Driv3r Walkthrough Miami part 4

Evolution of Driver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VbvLGIvCqw

Driv3r Walkthrough,
D-Games stands for DinizGames, my username,

Enjoy episode 1 of the playthrough Miami,

Driver San Francisco is coming out this year; So, its time to kick some ass and play Driver series all over again!


Driv3r, Be Good, Be Bad, Be Both,
Released in 2004, four year after the second game, this time for PlayStation 2, XBox and PC,
I played Driv3r back in 2004, after enjoying Driver 1 and 2 my expectations were high; I got this game when it was released and enjoyed it has much has Driver 1 and 2, a little different though, but still kick ass;
It one of the most memorable games i played, but i found Driv3r to be easier then Driver 1 and 2,


Note: Driv3r on the PC has some stiff controls when compared to the ps2/Xbox versions, so don't the best 3rd person shooting gameplay...

Note 2: The sound you hear at the D-Games intro is the Sega Saturn boot up intro,

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Автор juliano luiz ( назад)

Автор sergiodriftdrift ( назад)
This is what i don't get why driver san francisco removed, 3d person
shooting and turned it into an arcade ''race ish'' game .

Автор Edenlisa Silva De Mato Lima ( назад)
e mais ou menos

Автор Levelord92 ( назад)
This game wasnt good at all, but it has some miami atmosphere

Автор os floca ( назад)
awesome game i ve impressed for his graphicsdriving and ost

Автор Adrian Rogue ( назад)
I still luv it! Driver pl is way better though... San francisco was

Автор ThirrrdEye ( назад)
omg the memories!

Автор Savage “noneofmybusiness” Marrow ( назад)
So gta pretty much

Автор Dobby Doo ( назад)
Best game

Автор FATTYCJ ( назад)
Still an awesome game 

Автор Ugur Turut ( назад)
Автор Tra'Tytiana Jenkins ( назад)
I remember too

Автор GT XT ( назад)
It's just gta

Автор Kawaiii :3 ( назад)
oh my god i remember this game :) remember years my childhood :( i love
this game someone can give me this games dowloand link?

Автор Jess Corbett ( назад)
I remember this mission

Автор ‫أبو محمد عتيبي‬‎ ( назад)
الشريط خايس

Автор lifeisfortroll ( назад)
I used to play this game when I was in the first grade some times at
weekends I play this in the morning ahh good times I wish they come back

Автор Inge Allik ( назад)

Автор hamza sarı ( назад)

Driver San Francisco 0 Çizimi HD #Hamza SARI

Автор ali king ( назад)

Автор iFaLcoNz ( назад)
caminhao da vibe era MEU FAVORITO *-*

Автор Moozy Mathers ( назад)
Actually i don't give a damn about this motion video game. I've never seen
it before, never played. I play Minecraft, League of Legends, Need For
Speed Most Wanted (2005). GTA San Andreas, Silent Hill 3. And many other
classic games like this. What about CoD, ? I honestly can say, that the
Battlefield 4 will eat your CoD in any fucking way.

Автор Diniz Games ( назад)
Ahaha, go back to your yearly mediocre CoD's, or better yet, do the gaming
industry a favor and stop supporting such mediocrity.

Автор Moozy Mathers ( назад)
Fuck your cock dick sucker.. stfu

Автор ChubMcScrub ( назад)
Yea your right, this is the shit.

Автор MayTheForceBeWithYou ( назад)
i love and hate this game at the same time

Автор King Kid ( назад)
if burn notice was a game.

Автор Dave Simkus ( назад)
Driv3r is the best. The atmosphere and locations, the way everything feels
relaxed, the ambient music really brings me in. All the new games are
flashy, full of menus and info all over the screen and quick stupid action
to grab short attention span people.

Автор SNJ1234 ( назад)
My opinion - I think Driver San Francisco is better than Driv3r. Driv3r has
better graphics than GTA San Andreas, but GTA SA is a better game. Driv3r
is really fun, though

Автор Snake Mrki ( назад)

Автор SKYHAWXFILMS ( назад)
Rubbish! San Francisco is the best one!

Автор Geoffrey Shamone ( назад)
GTA is better no ?

Автор Alex ( назад)

Автор Xtwonine ( назад)
Driv3r > Driver San Francisco 

Автор Mortal Kombat X Community ( назад)
No like gta

Автор MeanMuggin79 ( назад)
ive had em all, loved em all too. But san fransisco is shit.

Автор thestig818 ( назад)
Cod is shit u spoiled kid probally never had a child hood jst sat there
playing shitty ass cod

Автор Synergize ( назад)
ok then....how did you get here without searching this game???????????

Автор Sid Walker ( назад)
how sdo you know what i search? i didnt

Автор Synergize ( назад)
if it's shit the why are you searching it up on youtube?

Автор Sid Walker ( назад)
wtf are u talking abut? cod is way better dan dis shit

Автор Synergize ( назад)
no artari not treyarch or infinity wad -.-

Автор Sid Walker ( назад)
besides you

Автор Sid Walker ( назад)
no cod was

Автор JOE40341 ( назад)
This game had better graphics than GTA SA but Gtas gameplay was lightyears
ahead of this

Автор Rory Ryan ( назад)
said no one ever

Автор taha hoosam ( назад)
هذا حرامي السيارات 6 الجديد اﻷصلي 160 ريال اﻷصلي التقليد1 ريال

Автор omar jamal ( назад)
this game is the best game ever cause it 

Автор rakoonloufa88 ( назад)
driver 2 is beter

Автор Francisco Moreira ( назад)

Автор Alexis Javier ( назад)
i remember this game, if u cut the red lights and the police whas near u
they would follow u xD

Автор rikwatson200 ( назад)
that 'driving test' would look awesome on the film director mode

Автор Mac Gowss ( назад)
the thing i liked the most about driver games was that some missions were
so hard. it took literally 100 attempts to finish it... :D 

Автор elias costa ( назад)
was crap 

Автор Karma ( назад)
T_T i missed this game 

Автор Ashton Walker ( назад)
I haven't played this game in years

Автор sherlock holmes ( назад)
Sunset ... Let me stand for the moment Do Nothing, Lighting of the sun let
me cry

Автор JanSeulin ( назад)

Автор Nicole ( назад)
Come on

Автор Nicole ( назад)
Anyone come on

Автор Nicole ( назад)
What game is that

Автор Claudia McCarey ( назад)
I thought Driver 3 on PS2 got bad reviews from critics and gamers? But to
me, I thought this game was awesome when I first bought it at 12 years old
and still like it

Автор tarek sade ( назад)
look like grand thef auto

Автор bosto23 ( назад)
are you serious ??!. the soundtrack is fucking epic!

Автор Daracon1010 ( назад)
I just recognised that guy's voice - it's Duran from Stacraft 1!

Автор Mugen2x ( назад)
vice city

Автор It's Jony ( назад)
and the grapichs:

Автор Tacitate ( назад)
They need to remake this for current gen consoles, wasn't too impressed
with Driver San Francisco, it was fun yea but it didn't feel like part of
the series. Driver is supposed to be a violent game that's not meant for
kids. The soundtrack, cut-scenes and the atmosphere of Driv3r was the best
I've experienced in a driving game. 

Автор fszron (1413 года назад)
How do you pronounce the game title? Dri-three-ver?

Автор Henry C ( назад)
driver vs gta? driver any day!! :)

Автор Synergize ( назад)
this was the best game they ever made!

Автор Calibra Lad ( назад)
Very good graphics for a last generation game!

Автор antisatan7 ( назад)
I think I just figured out what is wrong with today's games; why I don't
seem to have as much fun. It's because games don't feel like you are
playing with toys anymore. This games; it's like playing in a toy world. So

Автор Samy ( назад)
Best soundtracks of all time

Автор THECRYTON ( назад)
how is driver parralel lines a spin off 

Автор James Burns ( назад)
you need to go to school my freind

Автор Jacob Geier ( назад)

Автор dizzystateofbliss ( назад)
I almost expect Tommy Vercetti to show up

Автор CaLLxMeBaTMaN ( назад)
Wow, the memories 

Автор KGfromPL ( назад)
@Grand0Theft0Auto It's in-game music.

Автор bandera818 (455 лет назад)
I love the songs in this game. Epic.

Автор VintageRKO ( назад)
@alpharyu852 CSI Miami intro? after Horatio puts on his shades and the
intro starts..YEEEAHH!

Автор Underdose ( назад)
the game was fun but it looked like it was still being made

Автор FerrariCarr ( назад)
This game had GREAT graphics for the time. It's a shame that they couldn't
do more with this game. It definitely would've been a lot better than GTA
if more time was put into it.

Автор AnimosityPark ( назад)
free roam n shit this is way better then GTA

Автор beatlespjrg ( назад)
@VitorVitoriaBaia best of its time...

Автор supersaiyanbacon13 ( назад)
@grayraft dude Driver San Francisco did not ruin the series, it made it
better. if you want guns play GTA. Driver was always about the driving, not
guns. Plus Driver San Francisco added Shift which in my opinion i think is
really awesome and original.

Автор VintageRKO ( назад)

Автор jumpman413 ( назад)
bestgraphics for ps2 games 

Автор Zvbmusic ( назад)
i remember waiting days for this game, when it arrived i was disappointed
as hell, this game is too boring

Автор Brandon K ( назад)
i just remember using the infinite mass cheat and driving around plowing
through the traffic. that was probably the best part. and the director
mode. i still have my original xbox with the clips on it. 

Автор keshav maharaj ( назад)
@2011kittens ive always wanted it to snow in florida

Автор Saorbhreathach Mckay ( назад)
like if u clicked the snow button

Автор C.J Edu ( назад)
this was one of my favourite gameboy advance games

Автор Joachim Johansen Music ( назад)
amazing game.

Автор Julian Jones (1045 лет назад)
awesome awesome game they should make a remake with gta 5 grapichs

Автор chris mollfulleda ( назад)
at 0:40 i felt nemo was gonna jump out da water lol

Автор Jake Root ( назад)
Damn, those graphics were great back then.

Автор Matej Klimt ( назад)
Omg old game 

Автор KNGHWK ( назад)
Fuck what the critics said, I loved this game!

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