Swedish Stereotypes (w/PewDiePie)

We talk with Swedish expert PewDiePie about Swedish stereotypes. GMM #544!
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Автор Good Morning world ( назад)
We get 6 weeks in England aswell

Автор Majken Eriksson ( назад)
I'm from Sweden

Автор Dylan Looman ( назад)
Stroopwafels. Are Dutch!!!!!

Автор Maximus Gaming ( назад)
Your trying to get views

Автор oli white fan (POPPY MINARD) ( назад)
pewds is tiny

Автор zander chiasson ( назад)
Pewds is so short and tiny!

Автор eminem is M&M ( назад)
TOTALLY NOTAVIRUS.EXE* love you!!! (ttl not fake)

Автор Blurry Øtaku ( назад)
Pewds is so smol compared to rhett and link 😂

Автор Sorry guys I'm at 1% ( назад)
Still missing the old intro

Автор Anissa Stevens ( назад)
pewds you're so tiny

Автор Anissa Stevens ( назад)

Автор Joran van Ginkel ( назад)
But a stroopwafel is Dutch...
You're kinda close cause Sweden and The Netherlands are both in Europe but

Автор ally ( назад)
Stroopwafel is Dutch I'm pretty sure

Автор The Swedish Moose ( назад)
i think everything i Know about sweden is right

Автор Julia Youngstedt ( назад)
For those 6 weeks, how do you buy anything? If all the stored are closed
where ya get food?

Автор Julia Youngstedt ( назад)
Why would you become a youtuber, then move to the UK and not america. Sorry
brits, but us americans are way more popular💁🏻 try to prove me wrong

Автор Jorrit B ( назад)
Stroopwafel is from belgium

Автор KrisOnAir ( назад)
That kurwa in the name of this place tho... I heard this somewhere...

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
Who's re-watching this in 2017?

Автор Animated Giraffe ( назад)
Felix looks so tiny next to Rhett and Link

Автор social rejection ( назад)
Pewds is so uncomfortable

Автор Emiliano Garza ( назад)
In texas

Автор Lorena Alessandra Urucu ( назад)
Stroopwaffels are from the Netherlands ;)

Автор Coco Vlogs ( назад)
Why does this feel so CRIIIIING noooo

Автор GizelAngelina2007 ( назад)

Автор Lpslemur gal ( назад)
What are link's glasses lmao anyone here in 2017

Автор Mia Bartley ( назад)

Автор Bstear B ( назад)

Автор elke schneider ( назад)
stroopwafel = dutch

Автор Ella Savage Roblox Singer ( назад)
XD I love how they put as a fact that Felix owns Sweden

Автор Robert schneider ( назад)
is that the real pewdiepie?

Автор Gob Bob ( назад)
He acts so differently around people it's weird

Автор Chowdhury Nahiyan ( назад)
Poods is soo cute and small....<3 and it was soooooooo adorable at the end
when Rhett was eating Felix .....*_* ...My yaoi instinct is tingling....!!!

Автор Anthony Milo ( назад)
Pewdiepie is so small compared to them

Автор Eyes Laboratory ( назад)
PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Автор ellie rheaa ( назад)
I love that Felix is so tiny compared to them😂

Автор Bernardo Patiño ( назад)
In Spanish it's worse. We have to deal with Suecia and Suiza

Автор werner thomasli ( назад)
i come from norway thats not far away!!!!!!!!!!! and i am in swedin now

Автор Hyperstrike ( назад)
ayy lmao my bday is on waffle day

Автор GhostSyndicate4 ( назад)
Pewds "We never get offended...like never"
*Arrives There Offended*

Автор Candyskull Gamer ( назад)
Pewds is a Sweden Proffesional! #PRODIPIE

Автор Captain Jack ( назад)
Guess Swedish people are small no offenc

Автор Malkolm Hedberg ( назад)
I am swedish/jag är svensk

Автор Malkolm Hedberg ( назад)
I am swedish/jag är svensk

Автор AJ ( назад)
Swedish people celebrate my birthday without knowing!

Автор Kris Dedsec ( назад)
1:16 really?!?!

Автор DA DOGE MIX ( назад)

Автор Rock Music ( назад)
3 words: sweedish death metal.

Автор firepower ( назад)
det er vaffel dag in norwigan

Автор Derpy Tacozz ( назад)
back when team hair down was still a thing... ;_;

Автор Zehra Ahmed ( назад)
How many people clicked on this video just because of Pewdiepie?

Автор Solyndros ( назад)
Pewds was so awkward in this video.

Автор MyMy The Unicorn ( назад)
PewDiePie looks super uncomfortable.

Автор Shadow Warrior ( назад)
Lol pewds is just like "No.... plz stop"

Автор Charlotte Dreemurr ( назад)
How small is Felix?! He is so small with anyone he collabs with

Автор Golden tiger Golden ( назад)

Автор Danielle Sharp (Cadance Sharp) ( назад)
I like your vids.

Автор Skoldpaddan ( назад)
lol I love how they say "Swedish stereotypes" and then they play du gamla
du fria at the start

Автор Majken ( назад)
the real name of what you waffle-day is vårfrudagen...

Автор Ethan Shohet ( назад)
Pewdiepie is so small compared to them!!!!

Автор Shytendo Tendo (Shytendo) ( назад)
Germans are not wearing lederhosen only a little part of it that part is
called bayern

Автор Jack Brook ( назад)
jacksepticeye next

Автор Br bd ( назад)

Автор Jaideep Gill ( назад)
ikea has lit pies

Автор Luka Avaliani ( назад)

Автор Cdcg ( назад)
Hej. Jag är från Sverige.

Автор mvr11112 ( назад)
STROOPwaffles are Dutch cookies. Not "candy trying to imitate waffles" LOL
and I have to say they are pretty amazing

Автор CrazyChicken ( назад)
pewds looks like a migit

Автор Dragonauts Gaming ( назад)
You should get FaZe Teeqo

Автор TACOYUM 123 ( назад)
u me boizzzz

Автор Paula Nemec ( назад)
Stroopwaffels are Dutch

Автор Tomáš Čimma ( назад)
How funny that Kurva in Sweden means "curve" :D In Slovakia, Czechia,
Hungary and Poland and whatever... it is.... well gamers will know what
kurwa means :D :D

Автор Queen Loubna ( назад)
I was dying when they said "you own Sweden right?"

Автор finnster12345 ( назад)
Stroopwaffels are Dutch

Автор Rainbow “Mangle” Ztar ( назад)
Lol Rhett seemed offended by Felix kussing XD

Автор ruairi morgan ( назад)
do one whit jacksepticeye

Автор Olga Anastasiou ( назад)
i love swedish meatballs

Автор Al_loyYT ( назад)
So Swiss Knife Is Sweden Knife XD

Автор Annac Slabber ( назад)
pewdiepie is so tiny

Автор IForgotHisName ( назад)
Felix is tiny compared to them

Автор elena trajkovska ( назад)
Thanks pewdiepie swedish expert!

Автор Esteban Dufanzo ( назад)
Not sure the last time I was this uncomfortable watching a youtube video...

Автор TheYoutubeNinja ( назад)
I'm Dutch. Do one with the Netherlands (Nederland) with kwebbelkop

Автор ToxicWaste ( назад)
why does pewds look small

Автор Vincent N (Fuzzer) ( назад)
My 2 favorite channels are you guys and PewDiePie... but mixed!! :o

Автор abykim ( назад)
Stroopwafel (pronounced 'stropewafel') is Dutch.
From The Netherlands. That country with Amsterdam.
Just making it clear for you ignorant Muricans XD

Автор Nichelle Veien ( назад)
My birthday is waffle day!!!

Автор DeleCian ( назад)

Автор Narwhal vs. Gaming ( назад)

Автор Benjamin Melanson ( назад)
lmfao when he said the swiss joke.

Автор UnicornForever😋 ( назад)
I live in texas

Автор Shawn Graves ( назад)
pdp YAY

Автор Helaman Gile ( назад)
YouTubers do take vacations Im a YouTuber and i take a 1 week vacation
every year or more

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Links hair is amazeballs

Автор Tushar Plays ( назад)
1:32 PewDiePie Looks nervous

Автор Balisong Alchemist ( назад)
Stroop wafle
is dutch

Автор Banana Queen ( назад)
Felix is so short

Автор Greatness Awaits ( назад)
Pewds looks so short in this video 😆

Автор Sarah Cook (Catty_Prowler_99) ( назад)
OMG felix looks tiny compared to them/......

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