Aviation Art - WW II Italian Air Force

World War II produced some of the most exotic and fearsome prop-driven planes ever to soar across enemy skies. The Italian Air Force is unique among World War II combatants in that they fought on both sides. Until 1943, the Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana took to the skies along with the German Luftwaffe, fighting against the British and Americans. After Mussolini was deposed and an Armistice was signed with the Allies, the former Aeronatica planes flew to Allied camps and a new fighting unit, the Italian Co-Beliggerent Air Force, was formed. The older Italian planes were soon largely replaced with British and American fighters and bombers, and Italian pilots flew more than 11,000 missions in the last 18 months of the war. Music is "Inno Nazionale Italiano," and Peter IlyichTchaikovsky's "Capriccio Italien, Opus 45."

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Автор Potattoebank ( назад)
What do you guys think about this new WW2 themed wargame? It looks like fun
even tho im 42 :p

Автор seamaster53 ( назад)
This is Italian Anthem but during WWII the anthem was Marcia Reale
Italiana. Italian Royal March. You can find on Youtube.

Автор JPMB ( назад)
did they seriously just have one aircraft?? 

Автор harriman nelson ( назад)
1949kf; You are correct! 88!

Автор 1949kf ( назад)
A large part of the Italian air force remained loyal and did not surrender
to the Allies in Sept 1943. They fought up till the end of the war on the
axis side as did many Italian ground forces under Graziani. These were the
true Italians.

Автор buu Ho ( назад)
come and take avantage of me Italian Fanboy

Автор joey8062 ( назад)

Автор buu Ho ( назад)
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Автор joey8062 ( назад)
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Автор joey8062 ( назад)
and yeah i ant running asswipe.

Автор buu Ho ( назад)
you better run before i find yo ass italian fanboy

Автор joey8062 ( назад)
hey you need to delete all the bad comments buu Ho left i cant stand him
saying stuff about the italians.and your video is great.

Автор joey8062 ( назад)
lol piece of shit.go fuck yourself.i hope you die and your blood is
everywere so everyone can laugh at you.you mother fucken shit hole you call
a human,oh thats right you ant human.if you dont like italians then you
dont have respect for civalization.unhuman asswipe.lol

Автор buu Ho ( назад)
i dont give a fuck coward pussy

Автор joey8062 ( назад)
Oh thats nice.and they were not cowards.they need more respect but people
like you are heartless and dont care.your the coward for saying that about
the italians.so fuck off!!

Автор buu Ho ( назад)
shut up you italian coward!!

Автор 67claudius ( назад)
Who knows, perhaps inspired by the British at Dunkirk.

Автор bf109e4trop ( назад)
@Wabeberu Should be lough?

Автор guardiasvizzera1 ( назад)
@commanderofwar Maltese race is italian! Malta was a Neapolitan dominion . 

Автор Cuore Nero ( назад)
I enjoyed your video but may I make a suggestion? In your description you
should add some information about the the air crews who flew for the RSI
after Italy signed the armistice. Many of the Regia Aeronautica chose to
fly for the Mussolinis' Salo Republic and continue the fight alongside
their german allies... "Per l'Onore di Italia" For the honor of Italy.
Anyhow, just a suggestion.

Автор jdewitt77 ( назад)
A great tribute to the Italian Air Force. God Bless Them!!!

Автор Jim Hoover ( назад)
Italy made some gorgeous aircraft, just not a lot of them

Автор Alessio S ( назад)
@13Filmrisse so the macchi is an enhanced Me 103

Автор Basilisk195 ( назад)
The artwork at 2:14 shows no Italian aircraft.

Автор rudeone4life ( назад)
Very nice video clip. Italians from WW-II fought just as well and at times
even better than their axis partner or Anglo-American forces. They did more
with less and with eqipment that was not up to standard until the arrival
of the 5 series fighters. Its sad that they have been passed over by

Автор Alessio S ( назад)
the Macchi C202 folgore has the same shape and propellor canon as the
German Messerschmit ME 103. Who has copied who? can somone anser me?

Автор Alessio S ( назад)
Mussolini, you used to be cool. But you did an epic mistake joining with
shitler! a big mistake was also attacking other european countries. We
could survive on our own without going into war. Mussolini thank you to get
rid of those big head capitalist that let us almost die out of starvation,
thank you to get almost rid of the mob. But then you joined forces with the

Автор Bistek Con Papas IV ( назад)
we do have nazies and faschists dude thats why raccisim was born!

Автор malafede ( назад)
Im italian and as someone said, italy wasn't ready for WWII, so they might
have pretty rubbish. However, thank god it happened, otherwise you would
still have nazis and fascists!

Автор Bistek Con Papas IV ( назад)
ive never seen their tipes of air planes ive only seen themm copy german
planes where they poor or what?

Автор elecmar lavagna ( назад)
please find out for Macchi MC 205 and Fiat G 55 and you'll have a nice
surprise about that stuff , unfortunetly our productions was close to
zero... But they were absolutely able to shoot daown any bomber or fighter
an the allies side..

Автор Ramadl59 ( назад)
Most of Rommels forces were Italian....FACT Rommel- quote...'the German
soldier surprised the world,the Italian Bersaglieri surprised the German

Автор Mattebubben ( назад)
... if u dont know anything about anything then plx dont say anything...

Автор Jjuurraa (1219 лет назад)
2:14 is french Bloch MB.152 C-1. Italy did not have these plane

Автор Marcello A ( назад)
Italy makes their own jet's and uses them in their air force and they are
pretty good.

Автор avalonroad ( назад)

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