Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

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Просмотров: 5502066
Длительность: 21:4
Комментарии: 12696

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Автор A Slave to king of Kings ( назад)
only falcon can loss like that

Автор Christopher Salinas ( назад)
Is she singing the yo ma ooa or something like that from sing ?

Автор Christopher Salinas ( назад)
You know what the Super Bowl was my b day

Автор redskins4xlife ( назад)
ok that last play at the end was not in only his HEAD was in the end zone NOT THE BALL his head and the ball was at his chest pause at 19:39 to see the last play and that the ball is at his chest its gonna be s little hard too see but I think you can probs see it😕😕😕😕😕😕😧😧😧

Автор Viral ( назад)
This is my first NFL game and I love it....

Автор Skyler Wilkes ( назад)
Well that game was unfair because we lost by a coin flip. Hate over time rule

Автор Reillyand Jessie ( назад)
Did any anyone realize hogans ankle breaker in ot

Автор FBHighlights ( назад)
Atlanta couldn't even get a ring w a 28-3 lead. Lmao "Matty Ice" and Dan Quin are pathetic, #FalconsChoked

Автор Tyler Yang ( назад)
One to say about this Super Bowl, Disappointing (like 48)

Автор SamoanWarrior 684 ( назад)
One doesn't simply talk about the Falcons and not laugh...

Автор Mollie Spearman ( назад)
I am a panthers fan

Автор Chris LaMalfa ( назад)
Falcons should've ran it

Автор Trevor Barkley ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор ThePirate41 ( назад)
dont forget patriots lost to wild card team when they were 18-0

Автор Linc M ( назад)
Seahawks, watch and learn. If you're on the 2 yard line with the SB on the line, run the freakin ball! #bestcomebackinanysport

Автор Michael Raskulinec ( назад)
Let's go giants!

Автор Antonio Williams ( назад)
This is bull.i don't think New England was penalized once in that second half when there were obvious holds.They wanted Brady to get his fifth

Автор Thee Epinator ( назад)
Falcons blew a 28-3 lead.
Brady has 5 Super Bowls.
There has been 51 Super Bowls.

Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Автор ZZS D ( назад)
Both Trump and Patriots won THE WORLD IS ENDING

Автор Broderic Perry ( назад)
Tom Brady the goat

Автор Tyler Casson ( назад)
Edelman's catch > Tyree's catch

Автор Scranj Screma ( назад)
notice the first thing buck says is Brady Has His 5th!!! nutsucker...

Автор gillette gaming ( назад)
the falcons had won damn cheaters

Автор Zagor Extreme ( назад)
Those stupid americans are never going to understand what is a real sport

Автор Adrenaline4P ( назад)
No scenario where this game should've gone over. 0-0 at the end of the 1st quarter and still went over 58

Автор John Harrison ( назад)
5 Time super bowl champion

Автор Flynt Coal ( назад)
Trump haters (which are most likely Patriots haters) cried themselves to sleep that nite.

Автор Edward Goldman ( назад)
"The Patriots are who we thought they were! And we let 'em off the hook!" That's what Falcons fans must have been saying to themselves after the game.

Автор Joseph Tate ( назад)
Edelman caught it.

Автор PIERCE SNYDER ( назад)
i hate the Patriots but it was a fair game

Автор dale stuart ( назад)
its a crying shame james white should have been mvp

Автор Cristina Rosales ( назад)
Packers were so close we were in the divisional chapionchips

Автор jjbeatle2006 ( назад)
as a Bills fan, i have to say i respect him, cant hate him even if i want it...great player, one of the greats qb's of all time...meanwhile we are still looking for an average qb...i hope TT can bring stability in that position

Автор Sgt.Fury ( назад)
God damnit atlanta why couldnt we just finish the game out

Автор Sgt.Fury ( назад)
Such a bullshit outcome. Falcons deserved to win and should have, stupid nfl gave it to pats or something fishy had to go down

Автор Dr. Packers ( назад)
This is just like Alabama vs Clemson

Автор Sario ( назад)
Brady better retire if New England get 6 rings

Автор Raheem Clark ( назад)
The score makes me think of two baseball players of the Washington nationals.

Автор Alycia Kister ( назад)
How been b Paris win

Автор Alycia Kister ( назад)

Автор Alycia Kister ( назад)

Автор doing63 ( назад)
nice sport EleGiggle

Автор dirtybirds2323 ( назад)
My first time seeing the replay after watching it I must say am proud of my team and our young Defense played lights out can't imagine another yr and this experience under there belt n this ugly taste patriots better be ready in February cuz I can assure u this let down won't happen again!!

Автор FLYGURL27 J ( назад)
Worst day of my life

Автор anonymus ( назад)
To all of the 2k people that dislike this, im with you. #RiseUp

Автор Vondad2004 ( назад)
One of the greatest choke jobs in sports history.

Автор NewSlaves18 ( назад)
I get those goosebumps everytime..

Автор Jordan Holloway ( назад)
I'm glad they lost this game all the falcons ever do is just choke games away I wasn't rooting for no one but I'm still glad they lost. my team A.K.A(Seahawks) is coming for you next year I don't care if you wanna hate on my team. I REALLY HATE the falcons!😏

Автор derrick brunet ( назад)
as a saints fan this is the greatest video alive

Автор michael edwards ( назад)
James white should of been mvp

Автор Josiah Kloster ( назад)
Even as a Patriot hater, this was just AMAZING football by them.

Автор Ghost Walker ( назад)

Автор Lee Steele ( назад)
he didt make it

Автор Mark Gagielo ( назад)
That game was so rigged

Автор ChaoticWaffle12 _ ( назад)
At least I know my Bucs won't blow a 28-3 Super Bowl lead, since they'll never be there.

Автор Milorad Cukavac ( назад)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that PSG blew a 4-0 lead against Barcelona.

Автор Max Speedster ( назад)
Pats got lucky last 2 SB's All Seahawks coach had to do was run the d**m ball...All Falcons coach had to do was run the d**m ball...Both of them for some reason thought they had a better idea...Now I have to listen to how TB is the G.O.A.T. even though it's just not so.

Автор Giovanni Elliott ( назад)
this is why i,m am a cowboys fan we,ll never be in to give up that lead

Автор SDchargerFan ( назад)
14:30 that is just stupid, after this run it 3 times and take your field goal

Автор ExitStay ( назад)
It will never be understood. Ever. Falcons didn't run the clock out. Unbelievable.

Автор Overkill - RL & MC ( назад)
Been a while since I've last seen this....... All I see is butthurt Falcons fans.............

Автор yosef alomaisi ( назад)
I know I'm a pac fan and I wanted the pats. ( because the falcons destroyed the packers)

Автор xZeroBear ( назад)
My 2 favorite teams

Автор UniqueUsername ( назад)
One of Aaron Hernandez's best games ever.

Автор COOL BOY 100 padilla ( назад)
can i Get 1 like

Автор William Masserdotti ( назад)
tom brady

Автор Welton O'Neal III ( назад)
Falcons stopped playing because they thought they had it and didn't expect the Patriots to keep playing. Patriots knew they didn't have and kept playing because they expected the Falcons to keep playing.

Автор negro sympa ( назад)
WoW thé patrions wons yes!!!!!

Автор L Garou ( назад)
He really is Tom Terrific!

Автор DeLisi ( назад)
This Super Bowl was the North vs the South XD haha

Автор White wolf U.S eagle ( назад)
That was the best catch ever when Julian Edelman made that amazing catch

Автор Roderick Little ( назад)
Falcons will never win a championship ever

Автор gavyn Kneeskern ( назад)
I can't believe that the Falcons blow a 28-3 lead

Автор plusnightlife ( назад)
"...one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl" What? The next closest comeback was 10 points (also the Patriots). This was THE BEST comeback in any Super Bowl, ever. Not "one of." And it's not even remotely close to a debate.

Автор iJustWantToComment : ( назад)
Again, at 15:09, THERE....IS.....NO.....REASON....Matt Ryan should he throwing the football!

THIS PLAY is what rigged sports looks like!!

Автор iJustWantToComment : ( назад)
I was going for the Patriots! One of my favorite teams; but if you don't believe this game was rigged, I don't know what you're thinking and I don't think you understand football very much, as far as game-time situations.

Автор TheNoob Squad ( назад)

Автор Isaiah Lozada ( назад)
was rooting for Patriots whole game, so fun understanding that the game aint over till its over.

Автор Xavierher9 - ( назад)
I was mad that my team the cowboys lost but I was going for the falcons
They lost too

Автор Dwight Mcnair ( назад)
We came back

Автор Dwight Mcnair ( назад)
Let's go patriots

Автор gibsondg335 ( назад)
Enough with the pissing matches. Both teams played great, they are both great teams, and they are both lead by 2 of the best QBs in the league

Автор kmahamilton_ gaming ( назад)
6:29 was soooooooo cool

Автор Jingle Max ( назад)
9:43 lady gaga ends

Автор Kwame Alkebulan ( назад)
as a Carolina Panthers fan...I wanna sincerely thank Tom Brady, James white and the whole Patriots team for sticking it to the Atlanta faggots! so what I'ma hater...

Автор Dalton Hill ( назад)
Don't let this distract you that Hillary Clinton blew a 2 million vote lead

Автор Noah Graglia ( назад)
I had a gut feeling the pats would win

Автор Christopher Walters ( назад)
Worst Super Bowl Ever.

Автор SaTuRn Tear ( назад)
Luke Bryan is such a dork

Автор The Uncle Drew ( назад)
That was the last chance for a team to take down NE in the SB before the 2017 offseason began. Now we have Gilmore, a 6'1 athletic CB to battle with big WRs and frustrate smaller ones. Cooks is a WR with speed that we haven't seen in a Pats uniform in 10 years. A potential top 5 pass rushing duo with Flowers and Ealy. Another nice complement to Gronk in Allen. A possible Rutgers reunion with the McCourty brothers. Some other underrated pieces like Burkhead. So we have the best receiving corp Brady has ever had. A potential number 1 defense, if not top 3. The O line is getting better as well in both phases. And most importantly we have both coordinators coming back. I'm not saying we are a guaranteed 19-0, but if the core guys are healthy, who can stop this Pats team? Pats have built a team that will be favorites for at least the next 2-3 years

Автор PD1729 ( назад)
the Cleveland browns favorite words are "my favorite first overall draft pick is the next one"

Автор Stephen Brown ( назад)
What a terrible call by Joe Buck lol

Автор Zachary Cull ( назад)
I liked the super bowl but I dident like lady GAga

Автор Dustin Shaw ( назад)
Patriots wins with White receivers...kind of bullshit is that lmao u could get a flag football team started u ain't bout to pick all white receivers lamo. #fuckNewEngland

Автор Maria Bustamante ( назад)
its Elena:\

Автор Stephen ( назад)
Lmao that overtime coin was destiny. It meant life or death for the patriots

Автор donald jackson ( назад)
Brady can shove all those rings up his ass

Автор Isaiah Thomas ( назад)
Still awesome months later

Автор Hasan ( назад)
The fc barcelona of american football

Автор Brant Phillips ( назад)
I'll take Clemson vs Alabama any day over this game. NFL just doesn't seem to have any excitement any more.

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