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Автор Nalaka Muditha (5 месяцев)
ALWAYS LOVE THEM......See the narrations who it flows.....So funny..!!

Автор Nirosha De Silva (8 месяцев)
The most valuable artists ever in SL, you all made our days with laugh and
joy , salute you all !

Автор Jayalal Rohana (1 год)
They are legends of comedy art in my country.

Автор Priya Fernando (2 года)
they never die , they live in our hearts forever and ever with every smile
that we make . they are legends , but today so sad to hear about them,non
of their names are not nominated for any award , but every laugh that we
create is an honour to these legendary actors ,other than anything . we
LOVE YOU everyday ..... RIP

Автор Damian Andrews (1 год)
Very true Jayalal. I really enjoyed the b'day party you guys organized for
Berty's 89'th. The legendary octogenarian appeared in great spirits. It's
sad the other two great legends aren't with us anymore. The gravely voice
of Samuel echoes in my head like music, every time I remember them.
Annesley's brilliant comedy scripts were way ahead of any comic skits we
see in the western world. Berty's improvising style is unique to him. Only
in the little great island, artists like this can be born.

Автор Lalith Salgado (3 года)
Thanks for all the funny memories.

Автор kumara samarasinghe (2 года)
Ada ahanna thiyenne depathta kepena kunuharupa. Eewageda meyala..... Samuel
anasly birtie mersi...... Podi kaale apiwa athi wenna hinasspu aya.....

Автор yani147 (2 года)
The lady is so funny,we don't see her much these days .very talented actress

Автор Edward Dominicoon (3 года)
Jathiye ...Pinata ..Pahala Wuuuu........... Apema Sampath... Ada Monawadha
Ahanna Thyenne....

Автор Shania De Alwis (2 года)
You can watch these over and over.. watching since 80's and to 2012!

Автор madura cam (2 года)
mawa thama drama

Автор hasithapriya rajasinghe (1 год)
The best ever comedy actors in Sri Lanka.

Автор Ruhunu Yaka (3 года)
My favorite comedians.

Автор vaj del (3 года)
very nice and legends in sri lanka all times.......lassana wada ...api
issara balanawa mewa with all of familly

Автор Samitha Samarakoon (2 года)
good very funny.they are the real actress.

Автор casillas546 (3 года)
:D haha lollllllllllllllllllllll fattaaaaaaa

Автор Jeevaka Fernando (2 года)

Автор Brindley Jayatunga (2 года)
We are fortunate to have them playing even in their final days.

Автор uuuu7jj (4 года)
god fathers of sri lankan comedy

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