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Автор Nicole Norge (2 дня)
Es wohnt Genuss im dunklen Waldesgrüne,
Entzücken weilt auf unbetretener Düne,
Gesellschaft ist, wo alles menschenleer,
Musik im Wellenschschlag am ewigen Meer,
Die Menschen lieb ich, die Natur noch mehr.
(Lord Byron)

"Glück ist nur echt, wenn man es teilt."

Автор Rohan Bhangale (5 месяцев)
Why are we here? I saw this movie it inspired me in lot of ways but i am
still blinded by the lies of this world Why are we trying to survive when
we can live and why are we trying to climb the pyramid when we are all born
same and equal i wish there would be a place where we could live in harmony
without judging each other for what we are but to be happy and share it I
am broke I cant deal with this bullshit anymore i want to live for that
moment and fuck the ambition I am born this way getting a degree or making
money isn't the answer. Life is limited but can be made limitless by
finding that moment and living it.Lets hope we all find it.And if somebody
knows the answer please enlighten me.gratitude. 

Автор Jo Bob (2 месяца)
Into The Wild So Far Away: http://youtu.be/0MeRN3ulnaM

Автор Pierre SALVATORI (6 месяцев)
Into et not Under,
Avez-vous fait Votre Voyage ?

Автор Jolanta D (3 месяца)

Автор VitO UKC&KUSH (3 месяца)
Into The Wild So Far Away: http://youtu.be/0MeRN3ulnaM

Автор lallush00 (6 месяцев)
Pressed the "unlike" only for liking it again :P

Автор Mireia Calvet (9 месяцев)
Into The Wild So Far Away

Автор gujasu (7 месяцев)

Автор Bogusław Rutkowski (7 месяцев)
Piękny utwór mało znanego zespołu STAIND.

Автор Kathleen Olsen Meers (9 месяцев)
Makes u think, huh...(& perhaps shed a tear or 2)

Автор icey bleu (11 месяцев)
I'm missing everyone I've known, and every one I may come to know; makes me
want to care for, and appreciate my self more...

Автор Mireia Calvet (9 месяцев)
i love love love this movie and song!!!!!

Автор Silvia Dusatti (1 год)

Автор sofia nair (1 год)
one of the best movies i have ever seen in my entire life... so beautiful
and inspiring

Автор Wioletta Olesinska (1 год)
amazing movie...

Автор Beverly Collins (1 год)
Powerful Song!! 

Автор sergio kontroller (1 год)
great song for a great movie but the soundtrack of the film is great as
well (not a critical for this video:)

Автор Patricia Marquez (1 год)
i loved this movie

Автор Uday Khandelwal (1 год)
I just love this song...!!!......

Автор Mustafa Haji (1 год)
The standards of happiness is not as people thought who would believe that
living like homeless would make chris so happy and someone live in iraq
more happier..

Автор Marco Abril (1 год)
whats the name the film.?

Автор DERGEWINNER100 reloaded (1 год)
pretty depressing

Автор edita2407 (1 год)
I love this song and film so much...

Автор Mustafa Haji (1 год)
The standards of happiness is not as people thought who would believe that
living like homeless would make chris so happy and someone live in iraq
more happie

Автор Roberta Gambioli (1 год)

Автор Anna Tamska (1 год)

Автор berkant savaş (1 год)
Ben seni okumak istedim önce,
Ne yaşayacağımı öğrenmek için.
Hayatını dinlemek istedim,
Kalanımı sana anlatabilmek için.


Автор Marcela4304 (1 год)
hermoso filme

Автор Stefano Gorla (1 год)

Автор Carmen Muniz (1 год)

Автор Alessandro Martins (1 год)

Автор Nathalie ENJALBERT (1 год)

Автор Cornelius5465 (1 год)
Into The Wild So Far Away

Автор Bob Zabek (1 год)

Автор NewWaveFan1 (1 год)
Read this book and related, I had been on a couple trips like him but
didn't go to Alaska/beyond society as they say or the last frontier. He
went further and realized his self actualization to the fullest. My Eagle
Scout skills kicked in something he did not have with the plant

Автор Julia Taak (1 год)
Into The Wild So Far Away

Автор oceanceaser (1 год)
Wow been trying to remember where I heard that poem before, thanks for the

Автор dkrypto911 (1 год)
I guess you're nothing more than the opposite side of the coin...

Автор Jeremías Primus (2 года)

Автор Epic shaolin (1 год)
At first It changed My brother's but not me, I was too Young... Then I
changed My mind and decided to live into the wild, so it actually helped me

Автор Lukáš gouda (2 года)
into the wild is a best film, respect

Автор FREDERICO CRISÓSTOMO Barreto (1 год)
We're just trying to find out a way out of society, without starving to
death mate ;)

Автор Martin Möller (1 год)
hahaha killer comment.

Автор UnemplomentTV (2 года)
We can live alone... Not forever but at least for awhile, Its unfortunate
that he didnt make it back. But sometimes solitude and finding love for
yourself is something that needs to be found before you can be a social
being and love others, even if you die trying.....

Автор awesomos95 (2 года)
Its true he just walked into the wilde without knowing what to do, or
anything he dident even know that 1km up stream there was an cabin with
food and everything he would have needed, and like a little downstream
there was a bridge that he could have used to get over, i mean he was
stupid, but inspiering(broken English). if it havent been for the buss who
gave him a warm place to sleep he would been finished in a week. much
because of the stove in it.

Автор 64CRUNCH64 (2 года)
the saddest thing is that he could survive

Автор Bhav341 (2 года)
good lord, He did what NO MAN has ever done? You need to stop watching MTV
and read a few books sounds to me that what he realized at the end, when he
was dying, was that what he did was wrong, that it is the people in your
life that really matter. And I'd bet my own life that he would have done it
differently given the chance. That thing he wrote about having had a good
life, that was probably just so that the people his death would hurt would
feel better about it.

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