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Автор 16shogunelitegreen (1 год)
What software did you use to make this? I wanna give it a try

Автор DjayJohn (3 месяца)
Put some soul into yelling!!! TYRANNOSAURUS!!!

Автор Rick Bayerle Jr (3 месяца)
I agree with Djay John, The Morphing sequence was always done during a high
tension part of an episode, its supposed to be done with explosive energy
from the cast memembers. Was a good practice run though .

Автор Victoria Hammond (9 месяцев)
How did you do this?!!! Someone teach me how!

Автор Marcelo Leria (1 год)
not bad at all!

Автор darthstarkiller1912 (8 месяцев)
It was OK, but put some more oomph into it.

Автор DzMusic2011 (10 месяцев)
Seybour tewth tygerrrrrrRr

Автор Brian Lopez (1 год)
sabertooth tiger lol like somebody needs to slap that hoe

Автор kbarkus (3 года)
Anyone who dislikes this video are just haters plain n simple... Just

Автор Vincent Gibbs (4 года)
next time yell out the words like they do in the series, gives it more

Автор Cobra81189 (5 лет)
that was cool ^^

Автор robbyghost (5 лет)
like oh my gawd it's morphin' time, saber-tooth tiger!

Автор SuperLuigiSixty4 (4 года)
Looks good.

Автор ICryOverSpiltMilk (5 лет)
wish i was this handy with graphics

Автор frank ponds (5 лет)
haha that was pretty epic xD and the yellow ranger was too cute to sound
annoying dude below me O_o xD buuuut duuuuuuudes. Gotta put more ass bass
into it!! TYRANNOSAURUS!!!! xD

Автор burstinatrix1 (2 года)
hah yellow ranger

Автор Ozcloudlink (1 год)
it's virgins time; go go mighty virgins mighty virgins yeah

Автор DJEkko90 (5 лет)
thats awesome how to you do that?

Автор norrock1 (5 лет)
if people are gonna do stuff like this they shouldnt insult the show by
putting no effort into it. i give it a .25 out of 5

Автор JokeInstructor (4 года)
@CorrieClassics actually the yellow one even sounds pissed.. :D

Автор Steven Zurita (4 года)
@mastermckay13 Really? I'd be interested to look at one. I hear Target is
selling MMPR T Shirts now though. They look real legit and retro.

Автор punkpepsi91 (4 года)
how much for all them........name your price bro ill take them

Автор lil-D Rapper (4 года)
Not bad.

Автор 1georgiafan (5 лет)
i want to learn to

Автор whokilledmydoggie (2 года)
"Sabretooth Ti-ger." Like duh... XDXDXD Pretty cool though.

Автор tokuanimecitvguy (5 лет)
Not bad except for the yellow one! No sorry not bad!

Автор superboyGg (5 лет)
i know they should be selling these morphers again becuz it would be a huge
hit cuz of all of the fans

Автор itsBigBang (5 лет)
and little more enthusiasm would be nice, i mean come on ITS MORPHIN TIME!!!

Автор trivium5 (1 год)
i cringed

Автор EJM730 (5 лет)

Автор SailorGingerMoon (5 лет)
This is really amazing, I have an idea for the plot you could do. All the
kids are great grand children of the original six rangers. Lord Zed and
Rita had a child who wants to take vengence on the PR. So she travels back
in time to eleminate the rangers before they even know about PR or
morphing. Its' now up to the new team to travel back in time, and save the
past, or the future will never be born. Hope this helps, and if you use it,
all I want is credit for the plot. Ginger. :-)

Автор MrRwstudios (3 года)
How did you do the thing at 0:20?

Автор xnightshadyx (4 года)
Um, like, totally Sabertooth tiger, I guess?

Автор Steven Zurita (5 лет)
Used Photoshop and Sony Vegas to make the effects.

Автор punkpepsi91 (4 года)
dude u seeling those man ill buy them from u name your price for them all

Автор Joe Bolingbroke (3 года)
That is so cool :D

Автор Steven Zurita (2 года)
I'm gonna be doing a tutorial on how to do this on my new channel,
HyperdrivePics, in a few weeks. You should subscribe so you see it when it
comes out!

Автор FFMC NINJA (3 года)
how did u guys do this and how could i do it ?

Автор TheGreenranger96 (5 лет)
0:18 she sounds angry

Автор erikku4444 (5 лет)
they seem so enthused lmao!!!!

Автор Bdrunnersinger2010 (4 года)
@xnightshadyx Lol. I was thinking the same thing she was not into it and
made it a joke. Lol. Like, Omg Sabertooth Tiger?

Автор abcharmed (5 лет)
the yellow ranger sounds annoying...

Автор EnigmaticChamp (4 года)
this is GREAT best ive seen, but i hate the remastered 2010 MMPR they
changed it too much and added too much kid stuff that it takes the original
feeling away, and the comic book thing is dumb not a fan of it either.

Автор PokemonRulez2468 (3 года)
Sabour Tewth Tigurr!

Автор Michael S. Merritt (2 года)
The black lightning should be purple, not white and the morpher says POWER
on the top and RANGERS on the bottom. Other than those two things, good

Автор $h@IdEr #3: Advent Warrior (3 года)
Man, I wish the real MMPR had that morpihng sequence.. Or at least the 2010

Автор DaviddO Hige-Kun (5 лет)
no le echaron ganas =.=

Автор Michael S. Merritt (2 года)
Pink, is after black but before blue, and yellow is after blue, but before

Автор Princess Thalia Rose (1 год)

Автор kohaku2089 (4 года)
This Shit is Awesome Guys + Favs

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