7 Hours of non stop uplifting christian music

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Автор Tucker Papa ( назад)
btw god never existed and jesus was just a crazy man

Автор Shaposhnikov Semyonovich ( назад)

Автор super kid gaming ( назад)
god blesses every single person and some people take it seriously and some don't so we should be happy with our lives and enjoy life god bless all of us.

Автор IndieGhost11 ( назад)
I surrender, please bless me with the chance to gain forgiveness from those who I have hurt and with the strength and courage to accept my sins and finally hand them to eternal peace so that I and those whom I have wronged may do the same.

Автор Steve Jobs ( назад)

Автор Deleted Account ( назад)
I have recently done something that i am not proud of. My actions caused others to hurt, and i feel extremely guilty for it. I have prayed for forgiveness from the Lord. I am feeling very anxious, and going through a hard time right now. If you see this, I'm asking for you to keep me in your prayers. God bless you all.

Автор Tiny Bean ( назад)
just watched poppy's song reversed, Jesus forgive me

Автор miss little lauren ( назад)
🌊🌊🌊🌊🌈🌈🌈🌊🌈😇😇😇😇😇😇I LOVE THE FIRST SONG!!!!!

Автор Lara Singeorzan ( назад)
Who's Listening in 2017? Say AMEN!!!

Автор Lara Singeorzan ( назад)
I hope this spreads throughout the world!

Автор miss little lauren ( назад)
god is good

Автор miss little lauren ( назад)
pray your self to god. feel his love

Автор miss little lauren ( назад)
I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!

Автор Steve ( назад)
Debate me fuckers

Автор Keziah Absolon ( назад)
love u jesus I am nothing without u..

Автор Colby Lane ( назад)
🙏 Love you Father. #Godblessyall if y'all need anymore to talk to add me on Instagram @_ ColbyMueller _ I post alot about God and versus and how to keep true to God and how to welcome him in for your first time. I can't make you come in with him and I can't tell you a whole lot because that's yours and God's job. I can't make y'all's relationship you need to talk to him and laugh with him, make jokes and just let him be there.

Автор Michael White ( назад)
who is the artist in the song that runs at approximately 2:53:43 on the video time line and I wonder what language it is?

Автор Jaime3103 ( назад)
Half of this file is full of muslim music.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Hail Satan

Автор The23RacingChannel ( назад)

Автор Rose Watts ( назад)
our god is amsome and good to us and his son is good to,everyone

Автор Wiz Warlyke ( назад)
This playlist music is off the charts uplifting!!!!

Автор Joseph Martin ( назад)
God forgive all are sins bless healthy and ill for some many people care for

Автор Irishlad The first ( назад)
Repent unto him with all your heart and he will forgive

Автор JoeyLAD ( назад)
Easter Bunny is real

Автор Bethany Mcteare ( назад)
Why won't the video work

Автор kp12300000 ( назад)
God is an awesome God !

Автор Karen Telford ( назад)
does anyone know who sings the first songs of this recording I love the worship song

Автор Kim Williams ( назад)
Thank u Heavenly Father for delivering me, u are amazing awesome mighty and powerful Jehovah GOD. I love u Lord Jesus thank u for being my Lord and my Saviour, Jehovah GOD u are the one and only true living GOD. Trust in GOD with yr whole heart and he can bring u out of any situation u are in trust him and believe in him only, Jehovah GOD thank u for being in my life please stay with my family and i forever .

Автор TheKiff304 ( назад)
Praise the dear lord and sweet Jesus. Please pray for me my name is Hailey in WV, I'm going through a lot of mental trauma. My house burnt down and now I'm experiencing hallucinations and terrible pain in my mind and body for a week. Thank you. Bless you.

Автор Tucker Papa ( назад)
unless u worship krup, papa, or owen leonard u are all false

Автор Bacon Man ( назад)
Jesus? i never heard of her!

Автор Lily Charles ( назад)
Jesus always there for us if somebody don't love Jesus they make a bad choice every body Jesus will always love y'all love him to

Автор James Nichiniello ( назад)
why at 3:40 does it switch to Hindu?

Автор jessa hess ( назад)
You all are wonderful people through these comments it such a blessing. My dad is very poor and he is the one who taught me about the Bible.We all have things that are very rough but i know you all can handle it because I believe in you!You never know how life will be but just believe in God because he is there for you!And yes i know I'm young to be saying this but its true life is a great avenger with God!(btw im 11😂)

Автор Casey Bourgeois ( назад)

Автор Casey Bourgeois ( назад)

Автор Vivian Perez ( назад)
Thank you so much,I need God in my life.

Автор Samantha Reyes ( назад)
Luv this

Автор Isaac Stroud ( назад)
someone plz pray for me

Автор Travis Kun ( назад)
I truely like the first song but its not whether you like it, you need it

Автор Savion Miller ( назад)

Автор Savion Miller ( назад)
love the Lord bless him he did all for us😀

Автор Isaiah Honeycutt ( назад)
People say the Big Bang created earth but god did

Автор Ryan Reed ( назад)
May God protect please President Trump

Автор Barbara Corcoran ( назад)
I wanted this 1 song to come on, and it came out as soon as I asked for it. God really does exist.

Автор MyChristianMinistry ( назад)
You can't spell good without God.

Автор David Graf ( назад)
After a few hours, the songs are in a language that I do not understand. I hate to listen to music where I do not know what they are saying in the words.

Автор Ann Doupont ( назад)
This says 7 hours of non stop music. Are any of you also getting ads in between some of the songs?

Автор Malonga Cyr ( назад)
Can someone tell me the names of the artist in this playlist and are this songs old songs? i mean 70s?

Автор Sam Supler ( назад)
I cried

Автор tasha gladden ( назад)

Автор B DOZA ( назад)
thxs for the worship music. God Bless.

Автор WeedStonerSPot ( назад)
So pretty! Thanks for making such great vids!

Автор Gemma Roach ( назад)
I pray to god ever Day. And if u think it doesn't work it does. If I have any pain and I pray it goes away. He talks to me. He is always there for me. And I thank him everyday for this amazing life. And people who hate i don't care I love him no matter what y'all say I love him. And. No body will ever change that. Y'all should give him a change bc he has not done anything but help u and bring y'all life. He made y'all. Give him respect. Plz I'm begging u. Y'all should love him. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

Автор Tomy Han ( назад)
I always stressed out and felt horrible each day. but after hearing this, it made me feel way better and now I always hear this music

Автор James Tull ( назад)
fell asleep to this.

Автор Skrub Lol ( назад)
JESUS, these comments are cringey

Автор Kaitlynn Bouvia ( назад)
Declare his glory among the nations.

Автор leonidasnz1972 ( назад)
They should have Mercy And Compassion. I love dat song😍🤗

Автор Sarah Bo Morel ( назад)
I will pray everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🙏😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👰🏻👰🏼👰🏽👰🏾👰🏿👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏾👼🏿👼

Автор Sosa Q ( назад)
You should listen to the baby smashing song oh and the Noah getting fucked by both his daughters ;) If you want the New Testament then listen to slave song oh and the misogyny verses Bye bye

Автор Angel Whisperer Dawn ( назад)
i am in heaven when I listen to the music here ..thank you

Автор EnderSlender Gaming ( назад)
amen the lord is life

Автор Tyler Robinson ( назад)
I bet liberals hate this music. Next time there is a protest someone needs to play this mix.

Автор Freedom Fighter ( назад)
God changed my life, he gave me hope in the darkness. He is the way the truth and the life. All his ways are perfect and his wisdom is unfathomable. Glory to the Prince of Peace and the King of Kings. Thank you, Jesus.

Автор Janette Garcia ( назад)
we love you God

Автор Daily Vlogger ( назад)
You can get a copyright for this 😂

Автор Jossiah Gonzalez ( назад)
I love him

Автор mackenzie Brown ( назад)

Автор mackenzie Brown ( назад)
I want all of y'all to know truly how much God loves you!! If you ever feel down are have time check out the video I made on my new channel it's called God Loves you

Автор MR CREEPER ( назад)
Hello this is a random comment that I thought I can put

Автор Rainbow unicorn Heart ( назад)
Amen to god

Автор Kitty Coner ( назад)
Hello person scrolling down!
May God bless you! Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that he died for your sins!(John 3:16) If anyone needs prayer I'll be happy to pray for you
God bless u and have wonder day!

Автор Nashalie Santana ( назад)
Im really sad 😔 Im just praying to God and listening to this beautiful music hoping everything changes for the better in Jesus name

Автор Omar Antonio Virgilio ( назад)
I love the 1 song💃💁💋💋❤❤❤❤💕💕💖💖💖💗💗💗💘💘💘💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💟💟💟💟

Автор Aiden Waters ( назад)

Автор robert matthews ( назад)
Thank the lord

Автор Ben Davis ( назад)
It's actually 6:31 minutes

Автор Thomas Selman ( назад)
you always need to bless the lord

Автор elton tedza ( назад)
worship is the source of all

Автор Whiteboy Joey ( назад)
Thank you...

Автор Donald Gibbs ( назад)
Please Pray for me and my family and friends. We are under a strong Tornado Watch.

Автор Wendy King-Clark ( назад)
We love god

Автор Rose Watts ( назад)
god is good to his hole family and god will take care of us we do need to were about it he will do it he is amazing when he takecare of us he will give you the rightthing so you can be good to our god he is a good god so don't were at all he will take care of us

Автор Karlene Boonstra ( назад)
The LORD has called many but chosen few...

Автор fox racing ( назад)
i love all of theses songs

Автор Hannah Roberts ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful music ❤️

Автор rainbow six Diaz ( назад)
gods life

Автор rainbow six Diaz ( назад)
me to

Автор Andrea Wostenberg ( назад)
Thank you for this music❤ Satan has been trying to get to me... I've been having depression and Anxiety. Please pray.

Автор Mr Pimp ( назад)
god is great for he sits on his throne on the the universe looking down on us i pray that he forgives those who need's they're sinns washed away and i ask if you guys can pray for me im only 16 and dont know any better and i have sinn and still sin and today i pray i let the lord into my heart and its an amazing feeling and i would like to continue to have that feeling of gis love,strength, and his comfort may the lord almighty bless you and continue to bless you

Автор Tonic Hazard ( назад)
IMandy and i love this song
- me like

Автор Aztrosist ( назад)
fuck, where am I?

Автор antwone davis ( назад)
Can you guys subscribe to this guy Christian Worship songs We need uplifting things in life

Автор Barbara Shelton ( назад)
God, forgive me. l am such a sinner.

Автор John Oh angry ( назад)
who dares dislike this?

Автор Lea Anz Santiago ( назад)
yes, indeed, God will make a way...all this social sites, this media, He sends His message across to us...GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!

Автор Gene Yount ( назад)
ain't nobody like Jesus....praise His Holy Name!! 33 yrs since He pulled my out of the sewer

Автор Rose Watts ( назад)
god is good to his people and his childen he his might god he save us from hram

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