Morrowind: Vivec Vs. Dagoth Ur

The ultimate fight between Dagoth Ur and Vivec. Curious? See who wins.

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Автор blazednlovinit ( назад)
Lol epic :P

Автор Trey Olds ( назад)
What is the little music not at 00 to 08

Автор Trey Olds ( назад)
d to the ur

Автор iNuchalHead ( назад)
Does DU always win?

Автор M Radisa Pratama ( назад)
Who will win? YOU! with overpowered strength!

Автор Sanguith ( назад)
The music in the beginning actually fits really well to his speech. If only
it had been longer!

Автор Pro Y Gamer | YassinRais ( назад)
hhh cheat engine hhhhh

Автор GentlemanAeon777 ( назад)
Almalexia and Vivec vs Dagoth? :D

Автор Carlos Danger ( назад)
Is this miles away from the rest of vvardenfell because the PC is freaking

Автор Melissa Souza Borges ( назад)
Wtf Dagoth is a fucking giant

Автор Some Random Name Lol ( назад)
R.I.P. Vivec

Автор Lord Vivec ( назад)
it's not fair, I've weakened him first

Автор Jeremy Carnes ( назад)

Автор Samuel Jansen ( назад)
Can we get a Dagoth Ur vs. Almalexia video?

Автор Jackspedicy2 ( назад)
what cheats did he use?

Автор joshgodawful ( назад)
Vivec always seemed a much tougher fight than Dagoth Ur to me.

Автор Spess Serperior ( назад)
Isn't your very existence impossible?

Автор Fishhunter2014 ( назад)
the tribunal is just a bunch of jerks who stole power from an eviscerated
aedra organ.

Автор Party Almsivi ( назад)

Автор galaxymaster ( назад)
They say that nerevar was dragonborn too. Holy fuck, reborn legendary hero,
half god girlfriend, half god buddy, blades agent, guild master, endless
life and dragonborn. Nerevar was the biggest badass in TES

Автор King173 ( назад)
You used the invincible Dagoth. Unfair.

Автор Stefan Deleanu ( назад)
enter in morrowind cons set and see alll what has ganemyou can create a
dagger with dmg 9999

Автор TheScaleless ( назад)
*sigh* wrong. I played Arena first, then Daggerfell, then battlespire, then
morrowind, then oblivion, then Skyrim, and recently started Redguard. And I
still feel than morrowind is faar superior to the others. Skyrim is my
second favorite though, daggerfell third.

Автор Glen Grinder ( назад)
The only 'hard' enemies in Skyrim are op archers that can one shot you from
nowhere, and maybe going melee with a dragon. It was really disappointing.

Автор FayleThrough ( назад)
It was Arena that let you travel the whole of Tamriel. Daggerfall was High
Rock and the northern border of Hammerfell. It was the biggest game,
though. Morrowind is roughly 0.01% the size of Daggerfall. 

Автор bububububak ( назад)
Yes, but then you get killed by Hentus, who can't even put on his pants (or
so I've heard) :D

Автор MrJarth ( назад)
I liked it how it wasn't catered to casuals. How in morrowind some things
were hard, it was hard walking into a new area and finding out creature
there 1 hit me. It was hard trying to work out puzzles. But it made the
game a lot better. people learn from mistakes. In Skyrim everything was
easy, not one thing was difficult. Also items were weak which is sad. 

Автор A Tree ( назад)
Skyrim was the first TES game I played, and finished. Morrowind, in my
opinion is the best. No comparison at all. :)

Автор Forthepaycheck88 ( назад)
Daggerfall was pretty deep, too. The dungeons were massive, and the
continent even bigger still. Daggerfall also let you explore all of the
regions of the Elder Scrolls universe, had tons of different vampire
factions you could join, werewolves, wereboars, etc. Possibly it was the
biggest game I ever played.

Автор Apinanoob ( назад)
Just play whatever you feel like playing. Be content with yourself.

Автор Orichishu ( назад)
sneek in morrowind wasnt practicle and took forever to train you cant be a
assassin on morrowind and but the removal of skills kinda sucks (mediam
armor all weapons and actuel no spears period) they both have ups they both
have downs i probably like morrowind better both r awsome and oblivan tho
at the bottom is only bottom becuase of the horrible characters (there
faces look bloated to me) and the fact that skyrim s like a finshed version
of it

Автор Orichishu ( назад)
my opinion skyrim obvosly has best graphics but i dislike how they used
real animals and oblivian also has to much real stuff to fit in so much
real stuff what one island has giant mushrooms and dinosaurs and the rest
of tamerial is just normal? oblivian by far the worst of the 3 skyrim
exacuted what oblivian was atempting dont get me wrong tho even at being
the worst its still a good game just not as good however one huge up skyrim
does get is sneek

Автор Dagoth Ur ( назад)
@Dagoth Ur no i win. Lol

Автор clamchowder138 ( назад)
I found Oblivion to be quite fun, but that may just be me. I think each
game has its highs and lows. Skyrim was really good but got boring after a

Автор Dagoth Ur ( назад)
I win. 

Автор Tristan3D ( назад)
Well that's because it has its own unique lore. And the games revolve
around the gods and heros and kings and the empire and all that stuff. You
might think that this is a disadvantage... but actually all this makes the
games pretty much consistent and linked to each other to the lore and the
history of TES. You might like it or you might hate it (and anything in
between), but the complexity of the story is almost overwhelming in any of
the games :)

Автор no no ( назад)
At dagoth's death he's just lying there doing the peace symbol

Автор Ned Flanders ( назад)
Morrowind had almost everything right. Oblivion kind of seemed like a sad
joke after a while. Skyrim was alright, but was dumbed down to appeal to
more gamers. There's a video that describes the different aspects of all 3
games better than I ever can. Search- The Elder Scrolls: The dumbing down.

Автор Daymjo ( назад)
Ok here's my 2 cents: I played morrowind ALOT, oblivion somewhat and skyrim
a little. This reflects my opinion of the games. Skyrim blows, it's made
for consoles, too much around graphics too little around anything else. And
even the gameplay feels slow and gimped. Morrowind was beast of course, I
just finished playing it again. And I think Obli > Skyrim purely because it
resembles morrowind more than skyrim does. Kept some of the complexity
which Skyrim lacks.

Автор CandaEH ( назад)
you're agreeing with the justin bieber faggot? learn to internets...

Автор CandaEH ( назад)
true, but oblivion did have a solid main quest. I liked it more than
skyrim's (concept wise only; obviously not the combat or visual effects)

Автор CandaEH ( назад)
considering you have justin bieber as your avatar... your argument is
invalid and you're likely a faggot.

Автор Wheelio ( назад)
Where I think Oblivion failed miserably in was the main story. Some of the
side-quests like the Dark Brotherhood and the grand finale of the Thieves
guild were just epic. If only the main story had that same epic feel like
the quests stated above had. But other than that flaw, I felt it was a
great game. Especially with the DLC. 

Автор luoshuigui ( назад)
haha, then prove it. show me exactly where Oblivion did better than
Morrowind, exclude better graphics, better physics, better lighting, etc.
Every now and then there'll be someone like you pop up and try to prove
Oblivion is not the weakest of all modern TES games, but at the end they
all failed cuz there are simply not any substance to back Oblivion up, they
never could find anything Oblivion did better, gameplay wise.

Автор Dagoth Ur ( назад)
Is this how you honor the Sixth House, and the tribe unmourned?

Автор George Dalter ( назад)
How do you say no to an opinion? Personally I think TheSunnycar got it
exactly right, and I have seen the same exact thing happen with other
games. I'll go ahead and say lol no to your "fact" because it just isn't
true at all.

Автор bububububak ( назад)
The wierd thing is, I had a harder time killing Vivec than Dagoth Ur.. He
seemed to be like 3 times as strong... and yet, when they face each other,
he gets his levitating balls kicked by Dagoth Ur... Now,... what am I

Автор trexalfa ( назад)
I also played Oblivion first, then I played Morrowind then Skyrim.
Morrowind is just in another league

Автор Turd Furgeson ( назад)
Dagoth Ur would always win because he has a link to the heart of Lorkhan
that Almsivi (all three god-kings) didnt have. His power also waxed as
Almisivi's power waned after his awakening because of their loss of
Kagrenac's Tools and Dagoth Ur's close proximity to the heart. also, just
look at him. he towers over Vivec and looks like a fucking gorilla compared
to him, not to mention the constant magical shield around him

Автор BlackMarchOblivion ( назад)
Well they did alot things that morrowind had in skyrim... People kept
complaining about oblivion, i didnt see much problems about it. but people
ET! i think they made some things better than morrowind in oblivion like
more voice acting, quest marks, and took away much stupid skills like
Unarmored. About the quest marks. it was stupid derping around without a
clue where to go. but the alchemy chocked me the most D:!

Автор luoshuigui ( назад)
lol no. You can make a completely objective list about gameplay differences
of 2 games, and Morrowind beats Oblivion into the ground in almost every
single aspect. Only thing oblivion did better is it added a NPC schedule,
made the world more lively, other than that, like i said, EVERY SINGLE
ASPECT Morrowind did better."Morrowind is better than Oblivion" is not an
opinion not a belief not a notion, it's a cold simple fact.

Автор Meme ( назад)
if you are trying to wind people up, change your picture first.

Автор thatkidseth ( назад)
Thats funny. Stat wise Vivec has 3 the times health, 10 times the magic,
and does almost 40 times more dmg.... Guess Dagoth being invivnclbe kinda
helps, yea?

Автор I am gay ( назад)
I think that Dagoth Ur won because he can't die without the heart of
Akulakhan being destroyed. At least that's how he died in the main quest.

Автор maplegal2000 ( назад)
Retard, he's just saying because the Elder Scrolls are so fucking similar
and don't branch away from the same formula, that you usually get hooked on
the first one you play. Daaaamn.

Автор The Angry DREAMCAST! ( назад)
is this a mod

Автор george mihaita ( назад)
well I agree with you on one aspect: the conversation between the two of
you clearly has no point - he is obviously too smart for your simple and
aggressive intellect to communicate properly with. And he called you out on
exactly what you said..

Автор george mihaita ( назад)
actually you said exactly that, that having a main quest and guilds makes
the TES games too similar. Allow me to quote: "Way to similar. There's
always a main quest, guilds etc." Now let's treat you arguments one at a
time: 1. There will always be a main quest. That is why the series is
called The Elder Scrolls. You are fulfilling that which has been foretold
in such a scroll. Ergo - a main quest. 2. The TES series has guilds. Yes.
Learn to deal with it. 

Автор PrimeTF96 ( назад)
skyrim is that way because according to the elder scrolls lore the
dragonborn is the most badass hero

Автор DragonWorldProducts ( назад)
hmm perhaps leetpopsicle needs to be told in a way only he could
understand. in Morrowind,Oblivion, and Skyrim (yes i played all 3 and find
ALL of them equally enjoyable.) you start out as a prisoner and you
eventually become a hero. there's no option to be a bad guy in the game
unless you join the dark brotherhood or just simply run around and kill
civilians. Personally I enjoyed Skyrim and i love the fact that they have
real animals in it but they still could have added fantasy animals 

Автор WithTrees ( назад)
Vivec would look better if on his Dunmer side his eye glowed red, or
something. Vivy's ugys.

Автор clamchowder138 ( назад)
That actually does make sense. But it doesn't change the pattern. If what
you say is true, people wouldn't be praising the predecessor when a new
game comes out. They'd be praising the first game of the series that they
played. I grew up with an Xbox classic, so I know what you're talking
about. I spent dozens if not hundreds of hours playing Tony Hawk, and 8
years later it's still one of the best games I've ever played. Even so, I
do have a taste for newer games and enjoy them just the same.

Автор End ( назад)
Makes more sense than you realize. The first experience related to
something new has a greater impact on you, therefore - even if the next
game has improved qualities the result will be that you have preceding
expectations resulting mostly in disappointment of removed features. I
played Final Fantasy 7 first, to me that will always be the best FF game. I
played Morrowind first, to me that will always be the best TES game. 

Автор clamchowder138 ( назад)
2002: "Daggerfall was better than Morrowind, Morrowind sucks!" 2006:
"Morrowind was better than Oblivion, Oblivion sucks!" 2011: "Oblivion was
better than Skyrim, Skyrim sucks!" That's your pattern. So by that logic,
every single new game in a series is doomed to be worse than its
predecessors. Don't even take into account that game studios get better and
put out better games. The new games are ALWAYS worse than the previous.
Perfect logic.

Автор clamchowder138 ( назад)
This. I grew up playing Xbox classic games (Tony Hawk, Jedi Knight Academy,
and eventually Halo). So games like Oblivion are right at home for me. I
even disabled Qarl's Texture pack because it made the game look TOO good.

Автор clamchowder138 ( назад)
The cliche viking theme was exactly what they were going for, and I love
it. And the story was, IMO great. Not saying that the previous games
weren't good though. I'm obsessed with Oblivion right now.

Автор Tonsof Poop ( назад)
i started with morrowind too...i didnt like it at first. when oblivion came
out i played it for more than 200 hours....then i tried morrowind again.and
somehow i loved it! everything about it was amazing...best tes ever! and
skyrim was good but not boss like mw

Автор Dakota Keeney ( назад)
I disagree, I got morrowind first, and I think both oblivion and skyrim
have that unique feel to it but the feel is different than that of the
previous game.

Автор Verrou ( назад)
I played Oblivion first, then Morrowind, then Skyrim. My favorite is
Morrowind. Sure, the graphics are awful (a shame, because Vvardenfel seems
like a pretty place), the combat is complete and utter shit, if you don't
get your athletics up ASAP you'll spend 80% of your time walking towards
your quest locations in stead of actually doing the damn quests,... But
Morrowind had something that neither Skyrim nor Oblivion had: an
interesting world, with an interesting culture and architecture.

Автор Mycroft616 (1903 года назад)
Bingo. I started all the way back with Arena, and I noticed that the games
became more and more simplified. All weapons and armors were made available
to all races and classes, all skills and attributes could be leveled in a
controlled manner, it's nearly impossible to get lost somewhere now, etc. I
haven't touched Skyrim yet, but the problem with the main series up to
Oblivion isn't that they're too similar to each other, it's that they're
progressively becoming as easy as most other RPGs.

Автор whosajigaya ( назад)
Oh, its ok I see what you mean,and yeah, the irony is tragic with him ! 

Автор whosajigaya ( назад)
Well then clearly, you haven't made yourself clear, have you ? Ok then if
you think they are similiar, give me a game, book, story or film where (set
in the style of the elder scrolls) you don't met some evil, become the hero
ans save the world ? 

Автор whosajigaya ( назад)
Huhb ? 

Автор TheSunnycar ( назад)
OK This is annoying me now. Not enough people understand what I've said.
Jesus it's like fighting over which religion is right. Anyway, an
experience of a game is worse if it's already been lived through, sure now
the main story might have dragons in it, even if the concept is different I
still grasp the feeling they're too similar. Please stop replying, and I
don't know of a rpg game that does that, I'm not even a big fan of rpgs . 

Автор whosajigaya ( назад)
I am usually prejudice to oblivion being the best, i will admit that. But
c'mon man, that is a stupid remark about the main quest, guild thing lol.
Are you saying that without a main quest or guilds it would be better, or
different ? No it wouldn't, what I love about the elders scrolls, is the
rich lore and backstory and to see things and ideas from previous
installements pop up again only to be remastered in a new game. And can you
name me an RPG that doesn't have a main quest or guilds ? 

Автор TheUnderKing ( назад)
Dagoth ur had the shield, and i love morrowind and skyrim too, morrowind
was the first Es i played, then skyrim and to see how were the older es i
played daggerfall.

Автор Gwiny channel ( назад)
Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are made for the different generations. 

Автор Gwiny channel ( назад)
Huh, have you ever heard about Daggerfall, Arena? Hardest fo the elder
scrolls? P.S. Morrowind takes time, not skill.

Автор MiakoKoneo ( назад)
Morrowind is the hardest of the elder scrolls. It takes the most skill and
the most wit to do everything in the game unlike skyrim...

Автор Owen Purdue ( назад)
I agree with you on all points except the one that all of the games are way
to similar. All of them are different, otherwise, who would play them. I
think people gain that nostalgia because the first ES game they played (for
me, Oblivion) was so much a unique experience the other games can not
really compare. 

Автор Obsidian Knight ( назад)
wrong the game before morrowind dint get people saying daggerfall was
better than morrowind that aint the case the reason why morrowind was
better than obivlion is cuz of the story and the spells and the lack of
help the game gave you to completing the game unlike oblivion where there
is quest markers witch made the game end fast and took too menny kool
elements out of witch morrowind had like levitate and alteration spells
they took out 

Автор Amanda St.Pierre ( назад)
btw dagoth totally pwned that guy

Автор Amanda St.Pierre ( назад)
skyrim oblivion morrowind

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
Well, that and the sameness of the landscapes in Skyrim. This trend was
originally set in Oblivion In Oblivion almost everywhere outside was trees
and grassland In Morrowind all the landscapes were unique and differing in
flora, fauna and atmosphere To further highlight this there is a popular
string of Oblivion mods called Unique landscapes To rememdy this problem.
I'll be the first to admit Morrowind had some serious balancing issues and
some glitches, but it never needed that kind of mod.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
Yeah. It's nice that some one can accept it's more than just nostalgia that
other people prefer something graphically and game-play wise inferior as
the better product (not that the combat or anything was ever special) What
bothered me the most about Skyrim is that it's so earth-like. So many of
the animals and small critters were the kind you'd find on earth. Not in
some strange different world, which is what Morrowind was. There were no
goats. There were Scribs, Foragers etc. 

Автор timewasteland ( назад)
I agree with this to 100%... I did actually play Skyrim first, then
Oblivion, and finally Morrowind, but as I learned more and more of the
culture in the game, and the lore, I just fell more and more in love with
it, and, I was amazed by Skyrim since I had never seen anything like it
before (first TES game I played) but even so, Morrowind had another feeling
to it. And the whole game is just... amazing. They won't ever recreate the
feeling Morrowind had.

Автор timewasteland ( назад)
nooo vivec!!! D:

Автор TheSunnycar ( назад)
You clearly are too stupid to understand :/ And you are trolling, I know
when I'm trying to get trolled however amateur it is. So next time try
re-reading my comment and think for a bit. It might help a lot :) I'll give
you some help - The layout of the main quest's are similar, I wasn't
specifically referring to the main quests. Now stop replying ! 

Автор TheSunnycar ( назад)
I didn't say not having a main quest was a good idea. I said that the ideas
of the Elder Scrolls series are far too similar. Next time try reading my
comment properly before bothering to troll.

Автор Hopeofmen (930 лет назад)
"Alright, Vivec, let me handle this. I am the Nerevarine, after all."

Автор XMaster29 (2001 год назад)
Don't forget Daggerfall.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
Giants don't even break a sweat, he still had 80 percent hp fighting off
two dragons, one frost, one fire.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
Yeah. I mean Skyrim was pretty fun in some instances but the dragons felt
really underwhelming like...they could be killed extremely easily and were
fairly weak. Not menacing in design either. I was once fighting a giant and
a dragon landed in front of him, the giant killed the dragon in two blows.
Then a named dragon came down to kill the giant (possibly in revenge) and
was easily killed in 3-4. A giant ended up kicking more ass than the
"Dragonborn dragon slayer" guy even could.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
(continued) bad combat system, balancing issues, and steep learning curve.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
As opposed to Skyrim and Oblivion. Oblivion with the environments that were
nothing but forest/grassland with some snowy mountains at the top of the
map. and Skyrim is pretty much all snow and tundra, yes, there are small
forests and some grassy areas but they're few and far between. All in all,
Morrowind had its fair share of flaws but I feel it had superior music,
storytelling, atmosphere, landscapes, plant and animal life and the only
thing holding it back is the bad combat system

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
Guards are only overpowered when you're a completely new guy with leather
armor and poking at them with a dagger. They're a trained force to uphold
the law, they aren't going to be push overs. In my opinion, the landscape
of Morrowind was varied and unique, everything felt alien as it should In
Oblivion and Skyrim it feels more like a "2000 years ago..." kind of deal.
But with magic and dragons. Hell, there are earth animals on there. In
Morrowind the animals were all weird and alien feeling

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
I don't have much to say in the combat department, it's obviously
significantly flawed but for the time it was fine. Considering Oblivion and
Skyrim have barely expanded on it I'd say theirs is worse. I could just as
easily say "walking around getting killed by giants" or "walking around
getting killed by panthers" that kind of shit happens in RPGs, it's not
exclusive to Morrowind. Morrowind is difficult early on which I feel an RPG
should be. Cliffracers were annoying I'll agree. Really were.

Автор PwnZoneification ( назад)
I'm not trying to convince anybody to like what I like. I'm stating my own
opinion. I had really liked Oblivion so you can't even tell me that. Had
some fun with Skyrim too. Fast traveling is convenient but it does
something to hurt the atmosphere of the game. I feel like the Morrowind
atmosphere and music were much better than Oblivion's and Skyrim's. For
Skyrim to completely remove RPG elements I feel has dumbed it down
significantly. Attributes weren't even that in depth but they helped.

Автор dirtdogg123 ( назад)
get him vivec! doh :(

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