С Новым годом! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Мои дорогие друзья! Я желаю вам Счастливого Рождества и Нового года! Пусть ваши мечты сбываются! Любви! Исполняю замечательную песню Натальи Дудкиной!

My dear friends! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let your dreams come true! Love to you! i sing and play a wonderful song by a Russian bard Natalie Dudkina

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Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
you are emotional)

Автор corey buck ( назад)
cute video makes me feel good

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@carlosreyes11 muchos gracias! Have a great weekend!

Автор carlosreyes11 ( назад)
I did not understand a word but I think that the message was universal :).
Nice pictures too!

Автор khatat30 ( назад)
what a beautiful fabulour voice you have precious Elena ,, i'm realy
impressed ,, god bless you and fulfill all your hopes ,, wish you more
success and progress ,, deserve more that just 5 stars

Автор sylvie13150 ( назад)
very nice dear ELENI, congratulation !!! good morning SYL...

Автор SUNNYD3322 ( назад)
excellent. Very nice to hear you singing in your mother tongue. Love it.!

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
) thank you Vicky!

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@TheSatchMaster mmmmmmmmmm never enough thank you i love you

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@TheSatchMaster i will tell mom))))))))))) love you haha i love Spanish and
English and Russian and Italian and...French and many-many languages)))))))
for sure mmmmmmmmmm a warm romantic hug from me to you))

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@longLashes4 thank you dear Trish for your wonderful comment my language
must sound really funny for you haha rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr roar of tigers
haha))))))))))))))))))))))))) love to you

Автор Heb Mtz ( назад)
Did I tell you, that I love you..? No? ok.. then... I... love..you señorita
linda!!! I LOVE YOU!!! =P Mi gatita de ojos preciosos!!!!

Автор Heb Mtz ( назад)
Hahaha imagine how much I love you hearing you that I even enjoy a lot when
you are speaking on the phone with your mom (btw, say hello to her, and a
big looooooong kiss for you...!!! =) and warm romantic hug as New Loving
Year for Us!!!

Автор Heb Mtz ( назад)
I love hearing you speaking/singing Russian!!! mmm... =) Thank you mi
amor!!! Have a wonderful New Year, mi princesa!!!

Автор ▓▒UTOOBASAURUS▒▓ ( назад)

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@FrescaNebbiaSulMare ))))))))))))))))))) grazie grazie mille un fortissimo
abbraccio !

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@playbackja Grazie Joao!!!! )))))))))))) you are so nice Feliz Natal et
Buon anno nuevo!

Автор João Anderson ( назад)
Belíssimo amiga Feliz Natal Beijos do seu amigo do Brasil João Anderson

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
Angel Davy) thank you so much

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
thank you.!

Автор magicalfriend21 ( назад)
What is better than a present or a Christmas card?! A wonderful Chrismas
video sung by a very blessed and talented singer!!

Автор Charissa Gail Ong ( назад)

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@aerostockians thank you very much, Scaf)

Автор CDMagz 4U&U ( назад)
We love this gorgeous video love Merry Christmas to you and your family
Natasha xxxx

Автор aerostockians ( назад)
Thank you so very much - I love the sound of your voice.

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@RomeSnowShower Luca thank you so much)))))))) all the best!

Автор RomeSnowShower ( назад)
Dear Elena, the video is too nice....furthermore I appreciated in
particular this russian song!!! :-) Thanks for sharing your special
wishes.....!! It's in my fav...;-) Merry Christmas again! -Luca

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@DiegoDCvids thank you so much! warm wishes of all the best for you!

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@Antonellomasala ))))))))))))))

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@kiones12 Mariano! thank you! you are so kind to me

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@Lisasmojo Lisa! thank you! thank you! thank you, my friend! love!

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
@jdstorms Janet! thank you so very much! I'm honoured to read your
beautiful comment! you made me so happy!)

Автор jdstorms ( назад)
Outstanding Elena! You put us all in the spirit of Christmas!! Lovely
song!!! I love to hear you sing friend! Always makes me smile! Beautiful!
Beautiful! Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas Elena!! All the stars!

Автор Lisasmojo ( назад)
OMG....Elena......so beautiful...you sound so professional...and
lovely..wow...I am speechless *****stars******

Автор kiones12 ( назад)
Hi Elena , really amazing and very sweet your video my friend, it bring me
all the warm atmosphere of Christmas!! thank you Elena, go on with your
wonderful creations kisses

Автор DiegoDCvids ( назад)
Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year;)

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
Merci, cherie!!!

Автор Elena Sokolova ( назад)
thank you so much! i'm happy to hear!

Автор SUNNYD3322 ( назад)
Excellent video and beautiful voice. Love to hear your singing. Great video
as well.Merry Christmas to you.10 stars.

Автор 0007karine ( назад)
Tres tres joliment fait superbe realisation j aime beaucoup merci pour ce
partage +5*****+f...karine.

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