Front Lift System on Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 - HD

Watch the front lift system in action at 42 seconds...

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Автор Life of MaMuT ( назад)
Lol fail, only front goes and not the rear. Hahaha stupid people :D

Автор decadence80 ( назад)
damn nigga keep that camera steady

Автор shellby5cima ( назад)
vancouver BC ???

Автор Daniel Alexander ( назад)
Newer models you can, it's just an extra option

Автор swaples9 ( назад)
571 MPH, yea right

Автор celtpilot ( назад)
@junkiespoon the coupe has glass over engine bonnet

Автор Charles Pereira ( назад)
@FiR3Dr4g0n the lambo like most cars hase a pc integrated in it, you can configure a shit load of things through it. you can request it to always have the front up only if that's your wish, as long as you have the "know how"

Автор FiR3Dr4g0n ( назад)
@Charl3spereira oh really? is it possible? believe me in most countries; streets makes the driving impossible.. i heard when u press the button in order to lift the frond face after that while u accelerate it goes back to normal.. and am wondering if possible when u press the button to set the "high" permanent . till of course you re-press it
am sorry for my poor english

Автор Charles Pereira ( назад)
@AlexTubed... true, and it also goes up and down when you request it to, you can also configure it in the pc to be permenantly up

Автор kayu38 ( назад)
is that stock? or did u add that in?

Автор cram sanedab ( назад)

Автор AlexTubed ( назад)
@TheHusky9 it automatically goes down at 35mph

Автор Mike ( назад)
can it be engaged while the car is moving?

Автор sir charles ( назад)

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