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Автор Lord Vivec (1 месяц)
it's not fair, I've weakened him first

Автор Some Random Name Lol (23 дня)
R.I.P. Vivec

Автор Spyros Daioglou (6 месяцев)
what cheats did he use?

Автор Jeremy Carnes (3 месяца)

Автор Samuel Jansen (6 месяцев)
Can we get a Dagoth Ur vs. Almalexia video?

Автор joshgodawful (10 месяцев)
Vivec always seemed a much tougher fight than Dagoth Ur to me.

Автор Zeubermench (3 года)
Vivec be spammin.

Автор galaxymaster (1 год)
They say that nerevar was dragonborn too. Holy fuck, reborn legendary hero,
half god girlfriend, half god buddy, blades agent, guild master, endless
life and dragonborn. Nerevar was the biggest badass in TES

Автор KarmaSpaz12 (3 года)
@PwnZoneification The physics of spells in Oblivion was great though,
something Skyrim both under AND over does because there was no better
feeling in Oblivion than roasting a rat in the city sewers and seeing it go

Автор MrKosobi (3 года)
Oh and one more thing. Morrowind music is much worse than Daggerfall music
imo :)

Автор bububububak (1 год)
Yes, but then you get killed by Hentus, who can't even put on his pants (or
so I've heard) :D

Автор Gwiny channel (2 года)
Huh, have you ever heard about Daggerfall, Arena? Hardest fo the elder
scrolls? P.S. Morrowind takes time, not skill.

Автор CandaEH (2 года)
considering you have justin bieber as your avatar... your argument is
invalid and you're likely a faggot.

Автор Tonsof Poop (2 года)
i started with morrowind too...i didnt like it at first. when oblivion came
out i played it for more than 200 hours....then i tried morrowind again.and
somehow i loved it! everything about it was amazing...best tes ever! and
skyrim was good but not boss like mw

Автор TheUnterKing DB77 (2 года)
Dagoth ur had the shield, and i love morrowind and skyrim too, morrowind
was the first Es i played, then skyrim and to see how were the older es i
played daggerfall.

Автор ohaidare (2 года)
if you are trying to wind people up, change your picture first.

Автор Bless the Gains (2 года)
Yeah, I agree with egregiousBass I've been playing elder scrolls since
arena and I think personally that 3,5,4 are best in that order.

Автор Tonsof Poop (3 года)
@AlphaGinga It has much more content and is....more rewarding(?) i suppose.
And you can get a GOD-like character ..well its just better

Автор PwnZoneification (3 года)
I don't want the same thing from the sequels to Morrowind either. I want
something BETTER and thus far all they've improved is graphics. The story,
atmosphere, the way the environment looks, the actual great locations, the
fantastic music. They changed the continuity. They changed racial passives
and heights of all the races and the way they looked quite a bit too. I
don't want a high elf that's shorter than a breton that gets diseases all
the time. Whose body looks more like a salamander.

Автор SuperShmowzow (2 года)
Has anyone else ever tried to show friends Morrowind after they've only
played Oblivion and Skyrim and the friend just looked confused as to why
you thought it was so great...?

Автор xXDarkxIdealsXx (1 год)
*sigh* wrong. I played Arena first, then Daggerfell, then battlespire, then
morrowind, then oblivion, then Skyrim, and recently started Redguard. And I
still feel than morrowind is faar superior to the others. Skyrim is my
second favorite though, daggerfell third.

Автор Obsidian Knight (2 года)
wrong the game before morrowind dint get people saying daggerfall was
better than morrowind that aint the case the reason why morrowind was
better than obivlion is cuz of the story and the spells and the lack of
help the game gave you to completing the game unlike oblivion where there
is quest markers witch made the game end fast and took too menny kool
elements out of witch morrowind had like levitate and alteration spells
they took out

Автор Vidya Game Playing Neckbeard (2 года)
I liked daggerfall you dear sir are simply making false generalizations in
fact all of my friends agree with me

Автор ShadowRunner (1 год)
nooo vivec lost... Where is this place?

Автор PwnZoneification (2 года)
(continued) bad combat system, balancing issues, and steep learning curve.

Автор Glen Grinder (1 год)
The only 'hard' enemies in Skyrim are op archers that can one shot you from
nowhere, and maybe going melee with a dragon. It was really disappointing.

Автор Gwiny channel (2 года)
Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are made for the different generations.

Автор whosajigaya (2 года)
I am usually prejudice to oblivion being the best, i will admit that. But
c'mon man, that is a stupid remark about the main quest, guild thing lol.
Are you saying that without a main quest or guilds it would be better, or
different ? No it wouldn't, what I love about the elders scrolls, is the
rich lore and backstory and to see things and ideas from previous
installements pop up again only to be remastered in a new game. And can you
name me an RPG that doesn't have a main quest or guilds ?

Автор PwnZoneification (3 года)
Why, just today somebody said (in the comments of a Skyrim mod) "Wow why
would you make a mod bringing back the ridiculous harsh Morrowind racials"
(Like the weakness to magic high elves have and such). And I thought to
myself "really?" Morrowind isn't even that unforgiving or harsh of an RPG.
The kind of shit that some of us had to put up with in RPG's in 90's and
late 80's games would make their heads spin. Morrowind is easy in
comparison. Starts out a bit hard, but gets pretty easy.

Автор I am gay (2 года)
I think that Dagoth Ur won because he can't die without the heart of
Akulakhan being destroyed. At least that's how he died in the main quest.

Автор A Tree (2 года)
Skyrim was the first TES game I played, and finished. Morrowind, in my
opinion is the best. No comparison at all. :)

Автор bububububak (2 года)
The wierd thing is, I had a harder time killing Vivec than Dagoth Ur.. He
seemed to be like 3 times as strong... and yet, when they face each other,
he gets his levitating balls kicked by Dagoth Ur... Now,... what am I

Автор PwnZoneification (2 года)
Guards are only overpowered when you're a completely new guy with leather
armor and poking at them with a dagger. They're a trained force to uphold
the law, they aren't going to be push overs. In my opinion, the landscape
of Morrowind was varied and unique, everything felt alien as it should In
Oblivion and Skyrim it feels more like a "2000 years ago..." kind of deal.
But with magic and dragons. Hell, there are earth animals on there. In
Morrowind the animals were all weird and alien feeling

Автор Alex Curr (2 года)
Weirdly, I much prefer Skyrim and Morrowind to Oblivion, despite having
played Oblivion first. Although that's probably skewed by me being a huge
lore-whore and preferring the alienated, vaguely shamanistic treatment it
got in those two. Morrowind moreso than Skyrim, but you know what I mean.

Автор Apologeomasis (2 года)
Yeah. In one game you are the reincarnated elf warlord Indoril Nerevar who
has to confront the wakeful-dreaming demigod of tentacle bearing mutated
dark elves under the tutelage of the bug-armored hermaphrodite Vivec, in
one game you go up against crazed cultists, two daedra Lords, and usher in
a fourth age, and in the last game you are born with the soul of a dragon
and stop the eternal cycle of death and rebirth heralded by Alduin. Yeah,
those plots are too similar. Basically identical, huh?

Автор Kalamari24 (3 года)
And now we see who is the true god of Morrowind. Not counting the PC using

Автор MrKosobi (3 года)
yeah, the main theme is pretty weak, tho the game itself has ton of other
really nice themes.

Автор Evan Nicholson (3 года)
Where is this?

Автор Moshy Rojas (2 года)
At dagoth's death he's just lying there doing the peace symbol

Автор Dagoth Ur (2 года)
Is this how you honor the Sixth House, and the tribe unmourned?

Автор c0llosus (3 года)
@heymanWTF25 Excellent comeback.

Автор MiakoKoneo (2 года)
Morrowind is the hardest of the elder scrolls. It takes the most skill and
the most wit to do everything in the game unlike skyrim...

Автор Tristan3D (2 года)
Well that's because it has its own unique lore. And the games revolve
around the gods and heros and kings and the empire and all that stuff. You
might think that this is a disadvantage... but actually all this makes the
games pretty much consistent and linked to each other to the lore and the
history of TES. You might like it or you might hate it (and anything in
between), but the complexity of the story is almost overwhelming in any of
the games :)

Автор GLaD1138 (1 год)

Автор BlackMarchOblivion (2 года)
Well they did alot things that morrowind had in skyrim... People kept
complaining about oblivion, i didnt see much problems about it. but people
ET! i think they made some things better than morrowind in oblivion like
more voice acting, quest marks, and took away much stupid skills like
Unarmored. About the quest marks. it was stupid derping around without a
clue where to go. but the alchemy chocked me the most D:!

Автор PwnZoneification (3 года)
Hit recognition? there was no lack of that in Morrowind you just had to
actually know how to swing a damn Sword to actually hit them. And
specialize? are you kidding? in Skyrim you can pick any lock at the
beginning of the game provided you're decent at a minigame. You can cast
spells okay. There's only "two hand" and "1 hand". In Morrowind there was
long blade, short blade, Blunt, Axe, Spear etc. You had to build yourself
entirely along how you wanted to play, thief, warrior, mage.

Автор 1989Texaz2008 (3 года)
@heymanWTF25 morrowind 2001-2002? skyrim 2011 call me crazy but i would
think the newer one is the profit based off of the older? because if the
older one didnt do so well they wouldv'e stop making them?

Автор PwnZoneification (3 года)
I personally hate the beating drums and DOVAHKIIIIHEHHEHEEN
DOVAKEENEENEEHEHIN and HOO HA HWAH! and that bullshit fake language
singing. To each his own though.

Автор TwistedAngel58 (2 года)
my opinion skyrim obvosly has best graphics but i dislike how they used
real animals and oblivian also has to much real stuff to fit in so much
real stuff what one island has giant mushrooms and dinosaurs and the rest
of tamerial is just normal? oblivian by far the worst of the 3 skyrim
exacuted what oblivian was atempting dont get me wrong tho even at being
the worst its still a good game just not as good however one huge up skyrim
does get is sneek

Автор Hopeofmen (2 года)
"Alright, Vivec, let me handle this. I am the Nerevarine, after all."

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