Wonder Wand Widebander QRP antenna for FT-817

Look around and inside the Wonder Wand Widebander QRP antenna for FT-817

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Автор Salvatore Rocco ( назад)
ciao a tutti itali

Автор KB2CWN ( назад)
When are you going to make a second video of the Wonder Wand in actual use?

Автор Ricardo Caratti ( назад)
Thanks for the video. Very nice antenna. 73, PU2CLR. Ricardo.

Автор G4MOF ( назад)
It works fine on that but make sure of you're power settings!

Автор KC9WAE ( назад)
i have an 857 where do i get one of these

Автор wow sly ( назад)
great video :D will it do 10m or cb band?

Автор chris dann ( назад)
whats inside the wonderwonder ground box?

Автор festeradamz ( назад)
10 watts max!

Автор A1200 ( назад)
Just ordred one of these and the tunable counterpoise from ML&S for my '857
- going to use it QRP when I am wanting to travel light!

Автор rjy8960 ( назад)
Hi Steve - Is there a terminal to connect a counterpoise? Main weapon of
choice for portable ops is an FT-857 and Par Electronics (now LnR
Precision) end fed half wave antennas for 17,20 and 40m - 17 and 20 going
up a 10m fishing pole and 40 as an inverted L to the top of a 7m pole. 6m
covered with a home made Moxon and 2/70 with a Sotabeams 3/6ele beam. Got
some ideas for an easy to carry QRP station, be interested in seeing your
solution! 73 Richard

Автор MW0SAW ( назад)
@MW0SAW Sorry I meant to say 2m VHF long telescopic antenna.

Автор MW0SAW ( назад)
@rjy8960 Hi Richard, make sure you make yourself some counterpoise wires
for the various hf bands you wish to operate on. It's also worth trying the
antenna with other Bnc whips. I regularly use my long telescope antenna
with the matcher unit, set to min inductance and capacitance. If I get some
time i'll make a short video of my mini 817 carry pack. Enjoy! 73s Steve

Автор rjy8960 ( назад)
Thanks Steve - order placed will let you know how I get on! 73 Richard

Автор MW0SAW ( назад)
@rjy8960 Hi Richard, when tilted on the legs, the back of the radio is
lifted off the ground and rests on the matching unit. I still find the
radio very stable on a flat surface. Regarding my thoughts on the
antenna...if like me you love taking your 817 on all your travels, you will
not find anything that will get you on the air faster and in such a small
size. Search for G4ILO's great review of the L-Whip, it's the same design,
just a shorter whip. Hope this helps. 73s Steve

Автор rjy8960 ( назад)
Hi Steve, What are your thoughts on the antenna having had it for a while?
My 817 also has the peg legs. Is there enough clearance at the bottom of
the matching unit to allow the use of the peg legs without the radio being
physically unstable? 73 Richard M0SNR

Автор MW0SAW ( назад)
@hamprepper ML&S too. 73s Steve

Автор Hamp Repper ( назад)
Where did you find the "peg legs" ? I need to get those. Thanks & 73, Jim

Автор MW0SAW ( назад)
@barrygkx I understand it's made by/for ML&S in the UK. Hope this helps.
Cheers Steve.

Автор Barry Kery ( назад)
Who makes this antenna?

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