Tactical Arms - The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2)

Larry Vickers, co-host of Tactical Arms TV Show on The AK-74 (Part 1 of 2).
The legendary Russian battle rifle the AK-74 is profiled and how it was influenced by the AK-47 and SVD sniper rifle is discussed.
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0zOTdR7xOE PART 2

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let the asshurt begin


Автор MrWiggo91 (3 месяца)
I think teaching younger children to shoot is a fantastic idea and I'd bet
they'd be far more responsive to firearms safety than older children and
definitely more responsive than adults. I really can't see why people get
such a bee in their bonnet on these matters. 

Автор Квас кефир и чай (3 месяца)
What? 01:24 ....AK is German STG-44 ripoff??.
Search this -> Автомат Фёдорова (1916) 6,5x51мм (Арисака) / Avtomat
Fedorov made year 1915 first world war!
The difference is only that, Kalashnikov created a reliable weapon, that
cheap and quickly to produce is!
All other rifles models since 1916 are just not famous and they were not
good enough!
Oh yes search SVT-38 and tell me then, who has copied whom.
Kalashnikov had the inspiration by SVT-38.......... hahahahah

Автор coburna5 (2 месяца)
At least varry lickers doesn't talk with his hands. I Fucking lied. 

Автор Lee Harvey Oswald (4 дня)
fact…larry has nothing good to say about any weapon unless its American. 

Автор John Fox (3 дня)
that guy knows nothing about the AK it was a design of its own Michael
Klashnikov didnt use the STG 44 and M1 Design

the Gas system on the AK and the SVD are the same

Автор Dorian D (4 месяца)
I have a doubt, why do parents in theUSA teach their kids how to shoot a
firearm, I mean, if the only way to be secure is to carry a gun wherever
you go, how are you going to tell a kid that big problems can't be solved
using only violence, why aren't they taught more about ethics. There are so
many deaths
in schools and on the streets just because of people with guns. What I mean
is what do you think is Protecting. I know that a gun doesn't have to make
you violent, but if you know somebody is more likely to use it the wrong
way (asperger, bullying (the bully and the victim) schizofrenia, bad
behavior...), what are we going to do if even a blind person can buy one.

Автор Alex Cronin (4 месяца)
The guy is biased. This degrades him as a professional. By the way an
interesting fact such as Kalashnikov was inspired by Sturmgewehr, the
Sturmgewehr was based on SVT 40. The guy should of say that anything that
not made in USA is piece of shit and call it a day, but he goes on and on.

Автор Godismylife1 (1 месяц)
keep it neutral don't be biased, you can say when you start a sentence my
opinion is and it will sound better. Your putting a nationality on a gun
which its just nonsense. Guns are for individuals and that's how it should
be but unfortunately people use politics.

Автор sean pittard (2 месяца)
wow this guy takes total american sides on the weapon i was born here but
im not gonna say US weapons are the shit theyre the best thats why in nam
our guys were using aks besides m16 because they sucks ars are sick too but
ill go russain over anything long lasting by far thats what counts! just my
opinion tho

Автор batrezz (13 дней)

Автор George Wamser (1 месяц)
The AK74 is one of the most underrated sturmgewers on the battlefield. Good

Автор Roger Dinhelm (2 месяца)
I`m really impressed! No kidding! This is the first american gun expert,
know to me, that called AK it actual name (not AK47! read official russian
manuals for AK). You, sir, deserve more respect than I can give!

Автор Simon Hollingsworth (1 месяц)
This review is pretty poor and some of the 'facts' are simply incorrect.
Maybe this is what an average American likes to hear, but internationally,
this is a pretty biased and unresearched attempt.

Автор rob37greenbike (1 месяц)
Full manual single shot bolt. only gun a real sniper would use. one

Автор Patches O (4 месяца)
Actual the Russians and Eastern Bloc countries had developed and used flash
hiders and suppressors for both the 14mm threaded AKM barrels, and 24mm
threaded barrels of the AK74 / AK 100 series rifles. The 3 piece AKM and AK
100 series flash hider / brake (not shown in this video / TV show) is quite
effective at reducing both muzzle blast and reducing recoil / muzzle climb.

Автор robin6512 (3 месяца)
a Drago mount is outdated?? WTF, this thing comes back to zero every time.
The scope is rugged and very easy to work with and it is as the M14
is, it's a DM rifle.
The 4 power scope should be chg-ed for a 6 or 8 time power and it is one
hell of a beast. (m76 is better in my opinion) You really think the
russians would still use it if it was crap? don't think so.

Автор Dan Myszka (4 месяца)
I hate how americaans always bash the ak and keep boasting on about how
amazing the m4 is when really the m4 isn't really that good compared to an

Автор JuanDeSoCal (4 месяца)
Oh, so it's evidence that the Soviets placed no value on the lives of its
soldiers when it fielded a rifle with insufficient flash suppression, but
America was better when it fielded a finicky, failure-prone rifle with
little prior testing? Also, best get to the gym before you throw your back
out, Larry. 

Автор MrSiLenTb88 (1 месяц)
this is why i dont like american gun testers/presenters, they just lick the
balls of their guns, way i see it, whats still in use and is the oldest out
of all of them is the victor, some thing that still works 50years + means
it must have been made right the 1st time round

Автор Sean Bouchard (3 месяца)
i thought that the AK-74 was made because after the Soviet Union broke up,
the old Russian countries that wanted to join NATO had to have a weapon
that fit into the Geneva Conventions, and the 7.72x39 did not, so they
tried to make the AK into a NATO equivalant of the 5.56.if IM wrong then i
am and i wont argue. its always good to learn something new...............
although the 5.54 is a much more inexpensive round, and dont shoot that
bad, sucks that most rounds are corrosive though 

Автор 407ForRent (3 месяца)
LAV Jr !

Автор Oostblokker Den Haag (3 месяца)
If the episode is about a american gun he wouldn't talk about a russian
rifle at all.
But why is this epidode called ak74 if he only talks about american guns.

Автор Dragon3it (3 месяца)
Yankee's used this gun over there M16 in vietnam massacre

Автор Ben Lillegard (2 месяца)
@fullmindstorm Are you high? The first autoloading gun was the Maxim Gun in
1884. The first autoloading rifle was the Model 85 and the designed was
released by Ferdinand Mannlicher in 1885. 

Автор DB Cooper (3 месяца)
Love the dragunov!

Автор Cache Site (3 месяца)
wow a lot of haters. Pretty sure this vid was not created by Mr. Vickers
to cover any and everything. And maybe a guy coming from the CAG deserves
a nod of thanks; even from you slackers who will never do anything for your

Автор alejandro moyron (3 месяца)
@ Dorian yo quit hating on asbergers it means. You have hard time
socializing not that they are mass murder please stop perpetuating that lie
these ppl have a hard enough time as it is

Автор ChoonDSW (3 месяца)
best thing to teach your child is self defence. 

Автор Antti Aarnio (2 года)

Автор Patches O (4 месяца)
Ugh...COD video game morons and foreigner spaming the comments who live in
countries that don't allow civilian firearms ownership running their
mouths, who've never fired any of these weapons outside of video games...
and believe in video game weapon "stats" as legitmate.

Автор E- NOK (1 месяц)
Benefits of being tactically fat! Helps with long term engagements with the
enemy, more motivation to end a battle for lunch breaks and also definitely
a better fighter when sitting in a living room watching c-span and bitching
about who ever is president! MeriKa... 

Автор Henning Malland (3 месяца)
One of the few Americans which is not acting like a idot and shows facts
from the weapon models in( their version at the time). He does not blow
things up and yes i think he is more into american weapons. What do you
aspect ? He is American.
But he also is showing in his docu about the ak 74 that outperformes the
akm (ak47) and tells us why.But there are still facts ... that americans
also changed from M-16 to their m4 because of reliability issues. In Irak
and Afganistan many are changing their M4 for a Ak because of the
reliabilty of the ak. He speaks the truth when he said that the russian
army is different in their thinking. It's all about massproduction and
ease of use,cheap and reliabile. Not the MOST accurate but efficent enough
to kill your enemy.The combat accuracy differs not much from a ak 74 and
M4. In the modern versions with rails and special optics they are almost
equal. But even with improved dustcover the M4 is not so reliabile as the
ak. Throw a ak from 10 meters high on a concrete floor pick it up and fire.
To that with a M4 you have to go to the garbage can. Then in conditions wit
big minus degrees the ak will fire and the M4 will jam. Thats what i have
seen on you toube..
I also was looking on non OFFICAL blogs from american soldiers.
So you will always have the OFFICAL view from people how are supporting
their OWN Country and weapon manufacturers (lobbyism) and the truth.

The M4 shares stil many desgin features from the armalite AR15/colt M16.
But has improved....

I would like to see a OFFICAL test from a Independent source between the M4
and AK 74 under Battle conditions. With Mud,water and all what is necessary
to let a gun jam.

I iwould always choose a ak design over the M4 or european
design(exeception is vz58).Because it is cheaper and you will almost ever
hear bumm and not click when you are in the need of firepower ...
That is what is famous for .....the AKM (ak47) and Ak74.

Автор 88Mobius (3 месяца)
I always like pointing out Kalashnikov was also influenced by the M-1 grand
to AR fan boys. I like both guns, just don't get a D.I. Gun.

Автор Uploader24 (1 месяц)
The AK74 is highly controllable not only because of the muzzle break. You
can look up the test data showing that the 5.45 fired from AK74 has much
lower free recoil energy then the 5.56 fired from the M16, as for the flash
they also use low flash propellant. The AK74 has a 16 inch barrel and the
M16 a 20 inch barrel, you can speculate that the M4A1 has even more free
recoil energy then the M16 because of it's 14 inch barrel.

Автор Bodybuildinq (3 месяца)
"Carbeen" lololol.

Автор Anonymous (2 месяца)
that seem to be a good gun to murder people,agent of special ops,A SUCKER .

Автор pye254 (4 месяца)
This guy is full of shit. Way too biased.

Автор CaptainKeating (9 месяцев)
I will add that I have nothing personal against the man or what he is
trying to accomplish. I fully support spreading knowledge of guns and find
it admirable that he is helping others to properly teach kids the
fundamentals of firearms/marksmanship. I just found this video useless in
trying to research more about the specific details of the AK74. Could be
the fault of whoever uploaded and titled this video.

Автор олег лещенко (7 месяцев)
ак 47 намного лучше всех его доработок. об этом говорит опыт Русской армии
в Афганистане

Автор cookiesup2music (10 месяцев)
lol, testicle arms

Автор DieOnlyifITellU2 (11 месяцев)
You mean that sub machine gun with the top mounted helical magazine? I
personally like Russia's take on a SMG with a helical magazine(PP-19
"Bizon" and PP90M1) over the calico

Автор Max Mustermann (9 месяцев)
They dont care about the Soldiers in the field? Ak: boom, boom!! M16: boom,
jam... Even with the updated versions of the m16, the ak will save your
life better than any fucking m16... Stop talking about soviet union... It
is history... Stop this freaking Cold War-like Arguments... It will never
come to a conventional War between Russia and the USA...

Автор Gaspard129 (11 месяцев)
So you know better than former Green Beret and SFOD, Delta?

Автор vionorino (8 месяцев)
fuck the M16 and M4 ! nothing beat an AKM with a silencer!

Автор mresmdvm (1 год)
Think like the russians duh... mount a flash suppressor on the end of the
muzzle brake. WIN!

Автор warrior2345100 (11 месяцев)
On this guys bio its says he served in 1st SFOD so i think he knows what a
war is like

Автор SovietxxDan1992 (7 месяцев)
The M4 isn't an awful weapon. I work with Vets at my college and although
it starts to lack reliability after 100,000 rounds (without a good
cleaning) it is very accurate and offers more versatility. Stopping power
has no effect when you put a hole in the target's head. However, I still
prefer the AK.

Автор Monster else (10 месяцев)
the beast in the world

Автор asddsdsssd (10 месяцев)
It was a comparison

Автор Salpeteroxid (8 месяцев)
In COD maybe, AK-74m are superior to the AKM.

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