It's Morphin' Time (MMPR:TLG Test Footage)

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Well as long as I'm testing out high resolution videos on youtube, I thought I might as well put up some test footage for my fanfilm "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Last Generation." I've been receiving a lot of comments since I uploaded my trailer ages ago, so I think everyone deserves a sneak peek at the movie. We started working on it last summer, but we didn't get too far and had to put the project on hold. We did get this done and I used it to test out what effects I should use in the morphing sequence for the full movie, so the real one will be a big improvement from this! Until then, enjoy!
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Автор Juan Manuel Bermudez ( назад)
Good job! but you need to put more effort into their performances. More
emotion :)

Автор Jay Jay ( назад)
yo that was cool as hell💯💪👍😊

Автор Mikel Wright ( назад)

Автор Rick Bayerle Jr ( назад)
I agree with Djay John, The Morphing sequence was always done during a high
tension part of an episode, its supposed to be done with explosive energy
from the cast memembers. Was a good practice run though .

Автор DjayJohn ( назад)
Put some soul into yelling!!! TYRANNOSAURUS!!!

Автор darthstarkiller1912 ( назад)
It was OK, but put some more oomph into it.

Автор Victoria Hammond ( назад)
How did you do this?!!! Someone teach me how!

Автор DzMusic2011 ( назад)
Seybour tewth tygerrrrrrRr

Автор Marcelo Leria ( назад)
not bad at all!

Автор 16shogunelitegreen ( назад)
What software did you use to make this? I wanna give it a try

Автор Brian Lopez ( назад)
sabertooth tiger lol like somebody needs to slap that hoe

Автор Ozcloudlink ( назад)
it's virgins time; go go mighty virgins mighty virgins yeah

Автор jofercin ( назад)
how the background happpen?

Автор trivium5 ( назад)
i cringed

Автор Princess Grapebloom ( назад)

Автор originalShorai ( назад)
Valley girl tiger. Love it.

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
You should check out the updated version in the video annotation. Much more
emphasis there.

Автор keyblader007 ( назад)
Wow no emphasis in the morph...good thing it's test footage!

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
Check out the Yellow Ranger we got in my new version of this. It's a video
response to this video called It;s Not Morphin' Time!

Автор burstinatrix1 ( назад)
hah yellow ranger

Автор coppertweed ( назад)
Seh-beh tuth tigurrrrr

Автор buthead5678 ( назад)
check mine out,u spread my video and ill make a easy and simple after
effects+sony vegas tutorial:)

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
I'm gonna be doing a tutorial on how to do this on my new channel,
HyperdrivePics, in a few weeks. You should subscribe so you see it when it
comes out!

Автор SentaiShinobi ( назад)
How did you guys do this? Can anyone show me how?

Автор spierregel ( назад)

Автор Eamon Kirby ( назад)
they were the Pink and Yellow Rangers

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
If you mean before we morphed, they weren't on set that day.

Автор Michael Merritt ( назад)
Pink, is after black but before blue, and yellow is after blue, but before

Автор Sener ( назад)
Aha fun.. I wish I could get my friends to do this o_o

Автор whokilledmydoggie ( назад)
"Sabretooth Ti-ger." Like duh... XDXDXD Pretty cool though.

Автор Michael Merritt (150 лет назад)
The black lightning should be purple, not white and the morpher says POWER
on the top and RANGERS on the bottom. Other than those two things, good

Автор enyczrebel ( назад)
not bad.. but there's like no enthusiasm... lmao

Автор WhyYouGottaBeSoCruel?! #Awesomeness ( назад)

Автор Carlos Vizconde ( назад)

Автор xnightshadyx ( назад)
Goddamn, people. If you're going to be nerdy enough to make a video of
yourself morphing, at least call out the dinosaurs like you mean it.

Автор Andrew DeSoto ( назад)
I saw this a while ago, just never commented. So, This is Really well done,
the effects and all are great. And, probably like many others, I'm
wondering: When's the movie coming out (or if already out, where is it)?

Автор Huy Cò ( назад)
LOL :))

Автор PokemonRulez2468 ( назад)
Sabour Tewth Tigurr!

Автор Toxic .Villian ( назад)
how did u guys do this and how could i do it ?

Автор EVA_Unit_4A ( назад)
Don't you love it when a "test" means the actual footage is shorter than
their title card...? Wow, they all sound so bored when they say the animal
names... good acting.

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@MrRwstudios I zoomed n on everything, which was a little hard in Sony
Vegas and required a bit of math, but then kept on animating. I made the
glowing grid in photoshop and comped it on top using the screen setting.

Автор MrRwstudios ( назад)
How did you do the thing at 0:20?

Автор Joe Bolingbroke (80 лет назад)
That is so cool :D

Автор kbarkus ( назад)
Anyone who dislikes this video are just haters plain n simple... Just

Автор $h@IdEr #3: Advent Warrior ( назад)
Man, I wish the real MMPR had that morpihng sequence.. Or at least the 2010

Автор CharcterLucidity ( назад)
nice job!

Автор Takumi Ogami ( назад)
its way better than the other shitty ones

Автор Blossom44100 ( назад)
Nice animation but CUT CUT cut cut!!!! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! COME ON!!!!
SAY THE MORPHS LIKE YA MEAN IT!!!! I know acting, and no offense, but you
need to bring out your inner ranger!!!! YELL THE MORPHS at least!!

Автор Rocky Madio ( назад)
@Zogeta and After effect

Автор Vincent Gibbs ( назад)
next time yell out the words like they do in the series, gives it more

Автор tsherwoodrzero ( назад)
Nice effects, though a tad too 'polished'. Also, your morphing calls just
didn't have that emphasis that it should. A good effort nonetheless, but
needs some work to improve it

Автор ignominni ( назад)
Sabertooth Tiger? lol, that chick rocks. Great effects! It looked great,
but it didn't sound great.The only one who could get away with sounding
that "off" was The Green Ranger because he's evil kinda, but everyone else,

Автор FlyGuy's ( назад)

Автор castlevamp ( назад)
@walterproductions21 i wanna fuck her just for that!

Автор Megamaster219 ( назад)
@Megazord5 Yea!

Автор Megamaster219 ( назад)
Cool, but you need to say it like Rocky, his tone. TYRANNOSAURUS!!

Автор fakeo ( назад)
there was no emotion in that -_-

Автор walterproductions21 ( назад)
"saber tooth tiger" she said it like a blond chick lol

Автор Esteban Moreno Teves ( назад)
This Shit is Awesome Guys + Favs

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@Dante5958 I did this with a combination of Photoshop, Premiere Elements,
and Sony Vegas.

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@Mayshiru68 Agreed. I'm gonna try and to a more intense one someday soon.

Автор Avalanche124 ( назад)
My opinion, but from I can see, the yellow ranger is a babe.

Автор Dante5958 ( назад)
cool man how and with what program did????

Автор Bdrunnersinger2010 ( назад)
@xnightshadyx Lol. I was thinking the same thing she was not into it and
made it a joke. Lol. Like, Omg Sabertooth Tiger?

Автор Bdrunnersinger2010 ( назад)
How did you make this?

Автор Justin Kennedy ( назад)
Ok ok look I give yall props for having the morphers but U got to put more
it to ITS MORPHIN TIME and ur actual morphs themselves because all of yall
sucked but more then most the girl who was the "yellow ranger" but all of
yall need to work on it and say its morphin time and ur respected colrs
like u mean it.

Автор xnightshadyx ( назад)
Um, like, totally Sabertooth tiger, I guess?

Автор Blossom44100 ( назад)
LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!!! You can do better than that!

Автор JokeInstructor ( назад)
@CorrieClassics actually the yellow one even sounds pissed.. :D

Автор $h@IdEr #3: Advent Warrior ( назад)
i like the finish :)

Автор Walter López Palacios ( назад)
How did you did it??? Please! i want to to do it...

Автор Random Man Dan? ( назад)
dude u seeling those man ill buy them from u name your price for them all

Автор lawtonokieguy ( назад)

Автор Random Man Dan? ( назад)
how much for all them........name your price bro ill take them

Автор ConnerTheWaffle ( назад)
callin out your dinosaurs sucked, however your editing during your morph
sequence was EPIC

Автор RaptorGears ( назад)
you gotta say it with BALLS

Автор Jackson Meyers ( назад)
... The blue guy looked like Spak from star trek . But still good

Автор superkadeemx ( назад)
That was super wack. Put sum feeling into it

Автор darthvenom30567 ( назад)
@Zogeta dude when will this movie be out

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@rehtep69 Thanks!

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@mastermckay13 Really? I'd be interested to look at one. I hear Target is
selling MMPR T Shirts now though. They look real legit and retro.

Автор Steven Zurita ( назад)
@CorrieClassics Nope, they weren't.

Автор rehtep69 ( назад)

Автор mastermckay13 ( назад)
@Zogeta they are selling them, but theyre total shit compared to the 93
models, cheap plastic, don't open, they re truly horrible

Автор SuperLuigiSixty4 ( назад)
Looks good.

Автор Jirou Lierge ( назад)
okay that sucked, there was no power to it, you all sounded depressed.

Автор DalekBlade ( назад)

Автор lil-D Rapper ( назад)
Not bad.

Автор Firewizard23 ( назад)
ummm... maybe a bit more enthusiasm next time??

Автор NickTheGreat300 ( назад)
@nebulous57 that bitch needs more enthusiasm if she ever wants to be the
Yellow Ranger again!

Автор GeekFit Gann ( назад)
this is GREAT best ive seen, but i hate the remastered 2010 MMPR they
changed it too much and added too much kid stuff that it takes the original
feeling away, and the comic book thing is dumb not a fan of it either.

Автор Alec Willey ( назад)
Not to shabby.

Автор Vexacus 2 ( назад)
@nebulous57 ahahahah thats wut i was thinking. kinda. the first part xD

Автор Sean Nice ( назад)
fail, its only because u based on mighty morphin an american adaption of
zyuranger, they're completelt diff, because zyuranger has great characters
and does have dark moments

Автор Kenneth Rogers ( назад)
@Zogeta Those toys were also used as props on MMPR. I like how you managed
the effects. It's close but too high tech compared to the Saban version.

Автор 1MP1000 ( назад)

Автор chimpsinspace514 ( назад)
that was really good

Автор mikeblazeballer ( назад)
@Zogeta How did you do this thats kick ass show me how please

Автор FoxDemonMaster ( назад)
not enough energy more power more passion

Автор superboyGg ( назад)
i know they should be selling these morphers again becuz it would be a huge
hit cuz of all of the fans

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