Tactical Arms - The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2)

Larry Vickers, co-host of Tactical Arms TV Show on The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2).
The legendary Russian battle rifle the AK-74 is profiled and how it was influenced by the AK-47 and SVD sniper rifle is discussed.
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0zOTdR7xOE PART 2

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Автор ViperBite ( назад)
So the SVD's scope mounting system is "over the hill" but the M14's similar
system isn't? There's a ton of bias in this show. And then the whole
irrelevant teaching your kid to shoot non sequitur...who produced this

Автор That Boy ( назад)
now put some dirt in a m16...

Автор Ray celaj ( назад)
Stop talking bull shirt

Автор Kevin Calderón Román ( назад)
the AK did an excellent job in Vietnam , killing the invaders.

Автор Touty Touty ( назад)
His son must be the most happy of childrens :)
You guys are lucky to live in such a nice contry , never let dem prohibed
the weapons , the terrorism don't care if the weapons are sale in armoury
or sale by an other musli... I mean terrorist sorry ... Just look at my
contry , full auto are illegal for everyone no exceptions but there is
quite everyweek murder by full auto guns and sometimes (more and more)
terrorism attack so... , here in Europa all illegal weapons are sale by
pro-djihadist , except a few hunt rifles

Автор Max Westy ( назад)
I not sure if it me or does he seem to bash the Russian rifles slyly

Автор Mike V ( назад)
"Last thing you wanna do is make this an intimidating, scary environment,
or situation, or experience for your child".. as he proceeds to quiz his
kid on television and hands him a super tacticool red-dot scoped AR

Автор Logan Ausherman ( назад)
"Condition your child to think that weapons are fun and normal"

Автор Kevin Ruud ( назад)
is that true if ak-74 had brighter flash when fired ??. and it's still
debate able to the military doctrine on this day which is the best between
quality or quantity...because when we in the harsh situation we gonna grab
whatever to fight back..AK or M-4 both are deadly in their own ways

Автор Yurchik Belov ( назад)
feels like he made this episode with a preexisting negative opinion..
instead of concentrating on the weapon he was concentrating his attention
on comparing it to the m4.. I thought the episode was supposed to be about
the 74 and SVD..

Автор reddevilparatrooper ( назад)
I love the M21 with that ART II scope.So easy and lethal...

Автор fkujakedmyname ( назад)
do you have anything to say that's not propaganda of russians are the bad
guy you daesh loving republicunt nazi benedict arnold wanna be red coat

Автор Gutbuct Tcubtug ( назад)
Boet ! You need to update your politics ASAP...COMMUNIST SOCIALIST RUSSIA
IS LONG GONE ~ Russia is a Democracy...OBAMA'S AMERICA IS NOW

Автор wisseast ( назад)
mis informed @ 6:21 regarding svd caliber 762x54r not 62r got ur back


Автор Vinnie Babauta (1496 лет назад)
can this m16 shoot underwater, buried in dirt and/or in snow? just

Автор Thomas Jefferson ( назад)
time 1:14 the music from Mech Assault 2 is playing haha

Автор hohenstaufenz ( назад)
Larry's son was shooting a 22LR semi-auto. M&P15-22, a great gun for a
young shooter.

Автор multipl3 ( назад)
Was the car15 also called the commando?

Автор Reeve Swan ( назад)
6:29, the SVD doesn't have a AK bolt, the AK bolt is two lugged at is what
some might call fluted. The SVD uses the more solid un-fluted three lug
bolt with a different rotation than the AK.

Автор Anselmo Alliegro ( назад)
The the original muzzle brakes had more to do with launching grenades than
with suppressing flash or recoil. If you noticed, most of the NATO rifles
have a flash hider that is exactly 22 mm in diameter (M16, G3, CETME,
GALILL, BERETTA, AUG...). FALs world later be equipped with this type of
flash suppressor to use the ENERGA and POLIVALENT rifle grenades of the
period. By then the M14 was considered obsolete and we had adopted the M79
grenade launcher. The sound a rifle makes is also very important. In a
firefight, specially at night, it is important that the sound your rifle
makes does not mimic that of your enemy. Some of the shorter rifles, for
instance, may sound like an AK47 or a FAL. You want your rifle to sound
just like those of your friends less you become a victim of friendly fire.

Автор Joseph Legacy ( назад)
4:20 if that's not propaganda from Vickers I don't know what the word means

Автор Glen Smith ( назад)
WTF? The flash suppressor has zip to do with those seeing YOU, dumbass..
it has everything to do with the 'SHOOTERS' eyes!
20 yrs SF's? Gave up your HONOR for the "media"?

Автор cirethgr8 ( назад)
Well, since the Afghani's called the 5x45 bullet, the poison bullet do to
its effectiveness, that answers the question about the .223/5.56. The AR
round is slightly heavier & a little more velocity. Just have to read
between the lines. Peace.

Автор Mojo Head ( назад)
That for nonsense!
AK isn't copy of Stg - its two absolutely different technical systems!
This man understands what he speaks?

And Stg wasn't the first avtomat (battle rifle) - 30 years before Stg
russians created and used Fedorov's Avtomat in regular army.

And what is AK-47??? There no sach weapon like AK-47. There is only AK/AKM.
Study military science, girls!

Автор Steppy ( назад)
Load of Bullshit, at 1:28, Mikhail had the idea for the AK-47 in 1942, no
way he saw an M1 Grand let alone know enough to get any ideas of it, pure
American Propaganda. The MP44 and the AK have visual resmblences but not
any internal ones that make the AK so popular.

Автор ROBERTO OROZCO ( назад)
I thought this was about the SVD and AK. Most of the show was about the
American versions. 

Автор stefa4k0 ( назад)
im probably the only person that has always found the Dragunov beautiful..

Автор Carl ST ( назад)
Kalashnikov himself said his design had zero influence from the

Автор blackquaman ( назад)
very informative thanks

Автор Terra Dactyl ( назад)
Now I am on television .. thats a clue! Love it!

Автор Artur Zakaryan ( назад)
This guy doesn't know about Ak ,man you should advertise vacuum machines

Автор Manderson matters ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that muzzle break Is also a flash suppressor 

Автор G Keefer ( назад)
Geez.... All over the place... What about the "GEL" itself? damage
comparison instead of' "bullet damage" anyone? This guy covered everything
but what he set out to... Gave me ADD just watching...

Автор Clayton Sage ( назад)

Автор hubert omyla ( назад)

Автор fuerst metternich ( назад)
4:50...i don't necessarily agree w. that. you don't shoot at something you
can't see....so if your rifle is more controllable on automatic....and you
shoot first......

Автор 002Trance ( назад)

Автор Cool Beans ( назад)
The AK family is much less likely to jam on you in battle, than the M16/M4.
They're also so much more easier to strip than it's competitors, the AK-47
has much more stopping power, but lacks accuracy

Автор nejinaji ( назад)
nothing has more style than an AK

Автор Kennie Montano ( назад)
the SVD is a great weapon it has range power. The M14 is way to hard to
scope sorry I am an American praising a Soviet sniper semi automatic its
better. SVD anyday m14 fuck that sorry got to ajust to windage eveytime
with the springfield but the tula no kill kill. Now give me a simple dmr
that the U.S. makes give me a SVD I will kill Russians come on its a
better rifle they got us on this.

Автор Zachary Tunnell ( назад)
"The Soviets need to update it, and should have done it a long time ago,"

Автор russianoleg ( назад)
Funny how the episode called AK 74 and Yet the guy cant shut up about the
US weapons lol. LAME as fuck

Автор ianchen9449 ( назад)
there is just some thing in him that makes me wanna fuck up his face.
fucking larry douche vickers

Автор BalticBuffalo ( назад)
i was under impression, that he was going to talk about AK 74...but
actually he barely touched that topic...

Автор ViiCiouSLoGiiC ( назад)
This is so hilariously weird.

Автор Messy Giuseppe ( назад)
this fat pig has no idea what he is talking about, the russians dont value
the lives of their soldiers HAHA whatever. I hope this fat fuck chokes to
death on a chicken bone in front of his entire family 

Автор Saucy ( назад)
Yes, we want to make shooting fun! Don't make it scary for your child, as
guns aren't scary or dangerous at all, and there's absolutely no reason to
instill in them a fear and respect for the the power of firearms!

For fuck's sake. When I teach my kid to shoot I'm going to scare the
ever-loving shit out of them so they know exactly what they're dealing
with: *a fucking gun!*

Автор Justis Heitz ( назад)
Soooo many but thirst fan boys chill the fuck out

Автор KONATAonPC -CirnoBakaHD ( назад)
1:30 as far as i know the M1 Garand has nothing to do with the AK. Typical

Автор Kira Kraken ( назад)
You know nothing about the AK first its Mikhail not michael and the stg 44
was taken into design look it up cyka @jonfox

Автор Akash Naik ( назад)
why would u train a kid to fire a weapon?

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
Why does this have so many dislikes?

Автор hurrdurr25 ( назад)
Tactical arms? Why not tactical legs? 

Автор Matthew Melvin ( назад)
His kid is a robot. 

Автор CRAZY5MALANG ( назад)

Автор Kozak Q ( назад)
Wow lil overkill for a kids first 22...teach your kids irons first... no
red dot

Автор pinkeye00 ( назад)
You've had VD since 1983.

Автор Shashank Mallepula ( назад)
what a load of bull shit. The russians don't care about their soldiers. I'm
sure their fucking strapping them with all that gear and they can't add a
flash suppressor on an ak. This redneck douche can't stop saying shit about
anything that's not american. 

Автор hoilst ( назад)
Does...does he not know which camera he's on?

Автор Timetodiejoe ( назад)
"Car" "bean" *facepalm*

Автор 120masterpiece ( назад)
WRONG! The CAR-15 is one of those scary "assault rifles", not a carbine!

lol I tried saying that with a straight face. Was my face straight? Did
I pull it off? I tried hard. lol stupid liberals

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
What a dip shit the AK is superior on every test including the Muzzle break
stopped watching right there

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
No they found they wanted something to punch holes through US body armour
and do terrible damage once it entered the body. The M4 has become an AK

Автор John Fox ( назад)
that guy knows nothing about the AK it was a design of its own Michael
Klashnikov didnt use the STG 44 and M1 Design

the Gas system on the AK and the SVD are the same

Автор Lee Harvey Oswald ( назад)
fact…larry has nothing good to say about any weapon unless its American. 

Автор batrezz ( назад)

Автор Jacob Sloan ( назад)
Benefits of being tactically fat! Helps with long term engagements with the
enemy, more motivation to end a battle for lunch breaks and also definitely
a better fighter when sitting in a living room watching c-span and bitching
about who ever is president! MeriKa... 

Автор George Wamser ( назад)
The AK74 is one of the most underrated sturmgewers on the battlefield. Good

Автор Obed ( назад)
keep it neutral don't be biased, you can say when you start a sentence my
opinion is and it will sound better. Your putting a nationality on a gun
which its just nonsense. Guns are for individuals and that's how it should
be but unfortunately people use politics.

Автор rob37greenbike ( назад)
Full manual single shot bolt. only gun a real sniper would use. one

Автор Uploader24 ( назад)
The AK74 is highly controllable not only because of the muzzle break. You
can look up the test data showing that the 5.45 fired from AK74 has much
lower free recoil energy then the 5.56 fired from the M16, as for the flash
they also use low flash propellant. The AK74 has a 16 inch barrel and the
M16 a 20 inch barrel, you can speculate that the M4A1 has even more free
recoil energy then the M16 because of it's 14 inch barrel.

Автор MrSiLenTb88 ( назад)
this is why i dont like american gun testers/presenters, they just lick the
balls of their guns, way i see it, whats still in use and is the oldest out
of all of them is the victor, some thing that still works 50years + means
it must have been made right the 1st time round

Автор Roger Dinhelm (Polyglot) ( назад)
I`m really impressed! No kidding! This is the first american gun expert,
know to me, that called AK it actual name (not AK47! read official russian
manuals for AK). You, sir, deserve more respect than I can give!

Автор coburna5 ( назад)
At least varry lickers doesn't talk with his hands. I Fucking lied. 

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
that seem to be a good gun to murder people,agent of special ops,A SUCKER .

Автор sean pittard ( назад)
wow this guy takes total american sides on the weapon i was born here but
im not gonna say US weapons are the shit theyre the best thats why in nam
our guys were using aks besides m16 because they sucks ars are sick too but
ill go russain over anything long lasting by far thats what counts! just my
opinion tho

Автор Ben ( назад)
@fullmindstorm Are you high? The first autoloading gun was the Maxim Gun in
1884. The first autoloading rifle was the Model 85 and the designed was
released by Ferdinand Mannlicher in 1885. 

Автор Sean Bouchard ( назад)
i thought that the AK-74 was made because after the Soviet Union broke up,
the old Russian countries that wanted to join NATO had to have a weapon
that fit into the Geneva Conventions, and the 7.72x39 did not, so they
tried to make the AK into a NATO equivalant of the 5.56.if IM wrong then i
am and i wont argue. its always good to learn something new...............
although the 5.54 is a much more inexpensive round, and dont shoot that
bad, sucks that most rounds are corrosive though 

Автор MrWiggo91 ( назад)
I think teaching younger children to shoot is a fantastic idea and I'd bet
they'd be far more responsive to firearms safety than older children and
definitely more responsive than adults. I really can't see why people get
such a bee in their bonnet on these matters. 

Автор robin6512 ( назад)
a Drago mount is outdated?? WTF, this thing comes back to zero every time.
The scope is rugged and very easy to work with and it is as the M14
is, it's a DM rifle.
The 4 power scope should be chg-ed for a 6 or 8 time power and it is one
hell of a beast. (m76 is better in my opinion) You really think the
russians would still use it if it was crap? don't think so.

Автор Bodybuildinq ( назад)
"Carbeen" lololol.

Автор Henning Malland ( назад)
One of the few Americans which is not acting like a idot and shows facts
from the weapon models in( their version at the time). He does not blow
things up and yes i think he is more into american weapons. What do you
aspect ? He is American.
But he also is showing in his docu about the ak 74 that outperformes the
akm (ak47) and tells us why.But there are still facts ... that americans
also changed from M-16 to their m4 because of reliability issues. In Irak
and Afganistan many are changing their M4 for a Ak because of the
reliabilty of the ak. He speaks the truth when he said that the russian
army is different in their thinking. It's all about massproduction and
ease of use,cheap and reliabile. Not the MOST accurate but efficent enough
to kill your enemy.The combat accuracy differs not much from a ak 74 and
M4. In the modern versions with rails and special optics they are almost
equal. But even with improved dustcover the M4 is not so reliabile as the
ak. Throw a ak from 10 meters high on a concrete floor pick it up and fire.
To that with a M4 you have to go to the garbage can. Then in conditions wit
big minus degrees the ak will fire and the M4 will jam. Thats what i have
seen on you toube..
I also was looking on non OFFICAL blogs from american soldiers.
So you will always have the OFFICAL view from people how are supporting
their OWN Country and weapon manufacturers (lobbyism) and the truth.

The M4 shares stil many desgin features from the armalite AR15/colt M16.
But has improved....

I would like to see a OFFICAL test from a Independent source between the M4
and AK 74 under Battle conditions. With Mud,water and all what is necessary
to let a gun jam.

I iwould always choose a ak design over the M4 or european
design(exeception is vz58).Because it is cheaper and you will almost ever
hear bumm and not click when you are in the need of firepower ...
That is what is famous for .....the AKM (ak47) and Ak74.

Автор DB Cooper ( назад)
Love the dragunov!

Автор 407ForRent ( назад)
LAV Jr !

Автор john smith ( назад)
@ Dorian yo quit hating on asbergers it means. You have hard time
socializing not that they are mass murder please stop perpetuating that lie
these ppl have a hard enough time as it is

Автор Cache Site ( назад)
wow a lot of haters. Pretty sure this vid was not created by Mr. Vickers
to cover any and everything. And maybe a guy coming from the CAG deserves
a nod of thanks; even from you slackers who will never do anything for your

Автор Dragon3it ( назад)
Yankee's used this gun over there M16 in vietnam massacre

Автор 88Mobius ( назад)
I always like pointing out Kalashnikov was also influenced by the M-1 grand
to AR fan boys. I like both guns, just don't get a D.I. Gun.

Автор libertarian commie ( назад)
I hate how americaans always bash the ak and keep boasting on about how
amazing the m4 is when really the m4 isn't really that good compared to an

Автор Dorian D ( назад)
I have a doubt, why do parents in theUSA teach their kids how to shoot a
firearm, I mean, if the only way to be secure is to carry a gun wherever
you go, how are you going to tell a kid that big problems can't be solved
using only violence, why aren't they taught more about ethics. There are so
many deaths
in schools and on the streets just because of people with guns. What I mean
is what do you think is Protecting. I know that a gun doesn't have to make
you violent, but if you know somebody is more likely to use it the wrong
way (asperger, bullying (the bully and the victim) schizofrenia, bad
behavior...), what are we going to do if even a blind person can buy one.

Автор pye254 ( назад)
This guy is full of shit. Way too biased.

Автор Alex Cronin ( назад)
The guy is biased. This degrades him as a professional. By the way an
interesting fact such as Kalashnikov was inspired by Sturmgewehr, the
Sturmgewehr was based on SVT 40. The guy should of say that anything that
not made in USA is piece of shit and call it a day, but he goes on and on.

Автор Patches O ( назад)
Actual the Russians and Eastern Bloc countries had developed and used flash
hiders and suppressors for both the 14mm threaded AKM barrels, and 24mm
threaded barrels of the AK74 / AK 100 series rifles. The 3 piece AKM and AK
100 series flash hider / brake (not shown in this video / TV show) is quite
effective at reducing both muzzle blast and reducing recoil / muzzle climb.

Автор Patches O ( назад)
Ugh...COD video game morons and foreigner spaming the comments who live in
countries that don't allow civilian firearms ownership running their
mouths, who've never fired any of these weapons outside of video games...
and believe in video game weapon "stats" as legitmate.

Автор JuanDeSoCal ( назад)
Oh, so it's evidence that the Soviets placed no value on the lives of its
soldiers when it fielded a rifle with insufficient flash suppression, but
America was better when it fielded a finicky, failure-prone rifle with
little prior testing? Also, best get to the gym before you throw your back
out, Larry. 

Автор coburna5 ( назад)
Get them hands agoin whilst you talk larrold

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
Also the US finally caught up to Russia by issuing a semi auto sniper rifle
the Russians issue one per squad. The US playing catch up now has a
designated marksman with a battle useable semi rather than the bolt action
they persisted with for an eternity. Russian snipers train out to 1400m
well past US standard's

Автор TheTabellarius ( назад)
The flash produced from any AK is blinding to the frontal observer & simply
lights up the area for the shooter also it helps identify your comrade in
CQB. The M4 still has major problems with buffers & sub quality components.
Something no AK suffers from since its just meant to be abused. The AK
steel core round has better long range penetration on steel & is noted for
the severity of the wound it causes, where the M4 round is doubtful over

Автор ap72sentinal ( назад)
gun nut America lol

Автор Dan Burton ( назад)
The kid sounds like he just wants to shoot it

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