7 Hours of non stop uplifting christian music

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Автор Memequeen Official ( назад)
I'm afraid she's gonna sell the house and put me on the streets....I just want to live a peaceful and fun life...please pray for me; my name is Alexis Okelberry in Las Vegas.

Автор Simming Livi ( назад)
God bless you have an AMAZING day!!!

Автор Igor Breznak ( назад)
HAIL SATAN and a jolly good time, everyone! choose satan and he will give you wealth and power! sacrifice a small mammal and gain influence in YOUR community... sacrifice a few hundret mammals of different sizes and the whole town is yours! its easy AND fun, once you know how the game goes. call now! 666 666 666

Автор Elsy Corona ( назад)
The best song ever

Автор Jeff Waliszewski ( назад)
God is always in style and ready to receive you from wherever you may approach. Go with joy and reverence. Be a testimony of the journey for others to see the way.

Автор Greg Cochran ( назад)
God is so powerful and he has a great plan for us . You are amazing the way you are ❤️

Автор Paul Rhoten ( назад)
I just found it thanks up lifting me

Автор Lisa And Mariah ( назад)
@ 51:39 What song is this and who is the artist? So empowering for the music our society should be raised by.

Автор RAPTER, BROs ( назад)
Bless the wold worship the god!!

Автор mbjmbj mbsue ( назад)
Thank you...😇💞

Автор Jocelyn Hernandez ( назад)
all Christians will be rich in his name Christ Jesus the king of kings lord of lords we all be rich in heaven he will never let us down he will always be in our side what ever bad happened he will be there for u

Автор Dylanator ( назад)
It feels good to be around people who believen Christ and God :)

Автор Colmen Williams ( назад)
Bless the lord of my soul worship his holy name bless u lord💙💙😇

Автор The amazing icky dude ( назад)
God is good Thank you for forgiving my sins!🙏🙏

Автор ox PierceTheVeil ( назад)
Please Pray For Me, I Have The Greatest Evil Inside Me I Have Anger And Violence, And Others I Will Not Say Because Its The Internet And GOD Knows What They Are. GOD Sees All So Please Pray For Me And May GOD Defeat The Evil Inside Me And May God Have Mercy On My Soul. I Don't Want To Go To Hell. I Pray To God Every Night But He Won't Defeat The Evil Inside Me. I Will Never Lose Faith I Believe Jesus Died For Our Sins And I Just Want The Evil To Stop.May My Name Be Written In The Book Of Life Adam William Martin 29/08/1984 <3

Автор Jackie Deal ( назад)
I gave myself to Jesus 4 years ago and it was the best decision of my life since having my children 14 years ago

Автор Zayden Weinert ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel to Heere more music

Автор tanner blackwell ( назад)

Автор frank perez ( назад)
AMEN!!!!! god bless us ALL!

Автор frank perez ( назад)
AMEN!!!!!!! thank u god

Автор Broken inside ( назад)
hey if anyone sees this, please pray over me. I've been having such a hard time in life even though I'm just a kid, I'm starting to find out who I am. God is coming back to this earth, i cant wait to see him with a smile, god bless

Автор rekt ( назад)
God is the best thing that ever happened to all of us, Amen

Автор BelieverOfGod 4 ( назад)
Sadly my birth father doesn't believe in God. I really want him to start believing so he doesn't go to hell whenever time runs out. Can I please have people pray for him to believe.

Автор Lauren Escamilla ( назад)
subway sandwitches are only 6 bucks thrugh feberany praise the great one

Автор Ryan Handing ( назад)
Thank you don't know how much I needed this I have been dealing with some stuff lately and this is exactly what I needed amen

Автор Allen kim ( назад)

Автор oscar truman ( назад)
The only thing you got to lose if you reject Christ is eternity in heaven

Автор Fatnugget103 ( назад)
If god really loves you and forgives you how come when u don't pray to him or kill someone you all of a sudden go to some place called Hell see how pathetic religion is like cmon people put ur heads up and stop bowing ur head down to this fake shit I'm saying religion is the biggest bullshit of all bullshits honestly Jesus hasn't done shit to my aunt when she was sick and died also she was another idiot for believing in this shit I spit on the bible and the temple and a mosque and every other religious book

Автор Fatnugget103 ( назад)
LMAO you fucking idiots praying to god lmao and u guys thinking jesus will come back first of all what the fuck has church done for you where you go there everyday when I hear the word Christian I think oh homophobic people selfish people people that praise and worship something that most likely is fake and is god was real and protects us how come around the world when shootings happen they innocent ends up dying jesus isn't gods son because first of all jesus died and u guys say god cant die fucking bullshit worshiping someone else is pathetic its like u guys don't believe in yourself

Автор Elyana Anderson ( назад)
this music will move u and it is great and I just wanna say hallelujah and praise he thy Lord

Автор The National Socialist ( назад)

Автор Skrub Lol ( назад)
Jesus is f****** gay

Автор David Brink ( назад)
for those people who don't care about anyone but themselves turn your life to Jesus he will save you

Автор David Brink ( назад)
God is wonderfull he is powerfull and perfect so is Jesus

Автор Lucas cathey ( назад)
all the dislikes are fake Christan's

Автор Allyson Miller ( назад)
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Musiclover ( назад)
Reinforce the brainwashing..........sick people

Автор Michell Flores ( назад)
Thank you god I love you.

Автор rosemary berry ( назад)
timmy call me please

Автор Joshua Labrada ( назад)
Yay god. i love him, but I suck at following his word. Sin is like hunger for food.

Автор Austin Francis ( назад)
God is fake.

Автор Clayton ( назад)
Lol after 3 hours in, it's all Arabic music. Is that a troll, or is it Christian Arabic music?

Автор Bluefox 186 ( назад)
I'm an atheist. (Don't pray for me)

Автор Tiffany Simpkins ( назад)
The greatest gift is the gift of knowing God and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour

Автор Big Man ( назад)
Jesus is not real

Автор Joseph Parsons ( назад)
i love sda muic

Автор Mercy Doss ( назад)

Автор Eliel Chacon ( назад)
pary to the Lord amen=)

Автор JPQ Studios ( назад)
Jackspedicy 2

Автор Zou Angelina ( назад)
never forget you God

Автор Michael Twiford ( назад)
So tired tonight. Tired of hurting. Tired of feeling. Tired of caring. My heart is so strong but my soul is destroyed. I really just want to make it all stop.

Автор Caleb Lee ( назад)
so go Caleb gauna

Автор Caleb Lee ( назад)
I love this I love GOD so much you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор Jake Palanski ( назад)
lol fucking kill myself

Автор Ninja JJ #milk squad ( назад)
Now I did so much bad things I feel like I'm unforgivable but Jesus helped me find my way through to the finish , now I'm feeling better and happier than before!

Автор Cameron McKinney ( назад)
First song is the best

Автор Amy Brown ( назад)
Hey I need help I don't no how to get to heaven

Автор _ItzzzTessa_ ( назад)
God, we bless you! I will never give up on you! My family has been through a lot. My great grandma died, my grandpa had a seizure and will never ever be the same. He can't move, talk or eat. He is a follower of God. God, I pray that you will heal my grandpa and you will care for us.
I have gone to church when I was young. Then we moved here and I have not gone for 4 years. Then we watch God's Not Dead and my dad made us go to church. Ever since then I have NEVER regretted it.
In Your name,

Автор Patty Johnson ( назад)
Love this😌

Автор CJ DSign ( назад)
thank you for this. God Bless

Автор Mark ( назад)
What are all the other languages in this music? Can you list them?

Автор Sosa Q ( назад)
why do you Christians keep talking. I mean your numbers a dwindling you
have no leg to stand on because your scripture is full to the brim with
contradictions which have not been refuted LOL because they cant! and i
have no idea why Jay Smith is still talking after being laughed at by an
entire audience because he couldnt explain the fucking TRINITY! -the
foundation of your idol worshiping faith. LOL i think jesus in your
eyes was a schizophrenic LOOOL fucking imbeciles

Автор Motokim Goer ( назад)
3100+ dislikes - Why? ... If Satan who is also known as the Evil one, a liar and murderer from the beginning ... IF it is a real spiritual being as is proclaimed in the Bible, as we see evil in the World! People choose SO ... weather you believe what the Bible says or Not - dose not change the fact that there is EVIL.  So then WHY dose this being called SATAN who has followers of that belief system say! Why do they preform rituals that are opposite of what the Church of Jesus does?  Why is it when PEOPLE are possessed by an Evil Spirit (demon) Why do they FREAK OUT at the Words of Jesus Christ?  Why don't these possessed humans Freak Out at the Words of the Koran?  Because there is no power in Islam's Deity except in human effort. The demons don't freak out over any religious figure of the World only at the Name of Jesus Christ do they freak out!  Why do Muslims help AhhLaa?  Because WITHOUT human effort ... Islam falls apart! RELIGIOUS BRAINWASHING is when you think you have to help your deity conquer a region or the world!  If AhhLaa is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere THEN WHY DOSE "IT" REQUEST HELP IN THE KORAN?  Because there is no power in AhhLaa except with human's helping!    JESUS is the Way!

Автор Muslim Muslim ( назад)
Don't be deceived by this music which is a desire and creation of man. Satan only wants to take you away from the Lord by commanding you to worship his prophets when his prophets only commanded the people to worship God alone. Jesus is the prophet of God and servant. It is not fitting of the Most Merciful to take a son. I call you with the same call of Jesus and all the prophets to worship God alone. He is my Lord and your Lord so do not set up equals with him.

Автор Josh Hin ( назад)
I love The Lord Jesus Christ, But I have back slid, But I want to get closer to God, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart 2 years ago, But I feel I have Failed him,  I Cry  because I'm sad. I need help from my Christian friends. I need prayer and help. Thank you. God Bless you.

Автор Uncoiled Foil ( назад)
Love this but there are to many ads

Автор Twilight The Gamer ( назад)
whenever i listen to this i suddenly felt calm

Автор zakk plummer ( назад)

Автор zakk plummer ( назад)

Автор BigAman ( назад)
May god bless everyone who watches this video and I hope you have a great week.

Автор Colleen Mathias ( назад)
"Worship his holy name"

Автор Vero Gracia ( назад)
It's pretty hard not to make
mistakes if you are human cause the flesh does sin and a soul of rebirthing there many more mistakes that will be charged every day is a new of a real reason for not to and with an assistant or an angel all things are possible......

Автор Rainium ( назад)
hey I'm new to being a Christian and I'm jw if masturbating bad

Автор Heather Hughes ( назад)

Автор Danielle Dillavou ( назад)
I love church songs

Автор Silvia & Serena ( назад)
Hello. I know it's 'cheesy' to comment on this about my problems but I just felt like there would be people that care. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I had gaven up on god because I didn't feel him in my heart. I thought why believe in something you can't see. But today I felt him, I swear I felt him in my heart. Telling me you are going to be okay, you can fight this. I started to cry. I don't know what to say. Maybe my perspective will change but I don't know yet. Thank you for taking your time to read this. 💕 May god bless all of you.

Автор Dead Memes ( назад)
How's it smaking faggotz, its is boi Dr 69 here and were rekting some nubz in battlefield 420( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) where is your god now

Автор Vero Gracia ( назад)
I guess there's probably more hate when u walked the path of in-between feeling....The wanting and the knowing how to and what measures up to the plate of acceptance to who I am .....The hostile of every being to the reverse side of whom I am supposed to be ......and I love the idea of the hated ones why cause they still don't know how to love and seek the love in the hall of others fame of family...

Автор Melanie Barksdale ( назад)
My friend has been healed of cancer she is 100% cancer free. God is our healer.

Автор Manuk Manukyan ( назад)
And also he died for all of us you should thank him like me and also read the Bible and also when you ready to sleep always always prey prey with me thank you god I love you thank you for my family my like my sister my brother my house and thank you that you died not just for me but for everyone

Автор Manuk Manukyan ( назад)
Omg I love you god bless the lord of my soul I love you take me to you I will love you to always believe in god no matter what you have to trust me if you do something good will happen trust me you'll see :) 💋💋✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

Автор vanessa robles ( назад)
I will never forget god

Автор Kristina Ozeruga ( назад)
I love this so much. Thankyou! I listen to it and me makes me so happy

Автор ARMEDSPARTAN ( назад)
damn jews

Автор Manate Man ( назад)
Fuck this shit, i would rather listen to Vanilla Ice.

Автор Aviva Sagrero ( назад)
my grandfather died on my birthday can i get prayers

Автор Aviva Sagrero ( назад)
can i get 60 likes i been through many things i didnt do that i got blamed for then jesus came into my heart and went through this with me

Автор Aviva Sagrero ( назад)
amen i love u jesus

Автор ICEY CAT13 ( назад)
let the lord give u strengthen today😇😇😇

Автор Josie Smith ( назад)
I can't understand the Indian sounding lyrics well into this. How can I find out it is if it is still Christian music vs Hindu or islam lyrics?

Автор Radias Johnson ( назад)
Turn that cross upside down.

Автор Kennedi Artrip ( назад)

Автор Random Tube ( назад)
Don't depend on likes for god

Автор Poke T ( назад)
I love God

Автор Avanni Silverbell ( назад)
I love this song!!!!😇😇😇😇

Автор Doreen SANDOVAL ( назад)
I love you

Автор Ken Hill ( назад)
dear people please pray for me, I need Jesus to strictly discipline his angels to be my friends.

Автор Footwasher77 Collins ( назад)
Thank you Lord Jesus

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