How to get Appetite for Destruction tone, pure slash

If you love appetite for destruction, you've probably tried to get slash' tone on the album at some point. Obviously I don't have his amp, but I think a simple (poor mans) way is to add a wah pedal as a filter, rolled slightly back, to a marshall combo, with your LP tone knobs also rolled slightly back.

Gibson Les Paul Standard - rhythm tone knob rolled back to 7, lead tone knob rolled back to 5
Marshall AVT 20 - gain 8, bass 9, middle 6, treble 6, reverb/depth 3
Dunlop cry baby wah - push fully forward to treble position, then roll slightly back (demonstration in the video)

riffs demonstrated in vid: sweet child, nightrain, paradise city, welcome to the jungle
song demos begin at 0:48, settings explained begin at 4:53

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Автор Jon Ang (3 месяца)
slash's tech himself claims that on tours the eq setting slash uses is like
that of a upside down frown, meaning mids would be highest. But anyway i
guess it's different from amp to amp.

Автор jaymick10 (3 месяца)
Thanks dude! This nailed it. Now I can play sweet child and not sound like
a jackass. 

Автор Joseph Lennon (1 год)
Did anybody else notice the tube screamer on top of the marshall

Автор Dan Butko (8 месяцев)
Damn nice dude I always had a hunch that he used the wah pulled back a
little when I heard the sweet child intro but I never thought that someone
else figured that out. Glad I'm not alone haha

Автор Tom Will (9 месяцев)
so it's not just my mg that has terrible feedback

Автор Darren Chan (1 год)
Killer tone! Very close indeed. I love what the wah does to the sound,
really helps me cut through in a band setting, cleans up the noise problems

Автор heyitskhalil123 (1 год)

Автор Heroic Moose (7 месяцев)
when i use my wah (regular crybaby) i lose all of the "gain sound" it loses
alot of its punch and the high tones are waaay to sharp, any one have any
idea to fix this or is it something i can do?

Автор Jody1985beta (1 год)
Very close, sounds great man. Even through a webcam mic! I would say the
wah filter is the sliiiightest bit too high in the mix, if you could turn
that down about 5-10% youd be almost identical, pretty good as even Slash
says hes never been able to get that tone again haha.

Автор Samir Salomon Escoto (10 месяцев)
Hi, what about your pedals setup? Can you show us please? Thanks.

Автор andres o.c. (1 год)
I have two questions, using only the distortion or wah, I can not get that
tone with another amp marshall (mg 30fx)?

Автор Sereno Withers (6 месяцев)
I have my amp, guitar, and wa set to everything he has his exactly set to.
But then again, he has a gibson and a marshal when i have an epiphone with
slash signature alnico II hum buckers and a vox...so i can see why it
doesn't sound as orgasmic as his.

Автор Luis Garcia Alanis (1 год)
Love the tone :)

Автор yonatan shani (10 месяцев)
nice tone

Автор Ben Donkin (1 год)
yeah the one without any leads going into it?...

Автор Rambo Junior (1 год)
WOW, very very very close man!

Автор MusNick (5 месяцев)
Thank you SOOOO much! Ive been playing guitar as my second instrument (im a
drummer) and i got an epiphone les paul standard. I was able to use my
marshall Mg30 and les paul to get this tone. ordered a used cry baby for
40$ on guitar center used, gonna get it perfect. Again, Thanks a bunch!

Автор Andy Shehata (11 месяцев)
Thanks man, really appreciate this!

Автор Samir Salomon Escoto (10 месяцев)
Are you using the Amp OverDrive or de Super Overdrive pedal?

Автор tomassocannavaro (7 месяцев)
nice vid! hey when you play @ 6:39 is that a normal natural minor scale?

Автор guitarwrecker (1 год)
haven't tried it with mg30fx so i couldn't say, just using the amp's
internal distortion and and the cry baby pedal, nothing else

Автор MusNick (5 месяцев)
I have an MG30 dfx and it works great!

Автор andres o.c. (1 год)
know if the model of your amp is in stores and you know what your price

Автор Fraser Mackenzie (10 месяцев)
Awesome M8

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