Tactical Arms - The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2)

Larry Vickers, co-host of Tactical Arms TV Show on The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2).
The legendary Russian battle rifle the AK-74 is profiled and how it was influenced by the AK-47 and SVD sniper rifle is discussed.
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0zOTdR7xOE PART 2

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Автор Jack 1059 ( назад)
You go fat white guy.

Автор Gutbuct Tcubtug ( назад)
Boet ! You need to update your politics ASAP...COMMUNIST SOCIALIST RUSSIA
IS LONG GONE ~ Russia is a Democracy...OBAMA'S AMERICA IS NOW

Автор wisseast ( назад)
mis informed @ 6:21 regarding svd caliber 762x54r not 62r got ur back


Автор Vinnie Babauta (1494 года назад)
can this m16 shoot underwater, buried in dirt and/or in snow? just

Автор Thomas Jefferson ( назад)
time 1:14 the music from Mech Assault 2 is playing haha

Автор hohenstaufenz ( назад)
Larry's son was shooting a 22LR semi-auto. M&P15-22, a great gun for a
young shooter.

Автор multipl3 ( назад)
Was the car15 also called the commando?

Автор Reeve Swan ( назад)
6:29, the SVD doesn't have a AK bolt, the AK bolt is two lugged at is what
some might call fluted. The SVD uses the more solid un-fluted three lug
bolt with a different rotation than the AK.

Автор Anselmo Alliegro ( назад)
The the original muzzle brakes had more to do with launching grenades than
with suppressing flash or recoil. If you noticed, most of the NATO rifles
have a flash hider that is exactly 22 mm in diameter (M16, G3, CETME,
GALILL, BERETTA, AUG...). FALs world later be equipped with this type of
flash suppressor to use the ENERGA and POLIVALENT rifle grenades of the
period. By then the M14 was considered obsolete and we had adopted the M79
grenade launcher. The sound a rifle makes is also very important. In a
firefight, specially at night, it is important that the sound your rifle
makes does not mimic that of your enemy. Some of the shorter rifles, for
instance, may sound like an AK47 or a FAL. You want your rifle to sound
just like those of your friends less you become a victim of friendly fire.

Автор Joseph Legacy ( назад)
4:20 if that's not propaganda from Vickers I don't know what the word means

Автор Glen Smith ( назад)
WTF? The flash suppressor has zip to do with those seeing YOU, dumbass..
it has everything to do with the 'SHOOTERS' eyes!
20 yrs SF's? Gave up your HONOR for the "media"?

Автор cirethgr8 ( назад)
Well, since the Afghani's called the 5x45 bullet, the poison bullet do to
its effectiveness, that answers the question about the .223/5.56. The AR
round is slightly heavier & a little more velocity. Just have to read
between the lines. Peace.

Автор Mojo Head ( назад)
That for nonsense!
AK isn't copy of Stg - its two absolutely different technical systems!
This man understands what he speaks?

And Stg wasn't the first avtomat (battle rifle) - 30 years before Stg
russians created and used Fedorov's Avtomat in regular army.

And what is AK-47??? There no sach weapon like AK-47. There is only AK/AKM.
Study military science, girls!

Автор Steppy ( назад)
Load of Bullshit, at 1:28, Mikhail had the idea for the AK-47 in 1942, no
way he saw an M1 Grand let alone know enough to get any ideas of it, pure
American Propaganda. The MP44 and the AK have visual resmblences but not
any internal ones that make the AK so popular.

Автор ROBERTO OROZCO ( назад)
I thought this was about the SVD and AK. Most of the show was about the
American versions. 

Автор stefa4k0 ( назад)
im probably the only person that has always found the Dragunov beautiful..

Автор Carl ST ( назад)
Kalashnikov himself said his design had zero influence from the

Автор blackquaman ( назад)
very informative thanks

Автор Terra Dactyl ( назад)
Now I am on television .. thats a clue! Love it!

Автор Artur Zakaryan ( назад)
This guy doesn't know about Ak ,man you should advertise vacuum machines

Автор Manderson matters ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that muzzle break Is also a flash suppressor 

Автор Greg Keefer ( назад)
Geez.... All over the place... What about the "GEL" itself? damage
comparison instead of' "bullet damage" anyone? This guy covered everything
but what he set out to... Gave me ADD just watching...

Автор Clayton Sage ( назад)

Автор Jake Martin ( назад)
fat american

Автор hubert omyla ( назад)

Автор fuerst metternich ( назад)
4:50...i don't necessarily agree w. that. you don't shoot at something you
can't see....so if your rifle is more controllable on automatic....and you
shoot first......

Автор 002Trance ( назад)

Автор Cool Beans ( назад)
The AK family is much less likely to jam on you in battle, than the M16/M4.
They're also so much more easier to strip than it's competitors, the AK-47
has much more stopping power, but lacks accuracy

Автор nejinaji ( назад)
nothing has more style than an AK

Автор FAHIM ULLAH KHAN ( назад)
sir wats the procedure to join your company. i love it too much extremely
too much

Автор Kennie Montano ( назад)
the SVD is a great weapon it has range power. The M14 is way to hard to
scope sorry I am an American praising a Soviet sniper semi automatic its
better. SVD anyday m14 fuck that sorry got to ajust to windage eveytime
with the springfield but the tula no kill kill. Now give me a simple dmr
that the U.S. makes give me a SVD I will kill Russians come on its a
better rifle they got us on this.

Автор Zachary Tunnell ( назад)
"The Soviets need to update it, and should have done it a long time ago,"

Автор russianoleg ( назад)
Funny how the episode called AK 74 and Yet the guy cant shut up about the
US weapons lol. LAME as fuck

Автор ianchen9449 ( назад)
there is just some thing in him that makes me wanna fuck up his face.
fucking larry douche vickers

Автор BalticBuffalo ( назад)
i was under impression, that he was going to talk about AK 74...but
actually he barely touched that topic...

Автор coburna5 ( назад)
Get them hands agoin whilst you talk larrold

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
Also the US finally caught up to Russia by issuing a semi auto sniper rifle
the Russians issue one per squad. The US playing catch up now has a
designated marksman with a battle useable semi rather than the bolt action
they persisted with for an eternity. Russian snipers train out to 1400m
well past US standard's

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
The flash produced from any AK is blinding to the frontal observer & simply
lights up the area for the shooter also it helps identify your comrade in
CQB. The M4 still has major problems with buffers & sub quality components.
Something no AK suffers from since its just meant to be abused. The AK
steel core round has better long range penetration on steel & is noted for
the severity of the wound it causes, where the M4 round is doubtful over

Автор ap72sentinal ( назад)
gun nut America lol

Автор Dan Burton ( назад)
The kid sounds like he just wants to shoot it

Автор IanDaNewfieBeast14 ( назад)
I'm only 14 and I shot 12 gauge's and rifles

Автор Musashiprodigy ( назад)
How is this biased? Tell me what fact is wrong.

Автор Alexandr Andriychuk ( назад)
Ти мудак комунізму ніколи не було, комунізм це ідилія яка може існувати
тільки на папері!

Автор Denis Novik ( назад)
AK - rules, USA weapons - sucks, пидарасы

Автор Charles West ( назад)

Автор NarrowKilla ( назад)
way to teach your son to use weapon, +1

Автор Dimitry Fridman ( назад)
one of the most biased documentary on ak-74

Автор Tvaxquivax ( назад)
hugo made ak 47..

Автор TurtleWolf Pack ( назад)
This just proves that supposed military service does not breed factual
evidence of intelligence, but it does make for bias that is unfounded in
truth. Seriously, if Larry Vickers is a "good example" of the firarms
"culture" in the USA you poor bastards are doomed.e

Автор Tim Ervin ( назад)
Like if you're horny!!

Автор drdimov ( назад)

Автор FeelFree3 ( назад)
I would say some assault rifles made by HK & FN for e.g. HK416 & FN SCAR-L
have both great reliability and accuracy, unlike AR and AK need to
compromise one of them.

Автор fullmindstorm ( назад)
Thumbs up for the Russians,they make better rifles,thumbs up for the
Mexicans too,they invented the first semi-auto rifle.

Автор SovietxxDan1992 ( назад)
There is no "best weapon ever" people. It all come down to the right tool
for the job for that particular operator. Every weapon (save for the
Chauchat, which was a POS) has strengths and weaknesses to take into
account, but it's gotta feel good in the user's hands. M4 guys will stick
with M4s, and AK guys will stick to AKs.

Автор SovietxxDan1992 ( назад)
The M4 isn't an awful weapon. I work with Vets at my college and although
it starts to lack reliability after 100,000 rounds (without a good
cleaning) it is very accurate and offers more versatility. Stopping power
has no effect when you put a hole in the target's head. However, I still
prefer the AK.

Автор John Rambo ( назад)
M4 the most battle worthy carbine ever? LOLOLOLOLOLOLO. Larry, you're a
dunce. First of all, not even terrorist shoot the AK74. They all have the
47's. If given the option, I doubt most US soldiers would choose the M4
over the AK. Only an old clueless fart like you would.

Автор AstronautSpaceCake ( назад)
they are both left handed

Автор gpuckit ( назад)
M14, AR-15 ya I can say your a little bias do too you being a grunt,
Russian armory has been fielding better battle rifles sense the napolyanic
war. the Russian people are battle harden people , unlike the chicken
mcnugget eaten soft wimps we call men. ooooo my 401k took a dump and my bmw
has a flat its the end of the world lol please

Автор Mortablunt ( назад)
Shut up old guy who points at outdated maps of Berlin.

Автор RogueBrit ( назад)
5.56mm worst round the U.S. forced on N.A.T.O.

Автор Not Required ( назад)
a 22 is still a 22 no matter how fast the round is going....7.62X39 for the

Автор артем щввычмсчм ( назад)
this guy is wway to not objective , way to much ass licking for american

Автор Stephen Manina ( назад)
Sure thing man just be sure its as a quotation, I dont want to be accused
of plagerising if im using the sentatment later on for my own words and

Автор sergeantbigmac ( назад)
VERY well said sir! I couldnt have explained it better myself, and I dont
think im even gonna try because what you said is exactly how I feel about
this ridiculous debate. Its like people are still stuck in the cold war era
'us vs them' mentality, when they are actually equal and have long since
moved on! Is it ok if I copy and paste your post on other similar videos?

Автор asianfrenzy666 ( назад)
Lotta people on here who don't know shit about guns. Keep the comments

Автор awesomebeasification ( назад)
Their quick scope mounts sighting doesent wander like picatanny rails do.
Also great idea to use an explosive to manipulate the gas regulator

Автор Londo Mollari ( назад)
8:00 - "The Soviets need to update it" Really? I don't care that this guy
is a former Delta Force member. He choose to ignore the modern SVD
derivates and btw USSR has been defunct for more than 20 years now.

Автор alex boniball ( назад)
more bull shit, hes saying you can match the m21 against the SVD, which you
can defenitly not. the SVD can be used as long range sniper rifle, while
M21 cant

Автор alex boniball ( назад)
fuck this guy, if an AK 74 soldier and a CAR 15 got into a firefight, the
person with the most accuracy is going to win, all this talk about muzzle
flash is such bull shit

Автор Marcel Krajewski ( назад)
This is way too biased i had to stop watching it becouse I was sick of
listening to this man. He doesnt sound pro he really sounds like if he only
ever heard of is how good the americans are.... Bullshit!

Автор Chrysler5avenue ( назад)
dat product placement

Автор олег лещенко ( назад)
ак 47 намного лучше всех его доработок. об этом говорит опыт Русской армии
в Афганистане

Автор Bobby Johnson ( назад)
Have some news for you guys the m16 is alot more reliable than vietnam

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
In COD maybe, AK-74m are superior to the AKM.

Автор Mick Sydney ( назад)
Larry Vickers ,,,Thank You for your service mate ,from Mick AUSTRALIA
,,good video ,

Автор vionorino ( назад)
fuck the M16 and M4 ! nothing beat an AKM with a silencer!

Автор Alex N ( назад)
You know more about history of ak, shtormguwer and m16. M16 looks likd has
more futures of german rifle than Ak.

Автор butteredbread100 ( назад)
Since when is a rifle that fires a 5.45 a battle rifle? Says that in the
description lol

Автор Stas Renard ( назад)
I love AK

Автор Dmitriy Vetrov ( назад)

Автор M JOLNIR ( назад)
Why the hell is he calling them "Soviets" ??? The USSR dissolved a long
time ago, they are just Russians now, from the Russian Federation. He's
talking like we're in the middle of the cold war! 08:00 - "The Soviets need
to update it".

Автор Charsept ( назад)
this feels biased.

Автор CaptainKeating ( назад)
I will add that I have nothing personal against the man or what he is
trying to accomplish. I fully support spreading knowledge of guns and find
it admirable that he is helping others to properly teach kids the
fundamentals of firearms/marksmanship. I just found this video useless in
trying to research more about the specific details of the AK74. Could be
the fault of whoever uploaded and titled this video.

Автор CaptainKeating ( назад)
This guy is full of shameless plugs and bias. I understand the temptation
to lean towards the AR platform since I am prior service. It feels like
home court and they have a slick look to them. However, I will never again
invest in one due to its high maintenance. Same people buy cars for their
exterior as opposed to the engine and fuel economy. I choose RELIABLE IN
THE FIELD. This guy was paid to endorse Oakley and S&W. Biased Enough said.
BTW I think he is smuggling ballistic gel in his shirt.

Автор David Bane ( назад)
Why is he using an ak 47 then, instead of an ak 74? Just look at the gas
block on the weapon, it misses an 90 degrees gas block. The weapon Larry
Vickers has in his hands has an 45 degrees gas block.

Автор Pierce Trujillo ( назад)
I like the little .22 at the end I need to look into that

Автор MrSKSkill ( назад)
Thanx for posting my Video Response Brother. ~MrSKSkill

Автор Max Mustermann ( назад)
They dont care about the Soldiers in the field? Ak: boom, boom!! M16: boom,
jam... Even with the updated versions of the m16, the ak will save your
life better than any fucking m16... Stop talking about soviet union... It
is history... Stop this freaking Cold War-like Arguments... It will never
come to a conventional War between Russia and the USA...

Автор Headass357 ( назад)
Also this program is slightly biased.

Автор Headass357 ( назад)
The ak platform will always be better than an m16 or ar15 variant . The ar
can't be services as easy as an ak, the ar is less reliable than any ak,
and the only way that ar can be reliable is when you buy one that is
excessively expensive . With that in mind the ak will always be better.

Автор Stephen Manina ( назад)
This is true in the fundemental design, my statement was merely saying that
both weapons have come a long way since their early versions that
revolutionised modern warfare, to be more then a match for each other in
their various fields and both the USA and Russia like both guns for their
different abilities. It all comes down to the personal preferance of the
shooter, and the caliber of ammo that is available for resupply.

Автор makakamakaki ( назад)
That's so because of the styles of fighting.Russia's a country with
un-predictable weather,and Russians prefer a gun that'll allow them to
leave their opponent full of holes.America's got nicer weather,and
Americans prefer to save their ammo and shoot one-shot kills.

Автор DarkSith1980 ( назад)
Biased review. thumbs down.

Автор Alfred Jodl ( назад)
Absolutely, Master Sergeant Vickers has in his twenty years of serving in
the US army green berets and 1sfodd, absolutely no experience in this field
whatsoever let alone any practical knowledge . Inherent in serving in a
unit like 1sfodd, Master Sergent Vickers quite possibly put more men in the
ground than your comment has thumbsups.

Автор MrHoodey ( назад)
why does he allways talk of the "soviets" in the present tense?

Автор mohammed benachour ( назад)
This is shit we typed in ak74 and they gave us a lecture on the m16

Автор ROBERTO OROZCO ( назад)
Blah blah blah M16. Soviets blah blah M16 M14. Blah blah M1 garand

Автор bargunner18 ( назад)
Is that a real Izzy AKS74N or what? I see a AKM 2 piece scope mount and 45
degree gas block. 1976 dated I bet.

Автор WhiskyXXIII ( назад)
how expensive btw?

Автор RASI Rawss ( назад)
So as I understand about the AK-74 it's america, amerrica murrica. Better
'Murica . Vietnam America. m-16 'murrica murrican best.

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