VOR/DME ARC Runway 35L Approach at Congonhas Airport (SBSP)

This is a DME ARC video tutorial into Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport.
The VOR DME Runway 35L Approach.


Approach Plate link:


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Автор Agustin Campomar ( назад)
awesome video! thanks dude

Автор crferrara ( назад)
Great Video.

The only thing I didnt understand is, my aircraft has conventionals VOR's.
Every single VOR I've ever seen points the RADIAL, not point TO the VOR.
How should I use this 10 degrees correction on my VOR 2 to know when i
should make a turn to maintain the 8nm arc? Should I put the VOR 2 into a
position where the CDI is centered and wait for the CDI to fall 5 degrees
to the right or left?

Автор Stemak west ( назад)
This is a great explanation - many thanks.

Автор Rishav Kakati ( назад)
Hats off to you...you're my inspiration to keep practising my approach and
landing manual flying skills! someday with enough practice i am going to
fly as smooth as you😊

Автор Jack Rabbit ( назад)
Hi, very good video, everything is well explained, I have one question
though, how can your vor needle always point to the vor station like an
adf, in my aircraft the vor needle always stay where I point it at do I
have to move it by 10° increments while I'm following the DME arc ?

Автор heli Matthew ( назад)
IFR stage 1 check tomorrow~ Good video,

Автор Miguel lima ( назад)
I agree with all the comments already made, its very well explained, it
could not be explained better.
well done, thank you for making this superb video.

Автор Malcolm Grant ( назад)
As always a great video just what I needed to master the arrival at EGPB
the great new airport by ORBX in Scotland. Thanks a lot. 

Автор chakaluk ( назад)
thanks just perfect

Автор Keffelew Assefa ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор biggy5567 ( назад)
Absolutely fabulous video! Extremely well explained. And thanks for
including the approach plate in the link description! Very good video. I am
going to practise this DME arc, and eventually increase the wind speeds and
decrease the visibility. Thanks for posting!

Автор cleon lusbo ( назад)
which flight simulator do you use bro graphics are really good

Автор Tomm Smith ( назад)
In Jesus' name you're healed.
Ask the Holy Spirit into your heart and walk with a loving, Divine Father.

Автор Jose Guzman ( назад)
Great video ! Congratulations !

Автор Izmael1310 ( назад)
Could you do one tutorial example with common 737 or A320 from MS FSX? I'am
not sure if you had to set any frequencies in the radio panel or something
like that :(
Just noob-friendly tutorial step by step with the basic FSX model, that
would be great :) Thanks

Автор Gianpaolo Pazzini ( назад)
My question is... Why did they make this approach this way using arc? Why
didn't they made it using a few waypoints, which might be easier.. Sorry
for the dumb question. :)

Автор STEVEN REISSNER ( назад)
super job thanks. may be a good idea to make tutorials on programming gmc s
get route and programme:

Автор mike691979 ( назад)
Great vid! Could you do one from t/o on route and Llanding please. Also
showing sid and stars. cheers Andy

Автор Jorge A ( назад)
Hey man, you're a good professor.

Автор Denis Ivko ( назад)
Thank you !

Автор weistation ( назад)
great video mate!

Автор John McWilliam ( назад)

Автор michael haas ( назад)
I never knew, how to fly an Arc or either what it is. So I learned so much
from your video. thanks a lot, budy!

Автор Hank Snow ( назад)
The 182 radial does not show on the instruments (or I am blind). But since
you are flying perpendicular to the 182 radial when you cross it, you know
you have crossed it when your heading is 182-90=92 degrees. Great video.

Автор francisco moreno ( назад)
Good explanation.!!! .could improve the avionics for better view. Very good
job at explaining!

Автор charan k.v ( назад)
Well explained Thanks a lot !

Автор Dee Arbie ( назад)
Thanks, Genc. You are really very good at explaining this stuff for
novices. You should get into instruction, if you haven't already.

Автор 3PH ( назад)
Sorry if this has been answered before or in another video, but how do you
know when the 182 radial has been passed? Where is it displayed?

Автор R. Aranda S. ( назад)
Thank you, time to go fire up the NGX and check up this approach for good.

Автор Josh Fredr ( назад)
great flying. are you a military pilot ?

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Oh NOOOO. There is a great arc not to far from Chino at Victorville (KVCV).
It is out in the desert and it is never busy, the ATC will always let you
do practice arc as long as you want. Sorry you missed it or the instructor
you had didn't let you know. Good luck :)

Автор Rodrigo Landauro ( назад)
FSX thank you so much for helping me understand these better.. This was
probably my number one instrument weakness since in Chino CA we don't
really have many arcs to pratice in. Now that I'm in Peru and will be
flying all over South America.. I definitely have to master these. I will
be practicing them with an HSI first though. Cheers from Lima, Peru man!

Автор John Arevalo Zumaeta ( назад)
Great video!! i'd like to know where can i find airports charts from
different airports, thanks!

Автор Tar Heel Pilot ( назад)
Fantastic video! Great explanation and presentation. I'm actually about to
go out and fly some actual DME arcs and your video made things crystal
clear to understand. Thanks for posting!

Автор Brad Rich ( назад)
wow, great graphics.

Автор reehan syed ( назад)
I love your way of explaination and made me and for many other understand
the concept and technique easier. thank you

Автор Barillas092 ( назад)

Автор Isabelleducatigirl ( назад)
Well done!!! Very comprehensive !!

Автор nikapos ( назад)
was this plane standard in fs9? in fsx i dont think i can use the FMC as
you did in FS9..

Автор wilson ortega ( назад)
fsx404 I love your videos are so helpful, and ease to understand, thank you
so much....

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
I looked at the current KLAS SHEAD 7 departure and I didn't see the
notation you were talking about. Email me your file to fsx404 @ yahoo . com
so I can take a look at what you're seeing

Автор Duncan Mac ( назад)
Hi again, a bit more info. I''m trying to set up a flight plan the CDU of
the PMDG 747 in FSX and it's giving me two "TRANS" options and I don't see
those options on the chart anywhere. I think I figured out the notation, it
has something to do with the altitude at a certain waypoint in the
departure procedure...again, I think. Any of you expert knowledge will be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Автор Duncan Mac ( назад)
Hi, I know this is off topic a bit but I have a question relating to a sid
chart I'm looking at for KLAS. I use Navigraph charts and on this one,
SHEAD 7, it has a notation in a box marked with the number one in black and
white saying see 30-10 for transitions. Do you know where I would find
this? The chart set I got for LAS has a bunch of sids and stars but I can't
find any info. on transitions. To be honest I really don't know what to
look for. Any ideas? Thanks.

Автор David B ( назад)
Super nice !!!

Автор Esteban Silva Jalpa ( назад)
Thanks for your video, It was really completed and I understand more the

Автор telosfd ( назад)
First say that the course was understandable and wonderful. But to ask that
you understand that you're at the end of the turn and the final straight of
the runway? Asks for why i watching the pointer of VOR continuity left.
Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Автор Michael Turner ( назад)
Very Nice!

Автор Junior Sugiri ( назад)
shoulda get that flight sim on my computer right away

Автор E Lopez ( назад)
Me pongo de pie y me quito el sombrero !!! Thank you very much for your
time, excellent Approach, great job. more videos like this please.

Автор kheireddine boucenna ( назад)

Автор Duncan Mac ( назад)
You're a lucky man, you can grow old and look back on your life and say " I
made a difference".

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Its triangulation and takes while to get used to it, you have to be very
familiar with the plane you are flying. For this one you have to look at
the back of the arrow (needle) pointing to the VOR, the degrees its
pointing to, that gives you the radial you are on.

Автор D4niel93 ( назад)
very nice video, easy to understand :) i didn't get one thing though how
did you know you were intercepting the 182° radial? I didn't see any
changes on the instruments.

Автор Chia En Yeh ( назад)
thank you so much for explaining VOR !!!!

Автор John J. Eapen ( назад)
Thanks for putting this together. I'm working on my CPL, will be doing my
IFR after that. ILS approaches have never been a problem but DME Arcs are
something I didn't know too much about. Your video is so much better than
reading a boring Jeppesen text book! Thanks!

Автор mikehastings1066 ( назад)
You are very good at explaining. Always great material and NBS

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
I do everything manually, no autopilot. In flight sim I never use the
autopilot below 18,000 feet. In real life, each airline company sets its
own rules when a pilot must use the autopilot. Some airlines have their
pilots must use the AP at all times above 3,000', some let their pilots fly
manually from 18,000' and below, but only when the weather is good. If
weather is cloudy and IMC, airline pilots need to have the airplane on AP
until they break out of the clouds and see the runway.

Автор STEVEN REISSNER ( назад)
HI, found the vid. very good - have you got some vor and ndb tutorials -
made in the same style they could be very useful. a lot of flightsimmers
don t know how to use the ndb and vor functionalities.

Автор DavidLTG ( назад)
I have few questions are u decending manualy or u using ALT autopilot?
Turning every 10 steps u using autopilot HDG or u do it manualy? where i
can read how its in real, do i have to always use instruments autopilot or
can do it manualy :)?

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
This was done in FS9

Автор Jose Alejandro Dino Mañon ( назад)
@ What simulator is that?

Автор Sam Fisher ( назад)
great tutorial, thank you !!

Автор surveyore7 ( назад)
Came across this by accident. Well thought out and well orchestrated video
for learning... I'd never attempted something like this as a virtual pilot.
Always went with an ILS type of landing. You give me a new challenge, but
with a clear understanding for the how/why and when... Many thanx for
putting this together to share with the rest of the "air" community!

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Yes, I'm in process of making an approach with a missed approach into
Pristina (LYPR or BKPR, goes by both). I'm doing a XAXAN 35B arrival with a
VOR 35 approach, then a missed approach where you do a arc, a hold, descend
while holding, and the VOR 35 approach again. It really includes just about
everything instrument approaches have. Don't know when I'll have it out,
but it should be a good one.

Автор Marawan Tarek ( назад)
thanks for your videos

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
This was made before I knew this, I learn stuff every day too LOL, but the
Airbus will tell you when to retard the throttles, usually its at around
20-30 feet, in the flare. You can hear it go "Retard Retard" Usually as
planes get bigger, the throttle comes out later, otherwise they'll drop
like a brick.

Автор Guardian081 ( назад)
very good landing but you should put the throttle to idle at around 300
feet and make a correct flare. otherwise good flight with the Wilco Bus

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
Sounds like you better get a thousand hrs !! LOL What kind of work do you
do ? If you're interested, go to my channel, There's a few flying vids I
made. Short and nothing fancy. Almost wiped out the camera on one though !!
LOL May take the Fly Baby out tomorrow if it's not too cold.

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Thanks man, I'd come in a second. And if I had just a few more (around
1350-1450 hours), a friend of mine who owns a charter business at John
Wayne (KSNA) would pay for me to get a Challenger 650 and Gulfstream G450
ratings so I could fly for him. But Alaska is a MUST for a season, I have a
place up there that would take me, but alas, they won't pay much, $50 a
day, so I cant afford to leave my work here in LA.

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
Hang in there and fly anything you can get your hands on and never pass up
free flying. I was thinking if you had the numbers I mentioned I could get
you on up here.

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Not that much, LOL, I only have around 400 hours, and only a lesson or two
in a multi-engine plane.

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
I don't know if you'd learn more in three months bush flying than 20 yrs in
the airlines. In each role you'd certainly learn things that you wouldn't
in the other. I grew up in the back seat of bush planes so I guess I was
doomed from the start ! I think that's one of the main reasons I like that
area of flying...................that and I'm too dumb to get out of this
racket !! LOL

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
You know, I worked for an airline when I was
younger...................caught up in the whole airline thing, and
realized it wasn't for me. That's just me, others wouldn't like the flying
I do. What's your flying background ? Do you have 1000 ish hrs and 100
multi PIC ?

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
I need to go do that for a season up in Alaska, bush flying. I heard you'll
gain more experience there in 3 months than in 20 years flying for an

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
hahaha, sort of. I need the rating to fly the Bird Dog on a fire contract.
Funny thing, most of the flying is VFR but it's requirement. It's up north,
seasonal ( very appealing ) and I'll still mess around on tundra tires,
skis and floats.

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Man, you are going to give up bush flying for instrument flying. You are
crazy :P LOL, just kidding, thanks :)

Автор taildragginone ( назад)
VERY VERY VERY GOOD VIDEO !! Actually, all of your's are really good. After
several thousand hrs of flying, mostly off airport and bush flying I'm
going to do the instrument rating in a week or two. These videos are a huge
help in alleviating some of the anxiety I have. Thank you very much.

Автор iolausxt ( назад)
I live near of congonhas airport!

Автор Gothikia EVE ( назад)
I wish my instructors were this easy to understand in flight school.
Perfect explanation and a perfectly executed approach. Definitely a must
see for all students.

Автор Schpankme Verimuch ( назад)
┏━━┳━━┳━┳━━┓ ┃┏┓┃┏━┫┏┻┓┏┛ ┃┗┛┃┗┓┃┗┓┃┃ ┃┏┓┫┏┛┗┓┃┃┃ ┃┗┛┃┗━┣┛┃┃┃ ┗━━┻━━┻━┛┗┛

Автор thedreamliner2012 ( назад)
I never knew what those arcs were on the approach plates, let alone how to
properly use it. If it were not for the clear, easy to understand tutorial
you provided, I would not have a chance. You were so right when you said
it's not easy. I managed to keep within .5 nm on my first try. Brilliant

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
This is all manually flown, course, altitude and speed. All my videos
posted on youtube are manually flown.

Автор Thomas Henry Spiteri ( назад)
Hi, perfect tutorial! One question only, you are flying with the autopilot
or you fly by hand, i mean that is it you who watch the altimeter and speeD?

Автор Sim Deck ( назад)
That makes perfect sense thanks very much!!!

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Look at the back of the white needle (the one that looks like an arrow),
its back gives you the radial you are on (or passing) during the whole arc.
I turn it on at 13:45 and its back its pointing to a heading of 315. That
is our radial from the VOR at that time. As we move around on the arc, that
back of the needle changes because we are passing thru different radials to
the VOR on the arc. At 20:00 its back points 182, meaning that we are at
the 182 radial and we need to turn on final.

Автор Sim Deck ( назад)
Ah ok! thanks for that. I am going to try that approach this weekend using
PMDG 737 NG. The only bit i think i will be struggling with is how do you
know your on that radial using your VOR 1? 182 degrees? i have paused the
video and just cant make out what tells you that info......i hope that
makes sense?

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Thanks :) I use Adobe Premier Pro, and most of the graphics are done in
Photoshop, just layers that I can make move in Premier Pro.

Автор Sim Deck ( назад)
Really good video. Enjoyed that and put my approach (excuse the pun) to
flight simulation on another level. Just on a side note i would love to
know hoe you execute the graphical presentation of charts etc what did you
use to do all that?

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Coolest youtube name, EVER, LOL

Автор MrMarcusMagnificus ( назад)
The best tutorial ever made ! Thank you

Автор dennyleso ( назад)
really awesome man

Автор TheGreatFlyer ( назад)
Could you please help me? I set the VOR frequency, course, set the ND to
VOR but I don't get the blue line that guides you to follow a radial from
or to the VOR! What am I doing wrong? Please help me!

Автор AxCYeR ( назад)
i love your videos but what bothers me is that you always seem to be a
little too slow when approaching, e.g. at 17:33 look at the angle - almost
10° :-O

Автор Chris py ( назад)
btw nice landing AND approach...

Автор Chris py ( назад)
One of the best tutorials yet, I was hoping it was a cessna 172 so I can
read the instruments or at least a baron 58, but with your great
descriptions and focus on the gauge, I can understand it, even though I
despise the gauges of the a321, haha but thank you, for making it
understandable, even for a person like me...

Автор Martin R. ( назад)
Excellent tutorial!

Автор Luiz Cláudio Ribeirinho ( назад)
You surely did, my friend. Your pronunciation to places like "Santana" and
"Congonhas" (both here in Sao Paulo) are flawless - way much better than
FSX saying it, LOL.

Автор GVad The Pilot ( назад)
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. DME Arcs are actually very easy to fly once
you understand them. The hardest thing about making this approach was
saying Congonhas, LOL, I hope I did the Brazilians justice :)

Автор larrybueno ( назад)

Автор Luiz Cláudio Ribeirinho ( назад)
Not just a "must watch" video, this one's worth to be watched over and over
again. Thanks for such a clear explanation of the DME arcs! Just subscribed
to your channel, I'll be looking forward for new lessons. Cheers from a
brazilian virtual pilot who lives near to Congonhas!

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