Into The Wild So Far Away

Clips from the motion picture Into The Wild with music from Staind "So Far Away". This video shows chris's journey into the wild. I IN NO WAY OWN THE MATERIAL

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i choose my favourite moments from the movie.


Автор sergio kontroller (6 месяцев)
great song for a great movie but the soundtrack of the film is great as
well (not a critical for this video:)

Автор Patricia Marquez (8 месяцев)
i loved this movie

Автор icey bleu (1 месяц)
I'm missing everyone I've known, and every one I may come to know; makes me
want to care for, and appreciate my self more...

Автор Marco Abril (5 месяцев)
whats the name the film.?

Автор Kathleen Olsen Meers (15 часов)
Makes u think, huh...(& perhaps shed a tear or 2)

Автор DERGEWINNER100 reloaded (6 месяцев)
pretty depressing

Автор sofia nair (3 месяца)
one of the best movies i have ever seen in my entire life... so beautiful
and inspiring

Автор Mustafa Haji (5 месяцев)
The standards of happiness is not as people thought who would believe that
living like homeless would make chris so happy and someone live in iraq
more happier..

Автор Beverly Collins (6 месяцев)
Powerful Song!! 

Автор Wioletta Olesinska (6 месяцев)
amazing movie...

Автор edita2407 (6 месяцев)
I love this song and film so much...

Автор Uday Khandelwal (7 месяцев)
I just love this song...!!!......

Автор ali uygur (2 года)
staind- so far away- ınto the wild

Автор felice diesseredonna (2 года)
something to think about

Автор NewWaveFan1 (8 месяцев)
Read this book and related, I had been on a couple trips like him but
didn't go to Alaska/beyond society as they say or the last frontier. He
went further and realized his self actualization to the fullest. My Eagle
Scout skills kicked in something he did not have with the plant

Автор oceanceaser (7 месяцев)
Wow been trying to remember where I heard that poem before, thanks for the

Автор dkrypto911 (9 месяцев)
I guess you're nothing more than the opposite side of the coin...

Автор Jeremías Primus (2 года)

Автор Epic shaolin (1 год)
At first It changed My brother's but not me, I was too Young... Then I
changed My mind and decided to live into the wild, so it actually helped me

Автор Lukáš gouda (2 года)
into the wild is a best film, respect

Автор FREDERICO CRISÓSTOMO Barreto (10 месяцев)
We're just trying to find out a way out of society, without starving to
death mate ;)

Автор Martin Möller (9 месяцев)
hahaha killer comment.

Автор UnemplomentTV (1 год)
We can live alone... Not forever but at least for awhile, Its unfortunate
that he didnt make it back. But sometimes solitude and finding love for
yourself is something that needs to be found before you can be a social
being and love others, even if you die trying.....

Автор MusicKnight1 (1 год)
Not only yours..

Автор DeepFlashTV (1 год)
This movie changed my life

Автор awesomos95 (1 год)
Its true he just walked into the wilde without knowing what to do, or
anything he dident even know that 1km up stream there was an cabin with
food and everything he would have needed, and like a little downstream
there was a bridge that he could have used to get over, i mean he was
stupid, but inspiering(broken English). if it havent been for the buss who
gave him a warm place to sleep he would been finished in a week. much
because of the stove in it.

Автор 64CRUNCH64 (1 год)
the saddest thing is that he could survive

Автор Bhav341 (2 года)
good lord, He did what NO MAN has ever done? You need to stop watching MTV
and read a few books sounds to me that what he realized at the end, when he
was dying, was that what he did was wrong, that it is the people in your
life that really matter. And I'd bet my own life that he would have done it
differently given the chance. That thing he wrote about having had a good
life, that was probably just so that the people his death would hurt would
feel better about it.

Автор Joana Barros (2 года)
I haven't watched this movie yet. I really have to watch it.

Автор John Woody (1 год)
Sometimes we just want to leave...

Автор neoviking69 (2 года)
Why you here? Fuck off!

Автор 100Meriam (1 год)
you're moroccan ?

Автор oOALIENSOo (2 года)
put your ipad in your ass and charge it!!!

Автор Shiraj Pradhanang (1 год)
tried that but the movie got out of stock. couldn't find it later.

Автор Bhav341 (2 года)
too bad it took this man facing his own death from starvation alone in the
woods to understand this. Why people worship him I will never know, he lost
his life finding out that what he thought he wanted wasn't really worth it.

Автор edwardsaladhands (2 года)
u have seen the light on the other side my friend not many people have come
to relise this is bcoz people have been brainwashed by the media to keep on
working keep on buying the products they want you to buy.there is a bigger
life out there that has bin hidden for a long time and we need to come
togeather and relise this love light and namaste to all of you

Автор Bhav341 (2 года)
Many people live in conditions that people like us would not be able to
survive in....so it isn't that we are not equipped - it is that we have not
learned what we need to know to survive. But yes, I agree with your
statement about nature - and think many of the ills of the human spirit
could be improved by more exposure to it. What I don't see is the dumb
"worship" of him by so many. Maybe it has been too many years since I was
very young and extremely naive.

Автор mah74900 (2 года)
I guess i can live in the wild... that´s not realy a big deal... got to
know a few important things and go.. what´s the challenge? Being alone
might be one, but why should i challenge myself that way and go into the
wild for that? My real challenge is to be a nice person in this fucked up
society. Finding my place and expand my skillz with other humans, that´s my
challenge... i am so brave that i´m staying! i love nature nevertheless!!

Автор WacoMeister (1 год)
my too, is Awesome.

Автор RossS Ram (2 года)
i'm 15 and an asian, i'm going to break all the stupid rules, how bout' you?

Автор Bhav341 (1 год)
it is your "opinion" that he poisoned himself. It was suggested in both the
book and the movie - because saying that he was just ill equipped and
starved makes the whole thing a lot less romantic - sounds better to say
something beyond his control happened to him. Fact is, there is no proof
whatsoever that he was poisoned.

Автор Bhav341 (2 года)
30 miles is thirty miles. Being in "the wild" means walking into the true
untraveled wilderness, making your shelter as you go. And as for the plants
he ate, there is no proof of what caused his downfall - it's all
speculation. Technically, all they could prove was starvation. And he was
not trapped by the river, he was trapped because he had no map that would
have showed him his options. He made extremely foolish decisions, based on
arrogance, and paid a high price. Very sad.

Автор roydonnelly94 (9 месяцев)
Do you know how long society has had to develop in order to escape the very
nature you want to get back to? Do you not think 10,000 years of
advancement has been pointless? It's most likely a temporary cultural
thought that makes you want to abandon society and return to nature. Nature
is not some recreational zone that helps you find your true "mother" (that
view is in fact very societally-centric). Nature is the outside world that
we have worked so hard to have under our control.

Автор GagaKate (1 год)
This film emphasizes what life really is about.

Автор edwardsaladhands (2 года)
we have been brain washed my friend to do these things goverments keep us
as busy as possible so we dont relise theres even more out there love light
and namaste to all of my brothers and sisters its time to wake up and make
a change

Автор Reavi (2 года)
mute. Sorry. Had to say it.

Автор Seref Erdem (11 месяцев)
Amına kodumun filmi ne kadar güzelsin

Автор morismosss (1 год)
I think this movie is the best movie about life, thinking about future and
relationships. The end scene was.... totally amazing.

Автор aweeaweaw ewaeaw (1 год)
Buy it and support the creators of it.

Автор MaSx94 (1 год)
maybe because this one is based on a real story..? life doesn't always give
you candies..

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