Into The Wild So Far Away

Clips from the motion picture Into The Wild with music from Staind "So Far Away". This video shows chris's journey into the wild. I IN NO WAY OWN THE MATERIAL

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Автор Travis Walsh ( назад)
if I could tell his sister Carine anything is. Smile and be happy, your
brother didn't die in vein he died Inspiring a Generaion

Автор Zafer E ( назад)
Vow it's been long time I haven't listened Staind.

Автор Peter Chlebovec ( назад)
nech ma nikto ,netočííííííííí bol som preč ked moji naj priatelia
umreli,bol som bez prace v zahranicí,nespal som ,nemal som ani nájom
zaplatený šiel som za laskou a žiť,ano žijem som doma a pracujem zas

Автор Mad Hatter ( назад)
This is a movie about an idiot that begged for a Darwin Award and got what
he asked for. When you fail to respect nature and fail to listen to those
that know better then you, well the fate we see is exactly what you asked

Автор Lukáš Taldík ( назад)
this is my live

Автор Lord Nikon ( назад)
If you hitchhike to Alaska, bring some fucking food.

Автор rockstar15134 ( назад)

Автор xBlocKBusTeR ( назад)
dam this is good

Автор louiskoko ( назад)
He died excactly a month before I was born. 0.0

Автор Laienna 28 ( назад)

Автор No. 4417 ( назад)
ชอบแนวคิดของ อเล็กซานเดอร์ ซุปเปอร์ลุย ทราบซึ้งสุดใจ

Автор Yoav Orion ( назад)
Don't forget the important message he was trying to convey in the end: "
Happiness real only when shared"
Man wasn't born to be alone, at least have a good partner to share your
happy moment with...

Автор yunnan26 ( назад)
I cant stop listen this song, its so good. Thanks.

Автор raptor kulenbrück ( назад)

Автор oe te ( назад)
~~~ist nicht teuer -ohne Steuer~~~ dafür -!!!

Автор Kevin Colt ( назад)
he loved nature, nature killed him.
so much for nothing.. and here we, everyone else still alive and enjoying
life while hes dead and gone because he loves nature.. everyone loves
nature kid dont have to go and isolate yourself from everything that isnt
human habitat.. you dont see ants going in the ocean to catch sharks do
you? fkin sht

Автор Powerarmed ( назад)
This shall be my ultimate goal! Doing what he did to find my way out of the
rotten civilization!

Автор Shahnawaz Sayyed ( назад)
Simply Epic. This movie reflect's my imaginations.
Can't describe the joyness of this movie

Автор R B ( назад)
Why are we here? I saw this movie it inspired me in lot of ways but i am
still blinded by the lies of this world Why are we trying to survive when
we can live and why are we trying to climb the pyramid when we are all born
same and equal i wish there would be a place where we could live in harmony
without judging each other for what we are but to be happy and share it I
am broke I cant deal with this bullshit anymore i want to live for that
moment and fuck the ambition I am born this way getting a degree or making
money isn't the answer. Life is limited but can be made limitless by
finding that moment and living it.Lets hope we all find it.And if somebody
knows the answer please enlighten me.gratitude. 

Автор lallush00 ( назад)
Pressed the "unlike" only for liking it again :P

Автор gujasu ( назад)

Автор Mireia Calvet ( назад)
i love love love this movie and song!!!!!

Автор Kathleen Olsen ( назад)
Makes u think, huh...(& perhaps shed a tear or 2)

Автор sofia nair ( назад)
one of the best movies i have ever seen in my entire life... so beautiful
and inspiring

Автор Marco Abril ( назад)
whats the name the film.?

Автор Mustafa Haji ( назад)
The standards of happiness is not as people thought who would believe that
living like homeless would make chris so happy and someone live in iraq
more happier..

Автор Mustafa Haji ( назад)
The standards of happiness is not as people thought who would believe that
living like homeless would make chris so happy and someone live in iraq
more happie

Автор DERGEWINNER100 reloaded ( назад)
pretty depressing

Автор edita2407 ( назад)
I love this song and film so much...

Автор sergio kontroller ( назад)
great song for a great movie but the soundtrack of the film is great as
well (not a critical for this video:)

Автор Beverly Collins ( назад)
Powerful Song!! 

Автор Wioletta Olesinska ( назад)
amazing movie...

Автор oceanceaser ( назад)
Wow been trying to remember where I heard that poem before, thanks for the

Автор Uday Khandelwal ( назад)
I just love this song...!!!......

Автор Patricia Marquez ( назад)
i loved this movie

Автор Marcela4304 ( назад)
hermoso filme

Автор NewWaveFan1 ( назад)
Read this book and related, I had been on a couple trips like him but
didn't go to Alaska/beyond society as they say or the last frontier. He
went further and realized his self actualization to the fullest. My Eagle
Scout skills kicked in something he did not have with the plant

Автор Smooth News ( назад)
who else wants to go live in the wild with me? dont care what religion,
race..i just wana live free and live how we were supposed to. ahh this is
such a nice dream to have

Автор Gagan Anot ( назад)
i am not living, i am just killing time :-( :-(

Автор fakenamingtonthefakestfaker ( назад)
why be such a dildo about it? 

Автор fakenamingtonthefakestfaker ( назад)
well put, dude

Автор eye ( назад)

Автор eye ( назад)

Автор Martin Möller ( назад)
hahaha killer comment. 

Автор cricketeer 0 ( назад)
one of those movies which make you feel happy and sad at the same

Автор Perokneznik ( назад)
He did not die, he turned himself into Hugh Jackman

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
The coin of succeeding and not dying in an abandoned bus. Why don't you all
go idolize Adolf Hitler, he wanted to find the last part of the map no one
had ever been to, he was a vegetarian, loved dogs and would never murder
and kill beavers like McCandless did. As well he's more a poster boy with
EMO good looks and yes he dies in the end just like MCandless.

Автор Ashcandy ( назад)
I guess you're nothing more than the opposite side of the coin...

Автор Matheus Carlo Magno ( назад)
Chir McCandless is the king

Автор gatsu38 ( назад)
I'm organizing an autosufficient community on an uncivilized island, if you
talk seriously you should write me at asw38@yahoo.com

Автор Raquel Corleone ( назад)
Staind :3

Автор AnOutlawForever99 ( назад)
get some food with ya

Автор FREDERICO CRISÓSTOMO Barreto ( назад)
We're just trying to find out a way out of society, without starving to
death mate ;)

Автор Wiggum1990 ( назад)
said the man on the internet...

Автор Martin Möller ( назад)
It`s an awesome song

Автор Nina Villasenor ( назад)
What a LAME ass song for a wonderfully inspiring movie... especially when
the sound track was AMAZING! This should be flagged or deleted or
something.. UGH 

Автор AnOutlawForever99 ( назад)
well said.

Автор Martin Möller ( назад)
You got SERVED boy, now leave and let us listen to the great music and
watch the great video.

Автор Kurt O'Neal ( назад)
I think this movie may be an eye opening, but I dont think chris was any
hero. he was an ultra-egoist who abandoned all the ppl who loved him, and
went into the wild to die. He is not the one to follow unless you are
willing tio commit suicide. 

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
There is no belief. It is fact. He died, he had a map, he had money, there
was a hand cranked tram to cross the river. He survived 112 days in what I
wouldn't call living. You believe that he sacrificed himself in some nobel
cause. Go to Alaska which is mostly still a hostile frontier that if not
prepared will kill you. Thousands upon thousands survive and do more living
and more reckless LIVING then foolish idealism and their idealism is praise
worthy not this failure. 

Автор Martin Möller ( назад)
Why do you waste so much of your energy and time trying to convince people
of your beliefs? Just let these people alone and do something more useful
with your time. It`s ridiculous to call his "cult" dangerous in any way. He
didn`t even to any harm to anyone except himself and you can do whatever
you want with your own life. If you don`t wanna live like that it`s ok but
please don`t bother people with other ideals than you.

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
He died miserably and horribly. Ever starve? It hurts like you cannot
believe and your brain pumps your body full of drugs to make it all
horrific and there is nothing good about dying alone. There is nothing
brave about idiocy.How is it trolling as any positive comment is accepted
in the face of logic? I look at Chis McCandless cult as more dangerous then
Neo Nazism, both are idealistic fantasies designed for the unrealistic and
the ill prepared in life. Debate me and you will not win. 

Автор Slippy GB ( назад)
And what a beautiful ideal that is. Why would you take that away? Yes he
was arrogant, yes, we was somewhat idiotic, he died happy. he died doing
what he loved. What are you doing? Trolling on youtube. Get a life good
sir. and Fuck you.

Автор Danton Steele ( назад)
looks like a more realistic journey to the center of the earth, I can't get
my script with balthazaar and brendanfrasier anywhere, and whats up with
paul walkers film I saw somewhere as an independant? i already forgot the
name, it could be good.

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
google into the wild debunked. You'll have a different opinion on
McCandless after you see the documentary that shows he was an idiot and not
a poet warrior. Hi's life was turned into a way to make money and sell an
ideal that doesn't exist. You can walk out your front door right this
minute and do more better things and inspire people to action then this lie
of a book and movie. 

Автор Steve La Dedha ( назад)
You obviously have yet to live a life if a book based on lies and a movie
based on those lies skews the facts to turn McCandless into a martyr of
idiocy. Tomorrow you could actually move to Alaska and live in a house with
central heating and possibly not survive that. When Chris McCandless died
he had his drivers license, birth certificate and $300 on him....and 4
library cards. Google into the wild debunked. But that is what film makers
do they bank on your gullibility to sell an ideal. 

Автор Markus Kotulla ( назад)
And so he did, heading straight for mother nature only equipped with the
clothes he wore and a macbook air for commenting on youtube.

Автор Nesli Tükenmeyen Panda ( назад)
Amına kodumun filmi ne kadar güzelsin 

Автор heusniet ( назад)
This music does not fit the movie at all. He was not some angsty teen in
the movie. 

Автор Rim Bs ( назад)
best moviee eveer 

Автор Clara Sanz ( назад)
Well I saw this movie the summer before entering college. And it made me
think so much about the meaning of life, what really matters. And I
realized that it was not necessary to go so fast in college, so I grabbed a
couple of friends, a backpack i were a year touring Asia. Like Alexander
Supertramp that trip changed my life. All thanks to this great movie

Автор Clara Sanz ( назад)
Pues vi esta película el verano antes de entrar en la universidad. Y me
hizo pensar tanto en el sentido de la vida, lo que realmente importa. Y me
di cuenta que no era necesario entrar tan rápido en la universidad, así que
cogí a un par de amigos, una mochila i estuvimos todo un año recorriendo
Asia. Al igual que a Alexander Supertramp ese viaje me cambio la vida. Todo
gracias a esta gran película. 

Автор Alejandro Casas ( назад)
comentado desde mi pc ultima generacion

Автор Kent Morris ( назад)
I couldn't agree more with your view of the film. I haven't yet read the
book, and it's true that movies almost NEVER are as good as the book (too
many differences in the mediums), but this movie IS something special. Sean
Penn, the actors/actresses, and the rest of the film crew put together an
amazing motion picture.

Автор finchmaster ( назад)
Hasta que punto ha cambiado tu vida ;) ? La mia tambien... 

Автор Arturas12 ( назад)
Really? How? I feel like movie changes me a lot, but then I wake up next
morning feeling the same.

Автор Marco Chen ( назад)
the only one movi i recommended to others 

Автор Lotus Lotus ( назад)
Agree, the book is much much better. the movie is special only because the
soundtrack is great. 

Автор morismosss ( назад)
I think this movie is the best movie about life, thinking about future and
relationships. The end scene was.... totally amazing.

Автор David Lakatos ( назад)
I want to change my life like this movie this movie really change my life
and i think about run out to nature for ever and living in reality of

Автор Heremoana ( назад)
That's why I'm actually doing, and I'm so happy I'm not the only one to
think like that ! 

Автор Heremoana ( назад)
At first It changed My brother's but not me, I was too Young... Then I
changed My mind and decided to live into the wild, so it actually helped me

Автор scottcobain27 ( назад)
should have used eddie vedder's tunes but that is just my opinion 

Автор Toledo Santos ( назад)

Автор Bonnie Annis ( назад)
Love your view! And I love the "silencing the symptoms" statement.. You are

Автор Verda Stelo ( назад)
Eddie, 你是好看的! = Eddie, you're beautiful! And I don't mean merely in the
sense of looking good, you're beautiful from inside! (^_^)

Автор tante.ceccarelli ( назад)
So Far Away by Staind (;

Автор Ak Punk ( назад)
what song is it ??

Автор 75315cristina ( назад)
beacous always miss the point I guess!

Автор John Woody ( назад)
Sometimes we just want to leave...

Автор TheGoodMan ( назад)
the face of happiness!

Автор Joe Masato ( назад)
maybe also mine

Автор shock80ey ( назад)
People always miss the point...in the end he wanted to go home and be with
his family. 

Автор Marek Kowalski (Adsumus) ( назад)
the best... 

Автор awesomos95 ( назад)
Its true he just walked into the wilde without knowing what to do, or
anything he dident even know that 1km up stream there was an cabin with
food and everything he would have needed, and like a little downstream
there was a bridge that he could have used to get over, i mean he was
stupid, but inspiering(broken English). if it havent been for the buss who
gave him a warm place to sleep he would been finished in a week. much
because of the stove in it.

Автор memorfo ( назад)
I'd like to read the when He got to Alaska! Unfortunately He could not did
it. Respect to all those people who travels alone trying to find
themselves. Amazing story !

Автор jason miller ( назад)
based on the way he died, I think he wanted to die

Автор WacoMeister ( назад)
my too, is Awesome. 

Автор awesomos95 ( назад)
i know its a true story, i have also studied him. and not so suprised that
it turned out that . he was kinda stupid. he had no experience nothing at
all. to me its kinda stupid. still very inspiring story and guy! no offence

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