons

Автор Andrey ( назад)
take that falcons i hate the falcins

Автор Okc Thunder ( назад)
at least what I saw

Автор Okc Thunder ( назад)
that's stupid that did not go over the line at all

Автор Iggus Eggus ( назад)
I think i know why the pats didnt do so good in the first half.....

They forgot to deflate the balls

Автор DragonHeart613 ( назад)
The New England Patriots pull off The Great Escape, The Atlanta Falcons commit The Ultimate Choke Job!!!

Congrats to The Patriots, Robert Kraft, the greatest head coach in NFL history Bill Belicheck & the greatest QB of all-time Mr Tom Brady :)

Автор HeathMcTacos ( назад)
Patriots fanbase:
11.64% fans who live in Massachusetts

88.36% Bandwagons who don't live in Massachusetts and like the Patriots because they're good.

Автор Latonya Chineth ( назад)
good gob

Автор Deepansh Gupta ( назад)
Number 1 Tom Brady!

Автор Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot ( назад)
Matt Ryan's career is gonna be defined by two games where his team lost a 17-0 and 28-3 lead. Melted Ice.

Автор Tim ( назад)
This game is the most perfect example for both teams "don't get too high, don't get too low." Atlanta got too high and the the Patriots kept their composure.

Автор mrtrollios ( назад)
As rigged as Roger Goodell's bank account ;)

Автор Alejandro Jacquez ( назад)

Автор Brady Zeiszler ( назад)
meanwhile I sit here a jets fan, bitter and sad, very sad

Автор Michael Clohessy ( назад)
nobody likes tom Brady i hate that fat little a hole

Автор Brent Arnesen ( назад)
"Redefined the word 'momentum'."
They've also redefined:
Best ever
Clam Chowda

Автор Brent Arnesen ( назад)
At the coin flip in OT, Devon looked done. D.O.N.E. 1,000 yard stare....

Автор Christopher Pone' ( назад)
lord of the rings is tom brady

Автор CJ Fam ( назад)
Idc I can still watch this and Im a Falcons fan. Still better than 29 other teams. Gg Pats, Brady is ridiculous

Автор Abhinav Malik ( назад)
One of the most impressed comebacks of the new england patriots.

Автор Jordan Romero ( назад)
everybody saying the patriots are the best tom bradys the best blah blah blah. middle of the third quarter the falcons basically gave up. the defense was exhausted and the offense wasn't delivering. they went for big plays instead of going for the field goal and maintaining the point deficit. falcons were the better team. patriots were just stubborn and didn't quit. that's why they won. props to them, but still.

Автор Makoto Naegi [YutaAsahinaGTC] ( назад)
Dad loses $80 bet to son.

Автор Christopher Moroney ( назад)
the fact that they had 5 referees at the ball on the edleman catch says that that was the greatest catch of all time

Автор VANGWARRIORS2005 ( назад)
all the falcons had to do was just run the DAMN BALL!!! and i wanted the pats to win

Автор W Zal ( назад)
malcom mitchell is coming to my school

Автор DeathKidGaming #Awesome ( назад)
Pats fans where u at

Автор Miguel mendoza ( назад)
Wow George H. W bush is so old, he's like in his 90's

Автор plyzwthsqrlz ( назад)
Brady deflated the haters

Автор Rageyt ( назад)
All the Falcons had to do is run the ball twice but they did not

Автор John Harrison ( назад)
Patriots need to win the super bowl 52 to be tied with Pittsburgh Steelers

Автор Edgar Ferrer ( назад)
Best super bowl ever

Автор Cathleen Da ( назад)
Somehow, some way, the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI on Sunday night, and their big comeback victory may have saved the TV ratings.
The game, which saw the Patriots make the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, brought in an average audience of 111.3 million viewers for Fox, according to Nielsen.
That makes Super Bowl LI the fifth most-watched TV broadcast in history.

shortly before The Game, I decided The NEP +tom brady would win the superbowl i simply ...... decided.
and told my friend john.

Автор GameMaster ( назад)

Автор toiletroom ( назад)

Автор heriberto martinez ( назад)
Why wasn't James White the Super Bowl MVP he did everything for the Pats

Автор Zafer Tuzun ( назад)
I'm on falcons

Автор Keith Adams ( назад)
still living in it. cause I got paiddddd

Автор Baby Polar Bear ( назад)
man Matt Ryan is a class act had the guts to congragulate Brady after the game

Автор Manuel Quezada ( назад)
Where are in the Champions again,again,again,agein and again .

Автор grozi76 ( назад)
and the belly of the beast? :D

Автор Miguel Suarez ( назад)
i love tom brady

Автор Artur Papush ( назад)

Автор joseph mitchell jr ( назад)
They did not win because his knee was down before he cross the line

Автор The King sierra ( назад)
Remember when WR #18 on the Atlanta falcons broke #21 ankles

Автор Phoenix Wright ( назад)
Pats be like, "Oh it's the second half and we're down by 20+? Time to start playing now."

Автор cameron clark ( назад)
Nobody deserved that Superbowl more than Matt Ryan, my heart still hurts for him.

Автор French fry Gamer ( назад)
The cubs won the super bowl

Автор Julez ( назад)
18:20 Game-Winner

Автор PuRpLe ReAlMs ( назад)
my new York giants still kyptronite to the pariots lol

Автор Bernard Upkins ( назад)
why they didn't review the last play of the game

Автор 24AMPER ( назад)
Even though the Pats are my least favorite team, I just cannot deny what the Pats did. The Falcons blew it, the Pats took advantage, and so the story went. One of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. Tom's won 5 rings for a reason. And the scariest thing- His prime isn't even the least bit vanquished.

Автор NFL Adam ( назад)
Number 34 kept doing holding lol

Автор Alfonso Gallardo Castro ( назад)
I am in flag football

Автор Deja Summers ( назад)
Julian Edelman was the super bowl hero because of that catch that was going to be intercepted by Robert Alford.

Автор dropthe_bass 21 ( назад)
I love you Brady !!!

Автор Grant Goddard ( назад)
james white ran like an absolute train

Автор Larry Tipton ( назад)
Class dismissed, haters. Better luck next year!

Автор Andres Parra ( назад)
i am a falcons fan and am the falcons on madden mobile 17!! also his knee was down before the ball crossed! also Brady is a cheater! he also has deflated the ball like 10 times! also when i heard that Brady's jersey was stolen after the game i was astonished!! who agrees with me👍👎😀😁😡😡

Автор Andres Parra ( назад)
i am a falcons fan and am the falcons on madden mobile 17. also i don't think that was a touchdown. his knee was down before the ball crossed!!!! Also i played the patriots on madden mobile 17 and they lost 56-0!!😡😡😡I hate the patriots Brady is so a cheater at football! He's deflated a ball like ten million times who agrees with me👍👎 Also julio jones is so good! that catch he made was insane!

Автор George Walen ( назад)
Go New England

Автор Faizan Janjua ( назад)
Honestly falcons deserved that win they have never won
Only reason they lost is because of tom brady (I hate saying this but he is a legend) I just feel bad for falcons :(

Автор Do Du ( назад)
the offensive play-calling in 3rd down in 4th quarter was atrocious by the falcons.

Автор Бахтияр Акпалинов ( назад)
наш футбол лучше)

Автор Sam Skinner ( назад)

Автор damaris garigga ( назад)
go patriots

Автор matcher147 ( назад)
And Edelman insane catch
One of the best super bowl I watched

Автор isaacs picz ( назад)
I still get giddy every time I watch this! PATS NATION BABY

Автор Jacob Arsenault ( назад)
Patriotsssssssss let's goooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jacob Arsenault ( назад)
Hate all teams seppt patriots

Автор Jacob Arsenault ( назад)
Hate Atlanta they suck I like patriots

Автор ALEX cecc ( назад)
still thinking that if we had Gronk playing, we wouldn't have suffered so much...

Автор Patrick Johnson ( назад)
15:10 is what lost the falcons the super bowl

Автор Adamfreeksack 03 ( назад)
How does goodell feel after this you think

Автор Lucas Souza ( назад)
Muito bom !

Автор Ashia Narcisse ( назад)
That was not a TD at the end. White was juggling the ball and knee was down before it broke the plane. Bogus call.

Автор Neil Rackley ( назад)
Craft and all that money, paying for a Super Bowl at halftime...Garbage. Cheatriots are no good.

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